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Present Simple Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Do you a) like b) likes c) be like chocolate milk?
2. He a) do b) does c) is not want to go to the movies.
3. He a) plays tennis b) wants breakfast c) walks home now.
4. It a) is b) are c) am a beautiful day today.
5. Sorry, Lisa a) am b) is c) be not here at the moment.
6. They're not here. They a) go to school b) swim at the beach c) are on holiday right now.
7. Robert a) is b) does c) are not go to my school.
8. My parents a) live b) lives c) are live in a two-bedroom apartment.
9. We a) do be b) are c) do are European.
10. You a) looks b) seem c) be so happy today!