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Tag Questions Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. He's still sleeping, a) is not he? b) isn't he? c) wasn't he?
2. You do go to school, a) do you? b) aren't you? c) don't you?
3. Let's go for a walk, a) shan't we? b) will we? c) shall we?
4. We won't be late, a) won't we? b) will we? c) are we?
5. Nobody called, a) do they? b) didn't they? c) did they?
6. They will wash the car, a) will it? b) won't they? c) wouldn't they?
7. We must lock the doors, a) mustn't they? b) shouldn't we? c) mustn't we?
8. I'm right, a) amn't I? b) am not I? c) aren't I?
9. So you bought a car, a) did you? b) haven't you? c) weren't you? Congratulations!
10. You wouldn't like to invite my Dad, a) did you? b) would you? c) won't you?