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Discuss: Do you believe in ghosts? Would you sleep in a haunted house?

EnglishClub Discussion Point

Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits?

Would you be prepared to spend a night alone in a remote, allegedly haunted house?

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ghost (noun): the spirit of a dead person, which appears to living people
evil spirit (noun): a bad ghost; a ghost with bad intentions
be prepared to (verb): be willing to; be ready to
remote (adjective): distant; situated far from houses and people
allegedly (adverb): supposedly; it’s what people say but there is no proof
haunted (adjective): lived in or occupied by a ghost or ghosts

30 Responses to “Discuss: Do you believe in ghosts? Would you sleep in a haunted house?”

  1. Meguenai says:

    Hi,i don’t believe in ghosts because dead person can not appear to living ppl, but i believe in evil spirit…
    ..that doesn’t seems reasonable exept if we human race are not alone in this planet, where there is other being live with us called Jin whose split up to good and bad…
    ..bad ones could cause harm to the man.

    I’m not ready to spend a night alone in a haunted house.

  2. Jay says:

    I believe in control of sense so if it’s sensible to step then okay where are you calling what are you saying don’t sleep on sleep alert

  3. Mishaikh says:

    Last night I came across with a ghost. She seemed to be very dejected. She was weeping. I felt a deep sorrow for her and asked why she was wandering between heaven and earth. She told me the following story:
    I have been wandering since I have given my life to my love. He had the coolest heart, but there had always been a warm smile on his face. He was handsome. In my eyes he was prince charming, but he had always filled with gloom. He might have bright life, but he loved living in camera. I tried hard to know what wrong had happened in his life, which had made him stone hearted. O’stranger don’t ask who he was, because I can’t tell you except this that he was my love. I always hoped in my entire life that one day he will be mine, but that day never came instead I met with an end. Since then I am wandering. Can you tell me O’stranger how long I have to wait for him, because I cannot go up there without him? I know you can’t tell me, because you haven’t in love yet! To understand my pain, you have to let yourself suffer from this pain too.

    No I do not believe in ghosts, but still I will not like to live in a ‘so called’ haunted house.

  4. M. Alessandra Agostini says:

    Mine isn’t a real ghost, but it’s very unusual what I’ll tell you.
    One of my relatives was a soldier in the First World War and he was in a trench when he was hit in his nape. His friends thought he wad dead. Anyway, they decided to take his to the camp hospital.
    When he told his experience, he said that he could see everything around him; doctors were very worried; nurses were very busy, but he could see everything from the ceiling.
    Suddenly, he said that he could feel his soul entering again in his body, even if he didn’t want.
    He was alive; the he couldn’t move his right arm anymore, but he went on working as an engineer and we could see the hole behind his neck!!!!!

  5. Domi says:

    In the Christian Spituality, we call them “the souls in purgatory”. they exist for real….when you pray for the souls in the purgatory, they protect you from many things or warn you of many things (good or bad)…. As we pray for them, so to thank you, they take care of you, protect you and so on…. Sometimes, some of them can visit you and ask you to pray for them, beacause they need it, they can speak, so you can discuss with them.
    But but but, you have to be careful, because the “evil spirit” can appear to you as a “good soul, a soul in purgatory”….It’s very important to Have the discernment.

  6. says:

    I would like to meet a ghost to have a conversation with it and ask about their world.

  7. Serena says:

    For sure I won’t! Actually I’m horrified even when I heard someone speaking about horror movies! In addition, I wont’t spend my money in a haunted house, I’d rather would a 5stars hotel!
    If ghosts exist, shall we leave them quiet?!

  8. Galia says:

    Dear Sirs, Not only I believe in Ghosts and spirits, I’ve seen one with my own eyes. It was horrifying, let me tell you. Having said that the story goes. I’ve lived in London for quite a while ( most ghostly city on this planet) and have never seen one. I’ve even tried to see one staying at the hotels of Medieval times. But nothing ever happened.
    One day I was giving glass in the Attic of one of the schools and here we go, a ghost just hovered over my head for a while, and then it was gone through the roof. I’ve never believed previously, but from that moment on
    I started exploring the world of paranormal activities. Also I had numerous encounters of ghosts and spirits at University I’ve worked at.

  9. Patsy says:

    Alhough I like watching suspense films related to this topic, I would never sleep in a haunted house or similar as I am afraid of dark, therefore I am scared of ghosts or evil spirits either they exist or not. I strongly believe in God.

  10. Kareem says:

    Thanks for these words. I love il

  11. Mohammad says:

    In fact I belive that the spirits are ginn and we share this planet with them and there are two kinds of spirits good and evil ones .The devil ones are very dangerous to human beings .you can protect yourself if you say aooth billah min al shaitan al rajeem .

  12. Silvia says:

    No, I will never sleep in a haunted house if I know beforehand that it is a haunted house. I do not know if ghosts exist, but I do prefer not to verify their existence. When I was a kid, I did not like to pass in front of the cemetery because dead people were there.

  13. Jose luis luna says:

    I do not believe in ghosts or evil spirits.

  14. Erica says:

    Yes, I believe in the unknown and I’m not afraid of the unknown. In my privacy, I pray to the spirits and talk to them as if I were talking to my GOD. Everywhere we go-there is evil among us and still we are living. Talking about spirits or the supernatural is a Broad topic and very interesting. Amen. Excuse my grammar.

  15. S.Mahmud says:

    I’m a religious person and believe in life after death. So, our relatives’souls still in this word, only bodies decayed which will be reappear on the day of judgement. They don’t harm us but we can pray for them for their goodness. On the other hand I believe in “Aljin” those live in remote areas, and they like human being could be good, bad and naughty. We have vast cemeteries which are not like haunted houses; these are peaceful places where more safety than other places. Aljin could be in any place where you do wrong things they come to you and help you with evil things. But if you say the name of Allah, they run away and can not harm or help you.
    I could stay alone any place where the human being are not there in shape of ghost or evil Jin because human being more dangerous than ghost if they were evil humanbeing and they are not gona go away rather I take the name of Allah.

  16. Oscar Leal says:

    Greeting to everyone, To be honest, I don’t believe in ghosts, I believe in good and evil spirits, but, I don’t believe that they appear like a monster or strange creature, I believe that they are interacting with us everytime through our thoughts and emotions making us lead to one or another side in order to we make good or bad decisions

  17. Mohamed says:

    Ghosts are creatures that are living around us .Not all of them are harmful. We call them Aljin. Our Almighty Allah protect us from them. You should have strong relation with Allah to protect you. When you mention the name of Allah, they run away.

  18. Lara Vanessa says:

    So interesting the way you see these things. I am not afraid about ghosts, but it’s a particular point of view not shared among my compatriots. Actually I don’t believe in ghosts, in life after death, but I respect all opinois.

    Where are you from? I’m curious.

  19. Jose luis luna says:

    I would like to know what’s your culture.

  20. Edwige says:

    I am from a culture who has a particular relationship with the dead. As we believe in an Afterlife, it is obvious to us that those who are dead still “live” among us. We only need to call them, to invite or remind them (in conversations) and they will be there. Thus in my culture, we burry our dead close to us in our houses, our aisles and our yards.
    As good and evil are found among living beings – human beings -, there are good and evil spirits/ghosts. Ghosts don’t haunt the livings in my culture. The spirits of our family members who are dead care of us who are still alive. They can visit us sometimes in our dreams to warn us about a hidden danger, but will never scare us of do us any harm. Even the spirit of someone who was evil when alive, will never harm his family when dead. So we believe that evil comes from the outside, an evil spirit is a stranger, or a living person doing black magic.
    That said, I’m not afraid of ghosts. Any place we enter in this world is filled with the energy of spirits of people who had lived there before. The Earth is a vast cemetery, thus an open space where spirits come and go, cross paths, and interact with the livings. We spend nights in haunted places without even noticing they are haunted. The difference with a haunted house is that it is allegedly haunted, everybody or the rumor has seeded that idea in minds, then psychologically our primal fears are triggered. Because you know the place is haunted, your spirit will open “doors” even unnoticed, and you will be fooled by your own fears. Because ghosts never do you harm if they aren’t instruments of a living person.

  21. Amal Asfour says:

    I do believe in spirit’s ghosts, I would be terrified if I had to be a lone in a haunted house

  22. Edmond Gjoni says:

    yes, i believe in such as evil spirit existence but to distinguish them from diseases may be difficult. Jesus Christ did expelled evil spirit from people who were either cast outs or with diseases. good and spirits exist together.

  23. AHMED RAZA says:

    As per my study,ghost as being co-exist with us,in isolated areas, but good thing is not disturb them at all.

  24. Mounir says:

    As believer in god, I don’t believe in ghost, god protect us against all worse being.

  25. Saswat says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts.
    Hell yeah!! I will love to take the challenge. I can live in that kind of place.

  26. Rima kallop says:

    No way to spende a momment there whither by my self or with group,how about a night?
    Whin pigs fly..
    I do not like this kind of places ,and i have never been in a place like this and i wont

  27. Lusi says:

    I won’t be able to sleep in a house with some ghosts, I really believe in them and don’t want to have such experience.

  28. m.k says:

    I do believe in ghosts and evil.
    now adays lots of human beings are the evil itself!!!!!!!! without human beings there are no evil.
    but ghosts !! I haven’t seen anyone yet.

  29. Alberto says:

    I think I am a coward so I couldn´t spend a night in a haunted house. On the other hand I am sure that it would be a unforgetable experience.

  30. Hubert Lowe says:

    I dont care about evil ghosts. They afraid me hahaha

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