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Conditionals Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. What would you do if it a) rained b) will rain c) would rain on your wedding day?
2. If she comes, I a) will b) would c) would have call you.
3. If I eat peanut butter, I a) would have gotten b) would get c) get sick.
4. What will you do if you a) would fail b) will fail c) fail the history exam?
5. If they had not a) take b) taken c) would take the car, I would have driven you.
6. If it snows, a) will you b) would you c) would you have still drive to the coast?
7. He would have a) go b) gone c) going with you if you had asked him.
8. If I won a million dollars, I a) will buy b) would buy c) would have bought my own airplane.
9. If I forget her birthday, Andrea a) gets b) would get c) would have gotten upset.
10. Jacob will pick you up at school if it a) will rain b) rained c) rains hard.