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Present Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. It has a) be b) been c) being snowing a lot this week.
2. a) Have b) Has c) Are your brother and sister been getting along?
3. Rick a) 's b) s c) 've been studying hard this semester.
4. I'm tired because I a) 've b) has c) am been working out.
5. Julie a) has being b) is been c) has been living in Italy since May.
6. Did you know he's been teaching German a) before b) since c) for fifteen years?
7. We have been watching TV a) for b) since c) by we had dinner.
8. He has a) working b) works c) been working too hard today.
9. Has it a) be b) been c) is raining since you arrived?
10. My brother has been travelling a) since b) for c) by two months.