If we take the word DOG and change its letters around we can get GOD. That is an anagram – a word (or phrase) made by mixing up the letters of another word (or phrase). The DOG = GOD example is a very simple anagram. Another example would be CINEMA = ICEMAN.

But the cleverest anagrams are much more complicated and often have some relationship to the original words:

Astronomer = Moon starer
Debit card = Bad credit
Schoolmaster = The classroom
Halley’s Comet = Shall yet come
Punishment = Nine Thumps

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    the word or phrase or sentence if spelled backward is the same as if spelled forward is called a palindrome. ABBA,e.i…

  • Illuminatress says:

    Santa = Satan
    Santa’s Presents = Satan’s Serpents

  • english says:

    radar comes from: ra(dio) d(etection) a(nd) r(anging)

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    hey,the worlds are amazing!!!

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