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Future Perfect Continuous Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of our Future Perfect Continuous Tense lesson.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. My mom a) will have travelling b) will have been travelling c) will has been travelling for two days by the time I see her.
2. They'll be exhausted by dinner. They will have been a) playing b) played c) play hockey for seven hours.
3. Will you a) have been worked b) have to work c) have been working here for ten years by the time of the Christmas party?
4. It's a 24-hour relay. They'll only have been a) ran b) run c) running for half the time by 6pm.
5. We a) will not have b) have not will c) will have not been waiting long.
6. I a) willn't have been b) won't have been c) not have been working for two years.
7. Won't they a) have been b) had been c) has been travelling for two weeks by then?
8. The teachers will a) have been striking b) will strike c) will be striking for a month by the time the deal is made.
9. The films run all night. We a) watched b) will have been watching c) will watch movies for six hours by the time the feature comes on.
10. She'll still be groggy. She a) will has been b) will have been c) will be have undergoing surgery for three hours.