Grammar Vocabulary Quiz 2

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests some of the words defined on our Grammar Vocabulary page.

1. A clause is a group of words containing

a subject and its object a subject and its verb
a) a subject and its object b) a subject and its verb

2. Which of these words is a conjunction?

and is
a) and b) is

3. Which form of the verb is called the infinitive?

going to go
a) going b) to go

4. Which is an interjection?

Wow! That's great!
a) Wow! b) That's great!

5. "She can play golf." Which is the modal verb?

can play
a) can b) play

6. Which is a concrete noun?

brain intelligence
a) brain b) intelligence

7. Which is an abstract noun?

face beauty
a) face b) beauty

8. In the active voice, the object

receives the verb’s action does the verb’s action
a) receives the verb’s action b) does the verb’s action

9. Which is the object in the active sentence "Cows eat grass."?

cows grass
a) cows b) grass

10. The past and present participles are special forms of

an adjective a verb
a) an adjective b) a verb

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