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What is a Verb? Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the What is a Verb? page.

1. Verbs are used in

some sentences
all sentences
a) some sentences b) all sentences

2. What's the smallest number of words a sentence can contain?

a) one b) two

3. Which can be called a sentence?

a) Wait! b) Why?

4. Most verbs convey the idea of action and describe

doing something
being something
a) doing something b) being something

5. Other verbs describe

a place
a state
a) a place b) a state

6. Which verb describes a state?

a) seem b) play

7. A verb always has

an object
a subject
a) an object b) a subject

8. "Marian teaches history." Which is the subject?

a) Marian b) history

9. "Donald looks angry." The verb in this sentence describes

an action
a state
a) an action b) a state

10. Verbs can have different forms in English, such as

break and broken
break and brake
a) break and broken b) break and brake

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