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Reported Speech Quiz

1. Which is a reporting verb?
a) tell b) go c) be
2. He said that it was cold outside. Which word is optional?
a) said b) that c) was
3. "I bought a car last week." Last week he said he had bought a car
a) a week ago b) next week c) the week before
4. "Where is it?" Mary
a) said where it was b) asked where it was c) asked if it was there
5. Which of these is usually required with reported YES/NO questions?
a) if b) do c) why
6. Ram asked me where I worked. His original words were
a) "Do you work there?" b) "Where do I work?" c) "Where do you work?"
7. "Don't yell!" is a
a) direct request b) direct order c) reported order
8. "Please wipe your feet." I asked them to wipe
a) your feet nicely b) their feet nicely c) their feet
9. She always asks me not to burn the cookies. She always says
a) "Not to burn the cookies!" b) "Please don't burn the cookies." c) "Do not burn the cookies."
10. Which structure is not used for reported orders?
a) order somebody to b) tell somebody to c) ask somebody to