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EnglishClub Guestbook 2012

santosh Dorugade β€” Mumbai β€” ;-) nice β€” 04/01/2012
L SAI PRAKASH β€” India β€” B-) VERY FINEΒ  β€” 08/01/2012
akash sharma β€” india β€” I AM SPEAKING ENGLISH IN EVERY TIME β€” 08/01/2012
M.yunus noori β€” Afghanistan β€” I am very happy to join in your club .and I am an English teacher .I want to you help me to be a professional teacher :-):-) β€” 08/01/2012
Eliana β€” Brazil β€” :-)Β  I enjoyed it so much! I'm glad for having a great opportunity of improvingΒ  my English and also to make friends! β€” 08/01/2012
Natalia Dian β€” Indonesia β€” I enjoy joining English Club since I can make friends from all over the world and share opinions as well as write many blogs here :-) β€” 09/01/2012
ticuas romero β€” United States β€” Hi am very happy to find English Club,I am learning english as a second language,and IΒ  want invite to anyone who need to practice english with me,my Skype is martin26302 You can add me as a contact.thank you very much I look forward seen in You because I need a lot of practice.see you later there. β€” 09/01/2012
joe Lanyadoo β€” usa β€” You are way off...All English Latin letters were copied from 2000 bc Hebrew yes Latin is the writing of God.Β  I know it sounds outlandish enough not to even bother with....but what if I am right? i was unable to copy the picture of the letters but my website is Theoriginoflanguage.com....the letters are identical!!! too obvious...and... β€” 10/01/2012
NissarΒ  β€” afghanistanΒ  β€” :-) nice links i like it;-) β€” 11/01/2012
James.Kang β€” korea β€” Thank youΒ  β€” 12/01/2012
didn β€” algerie β€” thank u for reception β€” 12/01/2012
FUDHL ALSUMIRI β€” yemen β€” i love the life β€” 14/01/2012
Naibaho Amir β€” INDONESIA β€” share to me please/// β€” 16/01/2012
mahmoud β€” jordan β€” I am looking to learn english β€” 17/01/2012
malina β€” italy β€” i think there are lots of discribing of theseΒ  have someoneΒ  crying and an other shocking and happy .enjoying .loughing . smilingΒ  .sad. shareΒ  .angry .afraid i think that's all β€” 18/01/2012
Rohitpathak β€” Kolkata β€” Help me β€” 18/01/2012
Ibrahim β€” Sanaa β€” I would like really to haveΒ  friends please who would like to be a friend of mine just email to send .......... Thank youΒ  β€” 19/01/2012
Zaid β€” Jordan β€” Hi friends β€” 22/01/2012
Ahmad Seyar Rahimi β€” Afghanistan β€” salam dear all:-) β€” 22/01/2012
Ahmad Seyar Rahimi β€” Afghanistan β€” "People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes itÒ€ℒs important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!" β€” 22/01/2012
marissa intan pratiwi β€” Indonesia β€” hy every one... :-) β€” 23/01/2012
ahmad seyar rahimi β€” Afghanistan β€” Β hay can we l be friends if yas so plz u can fine me in facebook also:-D β€” 24/01/2012
müyesser β€” Turkey β€” :) β€” 25/01/2012
ibrahim hussein β€” Egfypt β€” English Club is really a great helpful site β€” 25/01/2012
Ahmad seyar rahimi β€” AfghanistanΒ  β€” Β hi müyesser can we be friends u can fine me in face book too by the name of Ahmad seyar rahimi ok take care bye :-) β€” 26/01/2012
U AungΒ  β€” Myanmar β€” Hi,I'm from Myanmar.I love this site for learning English.Thanks β€” 26/01/2012
Venky β€” India β€” Hi All I am very thank full to englishclub.com this is very useful for who want to learn english β€” 28/01/2012
Susanne Carlin Ekberg β€” Sweden β€” Dear all I am so happy that I found this club It will be of great inspiration duringΒ  my english grammar course β€” 29/01/2012
SonDang β€” I'm trying to learn English to speak English better. I wish you all the best for the coming year... β€” 29/01/2012
Misruri Jannati β€” Indonesia β€” This website is very helpful for me. Thanks a lot! :-) β€” 31/01/2012
dinara β€” russia β€” good evening! I wanna find a pen-friend from an english speaking country. Ill be glad to answer, just write)) β€” 01/02/2012
siamand β€” canada β€” hello i need someone from toronto to speak with it β€” 02/02/2012
bie β€” - β€” i think this website is very helpful for everyone who really want to improve their English.i hope we can share knowledge and information that we know. β€” 05/02/2012
pradeep β€” INDIA β€” :-O Thank to English club for giving opportunitiy learning of English Grammer β€” 05/02/2012
rakesh β€” india β€” please β€” 06/02/2012
Syeda Qurat-ul-Ain β€” Pakistan β€” This website is really very great! β€” 07/02/2012
saleeh β€” Yemen β€” i love english speaking β€” 07/02/2012
cecelia β€” JAMAICA β€” I think you sight is really good and easy to read. I do speak English but need a revision page for my communications class and found yours ideal. Thanks β€” 07/02/2012
Ilwon Seo β€” s.korea β€” Hellow~everyone β€” 08/02/2012
Wisnu β€” Indonesia β€” Hello, everyone this is my first time joining this site. I just want to improve my English since I think that my English is not good enough. Nice to be here. β€” 08/02/2012
muhammad asif β€” pakistan β€” i want to write and speak English.please so ported meΒ  in future pressure i am.Β  :-[] β€” 08/02/2012
muhammad asif β€” pakistan β€” please translate me English to urdu β€” 08/02/2012
Faisal Ibrahim β€” Nigeria β€” Life is dynamic β€” 11/02/2012
Farius Ojuhing β€” Malaysia β€” Good jobs.. β€” 12/02/2012
luisaΒ  β€” I Thanks for all your help, this page it's really good.:-D β€” 16/02/2012
Haslindah β€” indonesia β€” very good.... β€” 17/02/2012
stella β€” USA β€” It's a pity that we here an [Γ‰β„’]-sound after all the consonants. We like to be aware how difficult it is to hear some consonants with noise around us. Also, even less need to hear this [Γ‰β„’]Β  after sh or s etc....Β  β€” 17/02/2012
Grace β€” America β€” :-D Great site! β€” 21/02/2012
loodewyk hattingh β€” wow!!! this is such a cool site, and i just love the slang,idiom and saying for the day:-):-) β€” 27/02/2012
tony β€” thailand β€” great sight im from australia living in thailand thinking about becoming an english teacher..very helpfull.regards tony. β€” 27/02/2012
LIfelong Learner β€” Australia β€” Hello Josep, I would like to join this website because people says it',s a really goog Website. LLL β€” 29/02/2012
tallibaanΒ  β€” Steck aller talliΒ  β€” that was great :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D i had lots of fun ( bei euch ) you are lollig :-P β€” 02/03/2012
ibrar β€” canada β€” Hi english need update spellings, laugh=laf, school=ckool, ...tion=sn, that =dat,this=diz, through=throu,guage=gaje,photo=foto dere are many words dat need to changed. β€” 03/03/2012
cuong β€” Vietnam β€” Hey how long does it take for EC adminΒ  to approve somebody's request. I signed up yesterday, but I have not been accepted yet. β€” 04/03/2012
Cherry β€” Indonesia β€” Love this like so much... But i confused to add my photo etc..:-) β€” 06/03/2012
chhum ra β€” Cambodia β€” I love Cambodia.:-[] β€” 07/03/2012
menna β€” Egypt β€” :-D like it β€” 14/03/2012
Brent Mannes β€” USA β€” Excellent site.Β  β€” 21/03/2012
ehap β€” egypt β€” i love egypt β€” 21/03/2012
ehap β€” egypt β€” any one can help me to travel to usa β€” 21/03/2012
Iliqna β€” Bulgaria β€” Hi everyone,i need to your help...i'm bulgarian girl and i don't speek English very well...i want to learn and know you will help me :-) if you want to meet - i'm here B-) β€” 21/03/2012
Racheal β€” I've just started a college writing classes and your site has been so help full. I will be back often...:-D β€” 23/03/2012
riya β€” india β€” :-P β€” 26/03/2012
Mohamed Iman β€” USA β€” hi I'm mohamed and i want ot improve my english. β€” 29/03/2012
ehsan β€” malaysia β€” hi guys...i need help you .. i amΒ  going improve my English could you help me β€” 30/03/2012
neny ER β€” indonesia β€” hi, all... i wanna learn english can u help me? :-D β€” 31/03/2012
olasabra β€” egypt β€” hello everyone:-) i hope to improve my level i am an upper intermediate . if anygirl wants to practice with me through skype i will be so happy β€” 01/04/2012
Elizabeth Benett β€” India β€” The visit was useful. Content was really very informative. β€” 03/04/2012
kris β€” india β€” i love this club it is really a good to practice and learn more and more even than natives!!!!:-):-);-):-o β€” 05/04/2012
marco aguila β€” bolivia β€” Thank you very much, this tips, and more thingsΒ  are so necesary for my english recepcionist hotel class β€” 09/04/2012
Palash Chandra Barman β€” Bangladesh β€” It's a really good site to learn English well. β€” 14/04/2012
kavyaanjali β€” india β€” i would wish to join it........ β€” 16/04/2012
Asif Husain Khan β€” Pakistan β€” Its really good to see what EC is doing for the people. β€” 16/04/2012
aurora β€” Iran β€” I love you english club:-);-) β€” 17/04/2012
RavulaΒ  β€” uae β€” HI, I would like to improve my english. Thax Ravula β€” 18/04/2012
hamed β€” algeria β€” i would like to improve my englishΒ  β€” 18/04/2012
Luis β€” Spain β€” I'm looking for English teacher in Barcelona. Please give me telefone númeroΒ  β€” 20/04/2012
DorisΒ  β€” USA β€” Wow thanks for the English Club,I'm in US for my studies originaly from Tanzania when I saw this club I was like yes this is the thing I was looking for,so it'll help me a lot to improve my English language through speaking and writing as well. β€” 20/04/2012
Sahondra β€” Africa β€” Hello, is there anyone from our country in this English Club? I like it very much. It really improves my english... β€” 23/04/2012
Omid β€” Iran β€” HiΒ  I'm interesting in learning english.Β  Β  I'd like to have connection with some person who enjoying of this site in my country. TnxΒ  β€” 23/04/2012
Ana Helena GonzÑlez β€” Canada β€” Hi, I'm a portuguese lady, living in Canada, trying to learn a little bit more English. I count on EnglishClub.com to help me. Bye β€” 26/04/2012
saulo β€” Brazil β€” Hello everyone!! I'm really happy to found the EnglishClub. Everyone knows that this website is helping us to improve our english all time. A long time that I was looking for a website like this. Then I'd like to meet some people from around the world and talk a lot of time that I have and get better my "not good" English. Β  β€” 26/04/2012
syed β€” pakistan β€” Hi, i am in interested improving my written skills. β€” 29/04/2012
Contacto Costa Rica β€” Costa Rica β€” After being a member of EC during such much time, I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS!. You have become part of my family, and I am sure so do other members feel. You have worked hard so far in order to keep English Club among the favorites social sites, and you have achieved that purpose. Β  Congratulations for your successful achievements. If there I can do something for you, please, be free to contact me and let me your collaborator. Joe Montoya β€” 07/05/2012
C.Rajapandian β€” India β€” Β I happen to refer to Grammar test items for the use my students.They are really very well prepared with clear descriptions and example. Hats offΒ  to enlishclub.comΒ  . C.Rajapandian β€” 07/05/2012
taufiq β€” indonesia β€” i feel proud with this site,make me easy in learning english languge.evrthing that i want on there! thanks englishclub.com:-D β€” 08/05/2012
charunee β€” Thailand β€” IΒ  like English Club. IΒ  usedΒ  to beΒ  hereΒ  longΒ  timeΒ  , thenΒ  IΒ  amΒ  awayΒ  for year. IΒ  amΒ  nowΒ  back. English clubΒ  help me a lotΒ  aboutΒ  English. I love thisΒ  web. Thank you Charunee β€” 09/05/2012
abd el azziz β€” qatar β€” welcome to english club β€” 13/05/2012
akwal kat β€” jefferson β€” I would like to join you guys please :-( β€” 16/05/2012
Meriem β€” Algeria β€” Hello,evrybody i want to say that i realy enjoy learning english, it's my favorite language so i'll take cear of it ;-) β€” 17/05/2012
van hiep β€” vietnam β€” how to join club. please (To join please click "Join" at bottom of any page. Thanks - Admin ;-) ) β€” 19/05/2012
Damodaran.C β€” India β€” I have viewed English Club web site. which is very usefull for me.thanks. β€” 29/05/2012
rose β€” Iran β€” very happy to have a completely free learning english.Best wishes β€” 20/06/2012
Erica S. Flores β€” United States β€” Β Hi, I'm interested in learning how improve my english. However, I would liked to share my learning process with my friends.... β€” 10/07/2012
MrDude β€” canada β€” I'm so happy i've found a great site to learn better grammar.=) β€” 23/07/2012
Robin β€” China β€” I love EnglishClub.Β  best wishes to you. Sincerely yours Robin From China β€” 01/08/2012
Jole β€” Australia β€” <b>I</b> love this site! β€” 20/08/2012
TesterPen β€” Hah β€” <b>H</b>ello everbody! β€” 20/08/2012
Michael Hawk β€” USA β€” <b>I</b> LOVE English! β€” 21/08/2012
iman β€” Iran β€” hi marzie how are you? i missed you much i know you cant remember me but i think of you always and i always think of our best memories. my name is mahmoud β€” 23/08/2012
Jocelyn A. Nase β€” Philippines β€” like your website...... β€” 28/08/2012
myself2005 β€” china β€” hello β€” 30/08/2012
myself2005 β€” china β€” I wish learning english in here β€” 30/08/2012
Malli β€” INDIA β€” like to learn english. β€” 03/09/2012
Luca Mirror β€” Azerbaijan β€” Hope to improve my English here. Nice website... β€” 07/09/2012
Surya β€” India β€” Learning English is very important and very useful to the people who wants to grow β€” 24/09/2012
Mugu β€” gooood site β€” 11/10/2012
macho mustafa β€” INDIA β€” GR8 JOB EC..KEEP ON ADDING NEW WORDS..HATS OFF TO UR EFFORT β€” 14/10/2012
otgo β€” Mongolia β€” hi how are you? I am Otgo. I am Mongolian. 25 years old. β€” 18/10/2012
Josey Wilson β€” USA β€” Though much overrated, English is probably the most important language for commerce after Chinese. I know that few would agree, but one must be realistic. Look at the balance of payments issues in English-speaking countries for a realism check. β€” 20/11/2012
zahra β€” iran β€” I am glad toΒ  acquaintance to this site and I hope can speak english as a native β€” 27/11/2012
Megan β€” USA β€” Excellent site, lots of information. Thank-you! β€” 10/12/2012
afsoon β€” iran β€” i like to learn english:-) β€” 14/12/2012