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Present Perfect Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Lindsay a) has b) is c) have not been to France.
2. a) Have b) Has c) Is you finished your homework?
3. They a) 's b) 'es c) 've gone to a rock concert.
4. a) Is b) Have c) Has you been to Japan?
5. We a) have b) has c) are never eaten Mexican food.
6. Andrea has a) forget b) forgetting c) forgotten her umbrella.
7. a) Was b) Has c) Have the sun come up?
8. The children a) have find b) is finding c) have found the lost puppy.
9. Wiwi's been a vegetarian a) since b) for c) after three years.
10. I haven't worked a) since b) for c) by last December.