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have to/must Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Yesterday I a) must b) mustn't c) had to finish my geography project.
2. She will a) must b) have to c) has to wait in line like everyone else.
3. All employees a) must be b) mustn't c) have to on time for work.
4. We a) have to not b) must c) mustn't forget to take the chicken out of the freezer.
5. If you are under 13 you a) have b) must c) musn't to get your parents' permission.
6. Your daughter may a) have to b) had to c) must try on a few different sizes.
7. The doctor a) must b) mustn't c) have to get here as soon as he can.
8. Do you a) have to b) must c) mustn't work next weekend?
9. Bicyclists a) mustn't b) must c) has to remember to signal when they turn.
10. Angela, you a) mustn't b) must c) have to leave your clothes all over the floor like this.