Change the World

Change the World
What is this advertisement trying to say? It appears to show two different “worlds”, but which should be changing to which? Should they both be changing to something else? Please give your views about the implications of the photograph.

Why? What? Where? When? How?

extreme (adjective): to the greatest degree; very great; very severe; very serious
poverty (noun): the state of being very, very poor; the state of being extremely poor
inequality (noun): difference in size or amount
combat (verb): fight
do your part (phrase): participate; help
implication (noun): a conclusion that you can draw from something even though it is not actually stated

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  • Albert says:

    I just read some comments written on this site and I found them quite interesting. I want to make a better world to live in and without that kind of inequality that we can see in that advertisement. The gap between the rich and the poor is tremendous and notorious, especially in some African and South American countries.We live in a materialistic world, actually. .The rich want to get richer and sometimes enjoying life less and becoming miser and more moneygrubbers. Competing, Vying eaerly to achieve and earn more Theywant to live in tall and fancy buildinds, drive swanky cars. Also, they build bigger houses and their goalis having more and more possetions. I always say ” We are born having nothing and we leave this World taking nothing with us.Definitely, Greed comes in in those people. I know that with warm- hearted people,humble and conscientious,level-headed people we can make this world more equitable and morw harmonious. Maybe taking part in this website good people are doing a contrubution towards that. Many thanks to this website for allowing me to use my English as a second Language. Overlook some mistakes, Mistakes are part of the learning process. Regards

  • Mister Green Solide1 says:

    1.The advertisement is trying to say that this organisation is fighting the vast difference between social classes the poor one and the rich one…
    ..and it’strying to say there is a sudden climate change as a result of industrial pollution.
    2.there is no need for classes to be changing to the others bcause when all people become wealthy no one will serve the other…and that will make the need permeated again..
    3.for the poor they should be change to a better situation by giving them help for the rich,they must provide subsidy to needy people…

    …if all the rich offer assistance enough it will be no more poor…
    in Islam there is a staff named Zakat imposes on every muslim have a certain amount of money or a certain property to give a percentage of it to the poor

  • JakeD says:

    The human race never has been perfect since its first steps.
    The steps of the evolution are always short and tedious.
    Therefore it’s still a very very long way to reach the point of a perfect world.
    That’s the way given by our nature.
    On the way to a better world we have to fight the evil and support the good.
    We are on the right way as long as the support of the good prevails.
    But never forget it’s a long long way and there will be lots of grievances and obstacles on that way.
    We can’t change the world in one step within a short time.
    But we can change the world by gaining more good conditions then bad conditions.
    Each of us has to struggle every second, hour, day and year to accomplish
    that goal.
    With love, peace and hope we will foster our effort.
    But it will take time !!!


    This advertisement shows poverty in the world. The question in mind is how people become poor or the global earth is rich as far as natural resource concerned. The reason for poverty is divided into two aspects:
    1- It is from people themselves: human action in every corner of the world: bushfire, war, colonization….
    2- it is also from geographical system. For example; in Sahara desert, we can’t grow crops, can’t plant trees ….

  • khairul says:

    In my point of view,Government must make decision to poor people. They have to avalaible houses or flats to provide poor people. Therefore,it is not simple to set poor people leave their houses. This is our homework to help the government.

  • Antonello mameli says:

    I’m about 70. I mean I’m so grown up that I have had the chance to see too many dreams flying away. Social justice, equality, access opportunities and so on have never been perceived in a so different way and obviously according to your own social class. Just few people run the world just like never before. Why should they renounce to their huge privileges and benefits? Why should they accept to part them among other people. The many of us are just exploited and the advantages of our exploitation just go to improve the richeness of the few.
    If just we expoited were aware of our strength!!!!!! What we expoited can really do is just to try, if united, to advance a little step toward a fairer social justice. And even if the target may sound so minimal, the achievement of that goal is not so easy to obtain.

  • April says:

    yes – money is the easy solution . Why not try love and compassion instead of a donation.
    People with knowledge help donate there time show
    People that need a job how to make it in this world.
    Follow up with the family you help.
    Show them you care about there well- being . Not out of pity because you have a heart.
    After that a few words can change a family’s direction
    Im proud of you . You did a great job!
    You earned this . It’s a start .

  • Rema says:

    from slum to sky scrapers—All You Need Is Money——. let the better-half come forward and lend a helping hand——” LETS HOPE FOR THE BETTER “

  • stephen says:

    Does anybody get it????? More money means more trash more selfish materialistic misery. Only those who share are happy and free. Why should we want the poor to be more like the rich? God forbid! My idea continues to be to get away from this horrible materialistic industrial economy with its big cities, crime, pollution and waste and ….. get back to the beautiful rural agrarian economy that we started out with way back there in the garden of Eden. We would still need villages where certain small scale industries could supply our few basic needs and of course all the fruits of our non industrial diversified sustainable agriculture. Sounds real good to me but I realize that not everyone would want to give up all their materialistic toys, cars, weapons, TVs etc. What do you think?

  • Sônia says:

    What does it mean “to share”? What does it mean “the others”? What does it mean “myself”? I don’t live alone, I need the others for eat, to work, to learn, to born and to die. So, why we live like we were alone? Every day we want more, more and more… More money, more clothes, more cars, and more poverty, more trash, more policy without sense… So, it is what I guess.

  • zahid says:

    unbalance and not prorate usage of the earth recourse

  • Kishani says:

    This world is belongs to all of us. always learn to share with others. Only thing is make limitations and satisfy by shearing.Lets start from me.we have more than enough resources but not distributed among others equally.

  • Rawabi says:

    In my point of view, i can see that whatever the way of life you’re living there must be a real big change.just believe in yourself and your ability to move on
    everyone in this world has a great inner power and must let it out to create a real move and change

  • Luis Gonzalez says:

    It’s a common sense that poverty should change but I understand that it would be complicated to do that, however we should have in mind that all the human beings deserve to have the same opportunities and facilities and if we have to contribute in any way by doing or giving something we should do now …

  • Ajit Singh nagpal says:

    Poverty and inequality will never be eradicated, because of greed and ego.

  • Nancy says:

    whenever there is extreme rich there should be on the other side extreme poverty the first one is taking more than its needs so the other one is left with nothing. Both of the worlds should find there way to achieve some sort of fairness, meanwhile we have to do our best to be in the first world; it is an obligation toward ourselves.

  • Smita says:

    Why? What? Where? When? How?

    The advertisement shows the extreme parts of two worlds the rich and the poor: the rich people with all the facilities with the greatest degree of luxury where as the poor people living in severe conditions not even roof on their heads. It indicates the the degrees of gap between two worlds.This inequality is he greatest cause of all the problems starting from poverty to greenhouse gas. To close this gap its everyone’s responsibility to work towards the same gaol, “change the world”. Everyone should act now. Its not only the job of the rich people or the poor people.They must change the attitude and start contributing to the society to make the change happen. It might not happen overnight, but a slow step at a time, as we all know Rome was not made in a day.

  • stephen says:

    Not really. The rich are the most miserable of all people. If anything we should hope that the rich could learn to live like the poor. Looking at the add and asking myself which settlement I would rather live in I would choose the slum. But I don’t think either of the two living situations is what we need to do save the environment and solve inequality. What do you think would happen if we abandoned big cities and industrial economies to go back to an agricultural economy living is rural villages and depending on animals for transportation on land and sailing vessels on sea?

  • cruz says:

    Seem be two worlds totally differents. Are two cases extremely differents. Extreme poverty, only separated for some trees. Inequality totally. But unfortunately this is the world actual , with classes
    differents. Why politics, the religion, the class more rich, don’t make it anything for anything neither to anyone?

  • cruz says:

    Seem be two worlds totally differents. Are two cases extremely differents. Extreme poverty, only separated for some trees. Inequality totally. But unfortunately this is the world actual , with classes
    differents. Why politics, the religion, the class more rich, don’t make it anything for anything neither to anyone? d

  • Julianne Raymond says:

    according to the advertisement, we should change the living standard of poor people by improving their settlement area, as u can see poor people live in the hut but rich people live in the highest buildings and this proves that even social services also differ between them, so we should change the life of poor people to be like those rich people

  • Mohammad Javad says:

    Your advertisement shows that in our world near rich people with their wealthy life and tall and beautiful houses , there are many people who need only our kindness especially children.

  • shirin says:

    In my opinion this picture wants to say how much we are unbalanced and indifference to the life around us.If we notice what is happening around us we can change them.This change can start from ourself.

  • Mauro Rodrigues says:

    I think that problem showed in the picture comes from the society structure. We need to modify the status quo and provide changes in our way of life. Choosing better the people that will represent us in a congress os a great beginning!!!

  • Alex says:

    Of one Essence is the human race,
    Thusly has Creation put the Base;
    One Limb impacted is sufficient,
    For all Others to feel the Mace.

    (Poetry of golestan-e-sadi)
    Seventh moon century …
    .nowadays we could say
    The treason has infected the air
    For a little child its a nightmare
    “my mother needs to take a care
    Nothing has been shared a bit fair

  • Shumail says:

    First we have to talk to that people about their life and their needs. After that make a policy which will give a lot of help to these people and to help them government have to increase a little bit tax on richest peoples and businessmans and also give knowledge to all peoples to also became a part of this helping policy …

  • sasi says:

    All are pay taxes in income tax office. They government got lots of money. we will help to poor peoples. no poverty peoples in the world. My English is not good but this is my comment.

  • florjan says:

    In the world there is still the presence of poverty , inequality and war signs . We must do the utmost to eliminate them . State and society should be the main actors and promoters . Must fight inequality , poverty and corruption .

  • shivani says:

    Try to change the things one by one with the lower level to higher and try to do your best in almost every part of our society and environment. Even in the fields of political, social, economical environmental etc. And most important thing is to stick strongly on your motive and motivate others.

  • Peter Gonzalez says:

    One question pops up in my mind every time I hear the word Global uttered. The Global Business community is the one who has created extreme poverty in many countries by exploiting their natural reserves, creating huge environmental problems, devastating huge areas of forests and the result from all that did not bring a better living standard to the people/countries.
    Who is behind the Global Goals? The western countries have been raping the poor nations for centuries and never ever returned any benefits to these countries.
    If the bosses of the big corporations want to change the world is not for the benefit of the poor but for their own pockets.
    Wake up world!

  • Syed Athaulla says:

    Rich are reaping the advantages of technological advancement, whereas the poor are still struggling to come to terms. They are illiterate, ignorant and less privileged. Governments should strive for “inclusive growth” giving the poor the benefits of the technological revolution. In many countries, there is no proper governance, rampant corruption,and nepotism. I have visited one African Country: the conditions are pathetic, no sanitation, no drinking water and no health facilities. Horrible! the World will blossom with fragrance only with good governance. Ruling parties should be responsible. Opposition parties should also be there to pinpoint the lapses.

  • Cristian says:

    I think that only love can’ solve this problem more and more clear and visible to all.It’ very likely that if you will not be solved at least in part,in a not distant future will cause World War III ,and therefore much better spread the love , bye

  • Hoa says:

    The advertisement shows two different worlds:the highest class with buildings and the lowest class with slums.There’s quick development in cities in developping countries.This makes the big gap between the rich and the poor causes inequality in society as well as serious problems in the world.The implication of the AD is that people must act to change the “world” they live and the world in general instantly .The rich must be aware of their duty with their society ,their people .The poor must change their attitude to life ,their living way.They must act to make their lives better at the same time contribute to the strength and wealth of their country.

  • GRACIELA says:

    It looks difficult but I am sure that, if it were not for the many economic implicacies, it would be very easy. But this kind of projets are not profitable for the powerful companies.

  • Rajendra Karnik says:

    Unless and until the most discarded people are not noticed, they are not provided with education,health and other basic amenities in India, the land possessing attitude of the Government may lead to chaos.

  • Anna says:

    The implication seems to be that building massive concrete towers that house ever more people on the same surface area, consume more and more earth resources, are anything but green, contribute to the consumer I’m all right Jack keep up with the neighbours philosophy and lead to the endless rat race is in and of itself good.

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