Future Continuous Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Future Continuous page.

1. I ________ during rush hour.

will be driving
will have drive
will be drive
a) will be driving b) will have drive c) will be drive

2. He will not be _____ the bus today.

a) take b) taken c) taking

3. They ________ the cottage that weekend.

'll be using
're be using
a) using b) 'll be using c) 're be using

4. Nigel _____ be coming to the picnic.

won't not
a) won't b) won't not c) willn't

5. Where ________ sleeping?

you be
will you
will you be
a) you be b) will you c) will you be

6. We'll be ________ the news at 10pm.

to watch
a) watch b) watching c) to watch

7. I'll try my best to spot you. What ________ wearing?

will you
will you be
a) will you b) will c) will you be

8. Don't forget your snowpants. It ________ by the time you get to school.

will snowing
is snowing
will be snowing
a) will snowing b) is snowing c) will be snowing

9. At noon tomorrow, I ________ on a beach somewhere.

'll be relaxing
will being relax
a) 'll be relaxing b) relax c) will being relax

10. Sorry, I can't. I ________ my daughter to work at that time.

will be taking
'll take
won't be take
a) will be taking b) 'll take c) won't be take

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