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Future Continuous Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of our Future Continuous Tense lesson.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I a) will be driving b) will be drive c) will have drive during rush hour.
2. He will not be a) take b) taken c) taking the bus today.
3. They a) using b) 'll be using c) 're be using the cottage that weekend.
4. Nigel a) won't b) won't not c) willn't be coming to the picnic.
5. Where a) you be b) will you c) will you be sleeping?
6. We'll be a) watch b) watching c) to watch the news at 10pm.
7. I'll try my best to spot you. What a) will you b) will c) will you be wearing?
8. Don't forget your snowpants. It a) will snowing b) is snowing c) will be snowing by the time you get to school.
9. At noon tomorrow, I a) 'll be relaxing b) relax c) will being relax on a beach somewhere.
10. Sorry, I can't. I a) will be taking b) 'll take c) won't be take my daughter to work at that time.