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Willful panic

Watching CNN (or one of the other cable channels endlessly broadcasting the end of the world as capitalism knows it) I heard one of the “expert commentators” describe last Thursday’s sell-off on the London Stock Exchange as “a bloodbath – sheer, unadulterated, willful panic”.

What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with “willful panic”? Please add your answers and comments.

(“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.” Confucius)

16 Responses to “Willful panic”

  1. Jay says:

    Most human panics, as we learn from past experiences, result from pure assumptions and invalid ” evidence”
    and, as a consequence, cause greater loss than it should.
    Another factor is the Internet, through which information are magnified and interpreted. As we Chinese have a saying: You reap what you sow. It’s time people stop and take into consideration just how good(bad?) the term “globaliztion” is. It’s time to ponder on the so-called
    Capitalism, too.

  2. Sadasivan N.(Prof.Dr.) says:

    Willful Panic? What an odd combo! Panic is involuntary, almost a reflex action, right? How can such panic be willful (which denotes obdurate, determined, headstrong etc)? Bourse panic might be a better expression I think. (In the UK you may call it the Footsey Panic Sell). Of course, in a sort of kneejerk reaction, such combos also surface from time to time in this mushrooming language, I am aware!! Normally they are short lived. Am waiting for your feedback, oh world!! Dr Sada, India

  3. Guven Akat says:

    The expression of “Willful Panic” is totaly wrong. Panic is an reflex that people react involuntary. Panic is a reaction that is increasing by exponentially. The panic in the US markets difuse all the markets in the world like an epidemic disease. This increases the intensity of panic.

  4. laila says:

    Since the word panic here results from a financial issue , and was used on CNN , which is a TV channel , where exaggeration in words usage is used widely to draw people’s attention to the news , I see nothing strange about using this term , in fact , it will be too ordinary to use expressions people are used to.

    With many thanks

  5. e2e4 says:

    The globalisation eats its children. :mrgreen:

  6. jhowel says:

    As I know about panic is that it is a sudden reaction, an outburst alarm or terror that affects other to act in an ordinaty way. It will never be willful since no one wants to be in a panic. Neither the people who coined this words would ascribe themselves as if in a willful panic.

  7. neca says:

    If I have a little respect for my opinions I would not dilute them with such horrible words.

  8. Faisal says:

    True! It was a willful fulwill.If you understand what is happening,surly,you will understand what I am saying and vise versa.Pls.join the club.

  9. Fendi says:

    It should be “panicful will”, may be.

  10. shalva says:

    I am not involved with selling on the stock exchange, but I see that sometimes there is base for panic.

  11. Edward says:

    If there is a “willful panic”, there should be a willing panic; but I think I should never use neither of them.

  12. hmm says:

    in fact , i can`t understand what u are saying about “wilfull panic” plz in a simple way , explain it.

  13. olamilekan says:

    okay thanks for that and i am wishing for notice on the next 1 minute exam

  14. Mohammed says:

    After all it’s all about panicking for it turns out that even the reporter at the time was panicking and thus used the term ambiguously . When humans panic they undergo the feeling unwillingly and unwittingly . I think that the 1929 New York Stock Exchange crisis , still in the Americans’ mind , could have been the cause of such panic.
    In all cases news presentation needs glossing and the term used remains part of that.

  15. Alex says:

    I think that “willful panic” is a right expression, because panic also human emotion expression that feel from external stimuli, so intentional panic is possible.

  16. freedom waiter says:

    I have n’t been stock exchanger up to know,but I think it’s better to say “natural panic” because it is ordinary nowadays.
    beg your attention

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