What is a Sentence? Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It covers grammar explained on our What is a Sentence? page.

1. A sentence is a set of words with a subject and

an object
a predicate
a) an object b) a predicate

2. The subject of a sentence is

what it's about
what it begins with
a) what it's about b) what it begins with

3. The predicate is what's said about

the subject
the beginning
a) the subject b) the beginning

4. "My dog likes to chase cats." The predicate is

likes to chase cats
chase cats
a) likes to chase cats b) chase cats

5. The predicate of a sentence always includes

a noun
a verb
a) a noun b) a verb

6. Imperative sentences like "Stop!" don’t have to include

the verb
the subject
a) the verb b) the subject

7. In the sentence "Wait a minute!", the predicate has

two words
three words
a) two words b) three words

8. A full sentence expresses

a complete thought
a correct thought
a) a complete thought b) a correct thought

9. Which is a full sentence?

Come here!
Just a moment.
a) Come here! b) Just a moment.

10. Which is not a full sentence?

How many did you get right?
All of them!
a) How many did you get right? b) All of them!

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