Tag Questions Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Tag Questions page.

1. He's still sleeping, ________

is not he?
isn't he?
wasn't he?
a) is not he? b) isn't he? c) wasn't he?

2. You do go to school, ________

do you?
aren't you?
don't you?
a) do you? b) aren't you? c) don't you?

3. Let's go for a walk, ________

shall we?
shan't we?
will we?
a) shall we? b) shan't we? c) will we?

4. We won't be late, ________

won't we?
will we?
are we?
a) won't we? b) will we? c) are we?

5. Nobody called, ________

do they?
didn't they?
did they?
a) do they? b) didn't they? c) did they?

6. They will wash the car, ________

will it?
won't they?
wouldn't they?
a) will it? b) won't they? c) wouldn't they?

7. We must lock the doors, ________

mustn't they?
shouldn't we?
mustn't we?
a) mustn't they? b) shouldn't we? c) mustn't we?

8. I'm right, ________

amn't I?
am not I?
aren't I?
a) amn't I? b) am not I? c) aren't I?

9. So you bought a car, ________

did you?
haven't you?
weren't you?
a) did you? b) haven't you? c) weren't you?

10. You wouldn't like to invite my Dad, ________

did you?
would you?
won't you?
a) did you? b) would you? c) won't you?

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