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EnglishClub Guestbook 2012

santosh Dorugade — Mumbai — ;-) nice — 04/01/2012
L SAI PRAKASH — India — B-) VERY FINE  — 08/01/2012
akash sharma — india — I AM SPEAKING ENGLISH IN EVERY TIME — 08/01/2012
M.yunus noori — Afghanistan — I am very happy to join in your club .and I am an English teacher .I want to you help me to be a professional teacher :-):-) — 08/01/2012
Eliana — Brazil — :-)  I enjoyed it so much! I'm glad for having a great opportunity of improving  my English and also to make friends! — 08/01/2012
Natalia Dian — Indonesia — I enjoy joining English Club since I can make friends from all over the world and share opinions as well as write many blogs here :-) — 09/01/2012
ticuas romero — United States — Hi am very happy to find English Club,I am learning english as a second language,and I  want invite to anyone who need to practice english with me,my Skype is martin26302 You can add me as a contact.thank you very much I look forward seen in You because I need a lot of practice.see you later there. — 09/01/2012
joe Lanyadoo — usa — You are way off...All English Latin letters were copied from 2000 bc Hebrew yes Latin is the writing of God.  I know it sounds outlandish enough not to even bother with....but what if I am right? i was unable to copy the picture of the letters but my website is letters are identical!!! too obvious...and... — 10/01/2012
Nissar  — afghanistan  — :-) nice links i like it;-) — 11/01/2012
James.Kang — korea — Thank you  — 12/01/2012
didn — algerie — thank u for reception — 12/01/2012
FUDHL ALSUMIRI — yemen — i love the life — 14/01/2012
Naibaho Amir — INDONESIA — share to me please/// — 16/01/2012
mahmoud — jordan — I am looking to learn english — 17/01/2012
malina — italy — i think there are lots of discribing of these  have someone  crying and an other shocking and happy .enjoying .loughing . smiling  .sad. share  .angry .afraid i think that's all — 18/01/2012
Rohitpathak — Kolkata — Help me — 18/01/2012
Ibrahim — Sanaa — I would like really to have  friends please who would like to be a friend of mine just email to send .......... Thank you  — 19/01/2012
Zaid — Jordan — Hi friends — 22/01/2012
Ahmad Seyar Rahimi — Afghanistan — salam dear all:-) — 22/01/2012
Ahmad Seyar Rahimi — Afghanistan — "People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes it’s important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!" — 22/01/2012
marissa intan pratiwi — Indonesia — hy every one... :-) — 23/01/2012
ahmad seyar rahimi — Afghanistan —  hay can we l be friends if yas so plz u can fine me in facebook also:-D — 24/01/2012
müyesser — Turkey — :) — 25/01/2012
ibrahim hussein — Egfypt — English Club is really a great helpful site — 25/01/2012
Ahmad seyar rahimi — Afghanistan  —  hi müyesser can we be friends u can fine me in face book too by the name of Ahmad seyar rahimi ok take care bye :-) — 26/01/2012
U Aung  — Myanmar — Hi,I'm from Myanmar.I love this site for learning English.Thanks — 26/01/2012
Venky — India — Hi All I am very thank full to this is very useful for who want to learn english — 28/01/2012
Susanne Carlin Ekberg — Sweden — Dear all I am so happy that I found this club It will be of great inspiration during  my english grammar course — 29/01/2012
SonDang — I'm trying to learn English to speak English better. I wish you all the best for the coming year... — 29/01/2012
Misruri Jannati — Indonesia — This website is very helpful for me. Thanks a lot! :-) — 31/01/2012
dinara — russia — good evening! I wanna find a pen-friend from an english speaking country. Ill be glad to answer, just write)) — 01/02/2012
siamand — canada — hello i need someone from toronto to speak with it — 02/02/2012
bie — - — i think this website is very helpful for everyone who really want to improve their English.i hope we can share knowledge and information that we know. — 05/02/2012
pradeep — INDIA — :-O Thank to English club for giving opportunitiy learning of English Grammer — 05/02/2012
rakesh — india — please — 06/02/2012
Syeda Qurat-ul-Ain — Pakistan — This website is really very great! — 07/02/2012
saleeh — Yemen — i love english speaking — 07/02/2012
cecelia — JAMAICA — I think you sight is really good and easy to read. I do speak English but need a revision page for my communications class and found yours ideal. Thanks — 07/02/2012
Ilwon Seo — s.korea — Hellow~everyone — 08/02/2012
Wisnu — Indonesia — Hello, everyone this is my first time joining this site. I just want to improve my English since I think that my English is not good enough. Nice to be here. — 08/02/2012
muhammad asif — pakistan — i want to write and speak English.please so ported me  in future pressure i am.  :-[] — 08/02/2012
muhammad asif — pakistan — please translate me English to urdu — 08/02/2012
Faisal Ibrahim — Nigeria — Life is dynamic — 11/02/2012
Farius Ojuhing — Malaysia — Good jobs.. — 12/02/2012
luisa  — I Thanks for all your help, this page it's really good.:-D — 16/02/2012
Haslindah — indonesia — very good.... — 17/02/2012
stella — USA — It's a pity that we here an [É™]-sound after all the consonants. We like to be aware how difficult it is to hear some consonants with noise around us. Also, even less need to hear this [É™]  after sh or s etc....  — 17/02/2012
Grace — America — :-D Great site! — 21/02/2012
loodewyk hattingh — wow!!! this is such a cool site, and i just love the slang,idiom and saying for the day:-):-) — 27/02/2012
tony — thailand — great sight im from australia living in thailand thinking about becoming an english teacher..very helpfull.regards tony. — 27/02/2012
LIfelong Learner — Australia — Hello Josep, I would like to join this website because people says it',s a really goog Website. LLL — 29/02/2012
tallibaan  — Steck aller talli  — that was great :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D i had lots of fun ( bei euch ) you are lollig :-P — 02/03/2012
ibrar — canada — Hi english need update spellings, laugh=laf, school=ckool, ...tion=sn, that =dat,this=diz, through=throu,guage=gaje,photo=foto dere are many words dat need to changed. — 03/03/2012
cuong — Vietnam — Hey how long does it take for EC admin  to approve somebody's request. I signed up yesterday, but I have not been accepted yet. — 04/03/2012
Cherry — Indonesia — Love this like so much... But i confused to add my photo etc..:-) — 06/03/2012
chhum ra — Cambodia — I love Cambodia.:-[] — 07/03/2012
menna — Egypt — :-D like it — 14/03/2012
Brent Mannes — USA — Excellent site.  — 21/03/2012
ehap — egypt — i love egypt — 21/03/2012
ehap — egypt — any one can help me to travel to usa — 21/03/2012
Iliqna — Bulgaria — Hi everyone,i need to your help...i'm bulgarian girl and i don't speek English very well...i want to learn and know you will help me :-) if you want to meet - i'm here B-) — 21/03/2012
Racheal — I've just started a college writing classes and your site has been so help full. I will be back often...:-D — 23/03/2012
riya — india — :-P — 26/03/2012
Mohamed Iman — USA — hi I'm mohamed and i want ot improve my english. — 29/03/2012
ehsan — malaysia — hi guys...i need help you .. i am  going improve my English could you help me — 30/03/2012
neny ER — indonesia — hi, all... i wanna learn english can u help me? :-D — 31/03/2012
olasabra — egypt — hello everyone:-) i hope to improve my level i am an upper intermediate . if anygirl wants to practice with me through skype i will be so happy — 01/04/2012
Elizabeth Benett — India — The visit was useful. Content was really very informative. — 03/04/2012
kris — india — i love this club it is really a good to practice and learn more and more even than natives!!!!:-):-);-):-o — 05/04/2012
marco aguila — bolivia — Thank you very much, this tips, and more things  are so necesary for my english recepcionist hotel class — 09/04/2012
Palash Chandra Barman — Bangladesh — It's a really good site to learn English well. — 14/04/2012
kavyaanjali — india — i would wish to join it........ — 16/04/2012
Asif Husain Khan — Pakistan — Its really good to see what EC is doing for the people. — 16/04/2012
aurora — Iran — I love you english club:-);-) — 17/04/2012
Ravula  — uae — HI, I would like to improve my english. Thax Ravula — 18/04/2012
hamed — algeria — i would like to improve my english  — 18/04/2012
Luis — Spain — I'm looking for English teacher in Barcelona. Please give me telefone número  — 20/04/2012
Doris  — USA — Wow thanks for the English Club,I'm in US for my studies originaly from Tanzania when I saw this club I was like yes this is the thing I was looking for,so it'll help me a lot to improve my English language through speaking and writing as well. — 20/04/2012
Sahondra — Africa — Hello, is there anyone from our country in this English Club? I like it very much. It really improves my english... — 23/04/2012
Omid — Iran — Hi  I'm interesting in learning english.    I'd like to have connection with some person who enjoying of this site in my country. Tnx  — 23/04/2012
Ana Helena González — Canada — Hi, I'm a portuguese lady, living in Canada, trying to learn a little bit more English. I count on to help me. Bye — 26/04/2012
saulo — Brazil — Hello everyone!! I'm really happy to found the EnglishClub. Everyone knows that this website is helping us to improve our english all time. A long time that I was looking for a website like this. Then I'd like to meet some people from around the world and talk a lot of time that I have and get better my "not good" English.   — 26/04/2012
syed — pakistan — Hi, i am in interested improving my written skills. — 29/04/2012
Contacto Costa Rica — Costa Rica — After being a member of EC during such much time, I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS!. You have become part of my family, and I am sure so do other members feel. You have worked hard so far in order to keep English Club among the favorites social sites, and you have achieved that purpose.   Congratulations for your successful achievements. If there I can do something for you, please, be free to contact me and let me your collaborator. Joe Montoya — 07/05/2012
C.Rajapandian — India —  I happen to refer to Grammar test items for the use my students.They are really very well prepared with clear descriptions and example. Hats off  to  . C.Rajapandian — 07/05/2012
taufiq — indonesia — i feel proud with this site,make me easy in learning english languge.evrthing that i want on there! thanks — 08/05/2012
charunee — Thailand — I  like English Club. I  used  to be  here  long  time  , then  I  am  away  for year. I  am  now  back. English club  help me a lot  about  English. I love this  web. Thank you Charunee — 09/05/2012
abd el azziz — qatar — welcome to english club — 13/05/2012
akwal kat — jefferson — I would like to join you guys please :-( — 16/05/2012
Meriem — Algeria — Hello,evrybody i want to say that i realy enjoy learning english, it's my favorite language so i'll take cear of it ;-) — 17/05/2012
van hiep — vietnam — how to join club. please (To join please click "Join" at bottom of any page. Thanks - Admin ;-) ) — 19/05/2012
Damodaran.C — India — I have viewed English Club web site. which is very usefull for me.thanks. — 29/05/2012
rose — Iran — very happy to have a completely free learning english.Best wishes — 20/06/2012
Erica S. Flores — United States —  Hi, I'm interested in learning how improve my english. However, I would liked to share my learning process with my friends.... — 10/07/2012
MrDude — canada — I'm so happy i've found a great site to learn better grammar.=) — 23/07/2012
Robin — China — I love EnglishClub.  best wishes to you. Sincerely yours Robin From China — 01/08/2012
Jole — Australia — <b>I</b> love this site! — 20/08/2012
TesterPen — Hah — <b>H</b>ello everbody! — 20/08/2012
Michael Hawk — USA — <b>I</b> LOVE English! — 21/08/2012
iman — Iran — hi marzie how are you? i missed you much i know you cant remember me but i think of you always and i always think of our best memories. my name is mahmoud — 23/08/2012
Jocelyn A. Nase — Philippines — like your website...... — 28/08/2012
myself2005 — china — hello — 30/08/2012
myself2005 — china — I wish learning english in here — 30/08/2012
Malli — INDIA — like to learn english. — 03/09/2012
Luca Mirror — Azerbaijan — Hope to improve my English here. Nice website... — 07/09/2012
Surya — India — Learning English is very important and very useful to the people who wants to grow — 24/09/2012
Mugu — gooood site — 11/10/2012
otgo — Mongolia — hi how are you? I am Otgo. I am Mongolian. 25 years old. — 18/10/2012
Josey Wilson — USA — Though much overrated, English is probably the most important language for commerce after Chinese. I know that few would agree, but one must be realistic. Look at the balance of payments issues in English-speaking countries for a realism check. — 20/11/2012
zahra — iran — I am glad to  acquaintance to this site and I hope can speak english as a native — 27/11/2012
Megan — USA — Excellent site, lots of information. Thank-you! — 10/12/2012
afsoon — iran — i like to learn english:-) — 14/12/2012