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EnglishClub Guestbook 2014

Sai Yarzar β€” BurmaΒ  β€” Thanks For Many Useful Lessons :-) β€” 04/02/2014
luis fernando camargo dias β€” colombia β€” :-D IMPORTANTE β€” 04/03/2014
grace β€” argentina β€” :-( Sorry, but I would like to read some new jokes in your page. The ones existing now are very old and boring. Thanks β€” 02/04/2014
surendra β€” INDIA β€” Thanks For Many Useful Games and other activity's β€” 21/04/2014
Robiul IslamΒ  β€” BangladeshΒ  β€” I like it very much because of learning.Β  β€” 22/04/2014
Pedro β€” Puerto Rico β€” Very good initiave and very helpful. Thanks a lot.:-P β€” 23/04/2014
naga β€” ap β€” Gud one:-P β€” 25/04/2014
Gabi β€” Thank you yery much. I like your website. It's very helpful and varied.:-) β€” 25/04/2014
Thanh Phong β€” Vietnam β€” I want to learn English well... β€” 26/04/2014
vauona β€” iran β€” i want to learn english very very well like native speaker.thank you:-) β€” 29/04/2014
Javaher β€” Iran β€” :-D that was perfect. but unfortunately I cannot sign in as a user. because I can't upload a profile photo successfully.Β  Is there anybody to help me? β€” 30/04/2014
Helen β€” Dominican Republic β€” I love englishclub.com my classes are now more interesting since I know this page. Is a great tool for teaching! β€” 30/04/2014
peter β€” kenya β€” very helpful site when teaching and learning English. bravoΒ  β€” 02/05/2014
David Mooney PhD (neurosciences) β€” Canada β€” :-D I edit research papers by EFL authors with the objective of getting them published in English-language journals. I discovered your site recently and quickly transferred the relevant internet shortcut into my "editor's readyref" file. I find the site very useful because I am a neuroscientist first and an editor second. β€” 03/05/2014
Mauke β€” Finland β€” This looks like a really useful site, I just need friends B-) β€” 06/05/2014
peter β€” kenya β€” I love English club.Β  β€” 07/05/2014
Robyn β€” South Africa β€” We're so happy to have found your site, thank you!Β  β€” 08/05/2014
Wilkens Santos β€” Brazil β€” Hi there English Club Team and Members! I am proud to use and recommend most instructions, suggestions and materials presented here for the quality is really amazing as well as the people!!!! My very best regards to you all who make this site what that is "a true helping hand!" β€” 15/05/2014
solongo β€” mongolia β€” :-D I like englishclub that help me learning to english language. β€” 24/05/2014
Megha β€” India β€” Very simple and effective guidance for English learners !!! β€” 26/05/2014
Joan Myers β€” usa β€” I'm very interested in knowing ( I hope my English isn't wrong already...) if produce labels that read Produit does E.- U. could mean the item came from Europe.Β  Somewhere I read this is French for United States but didn't you say something different? I don't think I want produce from Europe. I'd appreciate your response. β€” 26/05/2014
Sheryl Kerby β€” Winnebago β€” I am an ESL Tutor for The Literacy Council in Rockford, IL.Β  I am always looking for interesting ways to teach a concept to my students.Β  It makes things much more interesting than using just one method.Β  After all, not everyone learns the exact same way. β€” 26/05/2014
Eva Fatmawaty β€” Indonesia β€” I'm an Indonesian. English is my foreign language. But, I love it, indeed. I'm so glad to be a member of MEC. I love this site. Thank You.:-) β€” 27/05/2014
andargie β€” ETHIOPIA β€” Β I don't have any comment because I'm a new member.Β  β€” 13/06/2014
giri β€” india β€” I HAVE NO COMMENTS β€” 14/08/2014