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Future Perfect Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of our Future Perfect Tense lesson.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I a) will be leave b) will have left c) will leaving by then.
2. Will you a) have arrived b) be arrive c) have arriving by 8am?
3. You a) 'll have received b) will receiving c) 've received the bill by the time the item arrives.
4. Melissa and Mike will be exhausted. They a) will not b) will not have c) will not be slept for 12 hours.
5. He will have a) forgetting b) forgotten c) be forgetting all about it by Monday.
6. Will you a) have mailed b) mailing c) to have mailed the contracts by Thursday?
7. The boss a) will leave b) will be left c) will have left by the time the orders come in.
8. Where a) will she have b) is she has c) she have gone?
9. September works for us. Lisa will not a) graduating b) have graduated c) be graduate by then.
10. I will let you in. I a) will have arrived b) will be arrival c) will be arrived with the keys by the time you come in.