What’s this guy got to do with English?

This guy is “Guy Fawkes”, and English was his mother tongue. His death is gruesomely celebrated in England every 5th November when ordinary people mindlessly burn effigies of him on bonfires.

Guy Fawkes

What did Guy Fawkes do to deserve such venom? He plotted with others to assassinate the king of England (and of Scotland) by blowing up Parliament during its state opening in 1605. Their motives were politico-religious… But they failed. Their plans were leaked and Guy Fawkes was the one conspirator found guarding the gunpowder under the House of Lords – all 36 barrels of it, enough to send the king and Parliament to kingdom come. Guy Fawkes was questioned but refused to speak, except to give a false name – John Johnson. Eventually the king signed orders for him to be tortured (“gently at first”). An observer (Sir Edward Hoby) noted “Since Johnson’s being in the Tower, he beginneth to speak English.” “The Tower” was the Tower of London, specifically, in this case, its torture chambers. In fact, under the effects of torture – probably the rack – Guy Fawkes broke and revealed not only his own true name but the names of his co-conspirators.

The mask you see in the photo is a representation of Guy Fawkes. This particular representation, designed by illustrator David Lloyd, first appeared in Alan Moore’s comic book series V for Vendetta (starting 1982) and subsequent film adaptation (2006). The story concerns resistance to a repressive regime set in England in the then not-too-distant future. The mask has since come to be used as a symbol for the online hacktivist group Anonymous, and more broadly as a symbol of popular protest against corruption and government sleaze and of resistance to authoritarian Western governments (although its import and use is banned by some Western-leaning regimes such as Saudi Arabia).


  • gruesomely (adverb): in a horrifying way; in a grisly way
  • effigy (noun): a model of a person
  • bonfire (noun): a large fire outside for burning rubbish or as a celebration
  • venom (noun):  extreme bitterness and malice or ill-will
  • gunpowder (noun): a substance that can be made to explode (blow up)
  • to kingdom come (phrase): into the next life
  • torture (verb): deliberately inflict severe pain on a person or animal
  • beginneth (verb): begins (old English)
  • the rack (noun): a machine for torturing people by stretching them by the hands and feet
  • conspirator (noun): a person who conspires or plots
  • vendetta (noun): a blood feud seeking vengeance; a long and bitter fight
  • sleaze (noun): immoral and corrupt activity
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    Thanks, Peter, for your comment about the word “vendetta”. You are right that the origin of the English word “vendetta” is Italian (from the Latin “vindicta” meaning “vengeance”). Like most languages, English has many words that have been imported from other languages. Imported words do not always retain the exact meaning of the original word, and this can lead to a lot of confusion. A word that is spelled and/or pronounced the same as a word in another language but has a different meaning is called a “false friend”. While “vendetta” in English does retain the original idea of “vengeance”, it refers more to the action/process of exacting revenge rather than to the revenge/vengeance itself. It is also used in the sense of a “prolonged bitter quarrel”. I will amend WordChecker to include both senses for clarity. Thank you.


    Hi there: Excuse me for disagreeing with Wordchecker.
    Vendetta is an italian word and its meaning is: Revenge, “Vengeance”, not a long and bitter fight.
    The Maffia uses/used “vendetta” against whoever they thought to be an enemy.
    The long and bitter fight could be the result of a vendetta but that is not the exact meaning.

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    At last I got so far as to click on the link at EC and here I made this surprising discovery of this gem called Josef’s blog! I should have done it looong ago!

    About Guy Fawkes, I grew up in a country where GF was celebrated every 5th November each year. But to the chagrin of many boys and myself, the government banned the fireworks when I was still in High School (why do boys love fire and explosions so much?!). I can still remember how mad we were about this ‘unfair and partisan’ decision (they never asked our opinions)! But years later I could understand the decision and was grateful for the government’s foresight (though they’d probably only followed the example of the US!). A developed and civilized nation should control the use of fireworks by its citizens and only allow it at specified venues and at specified times! The disadvantages by far outweigh the benefits of fireworks (are there really anything good about it?!).

    I watched the “V for Vendetta” movie a few months ago; quite gruesomely bloody in particular as the main character (Guy Fawkes with the mask!) was portrayed as one very skillful with knives and he killed many cops with those knives. But typical as with most movies, the script was adapted to suit our modern requirements and though GF did die (shot by the cops), parliament had gone up with a big bang! Though I didn’t appreciate some of the scenes, I must admit it was still quite entertaining!

    Thanks for an interesting blog entry, Josef!

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    “ordinary people mindlessly burn effigies” we are taught in scholl about Guy Fawks, so we know who he is and why we burn him. It was just one of the attempts by Catholics to defeat the, Protestant, U.K.

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    Thank you for covering my story, I thank toi human kind except for those who burn my effigies for they don’t know the reasons behind my action long time ago.

    The king and its parliament has tortured the civil they such people with high tax

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    What does this guy have to do with English? This guy who call himself Guy had English as his mother tongue, this means he was English.

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    Thank you for this information,I knew a little about the story because i saw the film adaptation and was a good and interesting movie,thanks for the vocabulary i learned new words that I didn’t knew before.

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    Incidentally, Guy Fawkes image and mask is also the mascot of the U.S. Explosive Ordinance Disposal community.

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