going to Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you learned on the going to page.

1. Going to is usually used to talk about

the past
the present
the future
a) the past b) the present c) the future

2. What's the base form of the verb that always comes somewhere before going to?

a) is b) be c) are

3. "The train is going to arrive in an hour." Which is the infinitive verb?

is going
going to
to arrive
a) is going b) going to c) to arrive

4. Complete the special going to structure: "subject + be + _______ + to-infinite"

going to
a) go b) going c) going to

5. Going to is used to express either intentions or _______ .

a) predictions b) predicates c) precedents

6. "I'm going to change my password." This expresses

an intention
a prediction
a) an intention b) a prediction c) neither

7. "Don't worry! They're going to win." This expresses

an intention
a prediction
a) an intention b) a prediction c) both

8. "Watch out! I'm going to sneeze!" This predicts what will happen

far in the future
fairly soon
a) far in the future b) fairly soon c) next

9. Complete with the correct form of the verb: "I'm going to _______ you while you're away."

to miss
a) miss b) missing c) to miss

10. "I'm _______ fix it today. I'm too busy." Which is correct?

going not to
going to not
not going to
a) going not to b) going to not c) not going to

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