Grammar Rules Quiz 2

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on our basic grammar rules page.

1. Which is correct?

they're new car their new car
a) they're new car b) their new car

2. The contraction "she's" can mean

she is OR she has she is OR she was
a) she is OR she has b) she is OR she was

3. The contraction "he'd" can mean

he had OR he would he had OR he did
a) he had OR he would b) he had OR he did

4. A proper noun should begin with

a proper letter a capital letter
a) a proper letter b) a capital letter

5. Which is the correct spelling?

speak english speak English
a) speak english b) speak English

6. Use the indefinite article "a" or "an" before

countable nouns uncountable nouns
a) countable nouns b) uncountable nouns

7. Only use the indefinite article "an" with words beginning with

a consonant sound a vowel sound
a) a consonant sound b) a vowel sound

8. Which is used with uncountable nouns like "money" and "traffic"?

much many
a) much b) many

9. If a dog is owned by two or more boys, it's

the boys' dog the boy's dog
a) the boys' dog b) dthe boy's dog

10. Which is in the active voice?

Grass is eaten by cows Cows eat grass
a) Grass is eaten by cows b) Cows eat grass

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