Phrases Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It covers grammar explained on our Phrases page.

1. Phrases are grammatical units that consist of

one or more words
more than one word
a) one or more words b) more than one word

2. A noun phrase with more than one word can consist of a noun and words that

replace the noun
qualify the noun
a) replace the noun b) qualify the noun

3. "The tour includes three Asian countries." Which is a noun phrase?

The tour includes
three Asian countries
a) The tour includes b) three Asian countries

4. A verb phrase consists of a main verb and its

auxiliary verbs
phrasal verbs
a) auxiliary verbs b) phrasal verbs

5. "She has been studying all day." Which is a verb phrase?

studying all day
has been studying
a) studying all day b) has been studying

6. An adjective phrase can be a single adjective or a group of words built around

an adjective
a single noun
a) an adjective b) a single noun

7. "Cats are playful pets, but dogs are very loyal as well." This sentence has

one adjective phrase
two adjective phrases
a) one adjective phrase b) two adjective phrases

8. Which sentence has an adverb phrase?

She sings very nicely.
She sings very nice songs.
a) She sings very nicely. b) She sings very nice songs.

9. A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition and its

a) object b) subject

10. "We always play football after work." Which is a prepositional phrase?

always play football
after work
a) always play football b) after work

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