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Questions Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Can you swim?
a) In a pool b) Yes, I can c) Very fine
2. Did he go to work or to school?
a) To work b) No, he doesn't c) At 3:00 PM
3. Has your class finished?
a) Yes, it has b) In five minutes c) It's Math
4. Where is my pen?
a) Because it's lost b) On the table c) No, you didn't
5. Who did you visit?
a) I visit my mother b) Yes, I did c) I visited Judy
6. Shall we go to your place or mine?
a) My place b) It is yours c) Yes, we shall
7. When will Lucy arrive?
a) At 7 PM b) No, she won't c) From France
8. Who called here so late?
a) It was Ryan b) It's midnight c) Yes, I called
9. Do you want to watch a movie?
a) At the theatre b) Yes, I watched it c) No, I don't
10. Have you done the laundry?
a) Yes, I do b) On Wednesdays c) No, I haven't