What to call the UK if Scotland independent?

On Thursday 18th September 2014, the people of Scotland will hold a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country. Currently, and for more than 300 years, Scotland has formed part of the UK, whose full name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain comprises England, Scotland and Wales. The rest of this united kingdom (which is really a queendom at present with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state) is comprised of Northern Ireland. If Scotland goes independent, what shall we call what’s left of the UK? United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland? Disunited Kingdom? Divided Kingdom? Take a look at the map hereunder (and also this explanation of the current UK nomenclature), and please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

map of United Kingdom

referendum (noun): a general vote by the population on a single political question
independent (adjective): free from control by another country; sovereign
kingdom (noun): a country ruled by a king (or queen)
hereunder (adverb): below; under this
nomenclature (noun): the system of names in a particular field

  • Risang says:

    If Scotland goes independent let’s call united kingdom become united southern great britain and northen ireland

  • Anthony P. says:

    It’s simple. Just call it the Residual Kingdom of English, Wales and Northern Ireland 😛

  • Nick says:


  • selma says:

    Brave decision for both of them but an high level democratic participation brings the truest decision. Congratulations Scotland, “freedom” must be and also very important but sometimes not everything.

    Thanks for sharing such a great issue,

  • Rajendran.K says:

    If the people of Scotland feels, they should free from the union they must get an independent “their own country”, where they may expect something more than the present

  • Eric says:

    Oh lord Joe. You and I both know that either one of us have the ability to solve this age old struggle. First of all, Scotts and and Northern Irish have always “been in bed together” whether they agreed to disagree (or not), they’ve seemed to find a way to unite regarding a common complaint. Perhaps someone can solve this age old issue. I doubt it will be either one of us upon reflection. Godspeed.

  • shara dillon says:

    I agree with BriBri. What is wrong with the name Great Britain, or just England. I hope that Scotland does win it’s independence and rally’s for its own government and economy. Joy would be in the air and we need more celebration at these times.

  • BriBri says:

    Strictly speaking the United Kingdom refers to the union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland (as happened when James VI of Scotland became also James I of England). Originally it was not called the United Kingdom; that didn’t happen until the reign of Queen Anne. If Scotland becomes a separate country there can be no longer a United Kingdom. There would then be 2 separate countries, as there were originally.

  • Ahmed says:

    My opinion the independent is not good for Scotland ,because for many reason ,it will be very small country les published ,secondly it has
    A lot of interest for Britain economy ets

  • Mark Isaac says:

    I believe if Scotland and N.Ireland went independent, that will be great under the condition of building an equal footing countries for The great Britain. That will be more powerful than United Europe (Euro zone). Because you will have one currency (British Pound), have one King and have one Language (English). So you will be great . And country like Iceland will think about to take part at this new Great Britain.

  • Orhan says:

    If Scotland goes independent, (I wish it happens)we shall call left of the UK as BriNIreland 🙂

  • Japes says:

    HI Ann, Strictly speaking British Isles includes the Republic of Ireland, or Eire, and islands like the Isle of Man, so wouldn’t be accurate.

  • TSK27 says:

    Sadly would have to be “THE UNITED KINGDOM OF ENGLAND,WALES AND NORTHERN IRELAND”, which we would continue to call UK and or Britain I imagine…..Hope we would still be BRITISH citizens….

  • Anne says:

    Or, maybe just stick with ‘British Isles’ and drop United Kingdom all together. ‘British Isles’ has more class and is far more accurate. The ‘kingdom’ became united by force, conquest, colonisation, etc. So, I reckon we should get those negative overtones/undertones/whatever out of the name of such a cool place!

  • Shirley Swick says:

    Why not keep it at United Kingdom and Scotland would just be a separate country. When the Confederate States withdrew from the United States, the northern states were still called the United States.

  • Truman says:

    How about the Union Jack?
    Maybe also need a makeover XD

  • Gu gu says:

    How about north enwaleland.
    Because Northern Ireland + England + wales + scotland

  • Lizzie Windsor says:

    How about Weniland?

    That’s WalesEnglandNorthernIre-land.

    Or Wengni(land)

    lol 🙂

    I love it! Can’t wait for 18 Sept!

  • TKpoornima says:

    The United Kingdom of Southern Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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