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Subjunctive Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. It is essential that she a) be b) is at the meeting.
2. If I a) was b) were you I would call her tonight.
3. It is necessary that every student a) wear b) wears a uniform.
4. I hope that he a) finish b) finishes his homework on time.
5. The doctors recommended that she a) take b) takes a holiday.
6. The boss asks that you a) are b) be early for your first day of work.
7. If he a) were b) was feeling better we would go.
8. It is important that we a) call b) called home as soon as we arrive.
9. The landlord requested that John a) move b) moves out of the apartment.
10. We want the windows a) be b) to be washed before Friday.