Would you choose the Future or Past?

Somebody locks you in a time-machine and you have to go forward (the future) or backward (the past). You will never come back to “now”.

You can go any length of time, one day, a thousand years, a million years… Which would you choose? Future or past?

And why?

Please leave your comments below 🙂

time-machine (noun): an imaginary machine that lets people travel in time and go to the future (for example tomorrow or next year) or past (for example yesterday or last year)
  • phoenix (child) says:

    I would pick past because i could see all the cool machines and life would be so much funner. If i were to come back to the present then i could become rich>

    E.g. i see all the sports bet papers and who won and then i come back to the present bet all my money and stuff and then when i win i will be rich
    i just keep on doing this to earn more money… simple!

  • Jean says:

    It would be interesting to go back to a time to discover what we call mysteries today. Lost knowledge

  • monim says:

    Thanks for the nice topic…. the past was verey nice time put full of danger but it’s has adventags there is now illnes there are alot of freesh food than now.. all the people were strong they were kicks good….but the disadventags…you could not sleep safe animals could attack you well sleeping….there is was no good clouthes only made from animls skin it’s to hot ….there were no good cover …and all the day and night the animals moving around you …you know i can’t tack it i choce the future

  • Abeer says:

    I would like to choose past because a live is simple

  • Tina says:

    i would to go to the past, but that is just a wish not be come true, so i would live in the future it’s hard to live now it’s not mean you left behind

  • reza says:

    I want to choose future.because that offer you to learn that what we dream today, will be reality tomorrow.

  • Adaline Bala says:

    I would like to choose my future. The past life is gone and I experienced every thing. I am exited about my future.So I prefer future.

  • Rizwan says:

    It’s really difficult for someone who have to chose to going back or forward. In my case i will prefer to go back and change all those worsted decision which i made. Gain all those opportunities which i missed at that time. It probably not only make my great present and future but also make good changes in those people who were attached with me at that time.

  • Azhar says:

    I will chose future to make my life better using my past experience.

  • Daniel says:

    Au-to be different; the pass is where I would travel. As a child, high scholar, I crossed paths with the school’s Liberian; she was quant, wore the countenance of a loving grandmother and dressed the manner as well. Yet- on her right forearm she wore inked numbers; numbers from her time in the WWII concentration camp. I knew this from a brief battle we were engage in; a battle of page turning. You see-I was photo reader. While flipping through a WWII picture book, turning pages faster than a track star can sprint. Only to watch her finger turn the pages back to one impressively large photo. A photo where she stood behind barb wire with other children and presumably mothers; the numbers matched, her numbers matched; it was her! I would like to show her some love for sparking the need to read.

  • octaviadarcy66504.wordpress.com says:

    Good article. I absolutely love this website. Thanks!

  • Bholu says:

    I would choose past because I want see how the human civilization has evolved in the last 20000 years or so. I want see the civilization of Egypt, mayans , Asia and Europe etc to konw How do they build big pyramids and other mysterious and wonderful things we see today.

  • Anah says:

    I have lived 18 years of my life in this temporary world and I don’t think I have had pretty charming things or events in my life till now except for my childhood. So, I would choose future over past. And the reason behind my choice is; I want to see how this world and my life would be in upcoming years. I want to see my goals getting accomplished. I want to see what advanced technologies would Science introduce to humans.

  • Muchammad taufiq says:

    I would go to my past where i can fix any mistake so i Will find better present and future life…

  • bakhtawar says:

    I would like to choose past because i know i did many stupid dicissions, i want to change them .I want to take addvantages from those pputunite which i missed.

  • Mishaikh says:

    I would like to choose FUTURE, past I already have experienced, there will be nothing for me to change or modify specifically. So future is more attractive for me to “let see what is there ahead to experience”.

  • sarv says:

    I would prefer to go to the future because I did my best for making any decisions in the past and I don’t want to repeat that experience again.My reason for going to the future isn’t knowing the events that will happen for me although they are very important.I chose the future for its novelty.

  • Amal says:

    I would choose both,the future and the past.Because I don’t really know what happened exactly in the past and what will happen in the future .So ,I would try both and choose after that what’s the best.

  • Eunice says:

    Choosing future or past will change everyones life but as for me, i prefer to go back to the past coz there are lots of stupid dicissions that i wanted to change from my past. I want to grab those oppurtunity that i ignore before and ask an apology to those people that i hurt & offended with my actions and above all i want to experience those WHAT IF’s in my life.

  • JUANES774 says:

    I would choose going to the future. Because in my case I don’t want to change any thing about my pass despite is not perfect. But thinking about get to know my future and how the world could change by that time sound very interesting. I guess if I know what happen in the future with my life, maybe I’ll try to do my best in my present.

  • Mona says:

    It’s really difficult to make a choice!!!It’s so risky actually!I think I will choose the future, there’s no dinosaurs at least!!!Just kidding!
    I will choose the future because I think that science will make extraordinary progress by that time!so,there will be less diseases and death and people will have a happier life, of course if there’s no new war on our beautiful planet!!!

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