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should Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. You should a) to stop b) stop c) not smoking.
2. What do you think I a) should b) should to c) shouldn't to do?
3. People should a) understanding b) understand c) to understand that the world has changed.
4. Those children a) they should b) should to c) should be at school.
5. That motorcyclist a) shoulds b) should c) should to be wearing a helmet.
6. You paid €99! It a) should'd b) should to c) shouldn't have cost more than €50.
7. If I won the lottery I a) will b) should c) should to buy a castle.
8. If I were you I a) shouldn't b) should to not c) should not to complain.
9. The teacher demanded that John should a) works b) to work c) work harder.
10. Jack: Get me a drink. Jill: a) How should b) Why should c) Shouldn't I? Get your own!