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would Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I knew he would a) to be b) be c) will famous one day.
2. He said that a) he'd b) he would to c) he woulded help me.
3. I asked him to walk faster but he a) would b) wouldn't c) 'd at first.
4. As children we would a) playing b) play c) to play together every day.
5. Nobody knew that one day he a) will b) would c) would to be rich.
6. If you asked me a) would I b) I'd would c) I'd say you were crazy.
7. Would you a) to like b) like c) liked to go?
8. Do you think he'd help? | I'm sure a) he help b) he'd c) he would if you asked.
9. He would a) seems b) seem c) seem'd to be improving.
10. We want to play tennis. I wish a) it will b) it would c) it had stop raining.