Olympics in China

Next year the Olympics will be held in China. I noticed that they will start on 8th August. Then I thought: “Wow! The Chinese are very clever. They’re getting the games in their country on their LUCKY day.” I’m not sure if I’m right but I’m guessing that they engineered the games to start on 08/08/08 (8 August 2008). And for Chinese people I believe the number 8 is a very lucky number. Clever!

  • Linda k (hollywood) says:

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  • fatimac says:

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  • trantrungkien says:

    I quite like China, a country which has rich in traditional, culture and a lot of world heritage. Days ago, Olympic hold in China, the begining ceremony took place splendidly with the care praration. The performance combined between tradition and modern and showed many unique ideas. Via games of Olympic hold in China, I saw some beautiful stadium of China like Bird Stadium, one of the huge, very nice construction. Besides, the End Ceremony was hold quite interesting and meaningful. All for fair and peaceful in sport of the world

  • hanane says:

    Am I to conclude that chinese people are not clever but superstitious?

  • dr mohammed says:

    it is very nice to tell us this i am not care for this before thanks

  • Hung says:

    Yes, a very unique day, never returns again. I believe China will be dominant in that games. However, I do not like the shape of number 8. It looks like a handcuff. Good luck for China!

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