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Continuous Tenses Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I told my teacher that I a) did not believe b) was not believing what she said.
2. I a) could see b) was seeing the number 12 bus just down the road.
3. At the moment Maria a) does b) is doing her homework, as she does every day.
4. The baby a) measures b) is measuring 21 inches long.
5. Please be quiet. I a) listen b) am listening to the radio.
6. I must say the dinner a) tastes b) is tasting delicious.
7. Why a) are you b) are you being so selfish about this?
8. Was he on time or was he a) late b) being late ?
9. He told the police he'd only had a small drink and was a) careful b) being careful not to drive too fast.
10. Is she always a) so patient b) being so patient with children and animals?