Around the World in 80 Days

If you had 80 days to travel around the world, where would you like to go? Where would you start? Tell us about the places you’d want to visit, how you would travel and who you would like to meet.

  • saso says:

    if i have the chance to travel 80 days around the world, first i would like to travel to malizya because i want to see the things that she achive in

  • hanan says:

    if i had 80 days to travel around the world … i would like to visit Palestine (my home) … i would spend 40 days in there .. visit Jerusalem to pray in it 🙂
    and i would like to visit France .. Disney Land … because really i hope to visit it .. it’s so amazing country ..
    i would like to visit Malaysia because this country have an amazing nature ..
    i would like to visit USA especially
    Hollywood and Miami to see the largest festivals of the stars :

  • Li.g says:

    If I had the apportunity to travel throughout the world, I would like to visit people who live nearest to South Pole, North Pole and people who live at the end of the Western and Eastern Zones. I would like to travel to Africa to see the spectacular nature games in those National Parks such as Serengeti and to Amazon in Latin America.

  • HaMand says:

    I would like travel to Mesir,specially kairo ,because I very want visit Pyramid Giza and Spink.

  • hannia says:

    If I will travel around the world in 80 years I would like to visit the the place most representig of world like pyramid of egypt, the niagara cataratas, the north Polo , the Eifel towel, VAticano City, the India, I would like to travel by airplane and want to meet with some of representin figure of every place I could get.

  • Rosalia says:

    Why does nobody want to visit Russia? It`s an exciting country. I`ve been to this three times and wanna again.adore Russia,especially Kazan.

  • yuval says:

    I think that the kind of success or symbol of a new movement in the world but today you can circle the world not more than a day

  • Raanan says:

    if i whant to go around the world in 80 days,i go first to england after go to dubai and abu dabi then to the U.S in the U.S i go to
    miami,calfornia,new york,Las vegas and the last place its calld door to hell!!.

  • ali says:

    if i have an opportiunity to travel around the world in 80days , i would like to start my life journey as a muslim from saudi arabia the heart of islam and muslims, doing umrah in makkah and after that i would like to go madinah city of our beloved prophet mohammad (peace be upon him)to see how its looking after that i would like to go to an african countries as i heard there is lot of intresting places such a beauty of nature ,mountains , revers , etc after that i would like to see gulf peoples lives how they are living and my big wish is to see a beauty of arabs in different countris specially in syria , egypt ,and specially moratania ‘s girl as i heard they are very beautiful , after all this my dream place is an america because there is everything you need like nature , beauty, technology,clubs, cars ,house and u dont need to go europe

  • Mehmet says:

    I dont believe this. You cant take a travel around the world 80 days. Because the money is not enough

  • rachel says:

    If have an opportunity to travel around the world in 80 days, I would travel firt the ASIAN countries, then EUROPEAN countries and lastly the coast of America.I would travel by plane and ships with my family and boyfriend.

  • ChenLiHui says:

    If I could have that wonderful chance, I would make Italy as the first destination. I would buy a lot pizzas and pastas and eat them all in one gulp. After that I would go to Pisa Tower and take a lot of photos there (You know, I need the photos to be uploaded to Facebook :D). Still in Italy, I would rent a Vespa and go to every corner of the town. I would love to be in Venice too. I think 5 days is enough here. Finished with Italy, next, I would go to French and stay there for about a week or so. I hope I could find my soul-mate there. French would be the perfect place for that, as for me, French is the most romantic country in the world. Next Destination is England! The first thing I would do is go to the palace and meet the Queen. I would take a lot of photos with the England soldiers. I would go to all historical places in England. I am a die-hard fan of King Arthur, so it’s okay if I have to stay here until the rest of my life. I would just LOVE it. Do you think I cant finish that in less than 1 week? Who cares, the most important thing is I have made it there! After England, I would visit Spain. Spain is famous for its matador and bull fight. I want to try to have at least one fight with the Bull. Owh, I hope I could make it. If I could survive from the Bull, I would continue my endless journey to Hawaii. I want to learn the dance of the Hawaiians and if it is possible,I hope they would allow me to perform XD. How many days left? Next destination is . . . umm, I don’t know. I would just go to wherever my feet take me. As long as it’s free and fun, I don’t mind it!

  • mahdi says:

    hi all
    i like to travel around europe because it is a green continent and it is so healthy full i think.
    i love europe i hope to travel there but i dont know wich country all of them is so perfect but netherland i think is so good because of the peoples behaviour and they are so friendly with people

  • zahra.m says:

    i would like to go to Italy especialy the small towns

  • Deth says:

    I would like to go around the Europe

  • Nguyen Van Dinh says:

    80 days around the world, I would spend 30 days to visit all the European contries in summer time, I would spend 20 days visit all America contries in spring, 20 days for Asia contries in auturm , 10 days for Africa in winter. I would like to eat Italian food and I would like to have a ticket to get into Arsenal football club when they play against MU at home, I would like drink and join a night in a night club in American. go to south Africa and rice on a camel to the Sahara desert and spend 1 night with the ethnic people in a special house then come back to Asian to visit Japan & India then back to Vietnam write a book about the trip live the rest of life in the pround. Ohh clock alarm is ringing. it is time to wake up. Write to learn…

  • apple says:

    If had this opportunity, I will head to the west, first Tibet, to enjoy the landscape at the highest plain in the world; then Westen Europe, to know the history of Renaissance; then Africa, the land of wild life, to know how diversity the nature is and learn how to respect other creatures; then America, of course, to realise how fast the world are developing and experience the Liberty personally; last destination, Japan, to know the world’s highest technology. If I could do this completely in 80 days, I prefer to die immediately, I mean it.

  • hero says:

    hi every body.
    if i had 80 days to travel,i would go to Korea and China.
    the first, i will intended time for visit Korea where my idol was born.i known Korea has foods delicious like KIMCHI,Kimbap,Gukbap…. and i want to enjoy it.and i want to visit scenery of it.
    last,i will go to China.i will visit capital of it and enjoy famous food.

  • Penny says:

    If I had 80 days to travel around the world, I would choose Japan first because I want to see the “sakura” flowers and the Fuji snow mountain. Then I want to go to Canada, where has the cold snow and specific scenery. Next, I would like to travel to France. I love the romantic views there, especially in the fall with yellow leaves falling and romantic streets. Fourthly, I will go to a hot Latincountry, for example like Mexico or Brazil, because I want to learn more about their special traditions and enjoy the beaches. Finally, I will go back to my country-Vietnam. No place like home! You will always be welcome.

  • Ieva says:

    Oh, I forgot, I would vist Bulgaria too, Obzor, here i spent really great week with my family

  • Ieva says:

    I would like to start in Lithuania, here I used to live, then i would go by ferryboat to German, here i would spend few days. Next stoppage would be Scotland. In tihis great country i would go to short trip to any National park, I would live in tent, near lake, forest, mountains and every day i would look at sheeps. Then i would fly to Iceland to see Geizers! From Island i would fly to Australia, then to South America- Venesuela, Mexico… After that- Usa, Canada and eventually after that long and hard WORLD TRIP around the world- Greece, Crete, great HOTEL with all inn. That would be fascinating journey!

  • lamis says:

    I would like to go around the world, I am in north yemen, I will start with that nearly country as Soudia,Omn,Iraq,Serea,Lepanon and Palistain , then from their to EUrope ,Iwill viset russa ,greek,and spain , then via the ship to hole Africa, then to chinaa IAM actualy big fan of chiness heretage i think i will spend 40days in Asia only !..

  • hanim says:

    i would like to go to iran there is alot of fabulous places there also to turkey i think its the most wonderful countrywith its nature beauty

  • elle says:

    if i have 80 days to travel around the world. My stoppage would be European trip because i want to know their culture and meet European people and my next destination would be in Asia and the first country i would visit is Korea.. because I’m sooo… interesting about their language..

  • mona says:

    i wanna see MAKKAH SHARIF first of all then i ‘d like to explore every corner of this so beautiful world. i love nature ,hills valleys as ALLAH has decorated this world with beaches,seas and lakes as well as with beautiful trees n flowers by planting them.i wanna see switzerland .the true beauty of this world and many more.wanna see the different cultures adopted by different kinds of ppl having also different kinds of languages. the way they live ,they socially behave and most of all their foods n causine .in short i wanna see,explore ,treat ,taste n touch the every beautiful thing of this charismatic n mystic world .

  • ezi kusuma says:

    I want to visit Mecca..I guess..It’s a religious trip..and then I go to Egypt, in this countries, we can see piramyd.. It,s became a famous place in the world cause this place one of the history place which is protected..

  • ezi kusuma says:

    Iwant to visit mecca..I guess..

  • Abeer says:

    i want to start my voyage from Malyzia, i want to engoy the amazing nature, after that i will go to Russuia, i want to see the Kremlen, and i want the End to be in Rome and Viniec just to engoy the Old build and see the italian guys because they are very hansom.

  • medhat says:

    If i had a chance to travel around the world in 80 days I would like to go to paris and U.S.A and all europe countries and to go to Egypt to see the pyramids and see the red sea

  • Kerstin Puchegga says:

    Keep it up! The blog lives on variety.

  • Nastea says:

    If I had the chance to travel in 80 days, I would start from visit Egypt,because is a place where you could see all hystorical and interesting places that you had ever seen,to see great pyramids,and more other places of interest.Moreover,is an attractive place for turists,it’s a real masterpiece for everybody.Here,are the most wonderful places,things,and what I had ever read,would become real.Really,is a good chance to have such occasion.I’d like to travel by plane,I have never flying till now,on the other hand,it represent my great desire.
    I wish to meet the inhabitant of Egypt.I think,they could tell me many impressive things about their country,and in finally,I would return memorizing each moment I have spend.

  • Kiba's Girl says:


  • Faith says:

    If i had 80 days to travel,first i would go to China,I always dream of visit China and the eastren countries,because i addore their nature and i love their culture and thier traditions and the clarity of the sky, because i’m a nature kind of person and i feel alive when see it.

    i also love to visit Europe and especially Italy, France, Spain, Irland, and let me tell you the reasons
    First i want to go to Italy,to see the colosiuom and eat spaggite and pizza as much as i want ,and i also want to visit Vinece and take a ride in one of the Gondols, and i want to visit France mainly because i want to see the Louv museum i want to see the Monaliza ALIVE!! and see a lot of the wonderful things that the human has made through the centuries ,I’m really fascinatied by that, and i would also go to London because i love thier Rainy weather and thier Taxis and thier Telphone boths,

    and then i would travel to Spain and i would like to go there during the festivals,and i also would like to go to Sweden,even though the weather is gloomy and snowy all the time but i would love to spend my time in there in a worm Jazz bar, just drinkin beer and chillin out and listen to the music,God i love it, and i also love to go to Ukrian because the girls in there ROCKS !!! hehe and then i would travel to Eygpt to see the pyramids of course because i’m really into the Egyption civilization and take a lot of pictures,and i’ve been to Africa before and it’s really a lot of fun and i visited Victora lake and the Nile source and went on Safari, and if i had the chance i would visit South Africa this time, and i’ve been to Jordan before and i have seen the Patra and i actually lived in Jordan for 8 months and i’ve been to Syria too and i lived there for over than Five years ..and i’ve been to Dubi and i saw the Arab tower..and last but not least i want to go to the US which is the country that i love the most.and i’d like to stay there and never return

    that’s it

  • adel says:

    I’d travel to Europe.There are so many nice places to go in,have fun and feel delight.In adition there are many achaeological places to visit and take pictures by the great statues.Or I’d go to beaches to practise diving,swimming and so on…Generally I adore travelling world wide.

  • Felice says:

    I’d written the places I’d like to see in 80 days. Now, I’d like to write how I would go to the places I want to visit. I’d like to travel by air and land. If by air, I’ll fly by the flagship airplanes of the countries I’ll visit. If I have to travel by land, I’ll board their railtrains. I’m also fascinated with trains. I don’t like to travel by sea because I’m afraid of water. But, if I have to, then, I’ll board the biggest and modern ships like Love Boat? Beaches and other water places, I like to see those but not go near the sea. I prefer the mountain views like the Alps, Mt. Kiliminjaro, the hills and mountains in austria, etc.

    I’m interested in the cultures, customs and traditions of the people I want to visit. So, I’ll mingle with them. I like the Moroccans, the Yemenis (they’re most beautiful for me), the Turks, the Greeks, Cypriots and other peoples. I like to hear their musics and songs, and see their musical instruments. I like the drums of ethnic people.

    Of course, I’ll see their libraries, their museums, their government buildings, their churches, the parks, their gardens like the English gardens, the courtyards, I’m also fascinated with courtyards =be it a residential, church or palace courtyards.

    Lastly, I’d like to meet the important people of their countries like their government officials, and have photos with them. I’d learn about their governments and history.

    I’ll make sure, I’ll learn the many important things about the countries I’ll visit in 80 days. So, maybe stay 3 ays in each country or more.

    And finally, I’ll buy a lotto ticket and believe I’ll win the jackpot prize so that I’ll have the money I’ll need to visit all the countries in my list. And, then, invite the friends I’d made and known in those countries I visited, to visit my country the PHILIPPINES.

    Everyone is invited to visit and see the 1,101 islands and islets of the PHilippines. Please include my country to the country you’ll visit in 80 days. I’ll be glad to meet you and guide you around here.


  • Felice says:

    Around the world in 80 day? This is very interesting. I hope this comes true for me. In my high school years, I drew the pictures of countries around the world as project for our World History subject. So, if I have 80 to go around the world, I’ll visit Iceland, Greenland and Alaska to see the magnifiicent icebergs. I’ll visit Austria to see the Alps and castles. Switzerlands, the pastures and alps. I like to see the Dutch people in their costumes and like to have a wooden shoes. Also the Vikings of Norway, and the fishing ports in Finland. The midsummer night in Sweden. Then, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus,Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Kazahstan. I like to see the gysies in these countries. I’m fascinated with these gysies and their culture, customs & tradition, their songs and music which I like. I will visit also Greece -one of my favorite countries, Cypus and Turkey. I like to see the Topkapi palace. And the Mediterreans like Morocco, Libya,Egypt, to see the Pyramids, Sphinx. And then the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria,Lebanon,and Yemen. If I stil have time, I’ll go to see South Africa and visit Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and other countries there. There, I’d written what countries that I like to visit because they are interesting countries for me, and like to know the their peoples. But, there are many countries in my list, so I don’t think I can cover all those in 80 days. Maybe, 80 days around the world EVERY YEAR. I want to be a gypsy for a while and roam the world in 80 days.

  • Linda k Hollywood says:

    If I have to travel around the world with in 80 days.
    I would like to go visit in French to see Eiffel Tower
    And visit Rome in Italy and Colosseum.And visit
    Big Ben is in United Kingdom and Landscape.And
    visit The taj mahal is in India.After that I want to
    visit Mount Fuji in Japan and go to shopping in Tokyo
    And visit Great wall in China. Every country is very
    interesting for me. If I have a opportunity to traveling around the world My dream is come true.
    Everything is potential

  • Veronica says:

    I would start my journey by travelling around Indonesia. There are 26 province devided into 5 big islands: Sumatera, Kalimantan (also known as Borneo), Sulawesi, Java and Irian Jaya) and the other are spread into another ‘not to big’ islands, and i’ve been gone to only 4 of them. All is in Java island.
    Each of the island have their own masterpiece. Like Sulawesi’s beach, well known for it’s white sands beach and its beauty under the sea.
    So, I would start my journey from my own country, then i will move to egypt, london, france, finland, brussel, and then Australia.

  • Ahmed Assaket says:

    I would like to go Makka and still there all my live

  • Farooqui says:

    If I have 80 days and have to go around the world, I will start from Asia. First of all I will visit India then China. After completing my travel for India and China I will proceed to Japan, Korea and Malysia as I know these are developed countries in Asia. There is no one near to Japan in Electronics. If I could find a chance, I will also try to visit Australia. There is no doubt that Australia is also a very interesting country/continent in the world.

    From Australia, my destination will be USA, the only super power of this time. After visiting this great country I will enter Canada and from there will land to Europe. There are many industrial countries in Europe like Germany, France and England.

    I am not interested to visit Africa, from Europe, I will enter Middle East, after performing Umrah, I will return to my country. So this is my plan, what is your opinion. I welcome your views and comments about my writing. Thanks in advance.

  • sabir says:

    If i got 80 days to go around the world. I will start at London be their 2 day and after that will go to paris.
    After paris i will go to NewYork and be their 3 days.
    and then go to Ottawa live two days their. After Ottawa will go to brazil and and then be some days in tokyo, beijing, shangahi, bankok, Bombai, New Dheli, Islamabad, Karachi, Kabul, Tehran, Istambul, Roma, Egypt, Berlin, swiss, cohpenhagen and stokholm and back to Oslo.

  • laila says:

    if i have chance to have travel around the wold in 80 dayd i would like to visite gaz/palastin.that’s all

  • padal says:

    If i get get a chance travel around the world in 80 days then i would like to start my journey from Paris and visit all the dustbins in this country.And i finish my journey in a dustbin of Pakistan…HAHAHAHA

  • Huda says:

    If I get any chance to travel for 8o days, then I will chose fareast countries.I willvisit South Korea especially JeJu Island. The use the shipe from Pusan South of Korea to Japan.On the way back home I’ll visit China.

  • Princess says:

    If i get a chance to visit around the World in 80 days then that will be a great pleasure for me.But my dream is to visit all Muslim countries.And if i get a chance to visit all Muslim countries then i will start my journey from Saudi Arab and specially visit Makkah and Madinah.After Saudi Arab i will visit Pakistan.Pakistan is very beautiful country.
    I will visit all beautiful and historical places in Pakistan.After Pakistan journey i like to visit Dubai and that place is really awesome.Egypt will be my next journey after Dubai.I just wanted to see that Pyramids in Egypt.There are more countries where i have wanted to visit but i cannot write their names here.INSHALLAH if i get a chance for visiting in Muslim countries i will visit in these countries and also other.

  • Giovanni says:

    Hi everybody,
    If I’d have 80 day to travel around the world I’d like to visit Australia, Japan, Israel, South Africa, Iceland Canada and U.S.A. I hope that this dream will became truth in the future.

  • joyce says:

    hi all ^^

    if i have a chance to go to the other countries for 80 days..

    i really want to visit to japan because they look so fashionable , create many cool cartoon ( i heard that there is a cartoon museum in japan), and enjoy to taste many deliciouse jap foods:D .
    so first of all i will visit to tokyo and then other famous places that i would realize.

  • Golnar says:

    i would like to start my trip on the camel back to egypt and visit pyramides and great nile and get more experience through travelling to other aferican countries and then go to Europian countries spicially France and get information about royal families there and revolution .

  • ye irani says:

    if i had this amount of time i’d like to go England,Italy,France,Japan,Usa and my lovely country UKRAINE.of course i start with LOVELY UKRAINE because i dont want to contact with shortage of time .im iranian but i love ukraine.i wnt to travel by larry or a fast car.i love ukraine because of its successful,beautiful and stylish people.i want to see england because of their politician people.i’d like to see italy for its robber people.french people are very pride of their tasteless nationality.japanese work truely , and americans that they are the most in everything.

  • Meshia says:

    Well i would like to travel the world, i am not sure where i would want to start my journey. I guess i would start from the farthest place from home and back. I would like to meet all kinds of people and know about their culture.

  • Yoland says:

    I have no idea.cause I want to travel many countrys.
    but I sure my first start by China and also final.

  • htram says:

    My dream is that one day i can go around the world. The first place i would like to come is China because i like the culture ,people and the language of this country!

  • anisa says:

    if i get 80 days to round the world i’ll go to eropa, before that i go to the Makkah first, becausei want to know all of about islam;

  • yenda says:

    I’ve been dreaming that one day I can go around the world. The place I’d like to go is the USA. I want to apply my English with the native speakers there. Then I’ll go to Europe, Africa, Australia, and the last is Asia. I hope that my dreams will come true after saving enough money. It’s sunch an exciting thing to travel around the world and to learn new things from different cultures.

  • Mutiara says:

    I’d like to Perth Australia, see kangaroos,eat ” KIWI ” and see how wonderfull australia.

  • Simon Yin says:

    I’d like to Yalong bay, Sanya Hainan, China again with my wife and my son who is a baby now just 9 month. We will be enjoy the blue sky, blue sea and white sand beach.
    Then I want to take my wife to Maldive a paradise on the earth. Cause my wife and I have not a realy honey moon, and where is a perfectly romantic place for lover all of the world.
    If I have enough money I will take my family include my wife, my son, my parent and parent in law visited Italy, England, Franch, Espan and more europe country and so on.

  • lana says:

    If i have 80 days to go around the world , i would visit France . I think it is the best country to visit because it has a lot of beautiful views such as Effence tower , Sen river and many castles . I love all of them , i think it is really beautiful and attractive . I would start in london and visit Paris with my sister . I also want to make more friends all around the world. That all ! thank you !

  • Moses Mgeni says:

    My achievable plan is to visit Makambako village which is at Njombe district in Iringa region(Tanzania). I would like to start my journey here in Tanga. Makambako is the one of prosperous village in Tanzania, also it is allocated at the junction of Mbeya and Songea. I would like to use my private car so to be familiar with differents district along the way. I would like to meet my beloved mumy, dudy and my colleagues.

  • Thanh Truc says:

    Travelling aruond the world is my dream…I want to go every where ,to meet all people.I want to know my country frist,from North Vietnam to Suoth Vietnam.Then I will go to India where my friend is living in.
    I do not know how to express but I really want to discover evrything…

  • khaled says:

    i would like to travel to many diffrent counties e.g engalnd, spanish,magar.
    i will start with england because i love it so much,then spanish and magar.
    really i like to travel by ship,it so relaxe, i would to travel to meet new friends and know more about anthor cultures.

  • Susan says:

    I would like to visit New Zealand , Australia and Greece.Because these places are beautiful and natural.
    I hope someday i could have a wedding in Greece.ohh

  • Sayed Musabeh says:

    Ohh, my first start and final destination would be United States of America, the USA. My dearm destination, and I would to see my friends in State college and would like to meet Barak Obama, the president-elected.
    I wish I could do that once before I die

    This would be my trip.

  • salam says:

    It dosn’t matter to me what the country is, the essential for me is to be in a new place and new country where I can meet peaple with different culture and habits, and taste new food. I’d like to visit first a country where you feel that you entred back for a century in the history like Samarkand where you still hear about the “Medresa” which is a school directed in old way like in the sevententh century.

  • onsi bahadi says:

    I would travel to solomon islands, because less of people have been there and i think there are many beautifule places there.i would start from the west to the east of its country and i would travel by car of course because it is cheap enough.and than i want to meet each children and people around the villages.

  • trantrungkien says:

    If I had a chance to travel around the world in 80 days, I would firstly step on China, one of the biggest countries in the world, and also a famous and rich-traditional one. I saw a lot film about China on TV like ” Khang Hy vi hanh, Hoan chau cach cach or Te tuong luu gu” It’s very nice, and I know quite much about the culture, people of China. Moreover, China is one of my closet coutries of mine. I would like to see in my eyes what the difference is between it and my country, Viet Nam. Secondly I would visit to Autralia, see kangaroo, and go to Singapore and Thai land, Japan, the coutry of sun, Philipin…Far from them, I would go to Canada, Russia, Filand, of course American, Switzerlan, Sweeden, Italia, France, Braxin, Achentina, …

  • Amporn says:

    I would like to visit Chaimai and Puket in Thailand. Because I live in northeast of Thailand. I never been to Chaimai and Puket. Someone tell me that its very beautiful . I will stay there about 1 month with my family.

  • Adel says:

    I’d like to visit England again. I’ve been there for two months some 13 years ago. I liked the weather, everyday life, taking the bus, the underground’ the parks and the green landscape.

  • samuel says:

    I wanna visit to Europe,specially to England, because I wanna watch the football matches in Premier League.

  • Magda Elhabbal says:

    Oh again Don’t forget the islamic places like Al Azhar,Slah Eldeen Citadel ang Alhussein Masjed .

  • Magda Elhabbal says:

    It’s very excited to spend 80 days around the world .For me and simply my country Egypt has a lot of places that I didn’t visit it up to now like the pyramids in Cairo, Mosa mountain, Sant katreen in Sinai,the wonderful beaches in Alsokhna Alexandria, Sharm Elshekh,and upper Egypt,Aswan, Luxur and Qena especially these days as the weather there is very fantastic . Don’t forget the amazing sight of Nile river in the evenings. So it will be very great 80 days in Egypt. Transportation may be I will use my car or for more enjoyment I’ll rent one .

  • mehr says:

    i like to travel to Europe spatially France and Italy and of course Egypt and America .
    i like historical places and super modern places .
    i like to meet tom hanks and president bush.
    i like to travel with plane and train.
    i hope it will be possible for me .

  • Hyppolite says:

    I ‘d like to start by USA because I live in africa and I allready visit some countries of Africa as Uganda, kenya Rwanda… In US state I’ll start by california state

  • adel says:

    all,d like to go to swth est as butefull island to do diving and fishing

  • ibnu asqori pohan says:

    If I have a chance to go around the world; one of things, I would to go to Mesir, Arab Saudi (mecca and madinah). and then I want to go Africa Continental. I think, Africa is one places amazing in the world. I love Africa.

  • Nelagston says:

    If i had 80 day to travel around the world i´d start in my own country “Angola” there´s a lot of natural resources that need to be gazed in,such Calandula´s waterfall,the biggest river of this country Kwanza,the famous road “serra da leba”and so on…
    Of course a person who likes naturals wonderfullness like me wouldn´t ignore to visit this area.
    By the way,as i like new tecnologies i´d in China.
    In all this places i´d go with my fiancé.

  • yasin says:

    I would like to visit Africa because it has a rich ecosystem. In such kind of places one can feel the perfect system on this earth and he can easyly realise the creation. our sole aim is to achive this. god want us to know the creation. O mankind! Worship your Lord, Who hath created you and those before you, so that ye may ward off (evil).

  • assia says:

    for me i would like to travel : first i want to go to saudi arabia exactly in mecca really it’s my dream .secondly iwant to visit dubai;and iwant to visite france to see my sister and to go to the torifelle

  • nino says:

    Every country or any place of the world is interesting in its way, but most of all I’d like to visit Jerusalem!

  • Awsan says:

    In short. I would make a small journy around my country because there are many beautiful places I hace not visited . After that I would take the plane to the country next mine.And so on .Til the eight days are finished.

  • zeinab says:

    i would like travel to veniz,i think it must be wonderfull; i continue my travel to paris it is very romantic.traveling around africa is very perfect.

  • junnieth says:

    i would like to visit the poorest people in the world, to help them, to take care of their health, food and their families, mainly children. as you know, children always suffer many things, they do not have toys, food, tender, why not, because their parents are always out of home, to get money to buy many things to their families.

  • rammindi Imtyez says:

    I think travel itself is a pleazure .for me outside is something very nice .Seeing other people ,chatting with them.Every place you visit you may meet different people different culture tradition
    as far as I am concerned ,travel is not related to a few countries we visit , it is related to all the countries .

  • Tari says:

    I think I’ll chose America or England coz there are two great universities in those countries; Harvard and Oxford. Maybe there’s an English course I can take in that 80 days. Finishing the course I’ll be back to my own country to teach my people the language. Especially those who live far away from big cities. Coz tell you what… there’re many islands in my coutry (people call my country as thousand islands). People there are blind of modernity livestyle. So it would great if I can share my knowledge with them. Besides those islands are all beautifull with their fresh air.

  • eric says:

    If I would be given a chance to travel for 80 days, I’ll start it here in my own country. I will visit Palawan for it has a lot of beautiful sceneries, it has an underground river where you will be amazed to its stalactites and stalagmites. In fact it is now the number one on the poll list of seven new wonders of the world. My next destination would be in London, I like to witness and experience how French were living in a cozy town. Then I visit United States for English learning purposes.

  • Mohammed says:

    I’d like to visit Egypt and mainly the Pyramids , Turkey and Greece . But before , I’d prefer to start visiting some remote places in my country which I hear are worth visiting . Then I’d like to meet and talk to great well known intellectuals and scholars in order to be enlightened by their knowledge . I don’t really care about the means of transport providing it’s not very tiresome.

  • airam says:

    if I had 80 days to travel i’d like to go to Argentina and particulary in Patagonia where I just was twice. IT’s so beautiful and it is difficult to explain how long you can travel for hours and meet a few cars, a house and another 60 Kilometres later. You can meet lakes with icebergs and none and nothingelse.
    Another site I’d like o visit again is Petra in Jordan, you can reach it walking along a canyon long about 4 Kilometres but so narrow that at the and a person can across only if he is slim.And the colours of its mountains and sands of an incredible red…….

  • toussaint wilford says:

    if i had opportunity to travel around the world
    the first place i would like to visit is USA. And i think that the best way i wanna travel there is: get my visa.
    and i would like to visit the world trade place.
    and i think that’s all.

  • Mary says:

    My dream is traveling around the world. I would like to visit famous places, staste many traditional foods, something like that. If I have chance, I would like to visit Japan first. I will come to this beautiful country in the spring to see “sakura”.
    Then I will go to Europe. I would like to have a cool winter there.

  • nesrin ahmetoğlu says:

    I would like to start that journey with Ausrtalia. I’m willing to see kanguroos there and beautiful land spaces, too. I’m curious with the deserts there, everywhere is full of sand and it would be a very different experiment for me. And I also have an advice for the ones who couldn’t decide yet. Come and see the beauty of TURKEY. It has lots of historical places to see and I’m sure you will enjoy yourself very very much especially Istanbul is a magnificant place and it’s the place that one has to see in his/her life.Thanks for you all.:):)

  • annie says:

    if I have 80 days for around the world,I will go to europe and France for start my journey.and for my second journey is Austria…I would imagine of castle,the river, and the amazing nature…so beautyfull.and I want to meet someone else in another country….so cool

  • metha says:

    i would like to visit japan……

  • Arrie says:

    If I get a chance for 80 days to go travel around the world, I will go to places that on my dream is just like heaven with someone I really love.

    First I will travel to some Asian country, such as Singapore, Korea, China and ofcourse Japan, and I’m going to shop there for sure.

    Then I will continuing with European countries, I will go to Paris, England, Holland and somewhere else I really want to visiting my friends there, and I really want to spend some times at Chinque Terre, which is I never know what place is that lol silly.

    I think I will not go to the United States since I’ve already come there for 2 times and have been staying there for 2 years. I will head up to United Emirat Arab for the last country I go.

    yeah it so much fun if I really get the chance.

  • Kathy woon says:

    I would like to visit all the seven wonder in the world.

  • Kazem says:

    I would like to start my travel from Africa. In the Africa there are many different culture, very beautiful natures and kinds of animal. After that I like to go to European, see the mountains and that’s beautiful landscape. I will have plan for stay in Swiss and see my friend. I like visit Austria, France specially Paris, England specially London, Germany specially Berlin and Düsseldorf , Swiss specially Bern , Italia specially Rome and Veins, and several cites in European, After that I like continues my traveling to USA and Canada and then to South America. I very like stay in Brazil and see their town show and carnival. I like take a shower in Brazil beach for several days. And the last I go to the Asia and see the Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, India and then come back my home.

  • DurDona says:

    I would go to Korea. It’s my main plan. If I go there for 80 days, I would visit some sightseeings and try to attend university classes so as to observe their study system. So, I’ll go to shop – I was said they have great sales. If I’m not lack of time, will spend all day among river.

  • private says:

    And also i really want to visit Saudia Arabia

  • ahmed shebky abdelrahim says:

    i want visit england and i want stay there to long time and learn english languge , i want meet david bekham, lambard, roony , owen ,kristiano ronaldo

  • private says:

    If I had a chance to travel around the world, I’d like to go to USA, than to europian countries like UK, France & etc. Mostly I want to go to english speaking countries as well.

  • iftekhar ahmad says:

    80 days is not enough to travel around the world but if i get chance to travel then ist i want to go to Kashmir, this is too beauty place, some one says if zannat is on earth that’s Kashmir, second place will be Mekka and Madina(Saudi Arabia) where i would like to see the place where respected Hazrat Mohammad tried for all muslims and spend god message to every one. I would like to see Aabe Zam Zam in own eye and touch with hand. 3rd place will be England where I want to meet every english personnel and would like to know the secret of their thoughts, intelligencies,power, self respect.B’cost in earth they are super power and rest of the days out of 80 days i will like to lived in their beautifull country.

  • Abdisalam says:

    I would like to start my travel from Africa to Europe, then North America.
    My favourite places are London, Stocholom, Saitol, Ohio, and Minisoto where I have freinds.
    I would like to meet in England, Englishclub members and the founder Englishclub, Josef Essberger and my freinds.

  • tina says:

    If you i had 80 days to travel around the world? I would likt ro go in HOLY LAND this is JERUSALEM the land that our beloved JESUS CHRIST was born. And I also want to go in Rome Italy to meet Pope Benedict and ask him to pray for the peace in the Earth and blessed all individuals in the world to avoid experiencing poverty and hunger.

  • mario says:

    If I could travel around teh world, the firs place I would visit will be guatemala because thats one of the places I realli want to visit.

    then I will go to Europ and Africa to all tose cool contries

  • Akbary says:

    Not joking
    I really want to visit Europe and also it is one of my dreem to travel through whole world.
    So many paces i want go.United States,Canada,France,Australia,Garmany and Saudi Arabia to do pilgrimage then i want looking a honest gril for weddying and make my family.
    but i think 80 days is not sufficient for me really because the Europe is very very big and also it is my wishe to be in Europe.
    and also i like to meet my brother Josef Essberger because i want to talk wit he.
    so that is all for me.

  • Tina says:

    So many places I want to go, Australia , France,Germany,scotland,Japan,USA,and so on.
    But first of all,I’m a chinese , i will spend half time travel around China ,as there are so many beautiful places I haven’t been.Then ,the other half time ,i will travel around the world and go to some fancinating places.
    It’s really a wonderful trip i dream of.

  • pham viet thang says:

    First of all, I would go along my country, Vietnam-because many beautiful places I have never come yet. From SaPa and Lao Cai, a mountainous area with multi culture of H’Mong, Muong, Thai ethnic to HaNoi, capital of Viet Nam with many beautiful places such as Sword Lake – Its name of a legend about a King of Viet nam had returned his sword to Gods tortoise who lend the King after wining the Minh dynasty-China.
    Perfume pagoda, Thay Pagoda in HaTay-now is belong to HaNoi. And then travel to HaLong Bay, tourist attraction and a heritage not only of Viet Nam but also of the world with many legends of fairies and genies.
    I shall take 5 days.
    Go along Viet nam to visit beautiful places in Phong Nha, Ke Bang of Quang Binh Province. Visit Hue with ancient capital of Hue, a heritage of Viet nam and the world.
    Visit Ho Chi Minh City, used to call SaiGon before and many rivers in southern of VietNam which were drilled by people before for cultivation and living.
    Travel along Viet Nam shall take 10 days.
    After Viet nam, I would travel to China with Great long wall, Beijing, and Shanghai city to see the people, city of China are neighbours of my country. This will take 10 days.
    Travel to India, where many religions borned to visit the people of many religious are living with many faith. This shall take 10 days.
    Travel to Europe to see the people living and the differences with Asia. Especially England and France, Germany with famous university, football team, and beautiful places: Effen tower, Sen river..
    This shall take 15 days
    After that, travel to America. Amazon will be the first place I visit to discovery many secret there with ethnic people, live and hunt with them.
    This shall take 15 days.
    15 days remain: 5 days for USA to meet USA’s president to discuss about the world’s situation: How can he and his government help the world in peace building, economics and other concerns.
    8 days for Africa: The conflict still happen there: Who can go with me there? Who can help the Africa people I will send their messages and supports
    2 days: of course, I need travel back home!
    Take a long and deep sleep at home and dream about brilliant future we will have.

  • Jimena says:

    I don’t know, maybe, I would like to travel to different countries like Uk, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Egypt, etc…….
    But, first know my country “Mexico” better.

  • ivy says:

    the favorite place i want to travel is Syria. i have a best new friend there. i just know him for more than one month. i like him. so i like his country and his everything. i think Syria will my first place to travel. then i want to go to Dubai. i heard there are many beautiful places there and there are very famous starred hotels, which are on the top ofthe world. i like that. of course there are many beautiful country i want to travel. but it doesn’t matter which country i will travel first. i just want to travel the world, of course Syria and Dubai is my first choice.

  • ismail says:

    me same bosy.

  • lolo says:

    If i had 80 days to travel arournd the world , i would like to spend about 40 days in America , 20 days in France and 20 days in France . I love to visit America because it is the country of freedom. I like to be there to speak English language and meet the Americans .
    As for Venice, i hear it is one of the greatest places to spend a holiday in . Finally , I’d love to visitt France , and to be specific , I’d love to visit Paris. It’s the city of fashion and elegancy .So , here it is my holiday of my dreams.

  • Zoh says:

    If I had 80 days to travel around the world. I would like to go flying to Dubai, India, Qatar, Pakistan, and Malaysia. For some reasons, I want to travel with those countries because there are many unique of cultures and foods. In additionally, no matter what dangerous places its traditional and will be with security in any way. I m not certainly Who I’ll meet, hence I cannot predicate who I’d be able to meet when I travel.

  • bosy says:

    if adore traveling i want to visit many places like us,uk,france, italy,ireland,canada ,spain,mexico and turkey
    and i want to meet cool people and be friends with them cause iam so friendly and love life so maybe i can meet romeo there lool and i will back to my country egypt .

  • Gabriel Martins says:

    I never had been in Africa I think that I would start there, because when we think about to travel around the world our mean thoughts are Europe, USA, Australian or anything else that people commonly go.
    I think that Africa is a great continent to go because we don’t look at them with a really important eye, but we dismish them because their unfortunately economic situation.At Africa continent there are a lot of countries with a great culture and history that we should explore.

  • sayed says:

    it would be the most amazing decision of my life if i had the oporotunity to travel around the world in 80days.although i think that 80days period is so limited but i will do my best to start with australia the continental country which contain the strangest speceis of animals the home of cangaroo the country where you can see the entire world within it mountains great valleys,rivers. and the deep blue ocean are examples of what you are going to see.

  • nagla says:

    first of all, I’d like to say something that Egyptian people are good ,not as my friend amin said that they’re bad. and for my journey i’d like to spend it all in my country ,of course egypt. it’s fascinating and charming every part in it has a special nature

  • Hidayet says:

    May be I will choose first the United States of America, and I’d like to visit the East-Carolina University since we were doing a common project last year through online conferences. i’d like to meet students we were interacting with through the sessions, and also visit some interesting historical sights there.
    Then I will move to Europe (Switzerland; for example) and try to apply what I have learnt about english, so as to improve my communication performances.
    By the end I would like to visit some other European historical cities, like Rome, Andalusia, Granada, London, Athena…

  • Quyet says:

    I would like to go to the United Kingdom. I am learning about accounting and auditing. I always hear the UK was the best education to learn about it. I want to travel in the UK. I want to meet some people who are ACCA’s members. I also want to meet some financial manager and auditing director.

  • Gerthie says:

    I.m in Haiti and I would visit many places ,I’ll start at the USA to visit my family and at Jerusalem .At least I ll return to USA to study

  • Minh Ha says:

    I have a huge dream to discovery our the world. If I had the dream, first I would travel to United States because it is one of the best place to learning English and so on. English is my inspiration . It gives me the good opportunities to understand more people or vice verse as well as is the bridge to link our world closelier

  • kat says:

    I would like go to Australia and meet animals as kangaroos,koalas,pandas…Not crocodiles,alligators and snacks of course!
    I wish i met beautiful and taned surfers on the east cost.
    I think i travel more by plan or train than by car because Australia is very, very large!

  • RongXiongDai says:

    Europe is my first selection, although I have studied in Bath for about three months. I like the lifestyle there, the kind of quiet, kind people and …; And I want to travel all aroud europe, fashion show/ perfume in Pairs, football match in Italy or Spain; I look forward to traveling with my wife and my daughter .

  • Shashoo says:

    I like to start with Italy, where we can find the very old buildings. I like to visit specially Venise. And then to visit to Germany, to see the good places and the place where the Berlin Wall was. Finally France (Paris ) to visit Notre Dame de Paris and Tour Eiffel.

  • armando says:

    I would like to travel disneylandia with my
    wife, we would want know the park and go to the shopping and travel in airplane.
    but my wife wishs go to africa she likes the animal, she love all the animals principaly she loves the horses, she wants go to the excursion in the night she wants look the lions when it are hunting. i thinks that it is wonderful.

  • thuyhung says:

    If i have chance to travel , i will spending my holiday in Australia. I don’t know that its beautiful or not but it’s a place where my boyfriend is studying. He have told me about it so much as: weather, people and the university… I feel that it’s really a good environment for everybody to study and and work. So, i hope i can travel to Australia.

  • Hilda says:

    I would like to go Africa, Tanzania where there is a lot of excitement. First is Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mount in Africa, it snows on top, wonderful! I will also visit Serengeti national park where kings of the forest such as lion, elephant, giraffe, leopard and many more are found. Serengeti is a wonders of the wild animals; where migrates from one place to another seasonally. They are also about 10 other national parks (Ngorongoro, Manyara, Mikumi etc). I would love to meet Maksai tribe in Arusha, where people leave natural life. They are nomadic, feed on cow blood and milk, they are healthy and happy. I will also visit Zanzibar Island; it is gorgeous, white sand beach and swim with dolphin etc. There are a lot to see in Tanzania.

    Second I would like to visit South Africa. They are also many things to see and appreciate the nature. Cultural dances and food are taste. Currently I am in Caribbean.

  • Anna Nguyen says:

    well i really wanna to go to visit amerrica where my younger sis is living. and i love travelling aroung the world with my younger sis who always helps me at everything. but so i want to go to africa to visit the children there. and talk yo them abt Jesus Christ who died fr their debts.
    and i think it’ll be great and exciting fr me.
    and i also want to visit Europe. The romantic cities, and modern. i love England and America.
    i hope i can make my dream be true.

  • riyanti says:

    I will go to Saudi Arabia to do pilgrimage. Then I go to England to meet Joe,Def Leppard front man. I like the band. After that I will visit Holland to enjoy the Tullip park. Then I will visit New Zealand to enjoy the beautiful view there. And finally I will go to Himalaya. I will try to reach the top of Himalaya to feel the fresh air and to enjoy the Greatness of God. I want to see the native people of the countries to learn about the kanguages and the cultures.

  • Queenie says:

    England has always been my most favourite place of all, so it will be my destination of the 80-days travel.
    I live and was born in Hong Kong. Therefore, I would start by going to nearby Asian cities as I have always heard so much about but have never been to one of them.
    Beijing, of course, has to be the first place to go as it is the capital of China, my motherland. The first 7 days of the trip would be spent there not only because I want to explore the buildings of long history, but also because I am eager to see the newly built Olympics venues – the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest.
    Followed by Beijing, Korea and Japan are the next destination. Apparently, the main reason for this is to go and have a big haul of cosmetic products and outfits because I am a girl who loves shopping. Staying at Korea and Japan for 14 days provides this shopaholic a great chance to enjoy the pleasure of shopping.
    21 days would be enough for Asia, and now it is time for America. NYC and LA are cities that I believe one should go to before he/she dies. I cannot wait to see how flourished they are. Mexico and Hawaii is also a great place for holiday. I will enjoy the beaches in Hawaii and the sunshine in California in my favourite swimming suit (probably the one bought from Japan or Korea).
    3 weeks later on day 43, I will be in the Middle East. I had been taught so much about this place during History Lesson so I can’t wait to see how it really is. I want to touch the Wailing Wall and to pray in front of it. I also want to witness the spectacular Pyramids in Egypt.
    India is the place that I will spend time going to because I really want to try the taste of exotic Indian food.
    Africa is the place where I decide to stay for a week and there I can hunt do some sightseeing.
    I will fly to Europe after 7 days from Africa after that, starting with Russia. I will travel all over Europe including Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, and Spain, until I reach the United Kingdom.

  • IBRAHIM says:

    first of all i would like to say it’s my dream to travel arwond the world, because of my experience on this thing i have been lived in more than three countries although those counries in seem tretory but there is deffirnce between nations and thier cultures . so the fires pleas i would like to go is USA where every thing is posible to been the pleas where the freedom is unlimite , where you can realise you mind or brain for endlees thought to achieve what others imaging, secondly i will go to britsh to how is life of socaite femused by freedom and acceptance of others culture and where the great people was live to hiret the humanety meaning of law and justice ,thirdly i would like to viste the please where live sharl deegol paris to evel tour, there is may many pleases but the important one of them is africa to the quite life and smel the natural air
    there is many pleases to go ithink it will not enough me to complet all thought to

  • Helen says:

    I really want to visit Europe, where there are many old and unique buildings. It is fascinating to explore. I also can see the famous and big cathedral. Besides that, knowing better about fashion, food and lifestyle are exciting for me.

  • Noor says:

    I would like to visit arab countries 1st starting from PALESTINE my original country then European countries then america then fareast contries, i would like to eat most popular food in every country and to have something special from every country express her culture

  • Justine Jose says:

    It’s one of my dream to tarvel through the whole world.
    i will start from the calicut airport, as i am a south indian, to dubai.
    after visiting some arab countries i will move on to the european countries like france, italy, germany, spain, portugal, swiss and england.
    from england i wil fly to mexico and from there to usa. from usa i will goto australia by means of ship.
    from austarlia i will goto to new zealand and from there to japan and then singapore, malasya and finally return back to india.
    it would have been nice if i get an oppurtunity to visit so as i like adventures.

  • meraj says:

    I would like go to the USA or England or every english language countries for improve my english.
    for entertainment I want to go to ancient cities like Rome Egypt … .

  • thwe says:

    if i have 80 and enough money, i would live to visit all around the world as much as i can.

  • Dieu Hien says:

    I like traveling .I wish i would visit many places.I would begin in Vietnam because i’m Vietnamese . Frist,I would like to go to France where there are my second family they are French.I would be there 2 weeks .I would see famous places and specially visit factory ofmaking wine.i love grapes so much.Then i would go to LonDon.And i will return Vietnam.

  • JUDIT says:

    I would like to go to to Thailand and spend my time in KO phi phi to feel free enjoy the atmosphere and meet the Thai children and help them in school.

  • Brody says:

    i ‘d like to travell all over the world.Every Country have its own beautifl places

  • shzul says:

    i would like to go to india and pakistan to meet my relatives over there.hopefully it s come true

  • naresh says:

    In 80 days, i would like to visit many places.I would catch a flight for London and would like to travel by train in Europe i.e Germany, Switzerland,Rome, Neither land etc.Meet the lovely peoples of countries and learn about their culture.
    My next stoppage would be Canada, which i have heard is very beautiful and equally warm hearted are the people of this country.Brazil would be my next stoppage as people of this country are very beautiful.
    Last but not the least would be New zealand and Australia. New Zealand is full of natural beauty and equally good is Australia.
    If i have time left, i would like to visit Africa also to see its animals in natural surroundings.

  • Jaonaihany says:

    And me, you know, If I’ve 80 days to travelling in the world. I want to travel firstly to Miami beach, to california beach, and walking with a pretty naked girl in the beach.

    And secondly, I want to stay three days in the big city like : Australia, Japan

  • hakunamatata says:

    I want to visit England.I will spent 40 days being here.I’ll meet some friends.they are the persons who i knew in internet.And then i ‘ll go to the American to meet Barak Obama.

  • shalva says:

    “TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD” – it’s a dream from my childhood.
    I lived in Georgia, and with my possibility I traveled lots in Georgia and in Russia.
    I liked to visit not only cities but villages, mountains, historic places, museums, theatres and …. Now I live in Israel, and also here, I travel much, there are many interesting places in Israel.
    Now, If I had 80 days (and enough money of course), I’d want to visit the UK, because I like this country, then France, the USA and India. I’d like to meet simple people from them I can get a lot of information about history and culture of the local place.

  • muson says:

    By ending of my travel I want to be have seen all continents. So, I would like visit least one country from each continent. Probably they will be the USA and Mexico from America, South Africa and Egypt from Africa, China from Asia, Spain from Europe and of course Australia.

  • Marina says:

    I would like to go to Germany!I really want to see this country! To live there or even to study!!!!I like german, but I’m not good at it!! But stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill!
    And that it is very beautiful country!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And of course I dream about visiting AFRIKA!

  • baiyun says:

    I want to visit north America and European countries,
    such as Britain,France,Germany,Denmark,Swiss and The States.To know about local culture and nature better.

  • Ziba says:

    Actually i alaways prefre to stay my leasure time
    and vacation first of all in my country and then if
    there would be enough time i would like to go to some
    foreign countries .
    Also i would like to visit some intersting places around
    the worlds and become familiar with cultures of other pepole .

  • luandt04 says:

    If I have a chance to travel around the world .I would like to go Ha Long Bay in Viet Nam because that is the best place in the world .I think that because there are many mountain in the sea and the sight is very beautiful .After that i would like to go China and some countries of Asian . The final destination i would like to go that is American . I hope that I can do it in the future.

  • cindy ye says:

    I am eager to travel to USA for my first station, as there are my favorite basketball and football players, i want to see a match of Spurs and Rockets, because i like Ginobili,Yao Ming and T-mac. Second desitination i will choose Spain because i would like to see a football match of Barcelona, there are so many super stars in this team,Messi,Henry and so will be a very enjoying experience i think.
    I hope i can earn enough money and make this dream come true.

  • samane says:


  • samane says:

    It is not importan for me what country.evry place that i,ve never been here is exciting for me.
    I like travel becouse i learn experience and see variety of culture and i can learn more about pepole and their life.I like every thing thal is new for me.
    I would like travel by car and plane.
    after traverl i like write my experience for other pepole.

  • arup sengupta says:

    If it is in between August to May I will go to England,Spain,Italy,Frans,Germany. To see EPL,La liga,Bundeshleage.
    Will meet Ronaldo.Messi,gerrad and other stars and their coches.

  • amin says:

    Iwhould like to travel to cairo Egept where you can met a bad pepole who rab yuo any thing

  • shiju cherian says:

    i have go to taiwan very attactive place i think very calm and quiet.thier very cleen city in the world .

  • callisto says:

    If I had a oppurtunity to travel at first,I would go to The South America.Later going to California would be fantastic.After went to Africa, I wish to have been to far east .So far, I have been to Newyork, Paris, Londra,Amsterdam,Some of city in Italy, most of Europen cities.Travelling is dream of me around the world.I want to use many wariety way to around of course with my darling but meanwhile my the best friend.
    Thank you.

  • Majid says:

    I would like to start my 80 days from Mahe in seychelles and finish it by visting Praslin island where located in Seychelles islands, that is all my dream in life
    the only way to reach Seychelles in Indian ocean is through fly Emirates, then I will take internal transportation from island to island, in my 80 days I would like to meet the natural world there.

  • rita pritoula says:

    I would like to go to Africa( Tanzania) New Zeland and all asian countries

  • Manish says:

    I would like to plan my journey; starting from Dubai, will visit city, enjoy the leisure. The next station would be Poland, where I will study history of WW2, roam round its capital. Further station would be England, Wales, Scotland. Where I would like to watch history of europe empire. Then back to Switzerland, where I wil feel the row of mountains. Further to world tour, I would like to visit African Country, where I would like pass some time with Wild Life parks. As with this, I would like to study the african continets life. The next station would be South America, where I would like to find agricalture market, how they care, produce, market agriculture product.

    Ohh, my final destination would be rocking United States of America, the USA. My dearm destination, and I find the technology boom, financial boom, realty boom, and would like to meet Barak Obama, the president-elect

    This would be my trip.

  • Sundararajan says:

    I would like to actually go around the world, I am in south India, I will start a train travel to Mumbai whichwill take a day, 24 hrs, then from their to koteshwar which is a pakistan border, then via pakistan to afghanisthan, then to iran iraq, europe, go down via africa, then via ship to South America, then all the way up to north America, then via russia to the rest of the SE Asian countries then to Australia, all by road, either by train or bus or truck or on animal backs, it may take more than 80 days, let it right,.!

  • Minna says:

    I dunno where would I start but I’d definitely go to see amazing nature in so many places as possible. Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Iceland… I’d speak with people from other cultures, taste different kind of food and enjoy the traveling. I’d travel by plane, train and car. I like walking so I’d also experience things by walking.

    In the other hand there are also the big cities in the world. Perhaps I’d spend time also by exploring some of them: New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sydney, London, Paris, Berlin…

    Huh, there’s so much to do and see in the world that it’s difficult to choose!

  • bashir says:

    I would travel to africa, where there is not a single boring moment, specially some places in Uganda, like the lake of victoria, Kenya, like mount kenya, Tanzania, like Kilimanjaro and some places in South africa, where there is always fun and excitement,
    i would start from kenya, ( the pride of Africa) and i would travel by car, and would like to meet with students around those countries,

  • >