Phrasal Verbs Grammar Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests the grammar of phrasal verbs as taught on our Phrasal Verbs page.

1. Phrasal verbs consist of _______ plus one or two other words.

a phrase
an adverb
a verb
a) a phrase b) an adverb c) a verb

2. The other words can be

adverbs or verbs
adverbs or prepositions
prepositions or verbs
a) adverbs or verbs b) adverbs or prepositions c) prepositions or verbs

3. "I'll go home and get changed before we go out for dinner." Which is a phrasal verb?

go home
get changed
go out
a) go home b) get changed c) go out

4. Intransitive phrasal verbs (come back, get up, go out, etc) consist of a verb + adverb that _______ be separated.

can never
can sometimes
a) can b) can never c) can sometimes

5. "Turn the lights off before you go to bed." This phrasal verb is

a) separable b) inseparable c) unseparated

6. "I'll drop all of the kids off at school." This phasal verb's first word is "drop". Which is the second?

a) of b) off c) at

7. Which is correct? "If the TV's too loud, _______ ."

turn down
turn down it
turn it down
a) turn down b) turn down it c) turn it down

8. "Do you believe in ghosts?" The second word in this phrasal verb is

a preposition
an adverb
a verb
a) a preposition b) an adverb c) a verb

9. Phrasal verbs with a preposition always have a direct object that comes directly _______ the preposition.

a) before b) between c) after

10. Which sentence has a three-word phrasal verb with the structure verb + adverb + preposition?

We're running out of milk.
The milk has run out.
I'll run out to get some.
a) We're running out of milk. b) The milk has run out. c) I'll run out to get some.

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