How do you use the Internet?

How do you use the Internet? What do you do? How often? Why? Do you mainly use the Internet to play games, find friends, learn online, shop online…? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Do you have any tips and suggestions you would like to give others?

  • Muskan Shrivastav says:


    using the internet is very useful for me as a student.
    i use internet for my studies,online teaching,completing my project and a lot.
    internet is a advanced technology and i think so we should take many benefit If we use it in the right stuff.

  • kamal says:

    today we learn about on the topic of how to use the internet. day to day life the people know about the internet communication in between one person to another. people connect with social network and they talk each like friends, family, or etc. some people get a information through internet. some website are provide an information so people get a information buy a free information like google, you tube, etc
    some people usually us a net like a entertainment, so this type work utilized the network and develop the communication skills and more over.

  • Farideh says:

    I think the internet is very important. I use the internet for many things for example read news or magazine,buy ,sell,treat,chat,play game……
    I think everyone should understand and work the internet. Everyday I check my e-mail and read news.

  • Johne250 says:

    I all the time used to read paragraph in news papers but now as I am a user of web thus from now I am using net for posts, thanks to web. efdkcdbdadgc

  • natsu says:

    Hi…….! internet is a very useful source of the modern world. there are lots of advantages and disadvantages. in this time no one don”t like to talk about it’s good thing. They all talk about the bad side about the internet like if the bull is going wrong side ,the cart is going with it. Don’t talk about someone who took the bad things from the internet. Look at them with a equanimity mind.

  • Kevser says:

    Hello , I’m Kevser from Turkey.
    I think Internet is very useful but if you don’t know how to use it , the internet use you.

  • says:

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  • Mustafa says:

    hei! should we use internet at school?

  • fitria says:

    i use the internet to improve my knowledge. sometimes i use it to keep in touch with my friends in social media. and i’d like to watch youtube hehe

  • joojoo says:

    i usually use internet for visiting my school website. i don’t like the other things in internet. for example pictures and videos or facebook. i don’t like to have a boy friend.

  • Someone called Nelson says:

    I use the Inernet for doing a lot of things!!!
    It is fantastic what someone can do with the internet, but I use to search information for my homework, listen to music, watch videos, share things on facebook and many other things. The internet is something Gr8!!!!!

  • CLST says:

    Hello everyone in the world!!!!!!!!



    I <3 IT

  • jasss says:

    I use the internet for doing homework, cheking my facebook, searching some information about books and downloading videos. I think the internet is an advantage for everybody because you can know all the news around the world and.. the internet help me a lot with my homework, I can’t live with out internet B)

  • esteban x7 says:

    i use the internet for:download music,search for information,keep in touch nwith my friends in facebook,to download pictures and more.the internet is an important key in our century because is very useful for all the world

  • Joel Copa says:

    I use the internet in order to search some information and to speak with other people.Sometimes i download music and videos but almost always i keep the information for my homework from the internet, it helps me. I think that the internet in these years is a very important thing to search any kind of information so easy.

  • Angie!!! says:

    well….I use sometimes just for fun but also i use the internet in order to do a lot of things. For example :
    – to search information.
    – to do my homework.
    – to download music, pictures, videos, etc.
    – to chat
    – to be in contact with my friends.
    – to pass the time.
    – to be updated.
    – to listen music.
    – to play when I’m bored.
    – to surf the internet.
    – to do a lot of things. 🙂

  • clau Cuevas says:

    ok.When I was a child I used to play games in the computer… now I use the computer in order to do some e-boocklet’s exercices, check my e-mail and facebook, download pictures.

  • ximena says:

    I use the internet to see pictures of Iron Maiden , Leo Jimenez. Then I use the internet for some homeworks, but more for check my facebook ,download music ,download pictures.

  • RNSto says:

    I use the internet to download music, this is everything I do, I really love music. I also use the internet in order to keep in touch with my students, they really love to use it too. It is a way to stay communicated

  • Marlon Brazilian says:

    Well, I practically use internet every day, I spend many hours surfing the web, I always talk to my classmates or friends. I also like using internet to learn english, because I am learning english by myself, so, the internet is very useful to me.
    I think the best advantage of the internet is that you can talk to everyone, no matter where, in the world they are, and you can also learn many things about any subject. The desadvantage is that sometimes you can spend much time in front of the laptop/computer and you can end up not enjoying the real life.

    Nice website, by the way.

  • Oleynik Roma says:

    I think millions of people around the world every day, go to the Internet. In some people it’s in the blood – to be on the Internet. This, of course, the bad, when people prefer virtual reality to life when the Internet becomes a way of life. I do not want to say that I am opposed to the Internet, but it must have smart borders. I have Internet at home and eagerly looking for something there when I have the need for information. And the advantage of the Internet – an electronic mail. It’s fast and cheap communication. I have its own email address and corresponding with friends from other cities and stran.Molodezh loves, above all, computer games, chat and be in chat rooms. But the Internet can also be criticized. Young people rarely control the information it receives from the Internet. Almost everyone who has one of his “tasted” can not imagine life without the Internet. And the number of such “obsessed” is increasing every day.

  • Oleg Yarovoi says:

    Lately computers have filled our life. Now they are almost in each family. We have got used to them and we do not imagine our leisure without this miracle-machine.Along with the computer to help mankind entered the Internet. It has become an indispensable! People come on-line to chat with friends, play games and find information. But who spends a lot of time on the Internet are becoming addicted to it. I think the main thing to understand when enough time. And then the Internet will be the indispensable assistant.

  • Fedorov Ivan says:

    I think that the majority of people can’t present the life without the Internet.For example, I use the Internet for information search necessary in study.I use Internet to play games, to communicate with my friends.I have acquaintances with whom I got acquainted playing the Internet game.We live in the various cities and consequently we can communicate only on the Internet.The Internet simplifies our life a little.So, I think that the Internet it is one of the best inventions of mankind.

  • Bahram says:

    Owing to my studies I have got to use internet a lot for searching some information for seminars and presentations. I know sitting at computer is very harmful for our health, especially when long hours sitting but what could be done, it`s our life our modern life. Going to libraries is not convenient enough, it`s time consuming, but with internet it`s quite easy, you have no need to go anywhere, no rules to be observed, you can do whatever you want:) eating while sitting at computer though it`s not quite a good idea as well. The disadvantage of using internet may be distraction, you know, when you use internet for studying purposes you actually get tired and bored and that’s why you`re eager to do smth else like watching some funny video or have a chat with your friend through facebook or something, after doing all that stuff you begin to realize that there are less time left, it`s already the middle of night*) in order not to be distract with other things besides studying you`ve got to have a strong will-power, but unfortunately not all of us possess this magic thing:)

  • Bahram says:

    English Club is an exciting place for learning and improving English, no need to go abroad, everythin`s at englishlearner`s fingertips*) We appreciate your work, Thanks a lot

  • sindy says:

    I use the internet by smartphone. Whenever I have a question I search immediately. Using the smartphone is very comfortable because I don’t need to turn on the computer(It takes time too long and I have to move to the computer) I thnk the internet is very useful to us. it’s fast and economical. We don’t need to spend time to look for something by book and we don’t need to spend paper. But many people addicted onlinegame. they became violent and forgive their real life. Especially juviniles…they shoud be controled by their parents.

  • Ramamuni says:

    We can’t live without internet in current world . It become basic need for everything.

  • Priyanka says:

    I Use the internet everyday for its the only point of contact to the outer world for me right now. I get the news updates from the internet daily. Rest of the time i surf the net to get to know topics that im less aware of. The Internet used in a good way is always good. But the websites are becoming more greedy by putting up everything on their wall no matter they publish. I think something should be done to this cause.

  • Jay says:

    I have used internet to play games, listen music, search the information that I interested, chat with friends. I use internet everyday.
    The advantages of the internet are that we can chat with friends online no matter where they are,
    we can get the information that we wanted.
    Disadvantages of the internet are that we often waste time on line for playing games, chatting with friends, and so on.
    I think people use internet don’t be so often. One hours per day is good for the person that they don’t need use computer to work.

  • Renato says:

    Hello folks, i used the internet everyday working by the morning, listening a lot of songs during my workday and everything that i do, i always connected to the msn, sending and receiving friendly e-mails. That’s during my job.After that, stay at home with my family and after having a dinner, before to go to the bed, i check my mailbox, study a bit english, try to buy t-shirts,watches,shoes, sunglasses and so many netstores, watching TV, mainly sports programmes, NFL,NHL,Soccer (cause I,m brazilian guy),but sometimes i like very much to watch serials like “house”, “two n half man”, etc
    I like also cooking programmes that showing us a lot of recipe from diferents countries, cultures and places, diferents flavours and kind of them…
    So, here is some of utilities that a internet make about ours lifes…

  • Allan says:

    Using of internet are more interesting ang give a lot of advantages, for instances: we can use it for daily communication especially far distance, we can use it for research, we can use it as entertaiment at watching movies and heard music in, we can use it for shopping and paying bill thru net, get information, applying for job, transferring files, and many more..

  • shaik Abdullah says:

    welcome all.. yeah internet is very useful for commercial person’s and a business person’s … learn many thing by using internet

  • bobby says:

    internet.. let me think.. i often online at office, home and somtimes at games center to play game..

    the advantage of using the internet is we can find any information around the world, ex from google..
    just type any word and that machine would give you all information that you need..

    but somtimes internet can be bad.. because people can also open some porn site and which not good especially for kids.. thats why parent must be carefull to watch their kids when they using the internet..

  • jojo says:

    there are many advantages for the net that people really can gain benifits from it .
    1- for gain informations by searching for them .
    2- to make relations ,find new friend and being part from the community .
    3- its the fast way to do jobs, emailling colleges and banks if you need .
    4- watch movies and playing games .

  • Jock Lee says:

    It is very convenient to get the information which I wanted via internet. As a sourcing staff in company, it have been providing me very valuable information for my work. Despite of it, I also use it for communication, Chat online and Email-Service are the best way to change feelings between finger-tips. I never play game online.

  • amarjit says:

    intetnet is a very helpfull to serch job, information topic.i regularly use it

  • Robin says:

    I love reading and writing articles online. I use internet for research on various topics. I regularly use Social networking sites to be in touch with friends.

  • Ade says:

    I generally use internet to find people online, friends or relatives. I use it daily and I think I’m kind of addcited to it. I admit that I’m pretty addicted to facebook. I also use it for Tumblr and Blogspot. Internet helps me everytime I need help in school. It helps me to find more informations about subjects necesarry for a project I have to prepare. Internet it’s helpful fo everyone.

  • nag says:

    hi, i use internet daily. as i am a graduate i use it for job searching,interview preparation and most important is i need to check my emails daily.i also spend some time daily on social networking sites its let me able to connect with people all over the world

  • hanan says:

    Hi all … i’m Hanan from Jordan .. and i have 16 years old 🙂
    i think internet is very important for everyone … it makes the world small between your hands … you can take an information about every things you need ..
    about me… i’m not always take the useful ! i spend a lot time of chatting it makes my mood so bad .. but i can using it at my homework but not always ..
    but now i will try to learning English Language because i love it so much ..
    so maybe i can take a useful things from internet at this side ..

  • mahboob says:

    hello everybody.i think internet is so usefull thing for everone in condition that they use it in a good wat
    not for waste time i think is really simple and clear thing that i say because even me myslef when i’m in net and i just surf the net and i don’t use it in a useful way after that i have very bad feel about myself and i feel guilty conscinece but whearas i surf net and i’m in all good site and i use it to imrove my knowledge and my english languge i have a good feel about my slef andfeel free and i’m gonna fly beloive it or not becuase i know and i’m sure i use my time in a usefull way and that time that i spenad on surf net and web browsing help me to improve in my own life………..but any way in total i think neccesity is mother of invention we need to net in oure life it’s better to learn how we should use it….just this.:)

  • qihong says:

    I am a chinese,before, i use internet listenning some music,watching some films,and communicate with some china friends.Now i do like internet , i learn to make some foreigner friends , learnning english on line, shopping ,find many informations i want to know.though i dont know internet better,i am learning all the i am learnning english , i believe i will succeed one day.

  • Jamy says:

    Being a housewife i have a lot of time to spend on the internet and i must admit that it keeps me company. Having fun with friends on fb, listening to music on youtube, checking international news sites, watching tv series online, Visiting several female forums & so on…

    In Sum, Thanks God for the Iternet!!! 😀

  • Suuuu says:

    from my point of view Internet it´s so funny and interesting, as you can learn different languages, cultures and know about tradicions. the main reason for it´s that the internet is easiest than other technological things and let you into it with only one click.

  • lee chen says:

    I use the interenet for get to know some news what was happening in the other countries. and I use it for get the English teaching.
    That’s all.
    So few words I said, but there is not no word to say, just don’t know how to say them in English^^.

  • Jane says:

    I use the Internet to find some information I need, find new friends, learn English, buy some stuff, etc.
    I think the positive sides of the Internet are anyone can communicate with another person from all over the world with minimum expenses, buying goods and services without wasting a lot of time for going through variety of shops. Anyone can get the latest news online. But, in my opinion, there are several negative sides. People started meeting each other face-to-face rarer.Most of us almost stopped going to the cinemas, theaters, because we can download all that stuff from the Internet for free and fast. We spend a lot of spare time by the computer instead of going out, enjoying the nature around us.

  • Yen Nga says:


    My name’s Nga. I’m from Viet Nam. I usually learn English, search knowledge, and chat with my friends…I think about using Internet very helpul. We can collect information from the other people and share them.
    I hope I’ll improve my English skill in the furture.

  • lea says:

    i think internet is important for nowadays people and it becomes main needs to every single people around the world beside cellphone.
    usually i use internet to search article for my students, or emailing my friends.
    cute, somehow now i could not separate from it and just get connected to it everyday

  • Waqas says:

    I mainly use internet for the sake of fun, information gathering, getting latest updates all over the world. Internet usage gives you loads of knowledge, and you will be updated to latest trends all over the world.

    you can also use it for funny activies like playing games, reading jokes on different websites etc. But Most important thing is you will use it for the useful purpose.

  • kirill says:

    Hello, everyone. My name is kirill. Today our life is very buisy. We often hurry and don’t have time, but time is very important. With development Internet we recive extra time.
    I use Internet every day I check my mail, speak with friends, read new infomation about world News, read book, look films, listen music, etc.
    I think internet has more advantages than disadvatages.
    The bigest disadvatege is people are less communicate offline.
    the bigest advantage is learning. People must study every day when person stop study he stop live. Internet very useful in this. We can learn language don’t go out from our home, work, ect.
    In the and i want acount my opinions. I think Internet halp people, and we must development it’s more but also we can’t forget about our real life.

  • Negin says:

    I use internet everyday,but usually for working.some times I use it in my spare time for comunicate to my friends in Facebook or Yahoo.
    I rarely have much time to read news or searching information on it,but in my opinion the most helpfull usge of internet is searchin and learning every thing,like what we are donig in

  • phi says:

    very important for me. everyday i use internet for many using, usually i use it for download some material for my homework, opening facebook for communicate with my friends, browsing many information and due to internet i found this english club for improving my english skill.. advantage or disavantage is come back to our self, i just pick up the good side

  • mohammed says:

    Internet is very important these days we can’t live with out it.Most people do their high school homework,college homework,too.and other things are more important,but some people uses the Internet in the wrong way.but my personly I love the Internet beause I do alot of things like buying news paper,do homework,see friend and my family too,learn ENGLISH fast and easly,and I always practice Grammar,Reading@writing,and Speaking too…In conclusion the Internet is important as the water…


  • Am fatimah says:

    Internet is a good communication between people.Today, the world can not continues without it.There are many advantages and disadvantages for internet.
    I strongly believe that, internet has advantages more than disadvantages.You can play games, get shopping,buy tickets, get news or informations and many other needs.Personally, i can get any informayion if i need, also i creadit egood and meaningful relationship with many friends.In addition, ilearn more in english language by internet.
    Finaly, internet is important and useful thing if the person use it from a good side …

  • ly says:

    I use the internet every day.
    I find the information and document for my studying. It help me very much for my learning English and other field.
    I think the advantage is convenient, fast; diasvantage is harmful to our heath, such as eyes, back, head…

  • Mayumi Nakagawa says:

    I use the Internet when I have time.When I want to know something, I use the internet. the internet is very convenient. Because I can see internet in the mobile phone. Its advantage of Internet, we can get information faster.on other hand, we don’t know certain imformation in the internet. SO we must be careful.

  • Shiori Shibata says:

    I use the internet everyday. I usually watch the youtube,facebook,mixi,and skype.The Internet is easily searchable of information.So,It is indispensable.

  • Thi says:

    I think internet is very useful for we search information for job. It help everyone improve their discover ability. When you have difficult problem, don’t ask somebody, let’s aks your close friend: “Google”.He can help you any field, any things….I alway do it and i feel very confident with new job.

  • Arisa says:

    I use the internet for information,free time and homework. I useally watch the youtube,facebook and mixi. I usually use the internet everyday.

  • Ivan says:

    I will say there are so many advantage of the internet. You can find almost anything you need without leaving your house. You can find good food and beverage. You can find countless entainment through the internet like freinds, movies , video games. You even can fidn a job.
    The most disvatage i think is that the Internet is too good to quit. Therefore, it will be a addiction like drug.

  • Farooque says:

    internet is an agent to communicate the people among and it is the most wonderful discover by technology which brought to many social, entertainment acknowledgement, news and so on for us which is very useful to us in this modern life.

  • nevedove says:

    I think Internet is everything in now a day. You choose the way to use Internet and observe what ever you want. Therefore Internet can have good or bad affection to everyone. For example, my little brother, he loves to use Internet to play games, and because the game is very interesting to him so he always doesn’t do his homework, he became a behind student. Also whenever I take away the laptop from him, he become anger at me…Sometime I think using Internet have to be limited, especially with kids are under 18.

  • pattpim says:

    I usually use internet for working and reading news. For working,mainly take english for contact with system administrator who is a foreigner, and I also use internet for reading news every day.

  • eldar cohen says:

    I usually use the internet to find some information for my project so the imformation in my project is more rich

  • John Choy says:

    I usually use the internet to find some information for my project so the imformation in my project is more rich

  • Tan says:

    I use internet as a information and communication tools. Everday i will communicate with my friend via facebook and msm. i also can read a newspaper and knowing what the world is happening. i like it as it will give me more information that i need the most when i need to complete my assignment.

  • Abdullah says:

    Frist of all, the internet is very important today.
    1- communication with works,friends.
    2- get information around world.
    3- we can used internet anywhere.
    4- can anybody put comment or questions or statement.
    However, anyone want to get information by internet, we take short time find it.

  • manjula prasad says:

    according to the my knowledge when we use the internet we have to select and understand .so i try to improve my knowledge what i can and like .most of time i use improve my english ,games,friends like lot of think.

  • KenCheung says:

    As we all know, internet is a useful tool for searching information we need. Here, we can easily find what we need just if we want to do so. In addition, I always use internet as a learning tool to grasp more things about the world. There are lot of updating information that is upload by a lot of people come from difference countries on every day.

    But I think the most great purpose of Internet for people is not only searching information they want, but also exchanging the point of view , moving the idea from one’s brain to other one;s brain.

    I like philosophy, I did find that many people who often use internet are also love philosophy and wisdom. In fact, philosophy is a subject which guide us to further think some of imagination in depth. They(I mean people who use internet to talk philosophy) always be active to share their own ideas and always try to understand what do other people think, they seem very reasonable as if they are talking in real. I admire their behavior very much.

    To conclude, I most use Internet to talk with stranger to know how do they feel or know. It’s mainly because I can further know human’s logical mind in here. I think, we should treasure any chance to communicate with other people who is also using internet as a learning tool.

  • agyo says:

    i use internet to find some information, do my homework. i can talk with my friend in the other place…

  • Hikaru Sasaki says:

    I use the Internet to do net shopping.I almost go shopping,but I often use the Internet.For example,we can’t buy only websites.We can see many pictures that I want.So we can decide after see the pictures.Internet is very useful. I also use the Internet to research various things.For example,When I make dinner and lunch,I use the Internet.I use the cooking websites.Thank you.

  • Shiori Fukuzawa says:

    I use the Internet to write reports, look websites, and research informations.
    I don’t use the Internet everyday, but I need that.
    There are Facebook, skype, twitter, YouTube, and more…
    We can talk with other country people.
    If we can use the internet, researching informations easily.
    I think it is very necessity.

  • Rina says:

    I use the Internet everyday.I use the internet when I want some information that I want to know. and for FB, twitter,Skype,YouTube,iTunes,etc….. if we use FB and twitter,skype,we could contact with my friends studying in foreign countries easily. ITunes is very nice for me.because It is easy to buy favorite music. We can buy music on iTunes store. When I want to watch musician or singer’s PV I use YouTube. I usually can’t stop watching it.

  • Yuka says:

    I often use the Internet. I see blog, YouTube and fashion site. Furthermore, I see weather forecast and news from it. I get many information from it. It is indispensable for me.

  • Chikako says:

    I often use the Internet to see university’s report and fashion page.
    I often use the Internet, because I can get update and information.
    In my free time, use the internet for one hour and two hours.
    Recently, I often use Skype with my friend who went to study abroad.
    I think that Internet is very useful, because I communicate with people
    far away.

  • Kasumi says:

    I use the Internet to write a report, chat with my friends, E-mail, and instal the music in mobile phone.
    I use the Internet almost every day, and I usually use it at home.
    Especially, when I write English reports, Internet is very convenience, because it has much information that I don’t know. Internet is giving me some new Information.
    Also Internet is easy to search. I can find what I am looking for at once.
    Now, I don’t have my computer, so I want to buy my very own PC.

  • Mari says:

    I use the Internet almost everyday. I spend most of my time when I use the Internet talking with my friends through Skype.It is very useful. Because, you can download free and chat with many people.
    Also I use the Internet to investigate somethings.Because I can get a lot of information.I have a favorite website. It is BBC.BBC is British website. So it is a little difficult.But it has much information about English. So you should check it.

  • nabil says:

    Hi, I use the Internet everyday for reading newspapers, sometimes for searching about some subjects in relation with my work and practicals ideas. I think that the internet is very important in our live.

  • Kasumi says:

    I use the Internet to write areport,chat with my friends,E-mail,and instal the music in mobile phone.

    I use the Internet almost everyday,and I usually use it at home.

  • Tamaki Himoto says:

    My name is Tamaki Himoto. 1210085
    I often use the Internet.
    I sit in front of the personal computer as long as there is free time.
    Because taking and all the usages of the report making, install my ipod on my favorite music and image.
    Hereafter, I want to be going to do the mail exchange through the Internet.
    Then iphone carrying that can use the Internet anytime and anywhere is very convenient, I will buy it.

    It is glad if it serves as a reference.
    Thank you.

  • Yuko Kambayashi says:

    I use the Internet to investigate about my homework, to look at University’s site, to send an e-mail, and so on. I use the internet at my university because I don’t have a computer. I don’t use the internet well.

  • shihoko ohno says:

    I use the Internet for facebook, watch the youtube, mail, or net shopping.
    I use the Internet everyday.
    I usually use the Internet with my cellphone, but sometimes I use the Internet at my house.
    When I’m free, I always use the Internet!

  • Rie says:

    Internet handles me only at the report. You Tube is sometimes uses. It watches the overlooked television and the animated cartoon is senn. However, Internet uses it only about once a week. Time is about one hour. So Internet doesn’t use it so much.

  • misaki uehara says:

    I talked to the internet whith yuka.
    When she use the internet makes a report.
    She use the internet for about tow hour a day.
    She usually use yahoo japan, google japan and so on.

    And I talked to the internet whith next gerl.
    I forgot her name.
    I said I saw entertainer’s blog, fashion homepage and so on.
    I use youtube, yahoo japan.
    She too.
    We enjoyed talking.

  • Phil says:

    Lots of great posts!

    I use the Internet to keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues and students via email, Skype, and facebook. It’s also great for learning new things, keeping up-to-date with the news, and sharing funny, interesting, and useful information, stories, videos, music, and so on. In addition to online shopping, other parts of life need to be managed via the Internet, such as banking, insurance, and even household utilities such as gas and electricity.

    I access the Internet mostly from my laptop, but more recently, quite a lot from my phone. I like the speed and easy-access to a lot of information, but sometimes there is too much information and we can suffer from ‘information overload’! I’m also wary of becoming over-reliant on the Internet. What would happen to some of our lives if suddenly the Internet just stopped working?!

    For people who are new to the Internet, my advice would be to remember that it is a public space and a tool which can be used for good or bad purposes, so its important to be aware of basic Internet safety issues ( and good to learn about netiquette.

    Happy surfing 🙂

  • Tomoko says:

    I use the Internet for mixi and blog.
    The other, I use it to examine about report.
    Because much information gathers, it is very convenient.
    When I am free, I use it well.
    I have computer, I use my house.
    My computer is smart.
    It is very easy to use it.
    I like to use the Internet!

  • Jane Z says:

    Hey, everybody. Speaking of the Internet, I bet most people in the world can’t live without it. It has become an essential part of our daily life. Generally,I use Internet to chat with my friends and family on QQ,Skype,or facebook. If I have any information to search for, Internet is the first source that I will refer to because it is fast,various,and fresh.Although Internet has some disadvantages at the same time, it is surely an useful friend for us.

  • mahdi says:

    first of all. the internet is the most thing used today . for example when i like to serch for an information i use google but before trying to serch i open imidiatly my acount facebook and see the actualitis the thing which needs moor time . I can find the inforfmition in 15 minits but the facebook or msn and so on maks it longer . so i think that the most bad thing in the use of the internet is lost of time

  • hoang says:

    I use internet almost everyday in my life. I don’t play game, not often to search and make new friend as well as never shop on internet. But it help me a lot in my job, study, and enable me to connect with my friends easily. I can also reach updated local and world news everyday on internet just by some click, and don’t have to pay much for newspaper or magazine. On the internet,I can get closer to world ouside,just staying in front of screen I can know everything of this world, it’s just amazing!with the search engine, I can easily find ount any information I’m looking for.
    But sometimes Internet distract me and I tend to be lazy to go out. Sitting long before the screen make my eye really tired.

  • hastadieron says:

    Internet reveals you to yourself what are you made of
    …an amazing Pandora’s box full of crap an diamonds

  • Happystar says:

    I think internet is really something. It gives us a colorful modern life.

  • sepali says:

    According to my point of view Internet very help. We can get lots of information through internet and we can link with all around the world.There are more benefits and we can improve our knowledge. Not only there are disadvantages.

  • jenny says:

    I think the Internet is useful for everybody nowaday. Everybody uses it for their work. How will our life be if we don’t have the Internet? It is the complex world. Everybody will meet the difficulty in their work. From the professors to the students, everybody need it. It help us to find the information, improve and enhance our knowledge. For example, we can study english through it. More and more the benefits from the Internet which we didn’t know. It is easy to use, is free, and has the news on the world everyday. I think nobody could deny the benefits which it bring for us.

  • Elbek says:

    I am elbek. I use internet every day. Because my work(program,er) is connected with internet. I can not imagine my life without internet. It is big library, you can find what you want. It is so amazing. My phone also connected to internet so whenever i can use from internet. It helps to improve knowledge by sharing informations and news.

  • Gwladys says:

    I use internet every day first because I’m working in I.T so internet is a tool for me to work and to learn about something I don’t master.

    I use it too, to organize my vacation, to discover about the country where I go, to locate places I would like to visit. It’s an entertainement too, I can watch tv show online.

    Generally, I use it like a knowledge base about everything. Owing to Internet, world news, knowledge and culture are close to you.

    Internet is the best tool which exists.


  • Laurita says:

    Hi all,

    I’m Laura and I come from Spain.
    I use internet every day for work, chatting to my friends,searching some info, reading the news,sending emails etc. Sometimes I buy tickets for concerts, flights, cinema etc, but the main use is searching for information.
    When I have a doubt or help about something like a new product, a package holidays,or whatever I always use the internet.
    I’m lucky because I have broadband 24 hours a day, and my mobile phone also has got Wifi connection. I have been using the Internet for 10 years but everyday I heard something new about it. It’s really amazing, isn’t? 🙂
    I think that the internet is a new world where you can find a lot of different things for your daily life. Nowadays I can’t imagine my life without the internet because it has became a important part of my life. For me it’s the best source information ever.
    If you really know how to use it, you can find what you want, but please, always be responsible with everything and if you see something wrong just report it!

  • Somphong says:

    I am a teacher at pakse TTc. I use internet for work everyday to find some topics for my students.

  • Miss Thao says:

    Hi everybody,

    I’m Thao. I use internet everyday for work, chat to my friends. It hepl me contact with many friends from different place in over the world. When I need or want to know anything, I looking for in the internet such as: the way to learn english,to cook. I also access the internet to discuss on the forum to share my idea and receive more usefull information from them.
    However, internet sometimes is disadvantage. It make me lazy to read book, contact with computer, My eyes and skin face not good. Sometimes, my computer is attacked by virus.

  • Lisa says:

    I think use the internet is very useful.After school,I went home and turned on computer to suffer web,listen to music,watch the movie online and so on.By this way, I felt comfortable and relax,it help me not be stress after studying hard.I hope everybody will use the internet and think that internet as a best friend of us.

  • Eva says:

    In fact,I always use the internet to chat with my friends.Generally,I open the software of QQ (just like MSN)and enter it when I open my computer.the secend thing is to see what my friends have done during these days in website of RenRen.If I have enough time or there is few friends online,I may see some films online.Sometimes,I shop online,but this situation is unusual.And,internet to me,is a way of getting information.Just about the country and the society.In fact,I would like go to the library to learn something but use Internet.

    How do you use the Internet? What do you do? How often? Why? Do you mainly use the Internet to play games, find friends, learn online, shop online…? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Do you have any tips and suggestions you would like to give others?

  • Juliana says:

    I usually use the internet to read my emails and shop for somethings, When I was a teen I used to use to internet for make friends.

  • Francesco says:

    I use internet for everithing,it’s difficult for me answer shortly at the question.
    I have the computer turned on for twenty-four hours,that’s for saying,principally i study with internet, i find notes, articles,argument interesting to enrich my books and the programmes i have to do;also i download music, chat with friends, surf on the social network,shop online everithing you can do with internet.The suggestion i want to give to everybody is the internet is a big encyclopedia and if you make a good use of it it could be a great support for everything in your life.

  • lamo says:

    My main use of internet is learning english. When i get smart time at work i use it to discuss with friend abroad and others people in world. Futher i use it to search some information about job providing. I go on internet to download some movies, updating some software, taking part of actuallity. I always take breaking news around a world by internet. Playing, listening music and watching tv occupied my moment at net in the weekend.

  • Saya says:

    Mainly I use it for searching information. For me, there is no necessity to buy books and newspapers, to go to cinema, ring round refferal services… The world become smaller and people close

  • Jenny says:

    Hi guyz…

    I used internet to be in touch with all round world ..playing games…taking information for projects….playing games…shopping…getting tickets from cinema…chating with frndzz…etc…
    I hve taken lotz off fun using internet n i m very happy to use internet….!!!

  • Vanessa says:


    I think internet has a lot of ventages but at the same tome is destroying families cause every single person has not time to share with their own families, people is chating, watching pics, facebook, etc…

  • wafa mt says:

    really the first thing i`m using internet for learn.
    i want to learn english.i hope that.i`m doing the best
    i am so happy because i find you . the second thing
    iwant to learn how to use computer with out problem.enternet is useful in life

  • wafa mt says:

    thank you for everything

  • Pr0nFan28 says:

    I’m using teh intawebs for really hard PR0N!!!

  • Ka Kit says:

    HI,using internet is dangerous !!

  • animesh says:

    i am now 20 years i sometime need internet cause of some searching to get information and images as requirement.when i open my computer and go for internet, initially there is a motive but after a little time i start chatting with my friends and dearest one, i forget my basic need and involve with some unnecessery thing, it’s realy a bad habit of mine.
    i wish to collect many information about updated worldwide technologies ,greatest people we ever had,new website that will be very useful to me.
    yes, i also like to download image of my favorite ferrari car.
    i wish to build up my english vocabulary by searching many kind of e-books,related to story & educational book.

  • jakes says:

    i using the internet to chatting and enjoy my time and spent good time in see things and know more every day

  • Simitry says:

    hey everyone.
    wow. so much i can say about the internet. internet is our all.. ill be truth wit u . i cant imagine my life without its resource. im using it for : just surfing, learning, studying, getting information about everything that comes to my mind, getting in touch wit people on the opposite side of our planet.
    im using it for social networks, with that global powerful resource our abbilities are becomes infinity. we can do everything! just reflect how “big” is internet?

  • sisi says:

    I use Internet to get Information in the world and to find necessary points for my class.It is used to contact my friends in the way.

  • Abdulaziz says:

    Using internet has many advantages and disadvantages. First , the internet is a source of information by which we can get everything we want such as reading books , articles and newspapers. In addition to that the internet is a means of communication that allows us to communicate with people all over the world in order to share our experiences in different fields. Moreover , when we don’t want to waste our time , we can visit a lot of web sites in order to improve our skills in making computer programs and so on . Also the internet has some disadvantages which lie behind stealing money , watching bad movies and porn . All in all , the internet is full of information and we will never fed up of .

  • kootchess says:

    hi .I use internet for play chess and learning English .because we don’t always have internet supply ,we should refer to local teachers and for a month from supplying internet connection I registered to English club and learned with more speed than before ,and this was with my chess play too.internet is a world connection actually .thanks . excuse me for this bad scribble

  • emiiii says:

    Many people nowadays stay front of the computer for hours and am one of them.i like using the internet ; it helps me in many aspects .the internet helps me in my study it makes things easy and fast ; when i want sreach about a topic i always using the internet is very useful.i use the internet also for fun ; i like to play computer games and chatting with people from all the world .the internet is good source to learnning ; i entre to many websites to learn .the internet as many things in this world has advantages and disadvantges ; for example some time chatting and playing games distract me from my study ; chating with stranges made to me many problems because most of these people are have bad ethics .Meanwhile ; the internet helps me to know many people from the whole world; and helps me in my study ; i really like the internet but using it for a long time has bad effects .i advise people to not using the internet for a long time and to know how to use it in good sides ; and not trust anything or anyone because many people in the internet are fake and many informations as well . hope someone correct to me 🙂

  • Phuong says:

    Nowadays, internet makes great contribution to the development of business. market researchs,inquiries,offers,negotiating articles of contracts,… are almost executing through MSG or email.It’s a much more economical & faster to do business.
    Beside through websites of companies, the geography distance seems no more important & it’s easy for companies all over the world find out partners to come to deals.

  • Phuong says:

    Internet is wonderful.It’s a endless source of information,But surfing internet in the wrong way wasted my time much.It’s easy for me to over-indulge in useless information such as facebook or rag about actors, actresses or scandal… so how to use internet effectively?
    In my opinion, I must make clear my target when i turn on my computer and connect to the internet:what I want to search,how I find it out?through which web?and follow my plan stricly.Of course,there is time to relax,so I need not to have a plan in this case.Just leave my time with what I’m interest in

  • Ragaei says:

    I mainly use the Internet to find information.i am working as a Software Engineer so my work needs to be always online.Internet means a life for me :).I am a newer here (English Clup)and need to become a profissional in reading,writing and speaking english.
    Thanks for all 🙂

  • Esther says:

    There are many advantages of using internet.
    I use internet to get more update information all over the world and to get information from all of friends who are far away from me. Sometime i used to learn english and other languages.If you use it the right way advantages are for you.
    But everything has side effect.

  • hannia says:

    I use the Internet to get new information, I visit my email and some page every day, Because I think it is a good way to conect with news,friends and diversification topics.I do not play game or shop online because I prefer to sky in the Internet and try to get the most important resume news.The advantanges of Internet I think provide many information about different topic,but the disadvantages it will be use by hacker of stolen people for this I one tips it is to be careful with some special pages principal that if you known it and in general We should check the computer frecuently in order to prevent virus and they would broke it.

  • da says:

    Internet can be friend ,learn everything,bussiness,and easy travel around the world when i want know something i use internet or sometime can chat with friend orther country.

  • misha says:

    Hello everybody!Internet is the gratest invention since people had domisticated the fire. I like it and now I can’t imagine haw to find some information without net.

  • sonu says:

    i m glad to write hear to somethings….i think internet is very useful to people what they wants to see.internet has very useful to all people to see the any actress picture and also see any video.

  • hateboy(">_ says:

    hello !
    Howdy (“._>)hi!
    i think enternet help all people in the work,study,music,and can in the game…it’s do reduce stress ……every day ,i can open my website ,yahoo,gmail,facebook..maybe i love enternet..

  • balkis says:

    As we know, internet is very useful to all people. I use internet wisely and not to take more time. Usually, i like to open my facebook and update it. Beside , i take a change to online with my friends.

  • Vuong says:

    Hello! Everybody.
    According to me using internet is advantage. Beacause we can across-cutural, comunicate with my foreign friend…Beside we can pay bill, chat, check e-mail, help entertaiment, search information,…
    Maybe many people think “internet is disadvantage”, because they don’t control their time, when they use internet. Not only that, they don’t know to use internet effectively. Example: They always don’t detect aim exactly for using internet.
    However, if we know use internet for fresh aim, we will feel internet of goodness. when you have understood internet, now let’s use internet.

  • waz says:

    hi all,

    i wanna to learn english very well. internet is a very useful vay to it. also it has very disadvantages; spending time, killing face to face dialogue.. also have very advantages like checking e-mails, paying bills, maybe having a boyfriend or girlfriend:))

  • nurkyz says:

    Hi to everybody!
    I use internet because it is connected with my work.
    But especially I use internet to apply University in Korea. I did it. Now I am waiting result from Univ.
    I did impossible through internet. First time I sent all my original doc. to Kuyng Hee Uviver. But later I knew that I was late by one day.On next day I have got message from other University where ask send original doc. They said that I have a chance to study there. I have only 3 days for send original doc. I started find friend from Korea who can take my doc and send it to another Univer. I did it. I found friend from Kyeng Hee University. She take all my orig. doc and send it all. I am very happy that I could to apply for short time and find a good friend. 🙂
    P.S. Internet-saver

  • Trainp says:

    Hi all again,
    Nice to meet all you and read your comments in this site. In the near future, i want to make friend with all of you and also i want to discuss with you somethings about the way to learn english well.

  • niraj says:

    i use internet mainly to get updated information regarding my present time net is one and only source of waste resource of any kind of topic.

  • Francis says:

    I almost use internet for information, as knows, the internet is part of our life, i am a civil engineer, i always work aboard, i need files, send and receive e-mail, also i often contact with my friend online, so hereby, i can not continue my life without internet.

  • sawhtoo says:

    I use internet for collecting information, reading news, listening news and songs, and sending message to friends and family. I believe internet is worldwide communication center. Sometime internet is very useful and sometime it is so dangerous for us, especially related with personal information, bill payments and financial information. We need the knowledge about how to use safe and secure and some basic technical issues like virus. Overall, internet become apart of our life and everybody should have knowledge about how to handle internet.

  • Trainp says:

    Hi everybody,I’ve just came back here for a long time absent. As everyones, i like the internet as much as i can. it’s very useful for me to finish my works. although i don’t have much time to surfing the internet but i spend 2 hours more everyday to use it. With the internet we can know everything we want like information of an address of a hotel or we can find anywhere we want by google earth or so on…So I want to tell you that internet really useful if we use it right. But it’s also dangeruous if we use it wrong. And somebody can ask me which is right use and which’s wrong? The question depend on you , not on me. For example, we use this room to exchange our opinions about the way to learn english well, that’s right use. but we use the internet to play game all day long is not good , that’s wrong use.
    In summary, internet is very useful if we know how to use it. And it will become harmful if we don’t use it right.
    I love the internet as much as i do.

  • Hazel says:

    Now, internet is a vital part of my life. I use it to search information, contact friends and recharge the fees. And also the internet reward me many useful knowledge. The first thing is turning on my computer in every morning. I believe I cannot live without internet.

  • imdat says:

    hi.I am imdat.I am from turkey.I am electric engineer .I am little speak an writing engilish. Iam learning , understand and writing english. I help you abaout. every body good night.

  • Jaber Adel says:

    Hi,I use internet in alot of things such as studying ,chatting and playing online..
    but i don’t like use it always in my free time because i like doing workout..
    so the internet is not on top of my list.

  • Cristina says:

    Hi! I’m an EFL teacher, and I use the internet a lot to browse stuff for my classes. Tonight’s lesson, for example, students will be invited to talk about their reasons to use the internet. Where did I get the idea? From the internet itself! Tons of foruns and discussions on this matter. This was one of them! the only one that actually wanted to hear from me as well! 🙂

  • mansour says:

    I use internet to kill my times or somehow to forget passing the times of my living times.I think I am very insufficient person and can not do anything in right order so this matter annoys me very much.Is it possible to introduce some people to correspond to me that may help me to overcome to this odd story.Thanks alot

  • bruce says:

    i have been using internet since 2000. i was at high school in that time and it helped me to improve my language skills. i could search various things related to my lessons. In my university years internet was becoming popular with the other parts of the country and it became widespread. Now, i am working and i can not imagine working without internet. it is easiest and quickest tool for accessing information. i think there will be lots of developments that we face relevant with technology.

  • Quang Duy says:

    Hi every one, this is the first time I write English to other people. I usually use internet, I use it everyday. I can play games, listen to music and watch film. At this time Internet is very popular and it is very fast when you use adsl technology.

  • rmarti says:

    Hello everybody.

    The Internet is the best tool ever invented. I start it using the Internet in 1995. The Internet service provider at the time was AOL! Who rembers AOL? This question is for people in the United States. At the time Internet was so slow that everybody will be talking of a Modem yes a 56k Modem. A modem was a device that it stablished an Internet connection to the service internet provider. I am hoping that what I’ve just writted it makes senced. I like this side because I get to practice writting.

  • wis says:

    I use internet for many things such as checking the weather, learning language, how to do things, connecting with my family, friends and school, finding interest places, researching stuffs that I want to buy and lots more. I think internet is a very good place to learn as long as you understand what you’re doing. There are lots of articles and videos that support your interest.

  • shamsy says:

    Internet has a lot of advantage I use internet for getting information about everything such as health and exercises about some problems as backache and neck and I lean a lot about foods and etc.

  • shamsy says:

    In my country it is evening now and I am alone so I am connecting to the internet and, now I am with other people and I can share with them in various topics. I think internet is interesting and great that we can access the all people of the world.
    When I have problem I get help from internet. I have gotten a lot of information from internet. I use internet in the morning before doing other things and after than I do my other duties. So I decided to improve my English.

  • prahesti_h says:

    I mainly use internet for academic and entertainment purpose. Internet is such an amazing technology in my life. I could search any informations from my fingertips, sitting down in front of my latop. By using internet, we have to realize for the disadvantage of it. We have to be prepare and protecting ourselves from any bad things that will affect us, such as pornography, etc. Sometimes, I forgot my responsibility because of too much using internet. So, internet is very useful for us depends on our decision and our purpose to use it.

  • gourley insurance says:

    Erma, I doubt it??

    Thank you,

  • zaina Hussain says:

    Internet is one of good source to get information of. I use internet for studying,contact with my relatives, watched movie and improve my english. their is one negative side effect of internet, when I surf some website I don’t feel my self, sometime i spend two hours or more, I should balance my time with it because I have many things to do as mom, wife and student.

  • zaina Hussain says:


  • adnane faiz says:

    hi i’m adnane i’m a new student in english and for me I use the internet for the best way i shearch the lessons and exrcice of all subject i really to want to be a good speaker and the best one of everthing i well be a ingrnieur in math and physique

  • trainp says:

    Hi Kayley,
    How are you ?
    What do you want us to do for you?

  • kayley says:

    I would like learn to write and still need a lot to improve. If I write to you, will you help me mark and give your common too, may thanks

    From Kayley

  • trainp says:

    Well internet is the best invention of human.
    I like the internet. I use it every day at night.

  • HeatoN says:

    Well I use Internet for many reasons, couple of them are of course to find some kind of information on the Internet, also to communicate with others via the social networks , to learn something , to play games, to watch movies and there are so many many other reasons I use Internet for. Internet is extremely useful …

  • trainp says:

    Hi, Bera Lau
    Nice to meet you.
    I often surf the internet in night.
    Infact, I use the net to learn and improve my english.
    But as you know, to improve english skills are very difficult if we don’t have any friend who want to learn together.
    I think the room is good way for us to learn and improve english skills.
    But if we have each others maill addres is better. Because we can send to each other some individual messages. And we can exchange our opinions about the life for each other every day or every week… and therefore our four skills in english will be improved day by day.
    How do you think about it?
    I wait for your repply.
    Have a nice day!

  • Bera Lau says:

    Hello, everybody,
    I like surfing the net very much.
    In every morning, my first thing have to do is opening the computer and check the mail or check the news whatever, but I need to open it.
    Now I major in Foreign Language in University, actually I’m not good at English, but I love English. And I use compter to learn English everyday, try to improve my listening, writing and reading skills etc. So is there any way or method to provide me and help me how can learn English effectivly? I will be glad to know you.

  • btbl says:

    I try to exploit the internet capabilities as much as possible. It’s overwhelming to even imagine all the fields where it makes your life way easier. Music discovering is disturbingly fast, I download a huge amount of it every week. Another of my favorite aspects of the internet is the vast learning resources it provides. I can learn something new and useful on a daily basis. I’ve also shopped online, but I’m not quite experienced on that field. And of course, online gaming is very fun and improves the experience.
    In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the internet is the quick globalization of the information. Anyone can know anything, and there is the point where it can turn into a disadvantage. Exposure of personal data conveys digital crime. Also, the internet may be used as a mask by malicious people, because it is so damn easy to create a faux identity. I would recommend to an average internet user to be skeptical about almost anything that he or she may stumble upon in the web. You can’t be the 999 999 visitor, you know?

  • trainp says:

    Hi, Hong,
    How are you?
    Where are you from?
    How long did you register this room?
    Do you usually use the internet?
    Can you tell me some disadvantages of internet?
    Nice to see you.
    Have a good day!

  • hong says:

    As my opinion, I use Internet for my learning and entertainment. Internet provide me many useful things just like reading e-mails, watch TV online, read world news and so on. Internet also help me learn English without going to English center, it makes me save time and money for my learning. If you want to entertain, using the Internet is helpful for you when you want to search for some musics or playing some games in there. I’m also hate a small part of the Internet. When surfing on the Internet, I sometimes have few troubles with my works which were caused by virus and dangerous programs. Do not trust the Internet news because it isn’t true at all. It may cause bad situations for you if you totally believe those news. Generally, Internet is the good tool if you use it for right things but in contrast, it can harm your life.

  • Trainp says:

    Hi Tracy!
    How are you today?
    Are you using internet now?
    What are you doing?
    Do you interest in the internet?

  • Tracy says:

    HI Trainp,
    thx for sharing the disadvantage bcz many people neglect the drawbacks. I think it’s gd to remaind us.Some teenagers can’t escape from virtual world.They can’t make out the reality and virtual reality and consequently they’ll do such a silly thing.But I don’t have time now…I may add the details later.
    Have a wonderful day

  • Trainp says:

    Hi youssef belkouchia ,
    I have a question want to ask you.
    You said that you cannot live without internet. I don’t understand what you mean. Why cannot you live if don’t have internet?
    I think , internet is an advantage for us, but it doesn’t mean internet is all we need.
    Have a good day.

  • youssef belkouchia says:

    in the first im greatfull to internet .it s help me alot to learn english to get friend online….i realy like internet and i cant live without it.there are many positive of internet but it is also negative like the pirate.vuris….some people on chat make we must be carful when we use internet.morever the internt make the word very small we can talk with freind anywhere without using much many..we can find the imformation depents of our topics
    thank you very much

  • Jerry says:

    How do you use the Internet?
    It is an interesting question. I use the internet by opening my computer with internet. I can visit many many website, know manything in the world. I usually use the internet. With internet, i can read new information in my country and aboard. I can listen music, chat with my friends, learn online, play games and so on. I think the internet very usefully for you, for me, for every body.

  • Trainp says:

    Dear all,
    Today i want to tell you a story comes from my contry Vietnam. I hope this story will give you more details about the advantage and disadvantage of the internet.
    Which is advantage ? Which is disadvantage??
    The question depends on whom you ask.
    Now I want to tell you the details of story.
    Two months ago, in my city has a dangerous criminal. The main reason is action movies and action games. He (the criminal) watched action movies , in the movies have many many killers…
    I’m sorry, today i’m so busy, so i will tell you the details by tomorrow.
    Have a nice day!

  • farahnaz says:

    I surf internet daily.Actually I cannot live without it.Everyday I check my mails. I have some friends overseas and the only way to get news from them is through internet. Really nowadays living without access to internet will be impossible.Shopping,
    booking train and plane tickets,learning etc done via internet. So we can say it makes the life easy for us!

  • Trainp says:

    Hi, all,
    I’ve just joined the room. I have already read your all comments.Thank a lot. It is very useful for me to understand what you think about.
    Back to the topic, I think everyone has your own et opinions. With me, internet is very useful , it help me to do many things. For example, i can find more information , i can listen to music,i can chat with my friends all over the world … and i can learn and improve my english.

  • andy says:

    I use the Internet for many purposes but most of the time I use it in learning English language. I listen a lot to English podcast and some Real American conversation I want to input a lot of English listening to my brain to improve my English speaking ability. I always use youtube too for some listening that I make and learning idioms and slangs.There’s no doubt that Internet is very helpful to a English learner like me. The only thing that I start to hate is the advertisements. These give me headache because I don’t like too much pop ups to disturb me especially when I’m learning English.

  • toanngo says:

    hello everyone! I am a student of Water Resource University . The internet is very useful for me. It is as a close friend, a teacher, a brother of mine. Every evening, after I left school, i online for seaching information about homework, looking for free resource. Sometime, i suff the internet for shoping in the shoping website or playing game and dowloading latest song or find out another culture over the world. I can say, the internet is the biggest invention of human, everybody can look everything which they want, talking with peopel in other country through the internet.But there is two sides of the thing, one is advantage, one other is disadvantage. In some case, i tried to find some friend in the internet, but feeling not very good. As you see, in the forums, clubs, or websites ones can give their opinion without common rule, and the black websites appear very much

  • xuka says:

    Hi everybody!
    The internet is new sector in my country. When it appeared, it brought avantages and also disavantage. For me, i mainly use the internet for learning English, listenning music, downloading information, talking with my friend by yahoo, and seaching my favourite sector.As you know, everything also have both side. The internet are the place where everybody can give your opinion without the common rule. Consequently, there were website which was created for defrauding, uploading information not true

  • karl says:

    i mainly use the internet for learning english. i use it as my dictionary and my teacher. everything you have in mind can be answered by the internet. just type your questions in any search engine and you will get thousands of answer. it’s advantage is that you can get in touch with your friends, family and relatives that are far away from you. the disadvantage, well you can always see pornography that you can hardly resist to look at. secondly, it will consume your precious time that you can hardly notice.

  • thaotran says:

    hi everyone, my name is THAO. I think the internet is the infortant to the people who live in america. They have to use it everyday. the internet can help them to shopping, relax, learning and the internet also hepl the kids to know more in the world. people can talk with their family in the different country by the internet too….

  • abcd says:

    hi’ to all

    For me,using an internet is the best source of all information that you want to know ’cause i currently working in a semiconductor firm and it was very helful for me using it daily specialy when i need to check specification of our device,but bear in mind that all information that we seen and gathered here are not precisely right sometimes and it will need us to confirm.

  • Sntg says:

    The internet is a tool that we can use to get any information, we should give him correct use. If you have a computer with internet in your house…you have the world in yours hands. So…enjoy, investigate and give him a good use. See you and good luck!

  • azhir says:

    Internet is a tool I use to get information about anything & everything under the sun.
    It has helped me a lot to learn new ideas & to get in touch with my loved ones

  • Bhavany says:

    Thank you for very rich informative website on English. I am looking to develop English writing skills. At right time i found this website.

  • ivan says:

    Very good all the previus comments,For me the internet is a good teacher. Here you should choose the teacher, you have to look for a good information!! is great ooportunity to get new positive ideas now.

  • A.asiis says:

    i use the enternet for many purpose, eg for communication,to learn more about topic and many has many programs which allows you to learn. in somalia it is where i am from most peaple use the enternet as communication but those who learnt use the enternet to get more advantage. acctually it has no lost except it lose the time but i can say it has advantage.

  • saeed says:

    The Internet was on the way being popular to everyone. It contains all the usual information which we can use daily. It also connects us from the different parts of the world by chatting or sending and receiving e-mails. However, the Internet has both the good and the bad sides. For example, beside from the good information and interesting media, it also has bad programs and websites, which we usually called ‘the black websites’. They have very bad topics for you to find out and if you do so, your computer might be damaged by viruses. The online games can make us relax, but if we are in them, we will lose focus in our real lives. So that when using the Internet, we have to be limited and responsible.

  • Y says:

    I use internet all the time, sometime I asked myself, if one day without internet, how’s day looks like? I can’t imagine it. My work, my daily life, every day’s weather forecast, etc, all of them need internet.
    Having internet is good or not? Sometime I am doubt it. Because I remember that long time ago, my husband and I could go to have vacation without search all the information online. Now, we need spend couple days surfing online to grab all the information about our vacation goals. Sometime, those information ruin our plans, because too many will confuse you to make the final decision.

  • Nguyen Van Dinh says:

    Let imagine that withuot internet in your office what should we do infont of a computor ? obviously internet become very importal at the moment when we send email anytime we need, search anything we want, learn anything we need, see anyhting we like,write anything you think,meet anyone you dont need to know, lie with anyone withuot shy.It is really a big store for me to exploit. I love surfing internet everyday. Thanks

  • apple says:

    I’m from china and I use Internet everyday, though there are some censorship, but by using some proxy, I still get what I want. Doing job, learning English and entertaining myself is my three major work when I’m surfing. besides, Using Apps to contact friends and buying some stuff will occupy my little time. I can’t imagine what the world will be without Internet. But there also have some bad things, such as sex, porn. The Internet is just like a real world, you must have the ability to tell them, judge them and find what you need. you shouldn’t just block the Internet just because of little bad things, which is wrong. I do believe Internet should be full of stuff which can satisfy with anybody under some rules, of course. let us, netcitizen, make the choice.

  • didi says:

    it’s louko moulayoko from benin …and we have internet in mama africa

  • Jane says:

    I use internet every day, as part of my life, like I need eat, sleep.

    I use internet checking my email, contacting with friends. I use internet as my daily work tool.
    I use internet to read news, check needed info and search answers to full of my curisity.

    I can not living without internet.

  • hero says:

    hi everybody.
    internet is very importan for me and i think it is importan not only for me but also for many people. i can use internet for learn online,listen to music,read new….and i can talk to my friend when i can’t meet they by yahoo.

  • Laila says:

    Hello everyone the internet is the important thing for me, I can’t live without it, I use it a lot. I check my email and I talk to my family by skype because they don’t live with me. the internet help me to learn english online and to make friend around the world and I focus on native american because I live in the USA and It’s hard to communicate with native american

  • chin sopheak says:

    hi everybody. i think internet is very useful.i can research new,document, music, for entertainment. especially i can download a new pro grammar.

  • uyenuyen says:

    hi everyone. the first time i commend in the foreign website. I usually use the computer for surfing all of information. so that I can visit this website and write a few observation about how people use the internet. i think Internet has both advantage and disadvantage. in advantage aspect, there is lot of information which people can find in order to supply

  • Prasad says:

    Hello Everone,

    I am new to this site. I joined this club to improve my writing skills. So please feel free to comment on my comments.

    I use internet pretty much for everything. From news to reading comics to buying stuff. Hopefully i can find a good girl on the internet.

  • Deepak says:

    Internet is a blessing in today’s world. It has helped me in business, education and personal life. I owe it a lot and am unable to repay the debt.

  • Aaron Zhang says:

    Internet is commonly existed in our live now, we almost can’t be lack of it any more. we can search and find lots of useful information
    through internet.we also can find many friends in all world without area limitation.

  • Yousif Magdi says:

    I use the internet to stay connected with my friends, share my ideas, also the internet is a huge source of information, you can find literally anything you want to know using the internet, for how often i use the internet, all i can say that i can’t live without it. The internet have tons of advantages that i might not be able to list it all here, but it have so many Disadvantages too, and for me I think the disadvantages is in its effect on isolate the people from their families and fiends .. so just try to control how many hours you use it, and make that period useful. For the tips that i suggest to others is that try using the internet in something useful, Blogging for example is one of the most important application of the internet, where you can share you ideas and thoughts with all the world without any limitations, and that what can drive the world forward.

  • hong t nhan, vietnam says:

    Let’s see! Internet has been on for about 30 years. What have it influenced the world? Who are using it?
    The way people use it and the kinds of people using it make up the advantages and disadvantages per se.

  • babysanxing says:

    I spend most of my spare time surfing the internet.Usually I will keep an eye the spors news,such as Champions League in Europe,table tennis and so on.

  • bella says:

    How do you use the Internet?
    How do you use the Internet? What do you do? How often? Why? Do you mainly use the Internet to play games, find friends, learn online, shop online…? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Do you have any tips and suggestions you would like to give others?

    First off, before taking up the main subject, I want to mention that it is my first time to visit and write here. For that reason, I feel a little bit anxious and I am so eager to do my best. Now, I need to focus. When it comes to the Internet, it is really important and necessary to me. I tend to use the Internet almost every day by using my laptop computer in my room. There are so many things I can do through it that it is one of the most important things in my life. For example, I can study and find out a lot of information that I don’t know and I am interested in. And also, I can socialize by chatting with my friends or e-mailing through the Internet. As you know already, some sites such as “Facebook” and “Twitter” are very essential and inevitable to socialize and get along with other people right now. Moreover, I can watch movies or TV-shows through this. Besides, reading the latest news over the Internet is one of my rutines. Most of all, I usually use the Internet to do shopping instead of going shopping firsthand. Because I don’t have enough time, it can save my time going out to buy what I want. And it is easy to compare money and search something I want easily through retrieving. Shopping online is one of the most convenient advantages in using the Internet, I think. And as I said before, learning online and keeping in touch with my friends through some socializing sites are also very useful. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages in the Internet. It is apparent that the Internet is quite addictive. So there are many people suffering from Internet addiction, for instance, online game or online shopping. And also, it can be one of the reasons why many young kids are obese. In the past, children used to go out and play with their friends outside. But now they are apt to stay home in order to do the Internet. Even for adults, they are inclined to be isolated from the reality because of this virtual Internet world. In addition to those things, there are also so many disadvantages in terms of the Internet. In my opinion, to remain sound in using it, we need to control ourselves and try to balance but not to be addicted and lose our mind. In the case of children, parents should keep their eyes on kids so as to protect them from being addicted and losing self-control. And also, I believe that doing the Internet more that 3hours is really not a good idea. Instead of that, going out and meeting people personally is much better to live better.

  • sean says:

    through internet,i can learn a lot of knowledge which are i needing.i can communicate with others in internet.i would improve my personal skills by internet.internet makes world small,grab the latest news,information, and so on.

  • HienNguyen says:

    Hi Everybody.
    Internet is very important for our era. Interter is a biggest resource that we store information and share our knowledge each other. Especially, When I was a student. I could find any information that I need for my topic, my thesis. It is very helpful. When I surf on the internet. There have many scientific newspaper. I could learn and supply for my scientific topic. Although you specialize for any professional fields. You will get your information through Internet. I think everyone all over the world inherit from human achievement.

  • Abdulmajeed says:

    I think the internet is dont have any disadvantage,
    but if the person used wrongful has bad results

  • M.Waqas Akram says:

    I use internet for my studies as i m studying in a university in which the mode of education is through internet and online web-based learning management system. Thanks for Internet through which now i am able to excel in my professional skills and job place.As well as, I can also download different items and search information on the internet which i want…..

  • Kiran says:

    Internet is a very good source of information.I use internet for communication and to enhance my general knowledge.I also use it for job search and to learn english. Moreover I read newspaper on internet any buy tickets and pay bills by net. so it is very helpful for me.

  • Penny says:

    The Internet was on the way being popular to everyone. It contains all the usual information which we can use daily. It also connects us from the different parts of the world by chatting or sending and receiving e-mails. However, the Internet has both the good and the bad sides. For example, beside from the good information and interesting media, it also has bad programs and websites, which we usually called ‘the black websites’. They have very bad topics for you to find out and if you do so, your computer might be damaged by viruses. The online games can make us relax, but if we are in them, we will lose focus in our real lives. So that when using the Internet, we have to be limited and responsible.

  • anita says:

    hi everybody, i am using the internet for searching in any topic for increase my knowledge. at present i am using this for learning english language and how to speak

  • M says:

    I use the internet every day. I use internet to find information on various topics, chatting with friends and for online shopping. The main advantage of internet is that we can easily get information on any topic. If you are planning to take a trip to a foreign country, you can get all the information about that country like the scenic spots, culture, and food of that country. You can also book your tickets; make hotel reservations sitting at home. I think that internet is helping to bring the world closer. We can chat with people living on the other side of the world and understand their lifestyle and culture.
    Internet can be used for various purposes like learning languages, finding jobs, online applications, online banking, online shopping, etc.
    As every coin has two sides, internet too has its disadvantages. Nowadays it is said that internet is bringing the world closer but mankind is moving apart. People are so busy chatting or surfing the net that they cannot find time for family and friends who are closer to them. Other main disadvantage of internet is that sometimes personal information on the internet is misused. There are some miscreants who hack internet accounts and cause nuisance to others.

    My advice to all the internet users is that use internet for positive and good purposes don’t lose yourself in it, always remember that you have to live in the real world.

  • nurse sami says:

    Hi body
    about internet is very dangers so we need to be careful.
    I use internet as a nurse and is very benefits for my field. Usually I searching update of health and illness.Sometimes I use internet approximately 4 to 5 hours broken daily. because internet become like a book when you read a book you feel interesting. I explore internet to studing Nurse, English, games and find friends if I feel boring. I want from every body take the advantages from this modern things to develope our self and our country and about disadvantages is more but before enter to internet put your goals, What you want from this internet????.
    I suggest to very body to search through internet as his/ her specialist

    Nurse sami

  • Mikey K. says:

    I used internet to read news, watch videos, chat with friend and family and of course learn english

  • gaurav Savita says:

    I used internet to keep conect with my abroad friend who lives overseas although here lots of reason to use internet but for me is keep in touch with my freind

  • kawthar says:

    when we discussing the issue of the internet we should consider the internet’s advantages and disadvantages,and from my side I should confess that the internet takes a lot of my time, whether in good or bad using ,for instance I often use the chat rooms ,chating with all my frindes, I play games for long hours,so I personally think that this is a big mistake because I waste my time in vain, but in the other hand I know that i could surely benefit from the internet ,so I decide from thise day to take the good from it , and since I decide to inter university I chose the English subject to learn,so I see that I must improve my English, especially in English writing …and I’m sure that this website will help me a lot…

  • Hamed says:

    i am a PhD student of physics, i use internet for searching the new scientific works and studies and getting them. regularly i use it for check my email and sending the emails to my friends all over the world. sometime it help me to shop online for example airplane or train ticket. it’s a good tool for me. i couldn’t live without this 🙂
    the disadvantages of the internet is depend on you and your sight.
    i think the internet itself is not a bad thing but the main problem is being jobless. if you don’t have any task to do you may be waste your time may be by using internet not properly.

  • jk says:

    I use internet for a variety of purposes. I use it for entertainment, information, shopping, communicating, and so forth. Although internet benefits my life a lot, sometimes I also get harmed by it. Sometimes I spend lots of time lingering on it without purpose, getting distracted from the work I’m supposed to finish in a minute if no disturbance from the internet. I can only say internet is like a double-edged sword. Using it properly, it helps you; misusing it, it incurs more harm than good.

  • Natik says:

    Hi! I am from Russia and in my culture it was a fair tale about a plate and apple on it. When apple was moving on a plate, people can see what’s happening whatever they wish. It’s like an internet you can find everything you need! My favorite sites are shopping of course! Very convenient for me. Sometimes I looked and found doctors. I read news. I chat with my friends. Skype helps me talk and see my family, why are far away from me. Verdict: It’s magic.

  • oumàH says:

    i use the internet for my home work !!

  • margosha says:

    I very often use the Internet, because it helps me in the decision some problems, for example, a search an information about my diploma project. I think, that the Internet is very useful thing nowadays.
    Thanks for your site, it is interesting for people, who want to know about English more and more:)))

  • andres says:

    Using the internet is by far the most common entertainment around the world.
    I think the internet is a good tool to find special information about your career, planning vacations and reading some important news. However, sometimes we spend a lot of hours chatting or watching videos, something that is not productive for our lifes. I don´t say that it´s bad but we have to manage our time in a good way, in order to be a better persons and better professionals. Having a balance life is the key of success.

  • cndy says:

    internet is a connection throughout the world. I use it internet for many purposes. Mainly to research and seek information to some things that i do not know, to play and download games,music videos… with the use of internet im always updated on whats happening around the world even if im just staying at my home…

  • sanaa says:

    yes, the internet now someting very important in my life and I think and on life all the poeple around this whole world sepcaily to developpe My knowledge background and My englih .

  • nourddine el ghayad says:

    no body denies that usage of internet has several advantages .firstly, check new ideas and news in many websites .secondly ,chat with other forigners in order to exchange traditions ,culture and correct the stereotypes wich each one has .thirdly , gain money from some websites .fourthly,steal frequences of expensive canals especially here in morocco a souk called derb ghalaf .
    whereas, the disadvantages are a lot depend on the person who use the the beginning , reading in the internet is not good because every one can write in this network wich strugle us to realize that thos information are true or false . and also readind front of the light injure readers .in addition internet make us don’t feel about time . imagine that i know many moroccans who stay front of computer at least 10 hours per day .so here internet is a disaster and addiction.

  • Amel says:

    Hello every body, for information i’m framework banker, i’m francophone and highly motivated to learn english, for this reason, i use internet regulary. Discussing with english native speakers is an opportunity for me, other reasons for using the net are mainly consulting news websites for getting regional and international news, tchating with my friends allover the world, learning financial and commercial terms to improve my english.

  • learnenglish1qaz says:

    Nowadays, internet plays a vital role in every one of us. It offers a lot of features that we can use to make our life much easier and faster.

    I usually use internet for many practical reasons. The first one is to communicate with my loved ones and friends who are apart from me. I know whats their status and keep me updated with latest happenings about them. Secondly, I use it to gain information about a certain thing. Internet for me is a wide source of information wherein you can use for researching. Lastly, I use it for entertainment.
    I usually listen to music using different sites from the net. I watched movies from it. Read blogs, manga, articles about the current events etc.

    I use the net for my own benifits. I couldn’t imagine what will happen if internet had never been discovered.

  • Mahmoud says:

    I always use the internet to communicate with my friends, search for information that help me in my work, read news in daily fashion and sometimes to search for a job.
    Internet is very useful, but we have to use it in right way

  • Bernard Duchêne says:

    Hi, everybody! I use Internet for my personal delight. I like learning languages on-line. It is also useful for music and learning guitar and piano and the stuff that goes with it.

  • Florian Demmel says:

    I’m french, I’m in High school and I’m 15
    years old.
    I use Internet at home to make my English homeworks, in Google Translation. Internet is useful to me for Facebook, MSN, Football 365 and games too.
    I use Internet three hours a day.
    Internet allows to have good translations and has many information (chat, sport, meeting)

  • maharaj says:

    Hi,I am pleasure to read all mails. It is interesting to me. I am able to enhance my knowledge about the use of internet. I use internet regular basis. But after reading all mails I have got a clear picture about the advantages and disadvantages of internet. Thanks a lot to Joe’s cafe.

  • julia park says:

    I use internet for resource, learning, current affair, e-mail. I think discovering internet is most beneficial to human kind. Does scientist out there, thanks for your creativity. I wouldn’t get all does of knowledge or business deals without internet. Thank you for making my word more effective.

  • RaSHiD says:

    intrnet is very usefull for my life and your life can i you went in evry were in the world in intrnet thanks for reading thats comment bey bay ;P

  • asni says:

    Internet is very important for me as usual. Every day i use internet for searcing information. Beside that chatting with my friend. It’s very exciting activity for example use meebo or yahoo messenger. and of course we can publishing writer

  • Ann says:

    I usually use the internet to send or receive e-mails and chat with my friends. By doing that, my friends and I can exchange informations instantly. Also, I will listen to the radio programs or watch some funny videos on the net. The most important part which makes internet very convenient is the tool of searching, I suppose. Whenever I wanna to find some knowledge or resources, I just need to link up the website.

  • bei says:

    Usually I use internet to communicate with friends, play games and study professional knowledge. In the past, I used internet every three days. But now, I sit before computer everyday as I can not leave from he. Internet is a double-edged sword. Most important is yourself, you can use it to enrich your life or ruin your life.

  • hossein says:

    Nowadays Internet become a most useful and important tool all over the world. I myself, use it for my studies and research for scientific projects, also I use it for news and popular information . One of the most advantages of internet is to communicate with others. and It make the world like a village.
    so I spend a lot of my time for internet. and it is very important in my life.

  • Hana says:

    Internet has become a part of my life. I use internet for searching information, communicating with family members, friends and people from work and shopping. It is very easy to access, convinience tool and the most powerful information resource. Of cause, anything has its disadvantage. Internet is not a exception. Since there are so much information and so many websites you can access, you can be misleaded and confused. You have to use your own judgment and subconscious to decide whether the information is right, the staff you shopping for is what you wanted. Do enough homework before you make summit anything and check the backgrand or anycomplains before you buy anything from online.

  • Ann says:

    As in today’s society, internet is trend and quite addictive. In order to survive and stay on top in this high tech spiderweb, using internet is a must.

  • Van says:

    Nowadays, the world without internet is a world without water, even people forget to drink water but check internet regularly.

  • Romina says:

    Well, there has been much discussion about this topic.
    Some people are in favour of this statement whereas others do not agree with it.
    There are advantages of using the internet but also there are disadvantages.
    It is often suggested that internet is a useful tool that you can use for everything.
    I always use Internet to do my homework, surf on it, being in contact with friends trough of messenger, play games of course, etc!
    The disadvantages are that you spend your free time sitting on a chair like as a coach potato, you do not exercises or in most cases you do not go out with friends because you talk with them in internet and you will converted on a lazy person.
    The question is where does the truth lie? There is no easy answer.
    In my opinion it has got more disadvantages than advantages but i love internet and i never leaving using it because it a good tool.
    In the future it could be one of the best tools for people.

  • Putri Rezkia says:

    I can tell that Internet is my life…=)
    I usually use internet to have fun..
    I can share my feeling with someone by chatting or using face book..
    Sometimes, I use internet to download some new released songs or videos in you
    But,, now internet is closely enough with me because its help me to search some references which are related to my research..
    So,, I’m sure that internet is very useful to me…

  • jhon A 2006 psik unri says:

    i think internet has many advantages…
    internet can make open we mind… we can get all information in the world, if there people not can use can internet i think the people lose,,,,

  • yeyen says:

    internet access can help me to search of information.I cant searching the article for references my can also give information about economic, fashion, hot public topic. I really happy use the face book. because, my friend give comment about my state, and i can look their photo.

  • yossy says:

    yossy says:
    19th November 2009 at 3:17 am
    I am very enjoy to use the internet,, because i can access anything that i want. especially,, it help me to finish my homework as a student,, because find the topic of my homework in internet faster than find it in text book. And beside that,, i can chatting with my friends,, play a game, download Mp3,, etc. And it make me very happy and i can forget some of my problem. I think internet is useful if we are using it well

  • rahman says:

    I think internet is one of miracle in the world from the human race. from internet we can get anything information, about yours hobbies, news, until what do you need in your life.
    for me internet is a important things in my life, from internet i can finish my task from my lecturer, i can consultation to my supervisor about my proposal and i can get more information about trend bike modification and when the calender event.
    and now, i think internet is a half in my life, and thank you very much to who the create the internet..!!!

  • martha says:

    well..there are so much fun in using internet..
    you can find everything in internet..
    seeking for references for my task,, download funny pictures for collection, download songs or videos, and also meet some friends..
    using internet is very simply and fast..
    you just need to sit and let your eyes, your brain and your hands works..

  • yossy says:

    I am very enjoy to use the internet,, because i can access anything that i want. especially,, it help me to finish my homework as a student,, because find the topic of my homework in internet faster than find it in text book. And beside that,, i can chatting with my friends,, play a game, download Mp3,, etc. And it make me very happy and i can me forget some of my problem. I think internet is useful if we are using it well.

  • Chika_gitu says:

    Internet…. I can’t imagine if no internet in my life. Because I really need internet. By using it, I can get so many informations, and that informations are needed to make my academic tasks, and of course it can increase my knowladge about everything. I also can keep in touch with all of my friends wherever they are. Almost everyday I use internet. It makes my life easier and fun.

  • nurma says:

    hei…aim nurma from Indonesia..
    i use internet if i have exercise and if i want joint with my friend in the face book…
    internet very benefit to me because with internet i can information many the matter.
    with internet i can see many picture example my village, my favorite artist or other country..just with enter in Google and than enter name country and than you wait few minute you can see the caontry..hehehe..
    and with internet you can download your favorite song or you can download new song or new movie must remember don’t be use internet to meter not benefit..but use internet to meter good.


  • Dendy Hyuuga says:

    I still remember when I in senior high school when internet be a rare thing. So we must gonna the library if we have a task. but now, we only need gonna to use internet. its more eficien and quick we dont need to stay and look for from one book to the other books. I think internet is the AWESOME thing in the world. I’m sure people not able live without internet. Maybe its like a doomsday in 2012 if internet not in our side anymore. Many adventages we can gain from internet, I can share something with the other by my facebook, I can gain information that I need to created my paper, I can play online with my friends. I think internet is belong to our PRIMER NEED.I can says INTERNET (I=INteresting, N=NIce, T=thing, E=ever N=iN Entire T=technology).

  • nurul husni says:

    hallo, I am uul from Indonesia
    nice to meet you all,,,

    I use the internet to get a data, meet a friend with online. the internet has a many advantages, especially for me.
    I can get news, search a music, video, etc.
    and than, the internet not make a boring cause make be happy if I done my activity as student in one of university in Indonesia (UNRI in RIAU).

    basically, the internet is very important, fun, many advantages. (Excellent)
    thank you,,,,

  • fadhli ahmad says:

    according me, using the internet is very useful and helping my collage job. i cant searcing the article for references my task in colage. with accesing the internet we would be know what the event all over in the world. i can find my old friend and may old friend from senior high school and junior high school. using intenet we can get news about plagua, crime, sport and so on. but now many website is misusing by someone like terorisme, porno website and many other cybercrime.

  • gigin says:

    i think internet has some advantages and disadvantages..The good one the internet we can get the new and hottest information, we can find a journal academy to hope our research, and also we can find some friends, we can play a game, and we can doing economic activity like open a shopping online, and the others..
    and for a bad effect are we spent a lot of time in the computer or our phone just to do it,, as you know it can damage our eyes. And using internet you will spent a lot of money…
    Because of that effect, i only use internet when i need it..

    Yeah, it’s just my’s up to you if you think the same with me..hohoh

  • ziya ajah says:

    I love to use internet. as a student, It’s very useful to looking for my lesson and homework. especially for now, it’s very useful for me to looking for the journals or researches which related to my research.
    when I wait for my browsing, I can also chat to anyone globally. besides that, a can use the web that i can share photos, informations, videos, and many more with my friends. sure, the important one, I can download the musics or movies that i want to see. then, I dont have to buy a magazines to know the news about public figures.
    I don’t know about the others, but for me internet is one of my basic needs nowadays.

  • Imelda Rayuka says:

    I think internet is useful for me. Now,, I’m in the last course to have the graduated time at nursing school. So, I have to do a kind of research, and I think internet will help me to get some reference belong to my research. I search more about journal and other sources that are related to it.
    In the other hand, I usually use internet to share with my friend in face book site and sometime chat with them just to know about their activity at the their college.
    Last, Maybe I usually use the internet to see my e-mail. I’m sure that internet is one of helpful media for getting more information.

  • sisil says:

    I think internet is very usefull to me,, i usually use internet to cheked a e-mail ,and find every information especially about nursing and i use the internet for chat whit freinds. almost everyday and everytime i use internet that i want to do in my campus and i think all my friend in campus use internet to find her/him task,but they like use internet to online with her friend such as openned facebook. with internet we can know all about information in the world because the information always up to date.actually internet have many adventages for me…..

  • erna says:

    Having an internet access is really helping me through my daily job as a lecturer. I can search everything from daily topics to serious ones such as a topic for my students that is related to nursing subjects. I also can spend my spare time by chatting with my friend and opening my own facebook. I can imagine if I don’t have any access into internet. By having this access my whole life seems alot easier and cheaper. Today, internet is one of my basic needs.

  • emilen says:

    hi.I usually read the sport news on internet and playing games with my daughter.I can find any information for our problems.i use internet every evening when I return from work.I don’t image leaving without internet.

  • osama says:

    I usually go on facebook and youtubeon the computer. sometimes i play games on the computer too. I also go on yahoo and msn messenger. I even paractice my typing skills in

  • Solya_p says:

    I’m from Thailand.Usualy i use the internet for my job,check an e-mail,seaching an information. Otherwise i can communicate with my friend wherever they are.

  • Beni says:

    With internet world is now very smoll. We have more posibility in front of computer to find information for our problem. It is very easy and I think is very use full for all of as.Information , shoping, e-malis, web, videofast contact in all the world. More people use today I believe in the future all the people can use internet. it’s advantages for our generation.If you are in your home only with internet you are everyver.

  • bodundele says:

    Internet is a global technology dat advances as time, internet helps me in my studies,in generating informations all around the world on any thing and studies, as a student it ease my stress of running here and there for solutions. Many things around the world now as a connection or little with the internet. Companies do say: “visit our website for more information” which shows we can run away from it.
    The bad sides are the harmful and corrupting part of it. like Pornographs,illegal acts and so on, it exposes young children to all sort of practises because it is just a click away for them. and fraudulent acts are rampant in internet business transactions. Nevetheless, it’s really advantageous to me

  • Gordon Xu says:

    i like to surf internet as i feel that it can make me to know all the information i want. with internet, i feel myself like a expert in any field. what ever i want to know, i just need to type and search, i can get the anwser immidiately.

  • felix ho says:

    Hi all,
    i would like express my point of view in this topic, From my point of view Internet affect our live trending to a zero distance situation(ZDS). What is zero distance situation is, for example we are sharing our point of view here but we are from over the world. So this ZDS make us more close and the good idea spread much more quickly, but also the bad habit. So It is critical for us the think about how to use the internet in right ways. I am a student, i think it is really convenience to search lot of journal from internet, but sometime there are mass of information for us to choose from. It took me to spend much more time to select useful information than i think about the topic i need to do. So I think the convenience which we can easily search information may make us lazy to think about the problem we have, but only depends on the internet. Will this make the society weak in innovation? it’s hard to say.
    So what i want to say is we need to be more careful that the information from the internet is only the reference but not the content of your problem.

  • Horatio Kah Hwang says:

    As for me,I mainly use the Internet as a tool in search of information.From the Internet,I can gain lots of useful information for my academic study.But sometimes I use it to communicate with my friends,classmates and so on.As far as I’m concerned,Internet does play an important role in our life,espcially students’.It’s because we are now living in the era of IT and we cannot get rid of it.We rely on it very much now.Interner is absolutely essential.

  • Chantuon Keo says:

    Hello everyone!I am excited to left the comment here.For my own idea the internet is very impotaint for all Internet user because it can bring them to know all things that happened in the world.they can learn more and show what they wish to show all the people in the world by thier personal thing or the others. If some people they wish to study online, it make them easy and not spend much times in the class. Sure, the internet necessary for me like: I can search new daily informations,learning english,communicate with people in the world, cotact with my colleages, chat with my friend, sending and recieving something,easy booking to somewhere,downlaod document,…

  • mohaiyedin says:

    Internet as a media for sharing and exchange idea and information around the world. The usage of internet depend on the people how good and bad they deployed this servic.

  • sunmun says:

    I can’t think about my life without the internet. It’s an essential part of my daily life. In the morning I use to read the newspaper in the net. I always go to After having a cup of tea, I usually start my studies. I am an IT professional and currently looking for a job. If I have any problem in my studies, I start searching in the net. The internet plays an important role in the preparation for a job interview. There are different types of discussion forums. Those forums help me in different ways.When I want to improve my professional skills, I go to the related forums. When I want to improve my English I use to visit

    Also, it helps me to try different types of dishes. There are lots and lots of recipes from around the world in the net. So I try to cook different dishes in different times, i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, American and Indian.

    I can’t imagine a life without the net. I enjoy movie, songs etc in the net. Also I read books too.

  • a khan says:

    internet bring change in my life , a writer i need many information, news views, comments, new happning, current affairs so i have to collect the clliping cutting from news papers. but this is a difficult task, i cont manage those cllipings . after using internet i can serch the mattar which i want it is an easay way, so internet helps me a lot in my writing work. i used internet regularlly to check my emails, to contect with ther friends, and serch the news and articles.internet is good for those who have some targets, if you sit infornt of this magic box aimlessly you will be the looser. when you are serching some information you have to more carefull, beacuse it may be possiable that you lost you target information. there is many things in the internet and it may be possiable that you forget your work and after lost of time you realise that you did not work what you want to do.

  • hz says:

    internet become as a bridge in my life.I can communicate with my friends,sharing information about ur studies,read the news etc.The main reason is that i can jott down my daily activities in my blog.

  • Lily says:

    Internet brings our life many benefits. I can share informations with someone I don’t know. I use internet for learning, looking for job, reading news, and listening music, etc. I can’t believe my life without internet.

  • Nguyen says:

    I use the internet to get new information about sport. And I join some forums to share experiences. I like to download some free software and some document. I’m a programmer and I don’t imagine if a day without online.

  • MIMIE says:

    I use the internet to get a current information and new information everyday .i like to read newspaper i can cut the cost to buy newspaper.Internet can help me to learn something new and more details about new products(which is hard for me to get outside) , service and also help me to find a job.internet help us everything in our life.i can’t survive without is very important to us nowdays.

  • Wilfred One says:

    Internet is one of technologies can changes the world. I use the internet for a lot of things. Can be said that internet is a half of my life. And internet is a huge library in the world. With internet, the earth is very small.

  • jeroen says:

    I use the Internet mainly to find interesting information, such as daily news, stock daily reports, new topics on my favourite discussion forum and many more. Without doing these things everyday I feel my needs are unmet 😀 I see also many films on youtube for example, hear songs there etc. Can I live without the Internet? Obviously… yes :]

  • Zie says:

    I use the internet for everything.

    Seriously I can’t live without internet.

    Internet makes the world smaller. It so easily to get information but internet has it drawbacks.

    My nephew doesn’t want to study and keeps playing games on the internet. He always online and I worry about him alot especially on his education.

  • Wordpress tutorial says:

    i use internet because i have been trying to make money online. There are many opportunities to get rich from internet.

  • marius says:

    First of all, let’s say that INTERNET is a kind of opening of every country bounderies to the global world.As far as I am concerned, I use the Internet to send email, to receive some from the others.I also use internet for learning. In fact, grace of internet, one can learn any course, he wants.From language to mathematics ,every thing one wants.
    Besides, internet is a great help in business, due to internet supported by the IT developpement, one could buy and sell through the net.Even having a relationship is possible by the net.
    According to what we have said, we can say that internet is great welfare for the whole humanity, however, it has some drawbacks. Because of Intrnet human being relations are standardized.we also notice an emergence of one culture around the world. For instance, many teenagers like to behave like amaerican teeneger, by dressing jeans and t-shirt. Furthermore, internet interfere children upbringing. let’s observe that the 21st century children know everything.The way people steal, taking drugs and traficking are explained through the net.Nowadays it is well known how the identity-traficking is developped!
    At end, Internet has many advantages but it leads to many issues.human beings must then be aware of it!

  • babak says:

    i usualy use internet cheked a e-mail ,and find evry information i need ,find for job,chat whit freinds,learn online well as.
    the advantage of internet is you can get on information to need for work and reports.
    internet may be have TRAIT harmful for life!
    you can guess what are they ?

  • Mohammad says:

    i usualy use the internet evryday . i can chating whit freinds and parents and sorf in web for find very good information i need , you can find and buying evrythings need in or .

  • Rizki says:

    Hi nice to know u all. Uassaly i use internet just to see my FB, email and goole. Internet is very helpful cause i can know u all, thanks to internet ^_^

  • Boumahdi says:

    The internet is a two-edged sword.It has a lot of merits but also so many drawbacks. To the rxtent that its disadvantages outnumber its benefits. Anyway, the wise is the one who hnows how to use correctly.

  • Sri says:

    Hi Everybody,
    Internet is very helpful for the people.Using internet we can do everything we can do learn ,teach,shopping,trading etc…through internet we can chat with our friends,i use internet daily 5 to 6 hours for mail checking,chatting,learning and for is very helpful to has disadvantages also but it depends on the peoples thinking.

  • Tuấn phan says:

    Oh! i thinks internet is very usefully for of the people who had streng attitue because it supplies for us more and more informations. If you want to known any things you can surf on it,economic, sociation and conect with every body in the world in your home. If you want to learn language you can surf too, …

  • Akram says:

    hallooo.. i would like to say my view of the internet actually interenet made the entire world as village(global). you can find every information you need.
    and also you can communicate your freinds and familys…. .. ..

  • George says:

    I use internet everyday especially check an e-mail, find some informations that I want, chat with my friends, look for a job, and learn online as well. The advantage of the internet is you can get a lot of usefull informations you want and they can help you a lot also with your work or report. I think an internet has no disadvantage but depends on usage. Someone spend a lot of time serving an internet to do nothing because they don’t know what to do. I would like to suggest that you should be careful in using internet because you might deceived from someone that you don’t know through internet.

  • Jane says:

    In fact ,i use internet in mang ways.,espacially look for some uesful information,at the same i’d like to download songs and movies.I pretty enjoy it.

  • nguyentrong says:

    why are you say it ? english is good ! i like it

  • Abdul Ahad` says:

    Actually internet has so many advantage besides disadvantage but i think 90% is advantage. Basiclly we can use for fun and sex.

  • ajean says:

    The internet
    The internet have come to pervade every aspect of our lives nowadays. Goverment, company, school, family…

    Normally we use the internet to contact friends, play games, learn online, shop online & watch movies online at home; learn new skills, do class assignments at school; contact clients, suppliers & colleagues, check informations in the company.

    To use the internet we can search almost all of the informations exactly, easily & quickly. Reach our friends no matter where she/he is immediately. Buy what we need without leave home…The internet is convinient for our life in some ways.

    The internet have it’s disadvantages also. Some of the websites are harmful, it may lead people to bad behavior. If you take too much time on play games, it’s influenced your normal life and health.

    The internet is a powerful tool. But we should use it in the right way.

  • saron says:

    Hi to everyone,

    I would like to say some thing about internet. Internet is one of the modern technology introduced by our programmers. It is very useful for students,job hunters,scientist and all of them. Internet is one of the vital role in our world now. It is connect our global world easily. Before internet introduction we don’t know the culture of each nation. but today we did. If we want the culture of india just u have send google and searched about india. thats the internet. but some fakers using wrongly the net. ya certainly they want to prefer like this kind of activities. 90 % of the peoples are using net for good purpose except few. Another one important thing is using internet is online classes. It is very useful for our generation. Thanks to the englishclub and Esl bolgs for meet u and me here.

    Thanks once again…

  • blackhole says:

    for me who is as a engineer, the internet is part in my job. Most every day i’m using internet for searching latest information includes of news, computers, networking, and any others. Sometimes or exactly at rest time, i’m ussualy using internet for fun, like chat with other frends around the world or read of interesting articles, mainly are jokes. Once time, to playing games online.

    Beside advantages of internet so much, at same time internet also showing disadvantages information. For me, disadvantages of internet one of others is adult content which became of “bombing” for children if we as controller or parent aren’t enough filter for showing information which usefull or garbage ones for children class.

  • says:

    for me the internet is my part in my life…if you use it for information you can learn everything that you want. . .everything that i need for history i find the information on the wikipedia…you chat with you friends

  • Thayalan says:

    hi.. i used internet to find some resources for my project work or i used to do my assignment. It’s very useful to me. Most of the time i spent with searching information from the net. i used to finding friends through Friendster and Facebook. I met my old school friend through facebook.

  • glory says:

    I often use the internet to search anything that i want to study, especialy in English grammar.
    Today, the internet is really useful for all. Everything can be visible on it.
    I like internet so much

  • Robson says:

    Hello, iam use the internet to learn english e speak with people for all word!

  • naumani says:

    Am also happy like Anushka, I used to pump up my knowledge, no doubt Internet is a world of knowldge as well pronography, which is really eatinng new era’s character and working like a slow poision, now days these unnecessary things are sweet pie for growing children which is slowing down there moral by getting benefit of there unmatureness. On the other hand as I said above, its really a most powerfull tool for knowledge. Am an engineer and have made equipment specifications for my complete current project in just 2,3 days by using internet.

    Baseline is that by using internet you can drive urself on 2 different ways, one goes to hell via road of sweet candies and other to the world of knowledge and happiness, so it depends on you where do u like to go.

  • DHARA says:

    Today, world has become a smaller due use of technology. Internet is the most one part of technology. now we can’t judge without used of Internet. Internet has book of knowledge and also a entertainment parts.

  • Anushka says:


    Mainly I use the internet for academic purposes. however sometimes I use it for fun and meet people from various cultural backgrounds. Internet is an amazing thing, and I couldn’t imagine about that. Wow internet.

  • Meilinda Candra W. says:

    Actually, I used the internet to get a lot of information that i want to know, but i often used it to opened my facebook or friendster, because it fun and i can got many friends with used that. I used internet everyday and every time that i want to do.

  • sakhi says:

    this is an intersting topic you came up with, using internet, for me is necessary and it keeps me following what happens arround and it helps me to find whatever i’m looking for such as reading stories and books, following world news, to have contact with people from the whole parts of the world and to exchange information with them online etc…. i really can’t imagine ourselves working without internet, it allows you to own whatever you want in your hand, for improving your knowlege. yes you will be satisfied if you use it in the right way, but not for wasting time “time is money” it’s good and in the same time it’s bad, you only can chose the right thing for yourself.

  • mianh nguyen says:

    I like Internet very much! It’s very interesting for every body. I use Internet all the evening. It’s has every thing I need. But the best thing I like in Internet is websites about music. I love music!

  • Ranesh De silva says:

    I’m from Sri Lanka. I use the Internet to learn English, Read Journals & find a good University for my MA Degree

    I think Internet is the Best method for many activities.

  • Eldar says:

    Salam…I am from Azerbaijan.Every day from morning 7:30 up to 5:00 pm I am using internet,this part of my job and life,duaring a using i am getting more information about my country and world news. Using internet I am sending emails to my friends in other conutries
    but I think this is bad habit and serios illness of people.Please don’t let your childs to use from internet much more in a future it will be problem

  • amna fazaa says:

    internet is the importante methode to communicate among pepoles
    we use it for searching downloding chating its haigh way to send information masseges files photo etc.

  • Bum says:

    I use the internet to listen music , chat with my friend and learn online everyday. The advantages of internet is help me find information knowledge and relax with play games and the disadvantages is many to spend a lot of time it not deserve to watch.
    I have suggestion to use internet at least 2 hours per day.

    thank you.

  • Fanny says:

    Surfing Internet is interesting for me.It’s a good way to keep in touch with the world.

  • ghada says:

    i use the internet for studing , playing games . i think is anew easly method to make acommunication with all peaple.

  • Nastea says:

    The internet play an important role in our life.I use the internet as a way to find information which reffer at my lessons.I need internet almost every day,because,moreover it can serve a source to coonect with my friends,and with people of world.If to speak about games,I can say that it is sometimes,when I have spare time.Mainly I learn online,that is very important for me to do my english more well as she is.The last time,I like to read New York
    Times newspaper,in special about politics.
    There are many advantages and disadvantages.The principal disadvantages to use internet is that,many of us,like to spend a lot of time,which can disturbe our eyes.
    My suugestion is following:The internet is important source of communication,and we all need to have such programe,but also is very important to remember,that at the first plane should be OUR HEALTH!

  • Panakj says:

    Internet is a necessity in my day to day life to stay connect with people. My whole work depends on internet. I used to give support in voip sector. So like 18 hrs of day I make myself available on internet either from home or office. Also I use internet to get general help in my work, reference, to get study material, to stay touch with my friends in long distance, to make new friends. Some times I used to play online games watch movies. Use internet for long distance calls. Yes I use internet for online gaming ,for friends ,online shopping , online study but its not all why I use internet. There is vast use of Internet in our life.

    Like every thing there is advantages and disadvantages about use of internet. All I described previously are the advantages. Include to that all there are so many other good things are also there. It help us to get exam result, make us to see and talk to our beloved who are too far from us. It shows us the way in our work if we stuck somewhere. Advertising, media, news, location search, search a person etc… Its all advantages now we I will discuss about disadvantages. As people use this as good thing also there some are use for bad things also. Bad things are like hacking information, pornography, cheating people. Grow crime , do criminal activity. Now a days all our fund transaction is through internet. How much its all easier to us that much unsafe also. As compare to advantages disadvantages are too low.

    I suggest how much it makes our life comfortable that much risk also. So before use this everyone should aware about how to make any transaction secure. A little consciousness about internet security can make our life more comfortable in the new generation world now and for ever.


  • Chau Tran says:

    ah.I’m from Viet Nam, which is so nice and beautyful.I do love my country and I pround of my country. Well come you go to Viet Nam.

  • Chau Tran says:

    hello every body. I only use one sentence to say about Internet. Thank to internet I can do my dream easily.

  • chuong says:

    The infomations on Internet is inormous, the how to use it is a prolem.

  • friday&friday says:

    i use the internet when i want to cheack on my mail to search about information to call my friend in other country .
    i use internet to five hours so i know alot of information about differrent things .
    some time i use it to mwwting aknew friend it really nice when you meeting some one from other countries and know about his or her culturs and some times i love to play games with other people.
    i used to learn leasning cours and computer skills ,the advantage of the internet they make the world asmall town but i dont think that has dissadvantage i cant think that people can leave without internet.

  • Tj says:

    Hello, I’m from Korea. In Korea, Internet speed is really fast. So, many people commonly use Internet for watching movie, sharing and downloading video files such as TV show programs. In my case, I usually use Internet for searching software development tips. My favourite searching engine is google. It’s really good searching engine for finding development resources. I apologize for my poor English skill.

  • Belajar Inggris says:


    I use the internet to earn my living. I (have to) use it five days a week, from 9 to 6. So I try to stay away from it as much as I could when I’m at home, except when I have non-work related stuff I urgently need to (want to) search for or do on the net, like:
    – shopping for books, computers, etc
    – booking flight tickets and hotels
    – chatting with friends
    – sending e-cards to my family
    – finding addresses and phone numbers (googling)
    – Facebook!!
    – reading the latest news about my home country (perhaps this is the main reason I connect to the internet)

    I personally think that, one of the main disadvantages of the internet is how it actually makes people become more and more asocial. A colleague of mine actually depends on the internet for almost anything in her life, including grocery shopping and ordering dinner! She rarely goes out, even on the weekend. And when she does, it’s usually to buy something for her computer or anything to do with her internet addiction. Every time we try to ask her out for a drink she always refuses because she can’t be separated from her laptop. That laptop is practically her husband! But don’t get me wrong here, she’s a very nice lady!

    As for me, internet has been a great help. I couldn’t possibly be where I am doing what I do now if it wasn’t for the internet. I totally understand there are always upsides and downsides of every form of technology ever invented.


  • Vijay says:

    Hi every one. I usually use Internet for many reasons here I am giving the list
    1) Currently I am staying away from my home so mostly I browse the net to watch online News channels to know what is happing in our place.
    2) I use net to download or watch online movies
    3) To chat with the friends
    4) To know the exchange rate of the currency
    5) To read the news
    6) To get the pictures of popular starts
    7) To read the reviews of products
    8) To read the reviews of Movies
    9) To Improve the communication skills by browsing websites like this
    The list goes like that. Browsing net has both positive and negative aspects , Postitive aspect is you can get what ever information you want with your simple mouse click and main negative point is since it is open-media any body can put or express there feeling s , ideas etc in the net which may lead to effect the some people minds . Another point is spreading pornography over net influence many teenagers and even Kids.

  • Irene says:

    Hello everybody. I’m Irene.

    Well, Internet is a leisure centre for me, but it’s a useful tool, too. Because, I often use to play or have a nice time, but, a lot of times, I can look for English information for my classes, and for my culture.
    On Internet, I can read the digital newspaper, or I can have an online English class.

    It’s very funny and useful.

    Thank you very much for your atention.

    See you later!!!!

  • Cactus says:

    Hello everybody. I’m Cactus.
    I’m a student. Internet brings us many advantages these days. I need more information to expand my lessons, so Internet is the best way. I surf the net everyday, then find many interesting things. Moreover, you can make friends over webs learning online. Also, use Internet to relax after studying hard, many songs and games, you can download easily.
    In the other side, Internet can have many disadvantages for us. Some bad information with images that is harmful, especially for children. So you have to be careful when surfing the net.
    I find this website by chance. It is really good for English learners. Thanks a lot.
    Nice day !

  • Honeybig says:

    Hello everyone. I’m newbie.
    Nice to meet you all.

    I’m use the internet everyday. Someday I use the internet all day. I use the internet for many purposes such as learning English , working , chat with my friends , etc.

    For advantages of the internet, I can searching for everything on the internet. I usually get information by internet (News,Soccer match result , …) Sometimes I was lost my data or my works. I told my family to send it to me by internet. For my opinion,Internet is very useful.

    For disadvantages of the internet, I used to eyeache because I played the internet all day. I spend more than 8 hrs. on cyber. For kids in my country, someone plays online game everyday and don’t want to go to school. They spend more than 4-8 hrs in the internet cafe.

    Anyway everthing have advantages and disadvantages. It spend on users.

    Thank you.

    I am new for English. I want to improve my English Skill.
    Joe’s cafe is very useful. Thank you for good website.

  • Kara says:

    As you know, nowadays, there’re more and more people to access the Internet. But It has advantages also disadvantages which we must determine to use it better
    Fisrt, there’re some advantages like you can learn many useful things from Internet, it contain a lot of modern knowledge. Sometime, you also can relax through Internet when you feel tired, stressed…
    there are also some disadvantages from the Internet.

  • jha says:

    For me the advantages of the internet is that you can easily get information thru different just one click…I spend 9 hours a day in front of computer because I’m working in an I.T company…It’s really helpful when I needed something to learn or to find…I always use it for learning purposes..I’m also trying to improve my english thru different sites in the net and I find it helpful to me..

  • Mohammed says:

    I started useing the Combuter 3years ago .So i don”t have experience as any person in 19 years old . I spend 5 hour daily front of combuter screen .I back from English scholl at 4pm .As avery day i open my combuter and check my email which is main thing in the internet . at 7 pm i open my favorite websit youtube. I think the internet change my life speciality when i baord to Englend to study and i feel the internet is my best friend,

  • Kim Anh says:

    Hello everybody!
    Everyday, i spend 5 houses in doing checking email, chatting, reading electronic newspaper, learning English playing game….
    So, Internet and computer are very importance to me.

  • Yumilka says:

    Hi! I like to use the compueter for doing my asigments of the University, checking my email, and watching the new.It’s very important to have this new tecnology because you can do a lot thing and can find anythind that you are looking for. Everyday We can see the computer is getting more useful and interesting…

  • bashir says:

    hello every body, i hope you all have a nice evening, internet is an excellent tool when it’s used properly, if not you are in trouble, big trouble, so be careful about it, and use responsibly this tool , I guarantee that will have agood time . be safe out there guys.
    see ya!

  • shakir ali awan says:

    i am frequent user of the net.
    i always use internet for learning purpose.i have always tried to use it for positive use.i have made lot of improvement in different areas of my interest through that useful medium of information. i use normally this tool for enhancing my skill; english language, communication and interpersonal skills, general knowledge, and much more things which cannot be countable. especially i prefer those web sites which are informative in nature. which can enhance and improve my skill. i use of internet can be quite good and useful if it is used by proper and in right manner. every thing has good use for positive purpose,so as net. it depends upon the user instead of net. we cannot blame internet that it has changed and made wrong our young generation. it solely depends upon the user nor the net.

  • shushies says:

    I found that Internet is the best tool can help u not to lag behind the world development on every areas. We can update the latest information, know what is happening around us by the quickest way : online…besides, Internet is a wide knowledge library, i make sure u can find out whatever u need.
    I always use it to download songs, some interesting software, or material which concern with my major.
    But everything has two sides, adv. & disadv.
    I totally agree with Roberta,i.e Internet may cause the addiction if we do not have self-discipline…
    My nick_yahoo : thongruoi
    I look forward to your contact

  • Roberta says:

    I use the internet for many reasons and proposes…
    One of them and maybe the most importante is for studying Enlish Language…
    I talk to friends, I play some game, I do my reserarches, I see pictures…
    Internet is a big world inside home…youcan do almost whatever you need – or want; But its disavantage is the addiction, the lost time when you spend it instead do something most important…it is hard when you realize that the time went so fast…

  • YTH says:

    I’m working for a foreign company’s office, so I connect to the Internet at work after work time. I usually use the Internet to read news, play game, chat with friend, sending mail, search information, learning english and another things… because with the Internet, I can search almost all information about new subject, newest news, etc. Besides, I can use the Internet to improve my English skill. The advantages of the Internet is fast and furious, rich information, you can search almost all information, shorten distance, etc. However, you can’t verify all information on the internet so you can’t known them either trust or untruthfull. I want to give everyone an advice that is you should known clearly purpose of using the Internet, this will help you save your time and money.

  • Md.Jahirul Islam says:

    Really, Internet is greather likelihood to learn manythings.Whenever I make me confuced that time I can get the better solution.That is why I am so much enthucistic to use the Internet.

  • doris says:

    I like to sufer in Internet to research what enver i want. you can get the mass information quickily. Then what you need to do is to sort what you need. Then when i meet something which i do not know or i am not sure about, i will go to internet.
    i aslo love to chat on internet.But the friends i chated are only limited to my classmate in high school or university or the friends i have know.
    i do not want to chat with the one i do not know as so much cheating between strangers

  • hong Linh says:

    Hi every one!
    I use Internet in my free time , for any things i want at that moment.
    Example , i allway use Y!M , go to my university’Website , search information involved to my subject and there are a lot of thingds other……
    According to me ,the advantage of Internet are you can search any information involved to problem you want to know with hight speed , you can transfer 1 or many file , document to your friends , yours partners or your parent.and you also can make an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) by using Chatvoice applied of Yahoo! Messenger , by this way you can talk directly to any one with free charge. I think it is very useful.
    And about disadvantage of Internet , i think every thing has 2-dimensions affect.They have advantages , ofcourse they ‘ll have disadvantages , although they are not as large as their advantages.Internet not is excepted case .Nowsaday , have a lot of games online , they make children don’t want to go to school ,student forget exercise……

  • Daniela e Sarah says:

    How do you use the Internet? What do you do? How often? Why? Do you mainly use the Internet to play games, find friends, learn online, shop online…? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? Do you have any tips and suggestions you would like to give others?

    About the Internet:
    So.. I usually use the internet to chat with my friends,post pictures and look my friends facebook. I use internet in my free time,but I always try to use it everyday cause I love it!Sometimes I use the internet to play games,do school works and shop online. The advantages of Internet is that you can discovery many things and you are conect to all the world. But have some disavantages,for example: You can be still and it is addicting! Internet is good,but you have to be carefull too 🙂

  • alice says:

    I am using internet for work and study.
    Therer are many advantages of internet. we can watch and look for some information you need.Meanwhile we also make friend through internet.
    everything have two coins,internet is also like that. some people take advantage of internet ot do harm thing, such as pirate and do illegal things. some children indulge into the internet game,no negleting their study,which is the best worse and head matter for their parents.
    I hope human being can take advantage of its good aspect and do more good things.

  • nataliacas says:

    I´m using internet for preparing an exam, learning English, checking mails, play word games, and the most important for relaxing

  • Sy says:

    This has become my daily life.
    I need it to get some information, to find some explanation, listening music, connect with my friends. And of course i am doing the opposite way. Giving information, sharing some explanation et cetera. That’s what we called socialization.

  • king says:

    i am using internet through by my own pc. I am using internet for reading world history,checking mails,development tips,e-newspapers,magazines & etc.
    Internet is the world…peoples suppose to use that world library.

  • Khalil says:


    Information Technology has made people`s life not only informative but also has developed a deep approach towards the right attitude in their routine work. I being a working professional find a lot of informationts almost every subject of life.

  • Jacky says:

    at most of time, i search the sports news and check my e-mail and messages of my friends leaving. sometimes i chat with my friend. i do not like playing games. another way is studing english online. i can watch the movie or tv online or go to some english club like this. if without internet i can not think, maybe this world will be died.

  • henry vu says:

    Follow me ,internet is most effective tool for us to access information online, learn online, get necessary file ,acquire recruitment information online . And through internet , you could chat with other people from chat tool as yahoo or gmail around the world .
    Above my thinking is advantage in using internet. But i also have a big disavantage .
    Everyone can watch pornographic film most of website that they search online through google .And it take long time for surfing web and finding desultory information.
    But in general , Internet is people ‘s big inventor , it mark avanced method from 20th century onwards.

  • Aimee says:

    I mainly use the Internet in the following ways: 1)search for information; 2)contact with clients and friends; 3) shop online; 4) deal with daily work through email; 5) watch movie and listen music.Internet is very important and useful.
    It’s a warehouse of information, from a diet to a paper model, you can get almost everything you need for Internet.
    It saves us time.With Internet, we can get contact with others through MSN,QQ ,or email.All these communication tools are more convenient and quick compared with traditional ones such as telephone and letters.
    It also provides us a new way of life. Nowadays we can buy almost everything online.
    But Internet also has some disadvantages.
    Because of its convenience, we denpend too much on the Internet. Some even can not live without Internet. Many people spend 10 hours or more online.Some youth even get addicted to online games.This is not good for our health both mentally and physically.
    Another drawback of Internet is that some people can commit cirme by Internet.For example, you may be cheated of money when
    you shop online.
    Despite all these shortcomings of Internet, it is still one of the greates invention in history. It is just that we should learn to use it healthly and learn to control ourself.

  • Yoz says:

    I use the Internet everyday. I am a PhD student in computer science, and I mainly use the Internet to find information, papers and to publish my works. Besides, I also use the Internet for shopping, exchanging mails, and so on. The Internet is extremely useful in many aspects. I can find new information, learn many things, and do many other stuffs like shopping without spending much time. However, the great accessibility of the Internet can be disadvantages. Sometimes I start to find information but one thing leads to another and I find myself digging the Internet for a long~ time. And we also should be careful to check the information is believable or not. About tips, I want to suggest to be cautious before you trust the information 🙂

  • idalmin says:

    I mainly use the internet for information.
    Internet is new Technological innovation and
    popular our world wiI use the internet to reseach homework, keep on study the English language. I’m student, I’m studying Literature with english I’m in the first semester! I love to meet new friends.I mainly use internet for learning.I was set the
    e-mail to make a friend and communicate with
    everyone around the world is very convenience
    and Significant with the world ages.i use the internet for my lessons when I want research information.

  • Linda k Hollywood says:

    Hi everyone
    Internet is new Technological innovation and
    popular our world wide and world ages.Is very
    advantages for me.The most of time I’m very
    addicted and fascination with the internet.
    I can learn ESL,TOEFL,Foreign Language. I learn
    a lot of Language German,Italy,French,Spanish,
    Arabic,Mandarin,Tagalog,and Korean.I was set the
    e-mail to make a friend and communicate with
    everyone around the world is very convenience
    and Significant with the world ages. To fine
    information and education access and Search
    anything you need to know.
    Internet is very advantages and disadvantages
    up to effecting people how to use internet in the
    Best ways or Bad ways.
    Absolutely Many learn like to Completely
    themselves and Experience themselves. The
    internet is very significant in my daily live.
    And Thankful for you website to Give everyone
    have opportunity to write and comment is very
    wonderful. Writing everyday I will improve let
    the language enter in my brain.. Because the
    internet is very Advantages.

    Good Luck
    Linda K (Hollywood)

  • Mallik says:

    Hii to everyone..
    I use the Internet mainly to check my mails and Orkutting. one more reason to use inter net is to get information about any topic easily. Now a days all services became online like money transfer,recharge,ticket booking…etc. For all these internet is more useful.When ever i free i download all recent movies from different sites. There r disadvantages due to intenet such as Pornographic movies. Once if we addicted to that most of our time wasted by that.

  • DPS says:

    Hi all,

    Now a day internet is playing a vital role in the world.It is making the life simpler.I use internet
    to improve my technical skill by exploring the tech websites.I read news.To chat with my friends,To book my train tickets ,to send gifts to my friends,To apply jobs,To work for my remote client.

    I mainly use internet for learning.I use internet for 6 hours in a day.(on an average)

    The main advantage is that it made the human life easier.It is one of the great things invented by human being.

    But the disadvantage is we are depending so much on internet than it is required.Now some people (including me) could not even imagine their lives with out internet.It should be used in a proper way.I have observed some children or coming to cyber cafes only to watch porn sites.

    But one thing we have to accept is there is good and bad in everything.

    My suggestion is to take the good things about internet and use it properly.Please do not use internet for destruction.

    That’s all from my side.

  • shreif kamal says:

    hi all
    i use internet to know more things such
    bill of phone ,chat with my best friends and learn more english

    i open my email but i do my mail offline cause no one talk to me i just took

    i use internet to learn english on that time and i guess thats web site really the best to learn well

    i think we must exploit it to learn all grammer and verbs

    the internet was the best of the world
    and all people have to learn very thing about it togatherer

    on end thanx
    i hope me too advanage about all people

  • Hai says:

    Hi all,
    I usually use internet in daily working, you know, my job is related to internet. However, in free time, I still using internet to surf web, to search, to chat or to to learn something, example English. In fact, I always think that I can’t live without internet, :)). However, I know internet has advantages and disadvantages. Internet make everything, everyone seem so close but also so far. When I miss my best friend who is oversea, I can chat with her, I feel she closed to me. But it is something still untrue, after all, I still can’t touch her, etc.

  • cathy says:

    I often use the internet for searching some information which I need.Such as some news and data,because it is fast and convenience,I can quickly get what I need without walking out—just stay in front of the desk ,click the mouse,you will get what you need.Since I have known how to use the internet,I can’t live without it.Everyday I talk with friends everywhere through QQ,search information about news ,movie,music,cartoon,games and shopping.It’s too important to me.When it comes to shopping ,most of my friends like shop online,they usually go to TAOBAO,it’s the most popular website in china,just like EBAY all around the world.Of course it is a new mode of shopping,but it permeate through young peoples life.
    Although internet has many advantagement such as convenient and quickly I talked above,people can’t rely on it.Even if you can keep in touch with people by internet,you can’t always use it to get along with others.Don’t forget we are live in the real world ,everything is base on the real world.

  • santoso says:

    I use the internet to read articles, basically search and look for information. I also make a blog on the internet.

    It’s different feeling when we just a user compared than when we a contributor of the internet.

  • Nam Anh Thang says:

    Internet, it is the popular word with all most people on the world today. The using of internet are very large and depend on each purpose.

    With me, the using internet is a daily work. Everyday I contact internet to check email from my colleage, find information for my writing article and for teaching, and for learning english.

    Internet is very helpful, interesting and necessary. In the world today, I can’t live without internet.

  • Thiti says:

    I play the internet everyday at work.I get some information from the internet and I like to play game online.

  • Zahid says:

    I use the internet for information. We get here more information, see the news, and reading news, we play here games. We use the internet for checking of my mail. we sent the any message for any body any time here. If any person not available online so we send the message for him with internet. Therefore the internet is very useful for me. I learn here english online. if the internet not availabe so i don’t learn englsih here online. I read the online book here. and prepare the assignment for our qualficaiton.

  • Lan Anh says:

    Now adays, Internet is very importang in our life. I often use internet all day, and I feel that I can live without internet. I am working for a Japanese company, so I have to work with a lots foriginer in the world and Internet is very importand for me. I use internet all working day in my company or my laptop. I use internet to contact with customer and find out information for my work fastest. Sometimes, I use internet to replace mobiphone. I also use internet to learn everything and It is really necessary for me. In the evening, I use internet for download some music that I like. It is wonderful that all songs is updated day by day. I can listening to music and chatting with my friends at the same time. I can share every thing with my friends everywhere where have internet.So, Internet is really useful for me.

  • Sabina says:

    In my view, Internet is very useful for me. I always used to open and english I found these website very useful. I gained more knowledge about writing skill from English I am able to know about some important tips which every women need to know from website. We can search everything which we need to find out from internet specially from Google search. There are advantage which I found using internet.

    There are also some disadvantage from using internet. Some people use internet for wrong purpose. Everything are available in internet so people used internet for wrong perspective. Mostly teenagers always found hanging on internet and they ignore for their studies. So these are disadvantage of using internet.

  • larissa says:

    I think internet is very useful, because if you want to know something you can quickly find your answer. Besides that, you can also communicate with other people in a very easy way. But there are also negative things about the internet, for example the spam, virusses etc. Those people have to shame theirselves!
    Summarised Internet is a very nice invention!

  • ines says:


  • ines says:


  • ines says:


  • Lyly says:

    I can speaking, listening, reading english very well but i writing very bad. I hope englishclub can help me writing better.
    I use internet every day because i’m play game online also i find information, chat, check mail,learning einglish…. so many thing. I think the internet advantages , you are very easy find imformation for your job, for your school and for your life. entertainment,learn,…..however, the internet disadvantages young people they are access to black web, and they are play game online on the time after that to drop out of school…..

  • Hkahku says:

    For me, I use internet almost everyday. Without it, i dont think i can be able to pass a day. I use internet for email, research, and to get the information that i need for everyday. Especially, i check the weather forecast for the day before i leave home. Othewise i will get trouble as i live in London. I can contact and keep in touch with lots of friends and family who lives thousands miles far away from me. Even i can use free online call from some particular programe such as voipstunt, gtalk and skpye and etc. If we use the call card it would cost alot. Moreover, I can do some online learning exactly what i am doing now in order to improve my english. I know there are some other disavandages of using internet. But, a choice is there for you always. So, if you pick up and do the right thing which you think is good for you then it is going to be under the getory of advantages.

  • Sintha Kong says:

    Sintha say
    5 March 2009 at 1:46pm

    Internet is best thing who people around the world uses for contacting and resaerches for information and books hotel, air ticket ..etc.

    Internet is very important for me to study english on line for imlproving my capacity in english skill.

  • sia says:

    i use the internet to keep in touch the world and i ware about any thing that happens around me and maybe i find many new things about my favorite in life in work and sport for examples ican find the last news about my favorite football team (chelsea) and also i find intresting events in mechanics subject

  • Polina says:

    Hello for everybody!!!!

    As I think internet it’s a place which consists of the useful and useless information at the same time. Sometimes you can spend a lot of time and find nothing what you are interested in but from another hand you can find some information which you are not able to get anywhere. That’s why I think that all advantages can be disadvantages at the same time too. It’s depends on situation.
    Also in my opinion, net is another world where you can find a lot of people. You can share your free time with your old and new friends. Net helps lonely people to feel themselves better. So I think that net is one of the best things in the world that people can invented. But we have to remember that there is real world and it’s better in many times and we have to pay more attention to it!!!!!!!

  • Dung says:

    i use the internet everyday to surf web, search information, chat and do my exercises. i usually use internet to learn online and chat with my friends. in my opinion, internet has many advantages. firstly,
    Internet is very useful in helping me do my exercises online, and i can learn English free online. secondly, internet helps me contact with my friends via chatting. I think it’s great cause i don’t have to spend to much on calling my friends. thirdly, Internet can provide me with a huge amount of useful information online for doing research. there are so many advantages that i can’t mention them all. However, Internet also has some disadvantages. Using Internet may lead to less interaction with other people around. In addition, many young people
    play games too much which is a waste of time and may make them distract from study.
    Using Internet too much also cause many problems related to health, especially when you sit too long in front of the computer. I think that using the internet enough will be good for us. We use internet when
    it’s necessary, don’t waste your time and health.

  • Eisa says:

    for me internet is very importance because most of my work on the internet, I`m programmer and I need internet to find a solution to my problem if I had problem, and most of my job is by e-mail so , I really need internet to continue my work, before few years internet was facility but now I think it is necessary.

  • Hoby says:

    The internet is a very important tool to solve most of my problems .I use the internet for many different reasons, including: source of news, information, and as a way of communication. For example, I use the internet to see what is the new in the world. Through the internet I can be able to read all the newspapers around the world, listen and watch all the TV and radio channels. The internet also provides me with the information that I need to do my research while I am staying in my home and inside my own room. I can have the access to journal, books, and other library source of information. I can ask as many question as I need, and I can get the answers for these questions from different websites that provide these services. In addition, the internet gives me the ability to communicate with others no matter where they are. By using the internet we can talk to each other using online calls, or using the messenger. The internet also save my time and money, for instance, instead of taking my car to go pay my bills I can just do it online. The internet can save our time, money, and efforts. As a result of using the internet our life can be easier. Although the internet has all these benefits and many others more, but we have to make sure that we use it right because it has many disadvantages that can destroy our life also.

  • Sanae says:

    I need the internet for my daily life, for searching information, for learning something, for contacting to my family, friends and boyfriend etc. I can’t imagine the life without it now. It’s really useful and easy but same time sometime I don’t like I spend a lot of time to sit the chair and see my PC screen for it. Even when I don’t need to use it, I still try to find something to get. I think the internet is most useful thing in the world but we have to be careful how to use and controlling ourself.

  • Shirley says:

    Most of time I use Internet to study and look for information. For example, when a instructor ask us to write a report, I will search the topic on internet and read these articles. Then I will start to organize my report. During this procedure, a lot of new ideas and knowledge will be learned.
    I have bad memory on road. Each weekend I need use Google to find how to get my freinds home eventhough I had gone there many times. Without Google I can not drive out except working.

  • Wei says:

    I use Internet everyday which is part of my life now. As for work, Internet is necessary for communication between co-workers, clients and etc. I cannot even work without internet. When I need to search some information, I google it. I can’t imagine how I am able to work without internet.

    Interent is my major resource to get in touch with the friend of mine as well when I get home. E-mail is so convinient that I hardly write a letter on hardcopy anymore. Honestly, I don’t play game on interent because I have no interest on such stuff. Although some people are addicted to the internet game, I firmly believe gaming is waste of time.

    Another good benefit from interent is that you are able to shop online, which means you don’t need to take time to go to shop mall and what you need is just surfing the website and place your orders at same time. Then your oder will come to in a couple of weeks. Of course, there are some risks to shop online since you don’t see the actual products. However, most of online shop provide the details of products and I found out that most of descriptions are accurate. And also, I am very satisfied that most of online shops accept return. Therefore, there is no risk to place an order for me.

    Learning on interent is another my favorite of interent. I used to spend 3 hours on round trip from my residence to school. I experienced bad weather and traffic jam which drove me craze. Those unpleasant trips were nothing but waste of time. Fortunately, online course is an option now. While study whenever I want, I don’t need to spend several hours on trip to class. This is really valuable to me.

    The advantages of interent are pretty obvious. It is convient, efficient, fun. Interent gives people alternative to public their work. For instance, we only public our novels, picture by traditional medias but we are able to public your products online for free. Some talents post their work that they could have no chance to public their works before. But internet also has some negative impacts on our life. Some people are really addicted to it. Tons of volume of information comes out everyday. Spending on interent several hours become regularly for someone which lead to unnecessary conflict to the work they are supposed to do. The problem here is people cannopt contain themself on interent. My suggestion is try to limit your daily surfing to 1 hour. Cut it off no matter how interesting stuff you are reading. That would help you a lot.

  • Jason says:

    Internet indeed has its own advantages and disadvantages. For the advantages, it helps us connect to the world. You can search whatever you want and you’ll get instant results. You can ready news, download movies, music and meet friends from different culture using a chat messenger such as Yahoo and MSN. Internet makes our life much easier.

    On the other hand, there is also disadvantages. One is Pornography, if you have kids at home they can easily view prohibited sites that are not suitable for them. Secondly, Online games. Instead of studying and doing some homework you’re playing online games thus, making you less productive and procrastinate most of the time.

    There you go guys. Use the Internet wisely. Live a balanced life. Peace out!

  • Phillip says:

    Hi. Everyone.
    Nowadays many people used the Internet for their need such as finding information from world wide, sending email and meeting other language friends. I’ve used it for my work area because my job is e-Learning manager.
    Teaching online course as this website.

  • lila says:

    internet was the gate through which i had the opportunity to know a lot of things about this life and this world, about people’s thoughts, cultures and differences. internet taught me that it is ok to be different, in fact it might be a good thing as you get to discover many things through interraction.

    it made life a lot easier, especially with google, i never get lost. internet is magic.

  • martin says:

    Internet is a very useful tool!since I used website ,I can learn foreign language as english or spanish too .
    all day he able listening BBC,and so reading news around the world.
    I met some friends for talking about a lot of topics,policy ,fashion,cinema and I believe the most important thing freedom.this evening I come one to reading and don’t be alone!
    I have a dream me too that one day the world don’t know wars anymore

  • Jocky says:

    Internet has become one part of my life.
    we used to contact with friends by email or other tool.
    shopping .

  • marhendra says:

    He ii, i am marhendra from Indonesia. Around tree month ago i used personal internet. On this time, i used internet for looked for friends and studied on line. The internet was useful for my purpose because it prepared the large information around the word which i needed.
    Internet is the great invention. It help people to make the live be easy.

  • Farooqui says:

    For me internet is very important, I can not imagine to live without it. Everyday i browse. It is very powerful and I realy enjoy it. The future of internet is very bright.

  • Valter Thiago says:

    I have always used the internet in my office and at home. I look for competitive prices and new products. I use it to learn in specific area, like technologies, english and etc.

  • Farooqui says:

    I use internet to update my knowledge. It is a best source of information. Now a huge amount of knowledge is at the click of your mouse. So it is a miracle and for sure we should use this scientific invention for the benefit of humanity.

  • alshahrani says:

    In fact, the internet is very importat and interesting .
    We can make relishenship whith any way and we can learn , serch,and play.We can make from it good work and we can make from it unuseful .

  • hisham eletery says:

    for me the internet is the most importint thing in my life .
    you can find what you want ,even you cam find women to marrey………jok
    but I’d to ask you if we immagine that there is no interet coming until now . what do you think the live it will be ?
    thnax for all

  • bhaskar says:

    I all ways use the Internet to improve the knowledge.I will Search for jobs in the internet,now a days internet is helping the for the us to search for everthing

  • Jhon says:

    People using Internet is mostly to get information. For instance, wikipedia, it is free and a lot of information we can get it. I usually surfing internet more than watching television.

  • Joserin says:

    I think Internet is the best innovation in this century. The best think from the internet is you can find almost everything there, from A to Z. Everything’s there!! I usually chat with my university friends. Because of that, I rarely use my cell phone to communicate with others. Internet saves my money and time. On the internet we also can find many PC Programs with its cracks or serial number. And also, with the internet, we can find knowledge as much as u can learn. Finally, I just want to say “Internet is the best thing on the earth!!!”.

  • Tess says:

    I use the Internet to learn English and Spanish. I use the internet at weekends.I also enjoy making friends. We can make friends all over the world at the internet. We can get many benefits by using the internet. You can learn everything that u are interested in. But you should be cautious. You shouldn’t be so gullible. You shouldn’t believe everything that other people say.You have to think whether it can be true or not. You have to use your noodle.

  • Somebody says:

    People using Internet is mostly to get information. For instance, wikipedia, it is free and a lot of information we can get it. I usually surfing internet more than watching television.

  • Joe Silva says:

    Hi everyone. Recently I’m using the Internet mainly to study. Currently I’m not working and if it wasn’t for the Web I don’t know what I was going to do, this because all of my acquaintances work during the week. Well the issue that I’m studying on line is, guess what, English. Yes, I’m attending a paid online course and I also visit a lot of websites related with English learning, so I can read, listen, watch and talk to people from all around the world using the English language. It’s fun and educative.
    The advantages of studying online are that you don’t have to worry to commute to school, to have a set up time to study, or buying materials. You can study right in your home or wherever you are, you just need a computer with a fast connection to do so. You can study 24/7, the online school is always open and you don’t have to have a schedule time to get in, and they provide you all the necessary material. Isn’t it great? Yes I think it is.
    My next objective is to get an online graduation degree, but before that I must get a TOEFL certificate, which I can get by preparing myself in a variety of online courses.
    If you want to improve your English skills and you don’t have much time to spend, have problems to commute to a school and doesn’t want to spend much money. The Web is the answer; you only have to be disciplined and eager to learn. Good luck folks.

  • aabrn says:

    The Internet is the most essential way to connect the rest of the world.It is a key opens every kind of door which is obscure.Instantly the rest lies on your side..
    It provides you to be informed about what goes on the rest.Therefore,you have become up-to-date.
    You can choose everything from it..You have got what you want to til your brain blows up!
    We are all starving for something. The internet is a place that feeds and satisfies us.

  • Budi Fransetia says:

    Hi all, my name is Budi Fransetia from Medan Indonesia.
    Internet… wow it is a very very interesting topic nowadays since internet can connect us to everyone arround the word.
    I always use it to find anything I want to know by just type the appropriate keyword, chatting and communicate with friends, searching for news, and you know I am now studying internet marketing to get money 🙂 It is very interesting, isn’t it?

  • ID says:

    The advantage of the internet is you can do lot of staff e.g. shopping online which is good bbecause you can save your time.

    The advantage is sometimes when you are doing work but you don not feel like working and the internet is there you will see as result of this you can waste your time.

  • ID says:

    Firstly, i use the internet for my lessons when I want research information.
    Secondly, I use the interner to use forums which i like becuase lot of people share their knowledge.
    Thirdly, u use the internet when i want to chill out e.g. playing game.

  • CQ says:

    i use the internet for many reasons..basically for be in touch with my friends, for the games and the news….. i also use it to learn and to improve my english…

  • Faeizah says:

    Hai everyone..Im Faeizah from Malaysia. Im an IT lecturer in a local university. For me internet is very important for our daily life. As a lecturer of Internet Technology I used blog for paste an announcement or information regarding my lecture class. I also upload my lecture note so that my student will download the note easily. My opinion is used an Internet Technology for improve our knowledge and for a better life….salam

  • Martin says:

    I use internet for chating with friend and get useful information.


    I use the internet very often. I use it mainly to watch my favorite shows. Other than that, I would use it to get information, the latest news, gossips and intrigues. I also it to stay in touch with my friends and to meet some new friends that share my inter.


  • jessica 098 says:


  • Omer says:

    I use internet for myself, i speak very much with my friends who live everywhere.
    Sometimes i use internet for search technical documentation for my job, and for buy or sell in ebay.
    My frequency of utilisation is very varied, it depend of my my free time. I use much web when i am off-day.
    I think in this century, it’s very important to have the world in ours hand, and i think internet give this capability.

  • TREASE says:

    when want to talk about the internet,
    last time,i’m usually read the comic,listening 2 songs,watching 2 drama…but now, i’m use internet 2 find out the information then improve my english.after that, i discover the “ENGLISH CLUB” and i think it suit for the thing what i want to find..
    then the advantages of internet have many things,likes find out the information with easily,checking sometthing,receives the latest news with fast,and hen u feel boring or tired and the entertainment..etc
    the bad things is all the peoples abandon themself in the online games.some student also play it until the morning of dangerous and terrible…
    the person like be poision..
    so awful..

  • biki says:

    i use internet most of my time to find moral issues, like downloading forms, information, joining clubs that i have ever get and still finding more website to consider. i play games, chat etc etc when i feel bore. But sometimes when i would like to find website containing valuable information like future references and i don’t get then i go stuck and go to numberous unwanted website and remain hanging there unconsiously. but without internet connection it is like person without ideas.

  • bashir says:

    Be careful about the internet guys, if you can,t handle your selves, believe me it’s disadvantages are much more than it’s advantages,

  • Eileen says:

    I can’t live without the Internet, I use it everyday. Using it is quite time-consuming, but it has become my addiction. Like some of you mentioned before, I seek information for my homework in global search engines. Other thing is that I can communicate with other people and make new friends, especially from other countries. Recently I also search for some vocabulary both in English and German in case to improve my communication in those languages. I belive there are more ways to use such a faboulous invention that the Internet is, such as e-learning (way of studying), e-work, e-banking and so on.

  • Manu says:

    Hi the world !
    I use it when I seek any information about programming and english grammar because I would be bilingual (french-english) and Internet is fabolous because if I want an information then I use g***** or Y**** and so I don’t buy a book. And I use almost always.

    Internet got the powr

  • ALIYA says:

    Hello everybody! My name’s Aliya and I’m from Kazakhstan.
    I think that Internet is a great invention of nowadays. It helps people to find neccessary information very fast and quickly. Mostly I use Internet for my learning and especially in studying English. Also it helps me to keep in touch with my friends all over the world.

  • sa says:

    I use internet for laern to english >>

  • saud says:

    I m Mr Saud Khattak From pakistan very very nice pages i read it.

  • Thongsavanh says:

    Hello, I live in Vientiane capital of Lao.

    I usually use Internet to serve for a lot of purpuses , such as : chatting with my friends , seeking information , studying English online , ect…so,Internet is impostant for me very much.


  • simon says:

    I think Internet is one of the most great inventions in human history. It makes the whole world as small as village. It promote communications and understanding among people of different nations.

    Now I almost cannot do without Internet. I use Internet in the office all day, dealing emails, working on files, and browsering websites.

    In my spare time, I read news on Internet. On-line news is faster than newspapers. You can leave your comments after reading a piece of news that would be impossible for newspapers. Therefore, I am afraid newspapers would eventually be replaced Internet.

    I also watch old movies on the Internet. There are a wide collection of them and you can watch them whenever you like. Very convenient.

    The government imposed strict restrictions on sensitive messages but I can get access to them with speical software that is also great. Reading these messages help me informed of what has been going on around the world.

    However, there is definitely negative information on the Internet such as those websites containing violence and pornogoraphy. Children seem to be victims of these contents as I have read many reports in relationship with Internet.

    Other Internet-related crimes have also appeared, stealing bank account, on-line gamblling, false information, etc.

    In spite of these disadvantages, I am still optimistic about the future of Internet. It will continue to bring us welfare in all aspects of life.

  • rahmad says:

    I use the internet for doing many things, from fun to serious activity.

    Lately i use the internet to learn english online like at And I am also search for information related to laptop review.

  • Pham Duc Nam says:

    I use the Internet to read some newspaper like “” . Sometimes I listen to music on Internet and I used Internet twice of week .The Internet is very good for you.

  • trantrungkien says:

    I use to surf Web very often. Normally, I use it in the morning in the Military Library, and sometimes I go to the Internet shop. There I must pay some money such as 4000 VND per hour. I like Internet, because I can read everything quickly with the true sound and colour vision. Besides I can communicate with the others and deal with or sell or buy via Internet. Further, I can watch TV and listen to Music and post my photos for my friends can see them. I also learn a lot of lesson through the Internet. I often use it in 2 to 3 hour per day. Internet is useful media for everyone

  • legendkid says:

    I usually use the internet to check out my email,chat with my friend and read the news.And I can play some game online on the internet,make a website,create many friends from many different place.Sometime I order some stuff on the internet if I can go out and by one.In my opinion,the advantage of the internet is that it help people close to each other in communicate,enjoy the benefit of the internet,save time when we find information,…. and the disadvantage of the internet is it will be bad for us if we dont know how to spend our time correctly using the internet,some black website,people who just sit around the computer and play game online everytime,it will separate you to outside world if you just sit there and use internet……. Using the internet correctly is one of the way help your life faster and better.

  • satish says:

    Hello everbody.I always use internet for getting many information.For search website google we have any information like education,sports,politics,business etc.I read latest news in Internet.We can online study for any degree.

  • azeneth says:

    I use the internet very often. I use it mainly to watch my favorite shows. Other than that, I would use it to get information, the latest news, gossips and intrigues. I also it to stay in touch with my friends and to meet some new friends that share my interest.

  • Bruno says:

    As the world gets more globalized, the most we need internet to be in touch with friends all over the earth and to absorb informations. I´m not the kind “internet freaker”, but I daily use the internet to know about breaking news, searches, and to know if my frinds are doing well. It gave the possiblity of real video chatting, what I often do with my dudes, and to maximize our skills, what probably most of us are doing right now.
    Even though all advatages, this is not all seems to be. On the other hand internet can be used to spread pornography, crimes, apology to the drugs as well. So we can not be safe in our own house if we don´t fend off some security aspects. Not having a good security firewall, control of what children access, and a good “how to use” policy internet can be a downer.

  • Ruy says:

    I often use internet for long hour where I spend most of the time searching for news, online English lesson, etc. I also go to some webs to find friends, games and anything that attract me but only for sometimes. My favorite webs are those that can provide me knowledge that can help me learn to improve my English because I am a non-English native speaker. There are many advantages that we can find through the internet such as updated news from all around the world, hi-tech issues, and some references and so on. However there are also bad things or disadvantages of using internet like using webs that provide pornographies, some irresponsible people that spread the viruses through internet and the hackers that usually take one’s data to manipulate him by send spam email with all lies.
    I suggest to all internet users to use only the webs that you think will really give the benefit. Install your computer with proper anti-virus, and spyware software. Do not believe on lies that says your are winning some amount of money where someone will request you to transfer some amount of money to him before he will send you the the prize that he promise.

    Good luck

  • tintin says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m very glad to read this blog and also the comment here.
    yes, internet is very helpful and fantastic to all of us, because in the internet we know everything that we need. everyday my life is not completed if im not using internet because I enjoyed surfing and reading in the internet. I never bought magazine because in the internet you can read magazine. for me, the dis advantages of internet is none because the person using the internet whose responsible to control her or his self, we should have to policy or rules to using internet, many scammers in internet but we can ignored it to avoid problem.

  • ehsan says:

    hi every one.infact if we consider The world without internet,we never have a life as a life is easy to imagine what,we can do every things by internet.for example,do the business,do the shopping,make friends,etc.
    internet creats many ways in front of us,we can not conceat this reality.
    it depends upon you to how do you use the internet?
    in bad way or good way.
    finally i hope men use the acheivment of human to make progress.
    i sincerely thank you.please send for me your ideas about my writting.

  • sofiane says:

    Hi everybody,
    in our world we can find good and bad things . it depense on us and our desire !?
    in my opinion , internet it’s an excellent tool to progress .

    warm regards

  • Donald says:

    Internet created a new “earth” which we can play, chat, learn and so on. Talking about me, honestly I use Internet all the time for chatting with my friends, reading some news, playing online games, learning new knowledge, researching…..

    living in this “earth”, which had some good sides. firstly, we don’t need to spend money on buying a newspaper for reading, we can see lots of news and information on Internet which is free. Then, we can save time to look for some information when you are doing a project or working on a assigment, which means you don’t have to go to libary to seek the information. The most important advantage of Internet which to feel free to chat with your family and your friends. For example, I am living in Nottingham, but my mother is living in Nanning which is a city of China. If I am going to call her by phone, it will be cost me a lot of money. Internet helps me to sort out this problem, I can use it to talk with my mother how long as I want. I don’t consider about moeny’s problem again when I am talking with my parents.

    On the other hand, Internet also exists some disadvantages. one of bad side is to effect people’s body health, such as eyes problem. If you are looking at the monitor longer and longer, your eyes will get short sight. We can see lots of teenages already start to wear on glasses nowadays, so this is a serious problem for people’s health. Another bad thing is peope will do less exercise. People feel comfortable and enjoyable when they spend time on Internet, which means they become lazy and don’t want to move again.

    Sorry about that, I cann’t give any advises, because I still not come out from the Internet. I need to rescue myself firstly. Does anybody can give me some suggestion. I will thank a lots

    adove-mentioned which is my opinion. See you ~~

  • Marina says:

    Internet changed the whole world. I take the advantage of it for self- teaching, making and keeping in touch with friends, downloading materials freely as well as shareing mine with people all over the world. It benefits is beyond words. However, there is disadvanteges too. Unhealthy websits for children came up and some criminals use internet to commit crime. At the same time of enjoying the convenience brought by net, we have to pay attention for information security and protect us, especially juveniles, from violent or erotic things.

  • NganLuu says:

    I usually use Internet to serve for a lot of purpuses , such as : chatting with my friends , seeking information , studying English online , ect…I think that the internet is very useful.Thanks to internet , I can contact with everybody whom I want to talk with at my house instead of going out.Besides,I can browse a lot of infomation everywhere with the aid of internet.However,the internet have limittation.There are a lot of hacker who can damage your computer easily.There are a lot of black wesites which present bad informations ,for example : sexy …It effects to your spirit and strong life.

  • Minna says:

    Internet is fantastic and makes life easier. I check every day news from the internet and then I have also some “fun pages” that I like to visit if I have time. I also communicate with my friends in Internet. It’s so nice (and cheap!) to chat or even make a call to the other side of the world! In studies Internet is very useful – there’s so many material and knowledge, you just have to choose the right ones…courses can be checked in the internet and some courses are also available for home or self studying in the Internet.

    One bad thing that there’s with internet is that it’s addicting. It’s sometimes stupid just to sit in front of the computer and stare at the screen even there would also be something better and more useful to do.

  • MinhKy says:

    I use the internet for information, meeting friends by Yahoo Messenger and checking my email. I access internet everyday for working, learning and entertainment.
    For me, internet is a very useful thing for use to stay intouch with friends, family, co-worker.
    Nowadays, people usually depend on internet to do almost everything for normal life such as shopping, booking, transferring and even loving each other from the internet, and thing always has 2 sides, bad and good one, internet makes you lazy and talk less with people, the computers are not good for your eyes and not healthy at all when you use the internet to access the porno sites, gaming onlines, hacking and chatting all night long.
    But anyway, internet is a great tool.

  • Robby Hermawan says:

    We are very fortunate to have internet available at the present times. We all understand that some low graded people use the internet to make money and spread pornography to the whole world. But we do not need to get discouraged by it because there are a lot of nice people who can help us making software to block pornography materials.

    I feel very fortunate to have the internet because I can improve my English, get dictionary online, obtain a lot of information;sports,health,local & world news and write instant letters to my brothers.

    I can enrich my hobby by browsing in the internet and share with others what I know. I can find out more about anything by reading thousand of articles in the internet.

    I know more about seizure that sometimes occurs to my 4 1/2 years old daughter. I know that I need to be calm when facing my daughter having seizure and I know seizure will go away to some children after they reach 6 years old.

    I help my wife in the kitchen by getting new recipes from the internet and discuss it after I make a copy for her. I know I can help my daughter in school by downloading materials from the internet.
    Internet is very very useful and helpful to most of us.

  • azzan says:

    In my opinion.Internet is the most important methods of comunication in the world.It make the wolrd as small village.Also we can get any information or news that we need to know it.

  • Katherine Lin says:

    It is absolutely necessary for me to use internet for everything such as getting news from over world, listening to music, contacting friends, buying stuff, learning English and so on. It goes withoug saying it brings plenty of disavatages as well. Minors commited lot of crimes through the internet because of curiousity. They are too young to distinguish what is correct or not.
    In my opinion, children should be given some lectures about how to use internet properly in advance before they start to be into it.

  • sus says:

    actually we have misconception from how to use it and how to make it as something important for instance the most important things in every young man or woman get chatting second establish e-mail and create friends
    we have to be caution .although it’s very helpful and amazing invention

  • Dalys says:

    I love internet. But I think that internet is the most dangerous that ever around the world. I explain my reasons. Many people are using internet to pornography sites. There are plenty sites leading sexual explicit information and many children and young people are visiting this web. Also, bad people give wrong information about medical topics. I am not a negavite person, only I give my opinion because I love internet.

  • judy says:

    hello!every body.My name is judy zhang. I come from China.I used the internet in the evering.At the moment,I listen to music and reseach the information. Sometimes, I chat with friends who are very funny.It is very convenient.I think its disadvertage is some students watch some unheathy movies. I dislike it.

  • hang61gso says:

    Hi, my name is Hang . For me. the first thing I would like to say is Internet is the bridge that links me to all of you here.It is the greatest integration in the world that I have ever known in this life . It makes the world become even and lie in one’s own house. It is the tool for me to improve all my knowledge of all aspects in life .I can use it for searching every thing I need for my liife

  • Marisol says:

    Hi my name is Marisol from Peru. In my case, I use the internet to look for information and I have to say that’s very useful because with just one click, you can find many pages about the topic you want. But this is not the only use for it, apart from searching for info, you can also make friends by chatting( and you make friends from all over the world). Technology has improved very much and it’s making our lives easier.

  • thuydiu says:

    I often use internet in the evening. I think, internet is really usefull for all people. If you want to find any information, you can search by google. If you want see any photos, watch any films, listen any songs… you can find them in internet.With me, the special thing is that internet can supply me many ways to learn for example : my major, my english. I have a friend , she lives in HCM city, very far from me. But through internet, I can talk to her every day even see her face. However, there are many disadvantages. If you dont have the right think, you can act follow the bad things in internet. And some people use alot of time to use internet, they even dont have enough time to eat and do other things without playing games, chatting…
    I suppose that, people should improve the internets’ advantages to make the life better.

  • Amy says:

    Internet exerts a great fascination to many people nowadays. It has completely changed our world, including the ways of our thinking, living, or even our communication. It’s hardly to imagine what our life would be like without internet. We are used to scanning news and searching information we need by surfing on the internet. Sometimes, we would like to do shopping or take some courses but not to be bothered to go out. And computer and Internet make all these things become available at home. It really seems that internet makes our life more convenient and comfortable and enables us to do something we are interested in an easy way. But despite all these advantages that internet brings to us, we have to accept the fact that internet do sometimes have its disadvantages if it’s not properly used. Let’s take playing computer games for example. Computer games are very irresistible to many people, especially for those of young ages. Young people love seeing the wonderful pictures and experiencing the exhilarating feelings when they’re playing the computer games, which I think it, are also a good way of relaxation. But the fact is most people can easily get addicted to those games, and then completely abandon themselves to the virtual world. I once read news, in which said a 15 year-old boy suddenly died after playing a computer game for around 70 hours in a row. This news was a real shock to me. So from what we’ve discussed above, we should realize that only if we make use of internet in an appropriate way, could we get the most benefit and have more fun from the internet.

  • Edmundo Says says:

    Internet give us a powerfull tool in the job , for contac supplier and any information about it . Student can find everything for your homework and some school need to send you homework via email ,Internet is a powerfull information highway .

  • Rachel says:

    Internet gives us conveniences to communicate with people who come from all over the world.And we can get the latest news in time,find any resources we want.I can’t image that people how to live without Internet.Remember someone has said:In the next twenty years , if one company is still not use Internet,it will has a terrible fate .

  • Ada says:

    I live in an average city. Internet is the most convenient way for me to konow what is happening in the rest of the world in spite of my busy time schedule. When I am too tired to do ahead , Internet provides me new strength and courage to strive because I can always find too many eniment people working at their dreams and they leave their footsteps for me to follow.
    I am so lucky finding such a open website to comunicate with so many ESL learners.

  • chi says:

    I use Internet to learn English , check e-mail and play a game. Internet is a most useful tool I ever have.

  • Bereket says:

    most of the time i use internet for work and to read interesting articles. but sometimes i use it to send email to communicate with freinds and families living somewhere else.

  • Subhash Deshmane says:

    Hi , I think without internet world will be, like fish without water, i am using internet for the searching and gaing the knowlwdge

  • sureshkr says:

    hi everyone,

    I want to be a good netizen. I use internet because
    it is information highway. It gives us consummation of knowle-
    dge on everything under the sun.Knowledge is power and ideas
    rule the world.So,internet is treasure,and we should make use of
    it discretely for enlightening people.In the fast changing scenar-io of world events, this great and wonderful medium of informatio
    tion will continue to be an inevitable source for the people
    world over.

  • kerime says:

    Everyone knows that internet is very useful for researching,chatting,downloading and etc.but on the other hand it shouldn’t be ignored that it has disadvantages when it is used for a long time unnecessarily,especially because of games.This harms mostly children and their healthy..briefly we must use consciously in a good way..

  • onetaho says:


    Of course INTERNET is very very useful,yet I have some little problems with it , it is because of my son and my daughter ,they use it most of the time for playing games and I am afraid they would become computer addict.

  • kiven_chen says:

    I am from China.
    I usually use internet learning some resource,ect.

  • QQ says:

    I use internet almost everyday. I think it is very helpful, but also has some disadvantage.
    Internet is a great tool, and you can easy to find information you want. I use it for cooking recipe, gardening design,english study,fashion trend. Its good,cheap way to keep in touch with friends throug the emails ,MSN, Skype. You dont need to buy newpaper to look for new jobs…Anyway, the advantage of internet is fast and all-sided. But it has disadvantage. Its bad for not only minor but also adult to gaming all day online. All the junk emails really bother me, and i need to clear my mail box every day. So many things will become risk for you if you do shopping, banking online…However, my personal opinion is advantage of internet is more than disadvantage. It is part of my life.

  • Natvarsinh says:

    I live in India. I use internet everyday. I fond of use internet because it is useful to be keep touch with friends and relative who lives abroad. Internet provide us very useful information. I also use the internet for learn and improving english. we find all type of information in the internet. I use internet everyday so I have increase lots of general knowledge of country and all over the world.

  • Golnar says:

    hi every body
    net is very useful for improving and updating ur knowledges and u can get every thing u need instantly .in fact u r in touch with all over the words and its good feeling .

  • Allen says:

    I am a chinese guy and fond of english, including its culture and its content and the country which use english as a official language. All of them, we can acquire from Internet. Another, we can contact our friends through net, by email or anything else, it’s convenient to our life. But btw, additionally, we also filter up the information from internet and sort into different types, useful and non-useful. Cos so many useless information will be retrieved packed with useful information, and that need our judgement based on our experience, this will save our time and help us more effectively.

  • amjad says:

    internet as we all know is useful for everything you want for me its advantage is very big when we compare it to its disadvantage but i have some suggestion to take into consideration at first we have to learn the person how to use internet secondly. and which the most useful and beneficial site that may you visit
    at last i want to thank all

  • bashir says:

    The internet is where you go between when your parents can’t take you and industry can’t take you! it’s advantages and disadvantages are always there, so the question is how smart you are when it comes to internet?

  • fati says:

    the internet is a tow edjed sward. it has many advanteges and few disadventeges. the main good thing in the net is getting any information you want to know learning seeing all what is new and making friends from all over the world. we can also via net know th frech news about what is happening in the world. As a woman it is very helpful in cooking, how to organise home and to deal with many things. it is also good in travelling.

  • loveleen says:

    I use the internet for teaching and helping others. It’s very useful and also it’s informative.

  • Kamola says:

    Hi everybody!
    Nowadays nobody can deny the importance of the internet.Sitting in front of a computor clicking a mouse, one can get access to the information which provides him or her numerous valueble information. Thanks to the internet people can quickly share knowledge, idea, personal feelings. After clicking “search” the internet users can find all the information they need. How easy it is! With e-mail they can also send and receive instant electronic messeges. There are also many online stores and sites that can be used to look for products as well as buy them using credit card. There are also “chat rooms” on the web that can be accessed to meet new people, make new friends, as well as to stay in touch with old friends.
    While the internet can provide a lot of useful informations, its harm cannot be underestimated. Because we have easy access to so much informations, it can create some problems to us. If we use the internet, our personal informations such as our name, address can be accessed by other people. There are also a lot of pornographic sites on the internet that can be easily found and can be detriment to letting children use the internet. Such illegal activities are frustrating for all internet users and so instead of just ignoring it , we should make an effort to try and stop these activities so that using the internet can become much safer.
    Compared the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet, I believe that the positive ones have much more weight than the negative one. If we can make better use of the internet in the future, I’m sure they will contribute more and more to our life.
    As far as I’m concerned, I’m daily user of the internet. It totally changed my life. It makes my life easier and more convinient. I use the internet in order to improve my reading, listening, writing skills. I believe that one wonderful day my dream will come true and I’ll go to abroad to practice my speaking and increase my outlook much more.
    Good luck for everyone who has similar dream!

  • Mare says:

    God blesses everyone. Internet has given many advantages for all of us. As a teacher and school administrator,I use the Internet for searching information and learning new things. It saves me more time to plan what I want ot do next. At the menatime I ‘m learning English through Internet. Thank you .

  • Felipe Torres says:

    Hello, dear friends;

    Internet is one of the technology achievement in communication. In additon, it makes easy life. According to this idea, internet must be allowed to everybody by local government.

  • hanan says:

    net is very useful and important. i use net for learning and getting knowledge about toefl and icdl.

  • khal says:

    i use for learing english and communicate

  • Tatsiana says:

    Hi! Sometimes I use the Internet when looking for fresh ideas for creating lessons as I am a teacher of English. Sometimes I look for certain information connected with my job. Besides you can shop with the help of the net. I usually buy video films, books or audiobooks in English. I use the Internet as often as I need it. One more advantadge is writing letters to friendsand getting replies in almost no time. It’s great!

  • odi gusviyan says:

    As college student like me, internet is really important. i can get much information from there, and help me in studying. i also use it to get friends, chat with them, improve my english and other. the advantage of internet i think it cheap and fast..and disadvantage maybe there are bad side of it such as pornography that can ruin the mentality of children. That all my opinion. Thank you..

  • lana says:

    I usually use the internet for many different purposes such as : listen to the music , read newspaper , buy something that my town don’t sell ,….In my opinion , the internet is very useful . The most important advantages of it are cheaper and faster any other media .But the disadvantage of it is that you can’t be sure that all the information on the internet is right.!!!

  • mariyam says:

    Hi! i think internet as a magic box,which is full of informations of all types.As a student i use it to get information about my subjects.It is good to use internet because it has made the world aglobal village.

  • abdessamad says:

    well,i use internet to get a new informations ,and to know about new cultures.and of course to meet my sweet darling onligne because im always working so far.also i use it to learn english.we can chose even to benifet from internet or to use it to the negative way.but internet is a kind of revolution…for me .thank you for all.

  • Millena says:

    10Q for every one who gave suggesion about the advantage & dsadvantage of internet. Moste internet users said that,it gives any information that we need. But we select the posetive one. Some one saied that Don’t weste Ur time by unnessary web,example pornographi picture…offcourse!!!!

  • Ahmed Elshahawey says:

    I use the internet to search , news and make arelationship,
    also discover the good sites and spread it with my frinds.

  • Zewditu says:

    Hi friends,

    Internet is very important and useful technology for every thing. For example if you want to learn online, distant education, to find the best school, Hotel reservation, Ticket reservation, shopping, House rent, car rent, Travel arrangement, and to communicate with others people you can get each information easily and fastly with out any problem.

    Internet is saving time and money.

    In General we can develop our knowledge by use Internet.

    Have a nice day,

  • Hafiz says:

    Hi, overthere! I use the internet mainly for Education purposes,
    Since I’m a teacher for English I do make use of this device to access two very important wibesites: Englishclub &
    forom which I get all my resources.
    For how often question, I use it very much.
    the advantages of the internet are more: the above mentioned two sites.

  • dianagrazia says:

    Hello Everybody
    I use the internet every day. ‘Cause I work in an Advertising agency. So I really need the internet to find out new models agency, producer agency and location as well. When I come bach home I turn on my pc and I meet my web friends, so I pass about 9 hours on internet. It’s a good way to learn more things, to buy something you want or to reserv flight tickets.
    A disadvantage is that maybe more people pass to much time on a computer. They forget how beautiful is the world outside. So…on saturday and on sunday….let’s go out!!!!

  • Selene says:

    Hy.I mainly use the internet for reading newspapers,taking movies and talking with my friends.I also use it for school and to find jobs.The main disadvantage for the internet is that makes me to spend to much time in front of the computer,which can be very tiresome.One big advantage is that you can find anything on the internet…so we can be well informed about everything. 😀

  • JJ says:

    Internet provides me with resources I prepare for class activities, opportunities to meet new friends, relaxation away from stress, and space for me to write my own thoughts.

    It also takes up the time of going out for exercise, of chatting with grandparents, of going shopping with aunts. One big problem is that I feel I am not unique as I am in the real world.

    Spiritually, it cannot replace our real life. Academically, it functions as an encyclopedia needing our exploration.

  • poonam says:

    Hi ,

    Internet is very very useful.It has got many advantages.
    I normally used internet to gather information whenever i required.I often use it .Internet is the best way of finding information irrespective of any topic .

  • Qahir says:

    First of all , I want to tell you internet is the best way for getting information in every field. we can find every thing that I want . I can improve my english with is one of the internet advantage for me. Finally , internet is as a guidline for me.

    Some time young people spend their more time to chat and imoral site .this is one of disadvantage of internet.

  • Prof.Dr.SADASIVAN says:

    Hi Everyone out there on this planet!In my eyes,the Internet,a miracle of sorts today,has helped shrink this world into a village in infinite ways.But this blessins no longer stands unalloyed because some frauds are hacking into it out of vested interests.Stupid sites are also there.So use it like any other scientific invention–carefully,intelligently! SADABOY.

  • mahboobeh says:

    as everyone know internet is so important because our life depends on it .all of our activities will be better when we use internet for using them like tacking freind, shopping ,job, studying , learning,etc.
    with this definition we feel need to use internet for atchiving our goals more & more.

  • Babak Agp says:

    I use internet to be in touch with friends and my masters with email and YM. We have a group at internet and we access to our grades, lesson’s slides, … from there. In that group every one of my classmates try to introduce there cities, which make photo part of the group rich with Tourist interesting photoes.

    Also in use it for finding lots of resources for my course which is computer and millions of ebooks and other resources are accessible at internet. If I wanna learn softwares, in internet I can found free tutorial which are so useful.

    Forum sites is one of my favorite sites at net, because I can ask questions, submit my answers to others questions, and just have my say freely.

    Learning English is the other use of internet… idiom resources, grammer, vocabulary,… I also find variety of cotext and read them for my reading emprovment, I write anywhere,…

    So much advantage of internet. But the disadvantage is it cost an arm and a leg here in Iran.

  • Samira says:

    Hi every one,
    Actually I have learnt to use Internet when I was the university about 8-10 years ago and I have started with Yahoo mail and Yahoo messenger. Almost the time I am searching in Internet by Google and Yahoo sites and sending and receiving email to or from my friends. I usually every day morning and night I am using Internet. I prefer to use Internet for learn online. I think Internet advantages are more than disadvantages: 1.Help us to communication with all the world from our home and also give us too much information about every things that I would like to know them, We can learning shopping, playing and so on …. just from at home. The people that using Internet very much usually are lazy people because they like just sitting in front of monitor and they do not like any movement . Thankyou for every one for giving time to me for tell about my opinions about Internet.

  • xuanthao says:

    today, I think internet is an useful tool for everyone to get information. It’s so easy for you to connect with people around the world, a good chance for you to make friend. With me, internet is so necessary and I think if without it, I can’t live. Everyday I use internet to chat with my friend, study English and look for part-time jobs. Sometimes I liaison with my family through internet. Especially, it is the largest book I have ever had, I can find everything on internet and know any event which is happening in the world. And it still has more and more benefit I can’t list all. In generally, it’s useful for you, for me and everybody who want to have the knowledge around us.

  • Omar Araya says:

    Hello Everybody. So everyone knows about advantages of internet access, and that’s really good, but sometime is very cold. so our relations become in virtual ones. So that’s why I recommended use it carefully

  • inaam from iraq says:

    hi to every one ,Internet is very important .i am used the Internet to get more information about everythink in the world also to helpe in my stading and learn English online,my English is ok now becuase the internet helpe to learn more in online, its very effective way ,also from the internet I make friends all over the world, its helpe me to improving my skills especially how to speak and read english.
    thanks to all

  • Yazmin says:

    I mainly use the internet to look for information about business, news, services as well as keeping intouch with some friends.

  • Karla says:

    The internet is one kind of media very useful… first of all i use the internet to look many information, such as history of any country, how to make food of my own country and other stuff,,, also i use the internet for chat, play games and more stuff. i think thanks of the internet people have more knowledge about other countries and other things.

  • janicia maria rosero da silva de jesus says:

    internet rox dude!

    without it i’m soo dead mostly i find friends on hi5,facebook and orkut

  • hangmc says:

    hello everybody!
    I often use internet for 1 or 2hours perday.I mainly use it for getting informations and learning english.There are many advantages from Internet that everyone knows but there are many bad things from it such as sex story and film,game..they are very dangerous for children.i think parents should take an eye on their children .
    thank you for reading

  • harish watts says:

    Internet is used very widely these days. It can be useful as well as useless. As far as I am concerned I use internet for my business purpose. The other uses for me are mailing, looking for movies, learning english, playing games etc. for using the internet one should be very careful. today most of the young peole use the internet for dating. while dating we should be careful regarding giving our personal details.

  • Nurana says:

    Hello to everyone.There are a few reasons of my using Internet.First of all, I use it to get information,then to learn English by online lessons,and to publish my articles.Nearly I use Internet everyday.I never think myself without Internet.It has very great advantages,one and the best of them is to get what you need in a short time.

  • Agustinus Rambing says:

    I think internet is very good. It many advantages for us. we can improve our self, our skill and if there is a problem we can be helped with to search the problem solving. But I think, we must positive motivate for getting science and knowledge. We can search science sources for our children.

  • durian says:

    I’ve just know how to use the internet for over 5 months. Alot of advantages as well as disadvantages it brings to me.
    The biggest advantage I suppose that it is very very useful for my studying. I am an ESL student so internet helps me so much in improving skills especially reading and listening. I often listen news on BBC or CNN… join some websites where there are a number of chance to learn. Joining several English clubs is very interesting. I can meet and chat in Enlish with friends from all over the world. BY this way i learn some more slangs…… in general, i can not learn well without internet.
    an other important thing, internet is not only the helpful learning tool but also my close friend. for an untalkative people like me, it is really a good friend. listening music for entertainment, chatting with friends without so much money,etc. When i have troubles i can say anything without worrying who chatting with me is, or i can use blog. everything i want to say.
    internet is a part of my life now. i can not imagine a living day without surfing net.
    Of course there are some aspects make me sad when i think about it. MY brother become lazy in learning because of playing games. his studying records is getting worse and worse each day. my parents are really worried. it is when i haven’t mention to some dirty webs. i can’t understand why they can create webs with so much sex or dirty contexts. it can kill some people in this way.
    internet is everything worst and best.

  • hassan -koohian says:

    in my oponion internet is the world of information that is accesable everytime and everywhere

  • sridevi says:

    I use the internet for gathering information about my subject.It is the best place for job hunters.In my class my sir said that any thing and every thing we can find in internet on learning I conform that internet is the net for learners.I also use it for getting song lyrics for different films.with out any much cost we can communication with our friends.I always mail to my friends.

  • Tra My says:

    I use Internet to study English. The knowledge I have gained from Internet is invaluable for me in the English tests. I think we are lucky because we live in the era of Information Technology with the appearance of Internet.

  • SonAy says:

    i use the internet 2 get my needs and i spend most of my time learn online because it easy 2 get information on internet n of course finding friends on internet is good because by this way u can have friens from all around the worl

  • Pooneh says:

    I use Internet to learn new things and find friends from all over the world. I think it is a good & easy way to get what I want.

  • Anwar says:

    Basically, I use the internet to find friends and learn online. From this perspective, I’ll say the internet is very helpful. The negative aspect of it is that, somtimes, it is rubbish. In a sense, some unnecessary and irritating emails with beautiful covering subjects consume my time.

  • gun says:

    I use the internet because i can get all my needs on it.

  • gun says:

    By using Internet we’re able to catch all of informations based our needs. Basicly i use the internet is to make easy my works or activities. I am nasty pleased using the internet because beside doing my works, i also can have fun with my friends or everyone who i haven’t known them yet before.

    Actually i need internet for studying, like to enrich my english conversation, vocabullaries, and to know all everythings happened in the world.

    I suggest for all user internet everywhere :Don’t using the internet just for negative point, such like browzing pornography.
    It’s better for us to make reparation and instropection to be better again from now on, Ok!!

    My hobbies are having download the programme concerning Computer Lessons, learning english because my english is not fluented, chating with my family, friends, and anyothers.


  • Aziz says:

    We Should us the Internet for gitting some benifits, for instance
    earning new knowledge in an usefull subject which can be helpful in our life. Also, we should keep ourselves away from bad websites. ” To Be a Good Person You Have To Think Like A Wise Man “

  • Rajan karki says:

    In my opinion internet is part of life now so every where every work informative buisness motive study abroad also its misuse so danger some body earning black money gambling this site if use better prupose very useful do positive think positive so my idea is very positive normally it svery vasy course never ending chapter

  • Tyna says:

    Dear all,

    Everything in the world always have advantage and disadvantage, it expected on the way we use and think about it.
    Internet is the great technology,it’s really important for our life especailly our work like mail,learn what’s news, share document… using neternet like we are connected to the world,But if we look at to other left side internet have an effect on childrent…etc. Because internet is plenty of bad pictures, bad side that talk about sex and bad idea that can cause then to be bad thinking. Internet can’t set permission or care that child under 18 can or can’t open this side or something. Other thing is chating on messenger, i really don’t know whether is it good or not? it’s very very bad thing and very useless thing can say just waste our time, but we can say it’s useful too because it can improve our english, connect to other people, finding friend, chating for fun or get other idea from the people around the world.
    Finally Please use it in the useful way.
    Best wishes,

  • Freeman says:

    we can see a doctor online if we have an Internet connection at home. It will save a lot of time for us to go to hospital by ourselves.


    Hi , for all . of course it`s usefull & helpfull.

    In fact, I use the enternet for getting information , especially in English language and english literature ,for I`m an english student .
    In my opinion using the enternt is so important for learning anything such as languages and many thing els .
    As a student of English literature I nearly use the enternet everyday in order to develop my language.

  • Feza says:

    Hello, All!

    Firstly, I would love to say that i am happy to be here and share my thoughts with all of you.
    I can say that I am an avarage Internet user. I am always in front of the computer because of my job. When i come back to home in the evening I don’t want to do anything in the computer. During the day I use the Internet to pay my bills, to check my bank account and to do some small monetary investments.

    I also use the Internet to search some information. I think “Google” is very useful about it. I can find anything that i wonder and want to know by using it. The Internet is useful and necessary for students, too. Specially foreign language learners like me can find plenty of sites on the Internet to improve theirselves. I do it. I take advantage of the Internet to improve my English. I read news in English, find friends from other countries who try to learn English like me and chat with them.. Those are all possible because of the Internet.

    I don’t like playing computer games. So i don’t use the Internet with this purpose. I don’t like meeting sites, neither. But i use e-mail much both in my business and private life.

    I think, technology is a good thing but a bad thing at the same time. Technology gives us time by helping us to do our jobs quicker. But technology fills our leisure time also. We are able to do a job ahead of time because we use the Internet but we right away open the Internet and spend our spare time in front of the computer and finally we still don’t have any spare time, according to me J

    Good days to all you..

  • hanane says:

    Hi everybody,
    my usage of the internet depends on my needs: to learn about Englich Club, send and receive e-mails, and look for the lyrics of my favourite songs. i do refuse being absorbed by the net. Its main advantage is providing information instantly but its disadvantages depend on the intention of its users and their misuse of surfing.

  • Durdona says:

    I use Internet at home, mainly for communicate. I’m the memeber of a lot of forums. I visit some sites every day and try to enrich my common knowledge, especially by articles. I don’t play games by internet, I hate it. But I found some best friends with the help of internet. Sometimies they are good then friends in reality.
    Advantages of Internet, I think it’s convinient in learning, getting informations and change point of views. We can see disadvantages in the harm of computer for health. Secondly, it’s easy to lie in virtual world.
    I suggest to use Internet for one’s benefit, for example to have distance education or earn money.
    Thanks for attention!

  • hanan says:

    i use the Internet because i want learning any thing and searching for any topic

  • sadullah says:

    I Want to improve my english. You can give my email adress to all your members so that we can chat with each others Thanks

  • hamide says:

    Since my work depends upon Internet FULLYand thoroghly, I work in, live in it, breath in it, educate and play using it….. and sometimes worry about its negative impact upon my life

  • lubna says:

    I use the Internet everyday; I learn online, I do some searches on the web, comunicate with people and meet new others.
    I think that there is noway to keep out the disadvantages of the internet because only the user can prevent himself from the bad faces of the internet.

  • Shaheen Qadri says:

    The internet is very useful and interesting for me because i am a network administrator and i use it for informations about networking. When ever i stuck in my work, i get help from internet. This is the main source of information to me. Except this i also use it for searching a job in USA.

  • Lee says:

    Internet, the world gargest information recourses is helpful and benefitable worldwide. people get information on each egde of the world through the internet. For me, internet takes parts of my lifetime. I spend amost of my spare time on it. i enjoy searching, chatting…and of cause i use it to learn online. For disadvantages, some information on some sites are harmful and can cause unexpected events, or lead to bad behavior. So using mental thoughts and careful cosideration when surfing on the internet will be worth.

  • Rubyolp says:

    The internet has both advantages and disadvantages.I believe it depends on how people use it.For me ,the internet is like a huge encyclopedia.It is truly useful when I do my homework, study languages and make ne friends across the wold
    To conclude ,For me , Its advantages outcome its disadvantages. 😛

  • Taing sothorn says:

    i whould like to respect to the Joe;s cafe and all staff at there and i also think that interneet is very importance for all the people for communicate togather on over the world, espescailly it essy for the invester who invest in the ather country amd also good for the mebwer of the families who live in diferent coutry that they whan to communicate and they say hello togather. i alway seach internet for culture, health, standarn of living of people documents.
    I would like to suggest all of guys or girls that try to searching internet as the correct way otherwise virus will be run on your computer.

  • Khamsaen says:

    Hi ! internet is very important and useful for us to communicat with friends, find information, for education, internet is very very big library. internet makes the world small, so we should use in the good ways not for crime.
    I use internet five days a week for information I need
    Ans internet user should good at English, but not like me very very little English, but I try !!!!!!!!

  • Sara Beatriz says:

    I use the Internet to learn English and everyday I check my e-mail. My advice is: we have to pay attention to not be involved in bad situations like give personal information to someone or read an unknown e-mail. For me Internet is very useful when is used correctly.

  • Severina says:

    I think the internet is a good way to learn many things around the world. I suggest the people use then to the growth each other.

  • abeer says:

    i use the internet to study on line ..and 2 know the latest news ..
    to have fun with my friends from all over the world,,and it’s provides many sources for any topic or matter that u interested in…
    on the other hand u have to be with children when they use it to be sure they are save


  • Jannie van Middendorp says:

    I mainly use my cp and internet for sending e-mails.
    I am some one of the volunteers of the Red Cross.
    I am one of the coordinators of the Red Cross in our city.
    Sometimes I think it’s a fulltime job. I use the pc mostly four hours a day.
    I don’t play games . Some times I talk with my grandchilderen when they are online.
    My husband likes to assemble his own films .
    I also like to sent little notes to my friends and relatives in England and Canada.
    I also learn my english lessens .
    that for now all I do with the computer

  • barzen says:

    Welcome all . one off some the things are necessary in the life are Internet . and one of the things I use it the Internet . I using daily to learn all the things I do not know or might need. The primary benefit of the Internet will be a world where information from all sides of life . always I Searching for what new science and technical information and different sources. (Learn English and computer information . and Internet) of the most important things I’m interested in them. electronic trade and know new friends and .news . … and so on.

  • alwsaby says:

    As myself,using the intrernet is to have friends,searching information,finding jobs ,developing the self in field of profession..etc.
    The other thing is to avoid the tricks that happen repeatedly by those who are consdered hackers to destroy yours,stealing

  • niniek jacob says:

    I used internet for studying English. and send my E-mail. When I online, sometimes I research about health. I love this topic.
    OK, God bless you.

  • Kannika says:

    Nowadays, internet is a part of communication which is varity of interedted info. I am one searching internet everyday. Sometime finding out about resturant, book ticket airline, and anything. Well, in the world of internet, there are both good things and bad, it depends that which one you select to learn.
    So, I would like to suggest all of guys or girls that try to searching internet as the correct way otherwise virus will be run on your computer.

  • Rosario says:

    Hi, I just to say about internet that is a powerful tool, it is incredible to find any issue that you are looking for. It is awsome to know different cultures around the world without leave your home.
    But we need to be careful because there are hackers and it will be a nightmare if they infect your equipment. You can loose information and the worst thing that they can use your personal information against you… You should have installed a good antivirus.
    Bye for now!

  • quynhnhu says:

    Hello.I think the internet is really useful.It can help us search for everything we want.However,using the internet in the best way is a problem,which depends on the attitude of each person.I think that in our society nowadays,so many people take advantage of the internet,even to do bad things.Some people use it as a kind of entertainment,especially the youth,they spend all their time playing game online,which has a negative effect on their health.Therefore,people should know how to control the time and the way using internet. Of course,whenever feeling tired,we can use the internet to relax or to help our work,just remember to use it in the best and the most useful way!The internet is important,but do not become its slavery.

  • Si says:

    hi . off course , cyber nowaday is the basic of people at home . office and every where !

    so this technology become very useful for all

    for me , i use net for make communication with my friends and family , post at forms , reading news and for knowledge !

    the advantages are clear for people but i want to speak about disadvantages which are like a venom !! for examples ( hackers – website for bads purpose )

    MY suggestion to guys and girls is to research at net because it likes the sea with large amount of science !

    day after day has to spread like spider home

  • Francisco Cassongo Mambe says:

    Is better to send for us news so that we can be informed about what is apening in using the internet.

  • Francisco Cassongo Mambe says:

    I use the internet by conecting people in the world,when I need to know some thing or to be in contact with some one who is in the line and who can tell me some news
    Advantages:Be in contact with the all world.
    Disadvantages:If some WIN,the prime is not sending at time or never.
    Suggestions:To send the prime if sone one WIN .

  • Janet says:

    Hi!! I’m Jenet.
    I use Internat once a week to relax such as listening to music, chatting, shopping, reading books.. It also helps me make friends with many people live in many countries. There are many websites in Internet ,so I ‘ve learnt many things from them.
    Therefore, Internet takes an important role in my life.

  • hassan hejazi says:

    Internet now adays is a face of the modern life and a from the basics.Life may turn hard if we lose this spider net that our works hang on it.But the matter is that the porn web sites and other terroists webs and instigation blog and rumors being spreaded all make the internet as a source of demolish for the society.Thus, serious steps must be taken to abolish nthis disadvantages.

  • sonali says:

    Actually internet is the biggest area to acquire knowledge.By using website we can find out any information.Internet can be used to do shopping ,learning.But don’t misuse internet facility .Some people are using internet toplay games.

  • Preeti says:

    i am preeti
    yeah i am daily user of net and surffing only for gain knowledge and for Esl also…as i want to improove my english..

  • Ravindra Chaugule says:

    Advantages of internete:

    Interenet is very useful service it save the time and doing work very fast for example : paying bills.sumbmit any collage form and other form, this is the big sorce for knowledge,we can find jobs on internete.

    Disadvantages of internate:

    I think thiefers using internet in a bad way that is the disadvantages of internete nothithig than other

  • Tracey says:

    I live in Germany and use the internet every day to keep in touch with family and friends. I am also doing an OU course and research all of my essays and send all of my work using the internet. I also Shop on the internet tool. When friends are going to visit I shop on line and have all the things that I need sent to their house for them to bring over(essentials like marmite,cadburys chocolate and self raising flour). I also use amazon a lot for books, you can actually buy english books on and have them delivered to your door!
    I also surf the net for teaching tips and lesson ideas, I would now be lost without it!

  • nasrin says:

    Internet is an essential part of my life. I usually check my email every day. I always try to search in internet & find intresting things, subjects & news. I have found ESL in internet & I am really thankfull of your kind attention. we can easily communicate with people & get familiar with new friends. we can get any information we want to know. we can save our time & money with internet. It really takes alot of time to mention how important & usefull internet is in our life.

  • Nicolasa Banilaad says:

    As the world ages, more and more innovations and latest trend of technology are coming up. Internet is one of those and I am thankful for this state-of the-art technology. Internet is always a part of my daily activities, all day long. I often go to websites which are informative and helpful to me being an unemployed professional, presently. I am a mother of two aged 19 months (boy) and 7 months (girl) and leaving them for work is quite hard for me at this time. So, when my children are playing or having their nap then I can have time for Internet. Sometimes the three of us did it altogether. I believe that being distant from any particular exposure right now, Internet is one of the best tools (helping me) as I continue to grow. I consider myself a greatest lover of learning. I didn’t do nasty things over the web. I didn’t do online shopping also. I haven’t tried playing a game so far. Maybe I could try one soon with my kids especially the children’s educational games. I only use the Internet mainly for communications and online learning. If only all people will realize that Internet was made for good purposes then its positive advantages will be fully enjoyed by all the users. Online scams will never be a worldwide issue if only Internet is put to good use. Lastly, my only suggestion for everybody is to use Internet only for positive and good purposes. Good day everyone and thank you!

  • John says:

    As well-know,Internet is very important for us.How are we live if lose the internet?I often use the Internet to find friends and learn English online,my English is very poor,and I am working on it now,so I found that learning English online is a very effective way.and I make friends all over the world via website,especially those friends whose spoken English.I am interesting in English now.because internet let me more and more surprises.

  • Yasser says:

    I use inrternet for many purposes, but the most important object is to learn online (which I still failed in).
    Another important intendment for using internet is to make new online-friends specialy those who are English native speakers -(of course because I’m very interested in acquiring fluently in English as a second language).
    Internet ,actually,has many advantages;for me it is so useful
    to do such a news reviewing of my interests every while.
    Again it is prime for me to read what is new and modern in
    some fields like applying to a new job, how to write a CV. ..etc.
    In the same time and paralell to that above, internet has some fatal disadvantages mainly represented in wasting time, lies from some non-official sites, threats on manners and morality…etc.
    Many thanks for you to give me this chance.

  • sara says:

    For most of time , I just surf in the Internet, looking for some resources for free. Nearly every day I am on line, because it is convenient to find the information I need at once. I don’t use net to play games because of lack of interest. Before I tried to find some frineds from Internet, but the feeling is not very good, I prefer to talk to the friends face to face. I never shop on the net, either. There are also two sides of the things, one is advantage, the other is disadvantage. About the use of the net, in my opinion, you can find and get the information you need, also you can provide some information for other people around the world through the net, but one point, you must believe you need to live in the real world, don’t lose yourself in it.

  • Natalia says:

    I used internet in my spare time, for me the advantege of internet are people can get imformation in the world, they can meet or talk with people in other country using YM, people can used internet to see different view and the disadvantege of the internet are there are to many pornografy picture that can make children want to do it.

  • asma says:

    hi every one.using the internet is very useful and interesting for me as a womam, a wife, a mother, and as ateacher. it makes the whole world as one small village. I can be in tutch with people arround the world and even people next door.i use the internet for searching for new cooking recepes , latest world and local news, fasion ,cenima and intertainment,games and shopping.I also use it for travelling and booking hotels ant flight tickets. I use the internet for my job as English teacher. i search for new topics and new methods that can be adopted and used in my institude. i also search for readinding comprehension passages general ones and technical ones.At the moment me and my husband are planning for our next year vacation, and our distenation is the USA. We are searcing for the best offers and the suitable tecket pices.And we are having fun because we are sharing something in common.We are helping eachother and sharing thoughts.

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