New dollar bill

To support the bailout of AIG, Lehman, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac the US Treasury Department has issued a new one dollar bill…

New dollar bill

  • laike says:

    It means new edition of dollar is new paper just fabricated.

  • Linda k (Hollywood) says:

    Look like a George Washington headaches with
    all politicians to resolved the situation.

  • Linda K (Hollywood) says:

    This is a joke dollars bill.
    Look like a George washing headaches with All
    politicians to resolved the situation.
    Have a funny dollars Bill in USA.

    God bless
    Linda K (Hollywood)

  • gold says:

    oh my GOD what bring mr bush for you

    america is failed

    america is failed because bad policy of bush

  • hanane says:

    Hello Dear Joe,
    It’s a very funny dollar bill.

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