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Past Perfect Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. We a) had not b) not had c) 'd had not finished eating dinner.
2. Had they a) spoke b) spoken c) spoked to her before?
3. You a) would b) 'd c) would had not left yet.
4. I had never a) see b) saw c) seen her before.
5. We arrived at 8:05, but the train a) has b) have c) had already left.
6. Sarah thought she a) has been b) had be c) had been to that zoo before.
7. Nobody explained why the project had a) n’t been completed b) not completed c) n’t complete yet on time.
8. He a) told b) say c) asked us the item had been shipped.
9. Dad explained a) why he quitted b) that he had quit c) that he’d quite his job due to stress.
10. Where a) had b) have c) did the security guard gone?