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Present Continuous Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. a) Is b) Are c) Am they coming over for dinner?
2. Maxwell a) is b) are c) am not sleeping on our sofa.
3. My mother-in-law is a) stay b) staying c) be staying at our house this week.
4. I a) eat b) eating c) am eating my dinner right now.
5. My sister a) learn b) is learning c) learning Spanish.
6. I a) work b) be working c) am working at the hair salon until September.
7. We a) eat b) are eating c) eats at a fancy restaurant tonight. Jason decided this yesterday.
8. Why a) he not is b) he isn't c) isn't he playing football tomorrow?
9. They are a) opening b) openning c) oppening a new record shop downtown.
10. Melissa is a) lieing b) liying c) lying down on her bed.