Alcohol should be illegal



What do you think

about THAT?!

  • Jose Alfredo Zamora Sanchez says:

    I my opinion is true holcohol is very danger for the people and their health, specialy when someone drive in the car.
    simply it shuld be banned.because it’nt good you know.

  • preeti says:

    yes i agree alcohol should be is spoiling a teenagers life. it gives bad influence to a society…ba safe be healthy say to no alcohol

  • Naduni says:

    yes,It should be banned.Because it is not good for health and when we drunk alcohol we loos our mind so it will make many other problems.Some times it make crimes.

  • Gilberto says:

    I think alcohol should not be illegal.

    As many other drugs, alcohol consumption rather than prohibited, must be regulated through laws, to avoid turning a health problem into a security one.

    For instance, the prohibition established in the United States from 1920 to 1933, generated that the organized crime grew to unknown levels until then, because the government decision was unpopular and the mafia took advantage of it, taking control of the alcohol production and transport in order to provide alcohol to a wide market of people who in spite of the prohibition tried to get alcohol by any means.

    Therefore, prohibition has proved to be an inefficient strategy to control toxic substances, because more than reducing the consumption of illegal drugs, the measure allows organized crime to grow and become a security problem for governments because of the fight between criminal groups or even against the state itself.

  • Suri says:

    Alcohol isn’t good for health but sometimes, we so sad. need anything, alohol, this is need. I’m a girls, but I drunk alcohol,a litte 🙂 enough to I feel better.

  • Daniel says:

    In my money, if alcohol become illegal we´ll get more troubles than drugs, because almost everybody need it

  • Nathan says:

    People who will drink heavily just go and then get themselves run over or cause accindents by driving themselves. It is ridiculous and dangerous so it should be illegal

  • Sarah says:

    No, It shouldn’t be. We as humans aren’t perfect, but that isn’t a good excuse. We need to learn whats good from bad. We have to control ourselves, and if we can’t, well that’s their problem. Alcohol should be used as a test to establish someone’s level of control.

  • sima says:

    Alcohol isn’t bad like every usual thing in the world.
    i believe that we have to control it like everything that we do in our life and we can take them off whenever we want, alcohol is one of them. besides in the society we have some rules to prevent people from drinking more.

  • Alice says:

    If you make it illegal, people will crave for it even more. I don’t think making it illegal is a good idea. Nevertheless I believe enforcing laws regarding age limits fit for consumption, can help.

  • Iskandar says:

    Of course it is illegal

  • A.G says:

    Alchol is not good for our health but I think the people should dicide and choose for their life.

  • Bimal says:

    Making alcohol illegal is a theoretical concept only! No practical base!
    What I feel that people drink alcohol on various reasons, and the reasons are really spread within a broad range. Some of them are happiness (fun), sadness, addiction and so on. On one hand, man is a political animal, and on the other hand, man is a social animal. Every action in the human society is not occurred randomly, but there should be a particular reason based on the socio, economic, political and ecological factors. It is possible to control alcohol usage in the society to a greater extent with ‘’ Right Education’’. Without finding root causes behind alcohol usage in a country, it is pointless of banning it with new legal procedures.

  • Nai says:

    if it’s do more harm than good it’s better we leave it behind 🙂

  • Mali says:

    yes it should be, why not? when it is not good for ourselves,such as drugs, why should it be legal???!!
    p.s.Mezhoud is right!

  • hannia says:

    I think Alcohol should be illegal but for some especific age, it is done in many countries althought this rulers is not respected in the countries. I think the people be carefully and drink a lot quantities this could be decrease the incidence of many liver disease and crimen situation.

  • lankyta says:

    i don’t think that it should be banned,for it sometimes help us feel energy.
    First, it is a personal thing to decide if one would like to drink or not.If someone really don’t like to drink,he can just leavr it alone,but can not prevent others’ idea.
    Then,one should be old enough to control himself so that will not be hurt by alcohol.

  • Oleg Yarovoi says:

    Alcohol is a terrible thing. I do not know about other countries, but in my country, many people prefer to spend happy or sad events with alcohol. I think this is one of the first problems in my country. Alcohol producers advertise their products so that many people want to try. The only pity is that the warnings on alcohol underscores written in small, but if it is not clearly pronounced. In the store shelves are filled with alcohol, and laws are not enforced. The result can be seen on the streets of drunken people of all Age. I think we should reduce the amount of alcohol production, tougher laws and propagate a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sergey Chernozubov says:

    I think that in our life alcohol is a great problem. For most people, alcohol is a pleasant accompaniment to social activities. Most people don’t know that alcohol is a very dangerouse. The consequences of alcohol misuse are serious in many cases, life-threatening. Heavy drinking can increase the risk for certain cancers, especially those of the liver. It can also cause liver cirrhosis, immune system problems, brain damage. In addition, drinking increases the risk of death from automobile crashes and accidents. I think that people can live without alcohol, or do not abuse alcohol. People should think about their future, or about future their children.

  • Ilyas Kurbanov says:

    I think that a complete ban on alcohol- is not a solution. You can recall the history of our country, where all the vineyards were cut down, but alcohol is not diminished. In addition, speculators began to appear, the purchase of liquor which was fraught with poison. However, I agree that the preventive measures to combat alcoholism are necessary. First of all, the state should tighten controls in the production, trafficking and sale of alcohol not only by age but by the time of sale. Second, we need to ban the advertising of these products, and not only spirits, but beer too. Finally, the government should promote the healthy lifestyle and strengthen the economic and social status and authority of the state in the eyes of its citizens, because alcoholism is a social disease, and the weaker is the state, the more disease is pronounced in the society.

  • Danilushkin Alexey says:

    I know that in modern world much people drink the alcohol. I think that it is big problem for our civilisation, because alcohol is dangerous for health and live of people. Reasons for drinking alcohol are very different, for example,bad family or friendly relations and other reasons.But problem of this topic is alcohol should be illegal or not. I can say that today people can buy alcohol everywhere and always. I think that we shold limit a qanity of shops where we can byu tnis drinks.I think that forward of oyr contry should make a laws that ban sell and byu alcohol for tenager and pregnant wemans. And may be situation in contry will be better and we will win a varies desiases for example cancer. But I think that alcohol shold not be illegal because it is personal act of every person but we shold limit this and conrol our acts.

  • siham says:

    i think that alcohol and all canes of drugs should be banned because it is inhealthy but also it still related to the person himself and his desires and choises so even if we make it illigal and we put sanction to every one break this rule it will still a part of people who will addict it

  • Neelab says:

    well,it ruins life of a person make decreases his/her mental capabilities and also creates many other problems in life e.g even our own family start hating us so it must be banned

  • Sandeep says:

    No way! How will I think then?

  • Ilyas says:

    I think that people need to think about themselves, if they not drink alcohol nobody can not make do it. If alcohol is banned it is not the best way to ban alcohol. If people want to stay healthy they should not drink alcohol. But in my opinion alcohol is globall problem nowdays.

  • liedy says:

    when we see in all religions not specialy in islam THE GOD banned the alchool because it distroy our life on all sides .It’s disroy the familial relations and thhe person can’t control him self also it’s a waste of money .Alcool gives the body and mine disturbances .There is people who did and said things they not remeber it next time.There is people who enter the world of crime to get money just for have the alcool all the time.Some people said that alcool make them forget them problems,and they forget that the alchool is the big problem.

  • franky says:

    say that alcohol should be illegal is not completly true and at the same time not false too.

    there are many arguments for the fact that alcohol should not be banned.

    first of all, economically, it creates many revenues for the government. bisides compnies which produice it pay a lot of amount as taxes to the government.

    secondly, it is usefull for people under stress. in addition it si medically demonstrate that everyone need at a certain periode a certain rate of alcohol in one’s body.

    on the others hands there a few arguments which come against alcohol in our societ.
    first of all alchol is very hamrful for health, furthermore we often think that many people are violent when they get drunk

  • Pluto says:

    It should be no it must be made illegal.
    First of all it is really harmful for health,for what I believe no one can disagree.Some people do say it is harmful taken in large amounts but what I think that small or large it is harmful.
    It interferes with our basic body functions and our brain by imitating the action of certain receptors which can lead to high blood pressure,increase activity of digestive tract and diarrhea.

    Apart from health,I’ll say that Alcohol is the mother of all evils.Because by drinking it people lost their ability of thinking right,they can’t differentiate between what is right and what is wrong and.

    A human is human and far superior from other creatures because of his knowledge and ability to think and understand.If he loses his this characteristic even for a minute or so then he is no longer human.As people being drunk do things that are morally and also socially not acceptable.

    They even commit crimes in this state as they lose their judgement of what is right ans what is wrong.

    Drinking gives the birth to a large number of crimes and it definitely should be banned if one wants his society to be almost free of crimes and irresponsible behavior

  • booboo34 says:

    it should be banned too many ways it can harm you its dangerous to all what happenes if a baby gets ahold of it? think about it.

  • Maho says:

    i think it shouldn’t be illegal, i believe that it’s a matter of behavior, and madurity ajajajajajaja dont know if it’s correctly spelled, but each person has to have the control of saying NO or to say THAT’S ENOUGH

  • Simon says:

    There is a big difference between:
    1. “I won’t drink alcohol because of my religious or moral views”


    2. “My religious or moral views should be imposed on everyone else in the population”

    I do not like laws which try to protect me from myself. Banning things only encourages thriving black markets, unsuccessful wars on drugs, and over-crowded prisons filled with non-violent offenders. Keep religious views out of our laws, unless you choose to live in a religious state, in which case you either comply or risk severe punishment.

  • Adham says:

    should be* banned

  • Adham says:

    Well, I believe it should banned, I’m not saying that just because I’m a Muslim and our religon doesn’t allowed it, but also because of its unlimited harmful consequences, some people can’t control on the amount they drink and they end up in a coma or sudden death, including young people who usually drink huge amount of alcohol when celebrating the 18th age or 21st. Drunk people can hardly remember what they said or did while they were drinking a lot.
    But I know you may say what the big deal, I can control my self, I can manage my drink amount. but I think they usually CAN’T.

    There is a Hadeeth in Islam that says (not literaly):

    “If a big amount of a drink makes person drunk, then a small amount of it, is forbidden”

  • Yen says:

    Yes, It should be banned, alcohol controls almost their minds, actions, if I was a lawmakers I would make a alcohol ban law, I really don’t like drunkers

  • Alp says:

    Let’s people free to o whatever they want. But ban the alcohol for people upto 18 and dont drink it next to the children. They do get the most of the bad side.

  • shamsy says:

    I think the banning of something don t solve the bad effects of that, it is better to limit of drinking such as smoking.

  • hannia says:

    it is extreme measure to say the alcohol is illegal,
    it is better to create nacional program and create the responsabilty in drinking people.

  • Richard says:

    I agree

  • Rosalie T Cigaral says:

    The government should inform the public about pros and cons of drinking alcohol. So its just a matter of choice, the drinker should know his/her limitation.

  • Olga says:

    it affects our brains and bodies more than light but banned drugs, than why it is sooo available? any kid can ask his older friend to buy him a bottle of beer! we should ban alcohol selling. Though the previous experience shows that if we ban alcohol, there will be illegal trafficking, so it’s a difficult decision…

  • Sishir says:

    Let the alcohol not drink you. It should not extremely be banned. Do measure the limits and drink.

  • tula07 says:

    sometimes i drink, to toast with my friends, or to say somethings I can’t say when I’m normal…alcohol is interesting but I know when I have to’s ok to me.
    Banning people from doing something has a long history and traditional cultural like drinking alcohol must be seriously considered, it can cause contrary to all expectations.

  • eURo says:

    In order to create peace in this world I would be pleased if fanatics of all types chose to stay/ or migrate to countries/places where their dogma is already the law of that land. Please leave other people to choose for themselves what kind of society they shall live in. Just because YOU have been indoctrinated or have come to believe something is right or wrong, who gives you the right to impose your beliefs on others ?

  • Tuğrul says:

    Alcohol is bad but isn’t VERY bad when a person make a habit for own.

    I drink a beer or 2 beers in a month also I go to bar with my friends in a month or 1 of 2 months and I drink a cocktail.

    I think smoking, drugging worse than alcohol. There is very dangerous habits.

    I don’t desire the alcohol madly so far. I drink sometimes alcohol by chance.

    But I have some friends tied to smoking. Sometimes I ask some epic questions to my friends about smoking and I provide to drop my friends to turbit cases about smoking.

    I think i’m a psychopathic person a little bit 🙂

  • serigne says:

    So, the question I have in mind is why they don’t create something that can be mixed with alcohol so that it wouldn’t be harmful to human health?

  • Orit says:

    I think it should be banned.

  • awal says:

    Alcohol is a progressive disease and the person shoud be carfull about drinking alcohol. olso somepeople can’t control themself when they are drink alcohol . I think alcohol should not be banned .

  • chen says:

    My opinion is that drink alcohol depents on the person’s personality. If he knows that he can not drink alcoho above one glass so he have to limit hemself from using more than one glass of alcohol. But if he knows that he can control hemself if he drinks more than one glass so he can consume it. To conclude i think that alcohol should not be banned and people should control themself especially when they are drink alcohol.

  • husam hasan says:

    I think that alcohol is the most dangerous things that are harmful to human health, but unfortunately many of the communities usually drink alcohol if we preventing them immediately, this will meet to reject of these communities, so it must begin to change the beliefs and cultures around the alcohol and can focus on bottom-up religious in most religions that prohibit alcohol .In the Arab society was highly prevalent alcohol. Islam has succeeded in convincing Muslims to give up drinking alcohol as this is my God requires commitment by the conviction of a Muslim because he loves Allah and His Messenger

  • Elena says:

    I don’t think that alcohol should be illegal. It won’t help. To my mind the more something is forbidden the more it becomes desired, especially for the youth.I believe that people start drinking because of the lack of alternatives and because from TV we can see how cool it is to have a glass of alcohol cocktail. I guess it is the primary task for the government of any country to provide young people with affordable activities.

  • serigne says:

    I think that alcohol is one of the worst things that may harm the person who usually take it.It’s so dangerous that law must be made against its is the mother of all vices,so that it should be roughly prohibited espacially to the teenagers.

  • Nan says:

    i think that ban the alcohol is not the solution , the solution is the education, why because if the people know the consecuences of drink they maybe control their consume .. i drink when i go to partys or in my house but never finish on the floor or fighting with people, when i was a child always my parents told that i can drink but a little..always be responsible

  • Winnie says:

    I don’t think alcohol should be illegal. In a free country, the government shouldn’t prohibit everything unless it will cause very serious results. Alcoholism is a disease and needed to be treated. If you just drink a little everyday or drink not much sometimes, that’s fine, because moderate drinking can relax your mind. Besides, a small glass of red wine before sleeping will benefit you.

  • bruse says:

    not necessary to forbidden alcohol is not poison, it is became bad by wrong person . it is not bad for us itself… it’s depend upon person, if somebody drink usefully, it would be good entertaining but if wrong persons drink then there may be crime… what should be do, then pls decided.

  • mariana says:

    Ya maria, you’re totally right with these information. i’m a muslim too and Alcohol in Islam is strongly forbidden and all our religious text sources demande us not to drink at all and it is considered as a huge sin if we do.

  • mariana says:


  • mariana says:

    ya, I strongly agree with borbiding the Alcohol, because it kills slowly our brain , our soul and even it vanishes our humanity, our community , and our countries.
    Alcohol is not the reason of happiness but vice.It causes cruelty and brutality. It increases hate between individuals. It is enough to be the thing that it makes us drunk and acting not like human. Crimes increases because of Alcohol, Drugs ….

  • Bkk Girl says:

    Alcohol can make us enjoy our lives and we have rights to enjoy lives..just you have to know how to control yourself while drinking.Then alcohol should not be illegal !

  • songming says:

    I think drinking should’t be banned! sometimes wine can help us relax,help us sleep bettter!

  • alone says:

    I think it must be free ..but with age limitition .

  • Zelalem says:

    Though I’m an abstainer, I don’t believe that alcohol should be banned. I’m a Christian, protestant and our church does not permit alcohol. But this should be left to the individual. People should learn the disadvantages of drinking alcohol and its advantages, if any. Christians should learn the word of God. I have checked the bible on this and found that 149 times the word ‘wine’ is written and in no wise in almost all the cases its disadvantages are presented. Give the money to the poor which you are spending to hurt your health.

  • Vanja says:

    I think alcohol should be legal becouse no matter what everyone drink it anyway

  • Anah Siddiqui says:

    yeah it should be banned…..

  • maria says:

    iam muslim and drinking alchol is forbiden in my religion . i dont have any information about others religion that what said about drinking.totally i know drinking hurts our body systems , i heard it makes fat in our body and not good for our bones.also blood system wil find diseases by drining alot .except that many time i heard news about tribble accidents lead to death of many young and nice people. and really why do we ruin our happiness or others’. maybe you never know and understand grief of missing a member of a family. as if satan guide all drunk people.

  • nhung says:

    i think that we can’t ban it, because sometimes, it’s useful for someones in special situation

  • A Girl In Serenity says:

    How about we think it deeply,and there are much disadvantages rather than benefits….I think many religions do not allow its believers to get involve in alcohol,and so do I…I will bear in my mind that it will be forbidden till the Day of Judgement…huhu

  • Monika says:

    I think it is too radical to say,that it should be banned.
    I think,it shouldn’t be abused!
    To all those,who are against it:Have you ever been to Tokaj(Hungary),par example?-Let’s come one-time,and You will understand later….:D
    BTW,I agree with Arshia&Lolita.

  • lolita says:

    somehow, nothing should be banned. we should be thought to realize our measure/limit, our individual one, to listen to our body and answer on time.

  • Arshia says:

    shouldn’t be banned. some people cant control how much they drink and after drinking too much alcohol they make trouble and in consequence they will be regret. if u can drink and make no problem so drink and enjoy, don’t hit someone or something respect everyone, everything. if no so u should ban urself from drinking alcohol not alcohol be banned.

  • Ahmet says:

    Why should it be banned? I like drinking beer when I am out with friends. I have never been in trouble of the alcohol. If I can save myself from its danger, so can others. But the alcohol might cause the violence inside come out though. So long as people keep being aware of alcohol and its returns, there will not be problem at all. It is matter of choices absolutely.

  • Arnau Estanyol says:

    All things can be bad for us. It depends the use we make with them. Abuse is always bad. I like a good cup of red wine while I’m eating a steak. There are people who want ban alcohol but they like the weapons used in a holy war against other ways of thinking. Extremism is always negative.

  • Vega says:

    Not completely, but selling it in the evening should be banned.

  • said says:

    Our religion banned Alcohol, but for me it’s a matter of choice. It’s a question of when, where, how much of it…Drinking and driving do not match, drinking and working on machines is risky, getting drunk and losing control of your head is unacceptable. Drink a little and go to sleep is ok, but still it’s a personal matter, I want to drink without causing you any harm so what…!

  • ND says:

    ok, i don’t really like drinking. it’s not good for health.sometimes, it causes the families becoming broken. however, we should accept some advantages which alcohol brings to us; in some case, it shows the traditional cuture; in greeting occasion, drinking makes us more closed.

  • Otton Cid says:

    I had been drinking since I was a teenager. Now I’m not on booze anymore. The reason is very simple: alcoholics beverages as any kind of addiction are destructive.It doesn´t bring anything of positive to one´s life. As time goes by, you drink mechannicaly, without even feel the taste of it. You always find a good reason to take a shot or two… if you are angry, sad, depressed, wathever. You become a slave for you don´t live without it. It´s not good to be a slave, of course. That´s why I quit. But believe me, it´s not a matter on what one´s is addicted to, but it´s about the human being behind the glass, or other hooks like pot. Prohibitions will never work; people must be allowed to be free to choose whathever they want, knowing well all the consequences. Some day one may awake and wisely change things for good…as I think I have done.

  • Imran says:

    Alcohol should be banned because if someone drink it, he doesn’t had control on his mind. He doesn’t think what he speaks, what he is doing. He remain unconscious. Many people drink it and starts driving which in result makes car accidents. So in my opinion it should be banned.

  • Tara Benwell says:

    I watched a fascinating documentary on the Temperance movement last night. It talked about how men in America abandoned their families and responsibilities in order to spend time with “the boys” drinking in saloons. Then it went on to describe how Christian women began gathering outside those saloons trying to ban drinking. The women became so obsessed with their movement that they abandoned their duties as mothers and housewives. Saloons closed. Prohibition was brought in. Then everyone started drinking and selling alcohol illegally and the cycle began again. It seems to me moderation is the key.

  • Alghannam says:

    Well, In my personal perspective, it should be banned. Why, firstly, it destroyed a person health and wasting money in short period of time. Secondly, it has bringing a lot of crime from it such as, killing innocent people, For example, when a person who is using alcohol, he will commit crime without knowing anything. We have been hearing many stories like that, but your aunt does not hear anything. It goes without saying that ALCOHOL SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

  • Soulbop says:

    No, it shouldn’t. People need to control what they drink and put into their systems. For some, this takes a very short time. For others, it takes years. Banning alcohol is like banning bananas. If it is available people will try it. If they like it, they continue. If not, they discontinue. Choice is the determining factor; not making it illegal. That’s stupid and ignorant thinking!

  • Uran says:

    Driving also endanger our live, everything is danger even life, do u know why? Life is reason of death 🙂

  • Nadiyah says:

    Give a bad influence, endanger our lives. It should be banned ..!

  • Uran says:

    Why? Prohibitions generate more new prohibitions. Simple example between Holland and Iran. Holland is open for private using drugs but in Iran it’s punishable by death. Let look at statistics where you can easily see that Using and Spread forbidden drugs in Iran by 10 times exceed using narcotic drugs than Holland!

    Therefore, Let people choose what they want …

  • Dreamy says:

    yes it should be baned

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