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The Laughing English Teacher

I’ve got an English teacher, he always takes our class
A fat old jolly red-faced man, he gives us all a pass
He’s too kind for a teacher, he never has a rule
And everybody says he is the happiest man in school.

He laughs when giving homework, he laughs and doesn’t teach
He laughs at everybody when they struggle with their speech
He never can stop laughing, he says he’s never tried
But once he did expel a guy, and laughed until he cried

His jolly face it wrinkled and then he shut his eyes
He opened his great mouth, it was a wondrous size
He said “I must expel you”, but he didn’t know what for
And then he started laughing until he hurt his jaw

So, if you chance to meet him, when walking round the school
Just shake him by his fat old hand and tell him he’s so cool
His eyes will beam and sparkle, he’ll gurgle with delight
And then you’ll start his laughing with all his blessed might.

Adapted from The Laughing Policeman, a 1920s song by Charles Jolly

10 Responses to “The Laughing English Teacher”

  1. Bryce says:

    I’ve definitely worked with a few English teachers who fit this description. Too funny!

  2. Bijan says:

    It’s very nice. I enjoyed very much and got a lot of positive energy.

    I always believe that a good teacher is someone whose class is full of positive energy and teaches happiness and love in his/her class too.

    The students can learn a lesson very good when the teachers ‘s classes don’t make them tired.

    Thanks to English Club for having the best teachers,
    Bijan from the Persian Gulf,

  3. Jonathan Taylor says:

    I think only Charles Jolly can laugh this well!

  4. James Giggs Ogosi says:

    I listened to this just this morning…its like a wake-up medicine to begin a happy day.

    Nice share!

  5. Gustavo Ramirez Barbetti says:

    I look like this very interesting because L like to learn english but I can teach I have to learn thank you so much

  6. mohammad Ahmad says:

    He is really funny. I could not help laughing

  7. mishaikh says:

    Nicely likable but exists only in dreams.

  8. Lorena Castaneda says:

    I love it. Thank you for sharing it.
    Is a helpful exercise to have fluency in your english words.

  9. Lucia says:

    Excellent way to gain fluency and rhythm in English. Copying the same cadence of the voice and how he joins the words in a natural way is funny. Very useful exercise for everybody.

  10. graciela piccioni says:

    It is really funny. I couln`t help laughing!

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