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EnglishClub Guestbook 2013

Retratha β€” Cambodia β€” :-) hi ! My name is ret ratha and now i'm 21years old. I've studied english for five years,but my pronunciation is very bad. My purpose is improving english. And especially i want to make alot of friend. β€” 12/01/2013
Javed Ahmed β€” Pakistan β€” Hi! Iam javed.I am 14 years old.I am found of to learn English.I always speak english for change your accent.I HOPE THAT i learn english earliar. β€” 27/01/2013
Noemia Cristovao β€” Angola β€” I really like this site, is for me one of the most complete I have ever met on the internet, I admire your work continue, I'm learning a lot with you. β€” 18/03/2013
seif β€” algeria β€” i want to learn every thing about english β€” 01/04/2013
Kei β€” Japan β€” Hi! I'm Kei.This site is really nice to learn English and communicate with meny friends all of the world ;) β€” 06/05/2013
Maria β€” France β€” Thanks for everything :-):-DB-):-P β€” 17/06/2013
budharam patel β€” india β€” i found english must important for me to learn english β€” 16/07/2013
Sara β€” Iran β€” Would u please teach me how to write a formal e-mail to a hotel?(for reservation) Thanks for everything your site is very useful for learning english language β€” 08/08/2013
Mary β€” iran β€” ;-):-D Hi! How can i find friends? Tell me please!:-) β€” 23/08/2013
Nirav Patel β€” India β€” I would like to thank...providing such an good environment...!!!! i con"t describe it in just words....:-) β€” 06/09/2013
Shokor β€” Afghanistan β€” In order to learn english fluently. β€” 21/09/2013
alpha s bah1 β€” gambia β€” i wil want to speak n write n improve my grammar β€” 24/10/2013
Ramesh Thapa β€” Nepal β€” NothingΒ  β€” 02/11/2013
ClarCute Padua β€” philippines β€” so...nice ..im here..:-) β€” 05/11/2013
Mohammad Iqbal Shaikh β€” Pakistan β€” I am happy to be here in EC, my motive is to "learn by teaching"Β  β€” 25/12/2013