World’s largest English-speaking country?

USA? Think again 🙂

  • Saurabh Adhikari says:

    USA is the largest English speaking nation in the world, followed by India as second largest and The Philippines as the third largest and people here making claims about their own country being the largest need to take a reality check by actually getting out of their luxury homes and meet common people.


  • the king says:

    now in modern India English is given more importance than pre nursery which is first class for every child in India they thought English not Hindi.and also people are considered backward in India if you don’t know English.Even grammar in India is better than many English speaking country like Australia Ireland Mexico Canada etc etc

  • She Ann says:

    I’m a Filipino. And yes many of us speak English well. For countries which don’t have English as their native language, it would really be awkward for them to communicate in English during ordinary day, but here? It’s like it’s our own language. Well I’m not really proud of it though, coz it’s still important to be more fluent on your own language and speak it in your own country.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of Filipinos, too that doesn’t speak English well or have very obvious incorrect grammar especially those who are not fortunate. Well there are Filipino students who got into college though they’re not that fluent in English, they hardly speak but they can understand. But still I believe Philippines is the world’s third largest English speaking country.

  • teacher Cres says:

    There is no doubt that the Philippines is the trusted English speaking nation that teaches many neighboring nations in Asia. If you see the bigger perspective of using English as a spoken language by non-native speaker. The Philippines is on the top. Whoever doubts the ability of Filipino to teach and hold a long conversation with the use of English is seem to be ignorant…. International companies would not flock to the soil of the Philippines if only they don’t see the great potential of young Filipino workforce plus the factor of our fluency in English. Come to the Philippines and you will see how polite, accommodating,hospitable, most especially entertaining.

  • jayle of philippines says:

    Thank you for those who are trusted that the philippines is the largest speaking english language in the world specially to miss lyn of thailand mabuhay ka..
    m proud to be a filipino..

  • Kim Jaewon says:

    I bet the Philippines as the 3rd largest English Speaking country in the World.

    Koreans are coming to the Philippines to study English.

    When you walk anywhere you could see white people from Americas and UK and Europe, try to ask them and they will say I am Filipino because my mom is Filipino. Or they will say I am Filipino even my mom is Australian but my Dad is Filipino. Most of them are Dual Citizens.

    With respect to the Population, majority of Filipino Speaks English

    With respect to the accent and pronunciation, Philippines’ accent is better than India and China.

    With respect to the number of native English Speaker or English as their first language, Philippines is next to New Zealand.

    Filipino English Teachers are Teaching English in Canada, South Korea, China, and many ASEAN countries

  • Lyn of Thailand says:

    Filipino have the linguistic intelligence… English are very easy for every Filipinos and English is everywhere when i came in the Philippines. I vote Philippines!!! They are easy to adopt any languages. Obviously Philippine people are everywhere and always belong with the Global Competition because they are intelligence nations 🙂

  • aj says:

    This post is interesting. Mind if I share my opinion? Well, here it is.
    Of course the largest English speaking country would either be US or UK because it’s their main language. Travel around the world and you wouldn’t see common people there conversing in English. It’s only usual for businessmen, rich males and females and people alike – but the commoners? No way. Have you seen two ordinary Indians or Chinese talk in English? Maybe…?
    But if you look at the question on another perspective, Philippines would be like the third in FLUENCY. And yes, I am a Filipino. I can speak fluent English, I watch English movies, I read English novels, etc. Of course, I wouldn’t say everyone of us (Filipinos) is good at it, grammatically speaking, but in terms of tongue, we’re a lot better than the Chinese and Indians.
    So, to sum it up, I think (and know) that Filipinos are the third largest English-speaking people in the world.
    Thanks for posting it for about … two years and one month ago. I hope that the opinion of a fourteen year old girl counts. =D

  • escolme6 says:

    Thanks for sharing. This makes a great reading assignment for advanced learners.That

  • roger singh says:

    indian speak best english. the white people raping the english language . cos they can t speak

  • Abrar says:

    I am quite sure that INDIA is that country where English in spoken by the maximum number of people. It’s because, English in India, is treated as second compulsory language.

  • ozzy39 says:

    Thanks for sharing. This makes a great reading assignment for advanced learners.That

  • cay patrick says:

    joke… I’m Filipino… because i want you to believe that i really love Philippines. I think Philippines is the best only in Asia coz,as Kim Dc said Philippines is the third of Us and Uk.As I said Philippines is the best in Asia.As Kim Dc said again yes Indian and Chinese also speaking English but their grammar were incorrect.How I said that the Philippines is the best english-speaking in Asia coz Philippines is the the third of Us and UK how if in the Asia so Philippines is the best in Asia…
    peace 🙂

  • joan says:

    lol for me filipino coz they speak fluent in english not all can speak english but mostly they are good in english,haahhahaahahah

  • cay patrick says:

    i think philippines is the best english speakers, im not a filipino but i think it is philippines..

  • kim dc says:

    i worked outside the philippines, i worked with chinese and indian nationals yes they speak english but if you listen carefully their grammar is not correct. their pronunciation is not correct either, not all words but some. that is why its just correct what the philippine government claims that we are the third largest english speakers in the world. there’s no contest about it!

  • kim dc says:

    one more thing, any foreigners who travels to the philippines will not be lost because english is widely used in media whether print, television or radio broadcast, and its not all that all the signs, billboards and streets are in english. a simple sidewalk vendor can understand and tell you any direction you want to know if you just ask them politely… unlike india and china most of the things are still written in local language.

  • kim dc says:

    for me the philippines rank third from the US and the Uk in terms of using english as a language not in the number of speakers but in the ratio of the speakers to its population. if u rank it by the numbers of speakers who speak the english laguage of course the philippines will be out ranked by india and china. the percentage of the filipino population who uses english is more than half of its population unlike china and india which only a fraction of its people uses it. by the way im a filipino and proud to be one… Goodday everyone… peace!

  • joel says:

    i dont think so, i think the philippines is better than china on how to speak english

  • maggie says:

    I agree, India is the largest English speaking country because it is spoken as a second language widely. I teach English in China so am well aware of the enthusiasm for learning English here, but it is still a ‘foreign’ language here and far from being ubiquitous.

  • Bhless says:

    ian, not Philippines… I’m a Filipino and i don’t hear English everywhere… Taglish maybe… that’s Tagalog-English

    largest speaking English? i don’t know, maybe UK

  • ian says:

    i think philippines is the largest speaking english in the world the used it everyday and asians travel t philippines just t study english there

  • logeswaran says:

    I think INDIA is the first country to people speaking more english,,,,

  • ahmed says:

    of course not my country

  • Joe says:

    To Val: thank you. oops You are of course right and diameter has been corrected.

  • says:

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  • trantrungkienhn@yahoo.conm says:

    I think it must be England

  • Val says:

    Hi Joe,
    Love reading your blogs and find your site useful. However, may I just correct something you wrote in your June 22 wordchecker? “diameter” is also spelt “ter” not “tre” (unlike “metre/meter) in “English” English. Happy blogging, Val, England.

  • Vespid says:

    Hope that one day in the future all the people in the world can speak Chinese fluency.

  • pierre corso says:

    That’s good for Chinese people . That may help them to express themselves better to the world since not many foreigners understand Chinese language .

  • Harishchandra Jagtap says:

    India is largest English speaking than any other country. Apart from fluency Indians are speaking English with perfect grammar. It is second largest populated young country and having ratio of 62% young people i. e. between 18 to 45 years old. Out of this 72% only 15% are able to understand the English meaning, while 42% are speaking English with fluency and without any grammatical mistake and Remaining 5% are non-English speakers. Remaining 28% people our of 100% population which compromises kids and elders or senior ctitizens 6% are English speaking people and children. So now count 6%+42%15% = 63%. India’s total population is around 1Billion. Now anyone can easily understand that 63 million people are aware about English language and English speaking.
    Jagtap, H. M. Jagtap.

  • Adeel Malik says:

    Question is “World’s largest English-speaking country?” so my opnion is The world Largest English Speaking Country in our Pakistan,,, coz we forget our urdu and we use english in our daily life yet we write also sms in Roman English 🙂

  • Tara Benwell says:

    Thanks for sharing. This makes a great reading assignment for advanced learners.

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    Very interesting story.Of course most populous
    nation will become the world’s largest English-speaking Country in China.
    Hence it is most meaningful to express the
    English speaking .So these figures should be
    treated with caution.
    I’m really like this story.
    Good night
    Linda K (Hollywood USA)

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