The chain of marriage

“Marriage is a chain so heavy that it takes two people to carry it – sometimes three.”

Variously attributed to Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) French writer and Alexandre Dumas (son) (1824-1879) French writer

Original: Les chaînes du mariage sont si lourdes qu’il faut être deux pour les porter; quelquefois trois.

chain (noun): a series of connected metal links (used, for example, for pulling heavy objects or confining prisoners)

  • Ameur says:

    Marriage is a big responsibility but with love and understanding and the sharing of responsibility between the husband and wife I think marriage will continue forever.

  • tahereh says:

    Hello Mr Joe
    Thanks a lot for teaching me I learned English too much I,m 67 and absolutly love to learn English.

  • trainp says:

    Yes, marriage is very heavy thing in our life. But it’s also an exciting that we have to try to get.

  • Chaik Abdelhak says:

    the most terrible thing about mariage is that if you don’t get married, you’ d have lived alone died alone.

  • Nagla says:

    Well , generaly marriage like any other relationship between people ,it should be respected fully by two parties .However , marriage has special consideration because when someone decide to marry someone else that simply means they select each other after long thinking , promise and swearing to each other and God that will respect this chain forever and till to death .For that , marriage is very critical dicision that need alot of thinking . In my point of veiow this is not the pracice nowadays as most people get into this exersice without even give themselve time to know each other well , which in turn lead to a lot of divorces cases .

  • marina says:

    well, I think if two people agreed to carry a heavy chain,there’s nothing impossible for them. if they suddenly decided to leave the chain on the way they brought it to, they were not serious before making their decision. And can they imagine how sweet it is to realize that the heavy chain of marriage was brought to the destination place by twos….

  • knocker73 says:

    the chain of marriages an ever lasting bond that cause either misery or happiness

  • kadir says:

    Marriage is very costly a thing. I think one person before to have decide to marry, he should speak about history himselves to girl. Because after marriage she can hear something, important subjets about him. This problems, can arrive bad result, for example marriage can faild until forever. Therefore, before to marriage speak don’t say lie. If u speak true u will be happy at last……

  • Joe says:

    @pierre corso Thank you Pierre. The citation has been amended.

  • Fernando Rodríguez says:

    It is funny because in Spanish the translation of “marriage” is “maTRImonio”. In fact, in Spain, a country where marriage was an institution , the people get divorced more and more, now. In other order of facts a lot of young people can not marry because the economic situation (Five milions of people without employement)

  • betty says:

    i dont know much about marriage coz i havnt had one,but i think it should be very enjoyable if u really merry to MR.right.they should appriciate each other and sometimes it s necessarry to make some interesting things to run for the a word ,both of the couple should value this fate and treat it as very best things between them.

  • pierre corso says:

    This citation was from the work of Alexandre Dumas (son) who was also wellknown french writer as his father and both shared the same name,Alexandre Dumas . The son lived between 1824-1895.

  • Zakiah says:

    well, I agree about marriage is a heavy thing.
    I think that marriage is a sacred thing,it is not for game. Especially when we married, we vow to each other and God.
    So we have to think carefully before we decide to marry someone.

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