Continuous Tenses and Meaning Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the Continuous Tenses and Meaning page.

1. I told my teacher that I _________ what she said.

did not believe
was not believing
a) did not believe b) was not believing

2. I ________ the number 12 bus just down the road.

could see
was seeing
a) could see b) was seeing

3. At the moment Maria ________ her homework, as she does every day.

is doing
a) does b) is doing

4. The baby ________ 21 inches long.

is measuring
a) measures b) be used to

5. Please be quiet. I ________ to the radio.

am listening
a) listen b) am listening

6. Everything on the menu ________ delicious.

is tasting
a) tastes b) is tasting

7. Why ________ so selfish about this?

are you
are you being
a) are you b) are you being

8. Was he on time or was he ________ ?

being late
a) late b) being late

9. He told the police he'd only had a small drink and was ________ not to drive too fast.

being careful
a) careful b) being careful

10. Is she always ________ with children and animals?

so patient
being so patient
a) so patient b) being so patient

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