Have you ever seen a ghost?





  • tunglam says:

    I don’t think í true but if i see it i’ll ask them autograph

  • Riyan Riyaz says:

    I saw a ghost recently. It was like a shadow entering a graveyard. I saw him at night when I was returning from Taraweh prayers.

  • sansiva says:

    İ have never seen a ghost,but İ like to see.İ dont have any ideas about are they true or they are not but i think we can never see them becaus they don’t want that….

  • Chief Riyan says:

    At home.
    Irregular shape of shadow.
    A year ago.
    I don’t know.

    I felt very cold when I saw it.

  • Chris-Tian says:

    In my experience when I was young, I wasn’t sure if what i saw was really a ghost or i was just allusinating. But after i saw that, on that same day also, i got sick and in the morning after that day we went to a quack doctor and told me that what i saw was a white lady “a lady ghost that wears white gown and has a white hair” but while year was passing, when i was growing, i was stopping to believe that ghosts exist.

  • danila says:

    Ghosts what is it? This topic is of concern to many of us. Fear of interest – that is what we feel when confronted with them, or simply listening to the stories about these creatures. Ghost – is a white substance with different edges. Often, however, can take the shape of ghosts people.He appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly.

  • oppalazzy says:

    I haven’t seen a ghost but i thought it’s not true . Maybe it’s seen a bad character for make the children scaring ! :))

  • ambady says:

    Its just nonsense. There is no such thing like ghost.

  • Trinh Xuan Tuan Anh says:

    Believing in gosht or not is a question that we can not confirm. May be gosht exist in an other wolrd which can not be the world we live. In my country, some one can communicate to dead people or gosht and the dead people would help them to find out the position dead people long time back in war. We can not deny the ability of some one when they contact to gosht because we are not them.
    Conclusing that gosht may exist and fly everywhere in sky…hi…hi

  • marci says:

    Well, last year when we were living in an old house, I saw a skiny, pale man.,inside of the house, the only people living there were me , my husband and my daughter, sometimes I could feel so coold, but it was just in some areas of the house, like other old houses, when the floors make sounds while you walking, you cuold heard sounds, i was going crazy, I was diagnosticated with all kinf of things( paranoia, zquizofrenia,depression) well, we move to another town and here everything goes normal, I don’t get to see anything but I’m glad is like that, I hope you guys don’t have to see and stay in a place were you see things 🙂

  • safia dirie says:

    ghosts are true beings .they formulate into different styles.some of them imitates animals and ugly peoples. fortunately i have not seen them yet .but i have seen peoples who exposed to ghosts.

  • Lol says:

    I have by your mom

  • Alice says:

    I’ve seen the so called ghosts on the television. I remember how I adored the little ghost from the movie called ‘Casper’ and had started calling myself by the same name. In a philosophical sense, I think there are ghosts in every one of us, a part of us unknown to ourselves. So, no I have never seen a ghost in my life, as the usual definition of a ghost goes.

  • Sahar says:

    -In our home
    -Human ghost
    -In childhood
    -My sister!
    She covered her face with a piece of white cloth 🙂

  • lubna says:

    i have never ever seen it but when i’m thinking about it i really freaking out

  • Zaza says:

    It is a scary experience once in my life, I’ve been followed and haunted by something unseen but I can feel it. I met more than one shaman to expel it. Thanks God nothing worst thing happen to me because I always pray to God, be strong and deny it.

  • sogol says:

    I wish i had seen one….

  • Rajesh says:

    I have never seen a ghost in my lifetime so I don’t believe those things at al

  • Iskandar says:

    I have never seen a ghost, but one day i felt that a ghost stayed behind me

  • cúc says:

    i have not ever seen

  • PAKIZA says:


  • Amilia says:

    i lived in a house with a ghost but i never saw it and i knew that it was there because it would walk along the coridoor and you could here it.

  • Shakerullah says:

    I have watched ghost in American movie tow years before, and that movie name is ghost buster.

  • saneesh says:

    Most people says that there is nothing..its just on movies and dramas..and on the otherside they believe in reality,ie what they see infront of their eyes..and not ready to believe anything they dont see or come into experience..but when spiritually says my dears surely there is a soul in every human body..that never dies..and will remain in atomosphere until it gets a new body..its just my thoughts..

  • Mali says:

    I’ve never seen but I don’t want to have the experience!

  • Himadri says:

    Till now i didn’t see ghost ..but i heard about it …n i heard that ghost are here…is it true ????

  • jo why says:

    I have not seen a ghost but sense a presense, when my Dad died and after a few weeks small objects fell of shelves and I felt someone sit at the end of my bed and I was to scared to move or look but now nothing.. so do not know if his spirit was still around at the time snd I wasn’t even thinking of ghosts at the time just sad and missing my Dad. I cannot explain any of it? it doesnt happen now. i didn’t believe before but have doubts now.

  • attaia says:

    i have never seen ghosts ….

  • myintmohoo1996 says:

    ghosts really exist in our environments,in forests,and in every everywhere.They climb on trees,hide in bushes,walk on streets,find foods in hospitals and eat
    mucus,phlegm,bad blood and vomit.But we can’t see them.Because they don’t show themselves to us.Sometime we can hear their voice like crying,shouting etc.I always believe that ghosts stay around in our environments.It’s gonna be sure when we die we will see them.

  • özlem özer says:

    Yes , in my dream:)

  • Marlon Brazilian says:

    I believe they exist, but I have never seen.

  • issamemilat says:

    I do believe but yet we cannot see Ghosts because they are of different dimension

  • Roman Solovyov says:

    I’ve never seen a ghosts, but seems to me they exist. I think not with is simple people speak about ghosts so often today, many people don’t trust that they exist, but others believe that they can’t exist. Also there are many films and books about ghosts. Certainly the person who saw a ghost always condemn consider him as the abnormal loony. Speak about people who saw not alone a ghost, after all at once some people can’t go mad. I consider ghosts can exist simply it meanwhile isn’t proved but if it is once proved there will be a sensation. For now for us it is a riddle and we will live with it.

  • Lena Malisheva says:

    I’ve never seen a ghosts and I can not say that I want to see them. Some people say that ghosts can not exist and it is lie, but other people believe that ghosts exist and they live among ordinary people, but people can not see ghosts. As for my opinion I know that nowadays there are various books and films about ghosts and I think that it may be only mystical story, but, of course, it will be truth. Besides I consider that even scientists can not answer on this question in spite of their investigations this appearances, so I can say that people are different and they have various opinions, but if you haven’t seen ghosts, you can not affirm that they exist. Can you say that you believe in existence ghost? Do you agree that ghost is very unusual appearance? Where can you see ghosts?
    With best wishes

  • Nastya Sergeeva says:

    I never seen ghost, besaides I think that people can not seen ghost even they exist. As for my opinion, I believe that ghost exist, but we can not seen them because it is parallel world and we can not possibility have connection with this world….In nowdays we have different versions of the appearance and exist ghost. Besides I can say that there are different films about ghost. Frankly speaking if someone say that seen ghost other people will think that it is not normal and this someone is not normal and ill….What do you think about parallel world? Do you believe in ghost? If someone say that seen ghost, what will you think?
    Waiting for an answer

  • Lizbeth says:

    I never seen ghost and hopefully to not see the ghost. I dont believe black magic eventhough much people in my country use black magic that connected to the ghost. It is called as mistic. It’s grazy.

  • Yo says:

    No, I’ve never seen one, but I do believe if there’s such a ghost, I heard people said that ghost comes to whoever thinks about them. Don’t you think? But in my opinion those who thinks about ghost probably have phobia, and they being messed with their own feeling. It is either meeting real ghost or just confusion feeling, I don’t know. sometimes I feel sick of horror movies such as vampire. I don’t think it’s creepy , freaky and spooky anymore. I don’t wish to meet ghost. We shouldn’t meet because we have two difference kinda worlds and circumstances.

  • sami hajrullahu says:

    I never seen it until now, but if we have any problem with our psychological aspects I think maybe we can see a Ghost, but it is not true, because every person who has a problem about psychological types can see any Ghost – this called Halucynacions – respect for all

  • Dia says:

    I do believe in it, It’s exists in the world.

  • Janak says:

    I never seen ghost in my life. But what i believe is, it can affect and can be seen by people with low willpower. I agree that there is something like ghost exists in the world.

  • Lay Kyoung says:

    I haven’t seen a ghost yet. So I don’t believe any ghost. When some people say they saw a ghost, I think they must have misunderstood something as a ghost.

  • rahim says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts and also I haven’t seen ghosts in real life only on TV and movies etc.

  • Zakiah says:

    I have seen ghost,the one that you call lady in white.
    I consider myself a brave one when I watch a horror movie but when I’ve seen the real one..I was consumed by fear.
    I hope that I will not see a ghost again.

  • Sandeep says:

    Hello Josef,

    I had seen ghost, haunted by ghost. I belong to a place, which meant to have lots of stories about paranormal activity. In my opinion ghost does exist. I can also explain how does you behave and act when you haunted by ghost. Not the way you had seen in English movies, like Exorcist.
    We have different stories and myths. The question is, do we need to fear from them. My answer is No! They are just not what they assume. They are free spirit who has some task remains to finish and that makes them left alone. According to our myths only those people see the ghost whose planetary star are weaker to that time period. A strong will person never needs to fear from Ghost. Your soul and spirit makes you strong and if you can control mind. Nothing can harm you.

    That’s all I can say about ghost. Thanks for make me take part in this.

    Have a nice day!

  • simon says:

    I have never seen a ghost but i believe that there is ghost. Like God ,ghost is unseen but one day God extinct him.

  • himan says:

    honestly it’s all out illusion that create such unbelievable things. i don’t believe it…

  • Richard says:

    I did’nt i see a ghost but i can them through my room specially in midnight there is something knocking and scratching my door.

  • Lucy says:

    I didn’t see it.But I want to see him.

  • Trainp says:

    Dear all,
    Have you ever seen a ghost?
    To answer it, the first I want to ask you a question. “Do you think ghost is exist in real life?”

  • javed says:

    i am going to write about the ghost when i had seen in evening of December 1993. i was walking on hill side road from one village of Karak to other. there was no public transport in evening and my friends were waiting for me. when i prayed my evening prayer suddenly small naked children running with clapping hands from my back to front and suddenly disappear in small bridge side.

  • roman says:

    man is ghost

  • Lok Shrestha says:

    I think that if there is god in world there may be ghost in the world. I hadn’t seen but felt in my life.
    Really there is ghost or may not be.

  • nabeha bader says:

    i had seen a real ghost befor 10 years

  • Mikiie says:

    No not already, and I don’t wanna see one. I believe in ghost even I think that it’s impossible … when someone die his spirit go to heaven or to hell that’s why I don’t understand why ghost exists hum … universe is full of mystery

  • TSKMG says:


  • yayafai says:

    i,d rather not discuss ghosts. the thought of them gives me the shivers.i pray i never see any.

  • liedy says:

    So , i have never ever seen a geast.iIt’s not a real world.May be some people said that they saw it .I think because they have a besycologique problems.
    We dont think about this kind of topics because it is not important to know and to think about .This is my opinion.

  • Nhai Le says:

    Many people say that they never seen ghost and I am also not an exception.But in fact, why people sometimes talk about stories of ghost. Do they want to make some people feel frightened? Moreover, I do not understand that someone consults fortune-teller in my countries and they say they can be incatnated by one of their relatives who died.

  • Iris says:

    I never saw a goast. But sometimes I feel something strange, I’m afraid of it…and try to imagine that it’s my father’s spirit and it helps me to avoid my fears.
    Belive in God and pray! And everythng will be allright!

  • septin says:

    not yet,
    but I could feel them,
    Yesterday in my trip to my home I have talk to my friend about ghost then suddenly my motorcycle shutdown.
    I’m so surprised from that moment

  • Saya says:

    Well~ When I was 5, I had seen a ghost. That ghost was black, like a human. I was scared, but I didn’t tell it to my parents. Until I grew up, ah~ That black ghost is my shadow =))

  • ghada says:

    ghosts are un real . and i hate films and series that talk about ghosts and i think they’re silly . i don’t believe in ghosts

  • nancy says:

    no i haven’t. and im praying not to meet with them,cause im really affraid of them.

  • Manny says:

    Ghosts are something unique in the spiritual world, but actually meet one…well to be honest I think its cool even if it is bad one the experience will be recieved

  • Ahmad Seyar Rahimi says:

    but there is no problem and we all the time recite holy Quran and that holy verse to keep our self save from ghost ,

  • Ahmad Seyar Rahimi says:

    yas i hv seen many time here in Kabul Afghanistan in our village during several year of home wars some of them were harmful but of them were not but so much dangers

  • Pluto says:

    I’ve certainly seen ghosts but they all were in my dreams.

  • Ahmed says:

    I don’t think so that there are ghosts we can see ,, May be in the dreams 🙂

  • lfvp says:

    I have never seen a ghost and I do not want to have the opportunity. it sure must be a harsh experience.
    I prefer to stay in the terrenal world and let ghosts far from me.

  • Fernando says:

    Yes, I’ve seen one, and clearly when I was 7 years old. I came in to my room to choose a toy and suddenly I saw a kid, with a hat who played on my bed. When he saw me, he was surprised and hide himself under the bed. I called my mother and togheter, but it was impossible to find the gost any where.

  • elisa says:

    I have never seen a ghost,. I wasn’t so lucky. Anyway, I often have felt the presence of a spirit who helped me in certain circumstances.

    While we are dreaming we can meet dear dead people. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often.

  • karen says:

    Usually people think there isn”t any ghost or something like that because they can”t see them.But just being unvisible doesn”t mean unexistence.In my opinion it is possible that somebody can see ghost.Anyway I haven”t seen any yet!

  • SAROJ says:

    no, i haven’t. it’s been just a part of imagination, good food for novels n movies. no need to give it any serious thought. your thoughts are valuable. they need to be fruitful.

  • Patricia Hennessy says:

    Yes I have, on several occasions and with other witnesses for at least one of them. I live in a 200-year-old house with two. One is an old man, the other is a child about 4-years-old. The child one has a great time playing with my cat. The old man has only been seen by my brother. Normally I hesitate to state that I’ve seen them, but you asked the question.

  • Maya says:

    Till now i didn’t see Ghost and hope it will not happen.. 🙂

  • prabh says:

    yah there is nothing like ghost,but it just a fear inside you that stopping you to not move on.so get rid of ur fear,take a breath. In real life, HUMANS FORGETTING THERE HUMANITY AND KINDNESS. THEY ARE THE REAL GHOST . YOU CAN SEE THEM EVERYWHERE

  • Cuneyt says:

    All of us are walking ghosts, aren’t we?

  • Shikha says:

    Luckily, I have never seen a ghost.

  • hanan says:

    in television shows.In childhood and i think that is not found in reality.

  • Sara says:

    I’ve not so far.
    I even couldn’t believe it because as certian thoughts said If I recite such Doa’a(Islamic verses),nothing will going to happen. It really works.

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