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Past Simple Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I a) goed b) gone c) went to the mall after school.
2. My brother a) seen b) saw c) sees a bear an hour ago.
3. a) Did b) Are c) Does Mike visit his grandmother last night?
4. Alex did not a) working b) worked c) work last weekend.
5. a) Was b) Were c) Are Judy and Liz at last month's meeting?
6. We a) were b) was c) did not happy after the sad ending.
7. a) Are b) Did c) Do you see Jody's new dog yesterday?
8. Sorry, I a) wasn't b) didn't c) am not hear you at the door.
9. I a) studying b) study c) studied English for two years.
10. What a) do b) did c) were you eat for lunch yesterday?