Present Tense Song

In this song Jonathan Taylor explains the mysteries of present tenses. It comes with subtitles, and you can also read the words below, or print them out.

The present tense thing
She just couldn't understand,
So the teacher turned -- taking the iPhone from her hand, and said,
If you stopped playing with your phone in my class,
The rules of present tense you might understand at last.
Take a seat. I'll try to explain, again.
It goes like this young lady...

I tweet, I'm tweeting, I've tweeted, I've been tweeting
I post, I'm posting, I've posted, I've been posting
I upload, I'm uploading, I've uploaded, I've been uploading
I text, I'm texting, I've texted, I've been texting

Now that you understand what you have to do
We'll turn the conversation back on you

You tweet, you're tweeting, you've tweeted, you've been tweeting
You post, you're posting, you've posted, you've been posting
You upload, you're uploading, you've uploaded, you've been uploading
You text, you're texting, you've texted, you've been texting

Now that you finally understand what you have to do
We'll all sing together.
I'll follow you

Tweet, am tweeting, have tweeted, have been tweeting
Post, am posting, have posted, have been posting
Upload, am uploading, have uploaded, have been uploading
Text, am texting, have texted, have been texting