If you ruled the world…

Master of the UniverseIf YOU

were the

master of the universe

for one week,

what would you do?

  • Denis says:

    If I were the ruler of the world I would make sure there would not be any bums. Make sure everybody would be christians. I would give everybody $1,000,000 so they can buy a house, car, buy food, and clothes.

  • JOEY says:



  • vahid rasti says:

    i help all of the young man and erase all of the world from the Those who have lost their right studious youth
    todays i trying for this
    i effort for this

  • SomeGuy says:

    If I ruled the world I would legalize weed and make it a guideline to smoke 200 kg of weed per hour.

  • fishman says:

    I would create World peace, ban nuclear weapons, and legalize vigilantes.

  • nonconformist says:

    I think it would be nice to have a plague that would stop all of these Illegals from crossing the Border, so I think I would be a Scientist that would work with the CDC to find the means to do so, thereby eliminating the invasion of our Country by the invaders.

  • nonconformist says:

    Arsen. instead of saying ” I make a cigarettes illegal”. {I would pass a law making Cigarettes illegal to purchase.}That would make you a Dictator, just what we would need, to add to our problems.

  • nonconformist says:

    Not the master, but a wise individual who would be guided by our Heavenly Father and Creator. Following his instruction and not those in charge. For if God commands it then I would be in power to conform to his wishes., ” for if God is with me, who could stand against me.”

  • Arsen says:

    If I ruled the world, I make a cigarettes illegal. Peoples in the world do not smoke than live better and longer.
    Second I will be improve the internet make it faster and without viruses.
    Third i will be increase the number of hospitals and schools. And than world will healthy and smart…

  • muhammad rashid jamil says:

    If i rule the world then firstly i provide justics to all people secondly i gave the oppertunity to all the people for education thirdly i provide the basic neccessties to all the people like food shelter and house
    I think injustics is the main reason for every problem

  • Bashayer says:

    I would stop poor people from suffering, make them live in a small shelter, help them find jobs, help homeless animals, let kids educate them self and be good,Id do a lot of stuff to improve the world.

  • Honey says:

    If I ruled the world for a week , I would make the places with war stop with peace everywhere.And I make speeches to everywhere as far as I can and tell them for peace cooperations.There must be no discrimination and other hatred and wars on earth.I would stop the wars on earth by force or speeches as much as I can do.

  • Vladimir says:

    If i were a master of the universe fo one week, i would turn the world into the game.

  • Zhenya and Evgen says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, we would visit the NHL All-Stars game.

  • Semen says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week,I would be a teacher prohibit togive bad marks or I would be an Iron man.

  • Igor says:

    If i were a master of the Universe for one week, I would make world without Internet, it’s the most important for childrend to spend time in the street.

  • Natasha and Oksana says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week,I would build houses for homeless people,and sheltes for homeless animals.

  • Shishlyaev says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, I would prohibit wars.

  • Natasha says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, I would make the world a better and live in the space.

  • Yulia and Julia says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, i would carry water to Africa for people and animals.

  • Grigorii says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, i would give all countries equal rights. May be we haven’d wars.

  • Ann says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, i would make a new world without lie, wars and other bad things.

  • Katia says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, I would save the sick animals.

  • Polina says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, i would strictly prohibit to tell lie. I think it is impossible to live telling the lie.

  • Anastasia and Evgenia says:

    If I were a master of the Universe for one week, I would help disabled people and make the countries not attack each other.

  • Vitaly says:

    If I were a master of the universe for one the week. I would communicate with other planets.

  • Nastya says:

    On Fridey, I would make shelters for homeless animals.

  • Ivan says:

    If i rule the world , i built big chocalet fabric

  • Ann says:

    If I ruled the world? I would wear a gold diadem. I’d protect environment from pollution.

  • Ann says:

    If I ruled the world for a one week, I would give luck and fun for everybody. Becouse, all people need this wonder.:3

  • mark 98 says:

    If I ruled the world , I would destroy all weapon and declared World Peace , and war and on forever
    I would protect animals and they natural home

  • Kudrina Anna says:

    If I ruled the world one week, I would collect chemical waste.

  • dhami says:

    Well, Even if you have one week as the master of universe(God), It will be difficult to change things at this point.
    Just like two sides of coin always exists, it is difficult to eradicate the injustice, criminals or poverty as such. Only one thing can be done, which is convert all humanity into walking zombies without any memory so that the problems are removed but this will be very terrible to everyone who are on their curiosity path to explore and enhance the true knowledge of their lives.
    I would give world one religion, one sect and rest all things will be auutomatically get rebooted after a week.


  • Priyabrata Barik says:

    If I will be the master of the Universe fro one week, then first thing I will do is to make some strong rules for the human beings. Like the person who is worshiping god but ignoring human or other animals or plants will be punished. There will be so many days observed , in which all the people will not only observe the day as the day as it is but also start acting for the day. Like on the day of earth day all the person will plant tree, clean there near by water reservoir like pond , river etc, feeding animals in the jungle etc.

  • Shahin says:

    If I rule the world for a week, I deport non-Democtaric leaders of all countries and let people to administer their own country by themselves. In addition, I try to setup peace and health all around the world.

  • Ixion says:

    I organize a operation or stategy to avoid the violent and the corruption in the world, I could defeat the politicians who haver this world like a garbage bin. And finally I try to change the ideas of people about a new worl in peace.

    PD: I take an extra money of the government for me jajaja

  • Diana says:

    Day one and two, I will gather all the world leaders, make them legalized regulations and agreement for fighting corruption, and make sure they have socialize the regulations to related staffs and practice it properly. Punishments for corruption criminals are included in the rules. Day three and four, I will assist the world governments to give aid for poor children especially food and education aid. I will make sure all education are free of charge (the government should pay). Day five and six, I will ask all the family gathered in their house, using conference video call in every local TV station and preach that family should be the place where good children come from. Parents should teach their children diligently and lovingly, so their children will know how to behave and won’t be the next criminal, terrorist, etc. Day seven, I will go on a vacation with my family to the most beautiful places in the world: Swiss, Paris, Venice, etc.

  • Twfeek says:

    One week is not enough, but if that happen and i rulled the world for one week, I will just increse the ability of our planet ot stay valid for living as longe as i can, And i will creat the laws which protect our inviroment and our lives, For politics and i heat politics, I will do my beast to get all this leader on one table and get their signiture on earth protection agreement, Which the first line on it will be, any leader miss oblagte to the agreement will be fired

  • Trinh Xuan Tuan Anh says:

    If i ruled the world that mean i was a king, wasn’t i ? as every body known the king has so many beautifull wives so do I, oh year…! just thinking about my beautifull wives i felt tired to make them happy so i think a week is not enought for me. Orthers there were so many deliciuos meal that i had never eaten before and i would try them all. I could order and i would order my men driving me around on supper car….
    conclusion there were so many activites to do so i think i would be very busy for all of it

  • safia dirie says:

    i think a week is not sufficient to accomplish happiness and prosperity for all people equally,but i will try to make epitomized images for the leaders to follow in all fields of life.i will try my best to benefit from the experience of talented peoples in all sectors.

  • Benny koh says:

    Wanna be a transformer bec need to see new world!

  • rao says:

    If i were ruled the world,I would have share the total money equally.It helps to start a new era.And, I will hang all criminals those who are committed to brutal crimes.

  • Alice says:

    I probably would not take the risk of changing a lot in a week because it would then be hard for me to pick up the changes as I would be the same person a week later as I was a week before I was on a throne. I would rather enjoy the luxury of it and may be share it with a few people.

  • Sahar says:

    What a beautiful imagination!
    I tried to make all nice dreams come true in that week.

  • omer bilal Karakaya says:

    I would let the young to express themselves and take care of their offers and make people free to discuss the matters which have no longer argue for years .

  • boris says:

    if i ruled the world i would help children

  • monther says:

    If I ruled the world for one week. I will spread piece in all over the world and and give all people chance
    to learn and get what they want.

  • Auday Moore says:

    I would do nothing….simple as that.

  • fitria says:

    if i ruled the world for one week. i would like to do what can i do. i will stop the war in the world. improve the economy in each country. protected the environment and make people care to each other.

  • Infgeoax says:

    If I had the power, I would make everyone on earth invincible, completely immune to any physical harm. That should settle everything for mankind once and for all.

    The way I see it, violence is such an effective measure that we adopt too often and too readily. Although the ultimate defence may not seem so appealing at first, it implies a great deal. Since nothing can harm you, you can even stand against an army alone and make them listen.

  • MuffinPie says:

    Hmm… A fun one. I would easily tear apart the world, force people to pleasure me, and set into motion actions that would completely reshape culture. But you say Master of the Universe, which can also mean God. If I were God, I would tear apart the Universe and leave behind a new one in its place.

  • Abrar says:

    If I ruled the world for a week, I would get a chance to release about my self that how much i am true in my comment which i shared with my friends on different site. because it’s easy to say “i would do” but when the right time come we will forget all our comments.

  • Tamaz says:

    If i ruled the world, i would help homeless people, homeless animals and eldery people.

  • Art-Kovyaz says:

    if I operated the world, I changed a lot of things for people, for example made so at us wouldn’t be poor and rich that all would be equal, and to create for all those conditions accommodation on the earth which to them we bypass. Saviour people from accidents would correct mistakes in the past, for example. also would prove to people that war it is bad, it not the correct decision in the conflict. That there would be no wars. Made everything that people prospered, lives developed and rejoiced. Also believed always in a victory.

  • Roman Solovyov says:

    First of all if I operated the world I made sound and stable economy and tried to make all image the world better. Made so that it was good to live to each separate segment of the population, regardless financial position. To make more available health system, would make free education. Certainly to solve a question with corruption. I think to operate the world or the country it is very big responsibility and first of all the person should understand all this.

  • Alex Vasyucov says:

    Of course i think everyone want make world more kind and may be clean (if we said about russian)if anybody can rule world.But what can real happen if i or other people can rule world?May be will only worse? Friendly speak i don’t know after all we can’t say what power does with our mind,can kill personality in me or give me chance change the world.As for me in the our modern live i need probity i need a sincerely people and emotions becouse now people want to be best or be better other, it is not problem, i want be number one too, but i try be sincerely with people,so i can say people forget how be friends or how to love only because of our pride.
    So if i can rule world i am change people every day.

  • Дмитрий says:

    If I ruled the country I would have spent a lot of reforms. I would make a higher education because many students finish secondary education from the fact that they do not have the financial ability to pay for his studies at the Institute. Secondly I have cut many MPs To reduce corruption in the country. I believe that it is a necessary step to improve life in Russia. Before carrying out his reforms, I would have given the case to the public. On the other hand be the President of Russia is quite a difficult job which requires a lot of patience and time.

  • Дмитрий says:

    Если бы я правил страной, я бы провел много реформ. Я хотел бы сделать высшее образование бесплатным, потому что многие студенты заканчивают среднее образование с тем, что они не имеют финансовой возможности платить за учебу в институте. Во-вторых, я сократил многие депутаты Чтобы уменьшить коррупцию в стране. Я считаю, что это необходимый шаг для улучшения жизни в России. Перед проведением своих реформ, я бы отдал дело на рассмотрение общественности. С другой стороны, быть Президентом России довольно сложная работа, которая требует много терпения и времени.

  • Danilushkin Alexey says:

    I think that rule the world is very difficult because there are very much problems in our world. If I ruled the world I would try to make our life better and solve some problems. Poverty of some people’s and countries is one of the serious problems. I think that we should help them and if I ruled the world I would improve conditions of life because I want that all people will be happy. The second problem is our ecology. I know that many people don’t think about this problem and polite our planet. So I would donate money to defence of nature. I think that we should live in clean planet but unfortunately today it is impossible. But I consider that i would can’t make the world the perfect place for live of people and nobody can’t to do it.

  • Nastya Kochetkova says:

    To be the ruler of the world is very important. it is very responsible. The main aim is to make the world better. I think that changing the world for better life means understanding what is good and what is bad.As for me if I were the ruler of the world firstly I will change the rights of the people and some political things. Then I will change attitude to our nature and animal world. It is necessary to improve its developmemt.
    So, to be the ruler of the world is wonderful.You can make the world better. All opportunities in our hands.

  • Гребинщикова Дарья says:

    If I ruled the world I would have tried to make the world better and to fix all the bad that now there today. I would have done in education reform, to correct some of the laws. Would make a cleaner streets of our country prospered parks, trying to have children who will live in Russia, so people are less left over for all of the country, which is at the moment, I would have changed the program schools would do better to kindergarten. Try to increase standard of living, raise wages and increase job opportunities for students or nesoveshennletnih. I think our country would be much better and speak with pride of the country in which they live

  • Вильдяева катя says:

    I think that rule the world is a very important moment.Esli I ruled the world I would have improved health care, education, wages would increase service personnel. Would create a lot of parks, alleys, would make several sanctuaries for rare animals and ptits.No I think that rule the world, I could not.

  • Sergey Chernozubov says:

    Rule the world, I think that it is very difficult and responsibly. If I ruled the world I would change the world for the better, to make the world a cleaner and kind. Because I want that people live well and be happy. And I want that in the world was not a crimes and wars. In the world there are many problems, such as poverty, crimes, ecological problem and other. I think that all is this problem we can solve. Or rather If I ruled the world I could solve all these problems. But I think too that one people can’t change the world. I consider that all people should try to change the world better.

  • Lena Malisheva says:

    If I ruled the world I’d try to make our planet better, because I think that nowadays there are many problems which render negative influence on people’s life.
    I can say that I would try to stop wars because many people die because of wars, and it is awful. I believe that nowadays it is very big problem. Besides I can say that, for example, in my country there are many poor people. I think that we should help them, but unfortunately people became cruel and they don’t want help each other now, I believe that it is very bad. Besides I’d try to invent medicine of incurable illnesses because I think that all people in the world should be healthy. I consider that it is very important. In my country many people have bad habits, such us: smoking, drinking alcohol, I think it is also problems and I’d try to solve it, because people don’t think about their health and it can shorting their life.
    In conclusion I can say that rule the world is very difficult because you should solve various problems and I think that nobody can not manage with it.

  • Sasho says:

    If I ruled the world. Of course I try to make our planet the best place in the universe. Of course it’s impossible. But I will be try to do it.
    I agree with all people who think that in Russia we have many problems such as problems with ecologies and homeless people and problems with salary. Of course I can’t to change this one. Because it’s very big responsibility and very hard. But do you can imagine the perfect world? Without problems with ecologies and homeless people? And I think that it’s impossible if only one man to be try change this. So if we want to make our world to better, we should to do it together. But not many people want to live in perfect world so they cut down forests and build factories without treatment plants for the money. So I want to say that man can’t change this world in alone. Nobody can’t to do it. It’s only dream of all people, to live in perfect world, without problems.

  • Fedorov Ivan Alexandrovich says:

    I consider that our world has many serious problems. I will tell about several of them. The first problem. In the world is a lot of poor people. If I ruled the world I would try to improve living conditions of all people, and I would allocate money for an accomplishment of homeless children. And the second serious problem is ecology deterioration on our planet.If I will be a master of the world I would try to reduce environmental pollution. And I would equip all plants with treatment facilities. Also I would pass the law that if you cut down a tree then you should plant the new.

  • Nastya Sergeeva says:

    I think that rule the world it is very complicated and responsible.I believe that every one want change world in better side. I think that if you want change world you should understand what good for world and what bad.
    As for me. If I ruled a world I would change relation people of nature, politics, other people and other. But people should understand that for example nature it is necessary keep and guard.
    On the one hand rule a world it is cool because you can do what you think better for world, but on the other hand you should attend of world, but it is not easy.
    Frankly speaking I would’t want ruled a world, because I think that it is not for me and I can’t master of this complicated task- ruled a world.

  • Ilyas Kurbanov says:

    He would lie on whom all the power of the world, would bear a huge responsibility to make their decisions, because they would have to be adequate and no one is independent.
    If I ruled the world, then I would start to fight corruption, because people think that everything can be bought with money, liberty, education, etc. Would carry a dilapidated old houses and in their place new ones built. With a cheap apartment, what would everyone could afford them. Would build as many free art establishment. Children need to develop their talents, because in the future, any child can become an outstanding artist or famous gymnast. Would build a waste processing plants. These plants are needed for recycling, from the fact that we throw, we can do a lot of useful and necessary things, as in their construction reduced landfill. If I ruled the world I would have made ​​it better, much better than he is now.

  • Oleg Yarovoi says:

    If I ruled the world I’d try to make the world better. Passing by the old people who ask for money, I think this is what they deserve? Worked to be happy, and eventually to retirement they become unhappy. The first thing I would try to fix this important (as I believe) the problem. Next, I’d try to make sure that there are no orphanages, and every child to have a family (even the reception but the family). I would try to keep people off drugs. Made available to education and health care.
    “If I ruled the world
    Each person would say that the world is his friend,
    Happiness for the people there would have never had the end,
    My friend, but I do not I correct world “- as sung Tony Bennett.

  • irina 75 school says:

    Rule the world – it’s an honor, but it is very difficult, because it is a big responsibility not only for families but for the whole world.
    If I ruled the world, the question of immediate solution would be a problem of war and terrorism. I think the origins of terrorism lie in the deep childhood. Children who have not experienced the compassion for the fabulous characters who find themselves in trouble, grow emotionally callous, indifferent to the misfortunes of others. So you need to produce more books and films, which do not promote violence and cruelty, and praise the kindness and mercy.
    I would have raised the retirement elderly because pensioners, and because of the age they can not work to have enough money for a comfortable life. After all, they’ve worked hard when they were young.
    Made a lot of playgrounds and focus more on education.
    Built a lot of animal shelters.
    I want to rule the world and help people.

  • miki says:

    if i were a master of thi universe i will do everything to help poor people and orban children all the world.

  • Garry says:

    If you were a master of the universe much more probably you’d pay no attention to the fate of mankind,rather you’d be busy doing smth more interesting than to go about problems of people’s anthill.Besides why the master has gifted us the brain?

  • Antologia says:

    If I ruled the World for one week.. I do a lot of things like make better people, try to incentivate the justice, peace, culture and tolerance all around the wrold. Make this World Happy and sustainable.

  • Ulises says:

    If I were the master of the Universe during a week I would modify natural rules as I wish. Imagine a Universe where the magic exists. It would be great. You would travel in time and meet intersting persons like Plato. You would not be afraid of the death, you would jump from a building without any worry about your falling. You would dive in the deepest canion of the ocean witout a submarine. In short terms, I would become possible impossible things!

  • vaiphei says:

    its a bullshit.. just imagine or not HOW CAN YOU BECOME GOD.. ITS INSANE MAN…

  • hui says:

    i dont know

  • Mali says:

    I would ask everybody to wake up,to help the poor, to give peace as a present to everybody, and to be kind and united together…

  • madina says:

    if i ruled the world i’ll try to change many things,which are not right. but all depends from people and i’m sure that i cant reeducate them)

  • javid says:

    if i was ruller of the univers first of all i punished my uncle and his son and his daughter , because i am hate them so much and i can’t forgive them .

  • özlem özer says:

    It is really difficult to command world for a week but it would be a good chance to make people’s life easy by increasing taxes, changing educatıon system or by banning using technology for a week so the heart of the universe can relief…

  • mano says:

    It is wonderful thing to control the world , but when you have it you will have a big responsibility .
    The first thing : I will spread the space all over the world.
    The second: Take care all children in the street .
    The third : Interested in science , searches because of base of development .
    Finally : Make plan for long time to other kings to do it and can edit it plan

  • Sara says:

    If I had the power to control the world, I would have banished away all of the Evil powerful people you know what I mean. I would make peace all over the globe, and donate money to the extent where there is no hunger exist anymore. I would make everyone get education for free and health insurance plus cure. I would make the ones who are in power suffer hell. For all the wars and mind controlling games the have been forcing people to play.

  • Dr. Kamal Arkan says:

    If i were the ruler of the universe for one day I ‘ll hang all the dictators and make the universe peaceful.

  • Zakiah says:

    If I were the ruler of the world, I will order all humankind to chill out and just enjoy the life

  • Maina says:

    If I were the ruler of the world i will change some things in the world. What i would like to do the first is to make all people to live equal. So there were not the poor or the rich.I would like to stop wars,to punish the people who gave a birth to the child and left him somethere in the street. I would make to forget peole about evil, cruelty.I would like to settle paradise in the world.

  • May says:

    If I were the ruler of the world ,I will make sure that may parents will not get married to bring me to this univers never ever because there is no chance to rule,to have control, to change anymore on his plante
    every thing is mixed together in a way that we cannot fix it
    .If I just have the ability to rule my self my own self to pretend that every thing okay and the almighty God will have the mercy to stop all the mess goes around .

  • hannia says:

    If I were the master of university for one a day I would change many rules in the society and in the brain of people leaving aroud the words.
    some changes that I woud do:
    it stop the war
    it protected the enviromental
    it teach about the rules normal society
    it teach to work organizated in order better the condition social.
    it teach respect to everyone in the communities and help to be better persons for themselves and society.

  • Abdulrahman says:

    If I were the ruler of world I was going to make chances for those they are REPROBATE from the education .

  • kayra says:

    i will change the whole universe by spreading happiness,where no one can hurt anybody,i vl developed the building just like in wrath of the god movie.there would be no one big or no one rich in my ruling.

  • rahman says:

    If I was king of world continue way of greater Cyrus.

  • Sandeep says:

    If I get this chance, I would destroy all the nuclear weapons as well as all the blue prints which exist today. So that next day I can sleep peacefully, the nuclear war never going to happen in future.

  • Anna says:

    To have the power is a difficult thing. And I don`t think that I want to have it. But if it happens I will try to show people beauty. Of course I wish to help people and make them happy, especially children and disabled persons but I understand that today I am a ruler, the next day it is another person and not everybody is so kind and have good intentions. So I would show people the beauty in music, literature, children. may be it will stay in people`s heart and they will be kinder and will be able to change for the better and forget about evil, cruelness and violence. as they say beauty will save the world.

  • Mikiie says:

    If I ruled the world for one week, I would share peace all around the world. I’m an economics student and I would use my experience to master the world. I would help all children in need and if I could I would give them a family.
    I think that it’s a good thing to believe in us, to have liberty and to do what we wanna do so if I ruled the world for one week I would give independance for each country and help them in their developpment without take any benefit, I would help them to believe in themselves, to believe in their capacity.

  • Kristina says:

    If I ruled the world i would make children happy. I would help poor. I would plant trees.

  • dima says:

    I would take away all cars, mobiles, elektronic things in the world, make peace, and alot more……………………

  • Sergey says:

    As for me,if i were the master of world i would not alow smouke in my country because many people dead of smoking , i think smoking ///

  • Ivan says:

    If I ruled the my city.I would like to buy a new car.I would improve knowledge for all people.

  • Alexey says:

    If I ruled the world I would travel in the world. I want to do equluties. I would clean the world,and all people help each other.Peoplewould get hight education and comunicate on the one language.

  • SnekKarpKovyaz says:

    If I ruled the world I would travel in the world.

  • olga says:

    I do not want to rule the world, i just want all people be happy.

  • liedy says:

    If i will be master of the world one day i will be the sadest person in the world like all the prisidents.lol
    I will try to be just as i can i try that every thing will right and i will try that every body repect the others and love them .and the most thing i will do is every body will know the right way .

  • MJ says:

    I’ll spread peace in all over the world…..

  • Mahgoli Mahgol says:

    I would change educational system in every country to grow real humans very dissimilar to animals.

  • septin says:

    I would make everybody understand what does life meaning,that life is nothing for you but you must make it meaning for people entire the world.

  • Ksenia says:

    I would definitely dedicate much more time to children left without parents, there are so many at least in my country, it gives me such pain to think they don’t have a mother to hug or enough food to eat or a toy they want. I would make EVERYBODY understand they could personally do something about this – donate, share their children’s clothes and books, even this little effort would be precious…

  • Manny says:

    First of all….destroy the life of this planet and then restart it again but this time leaving guardians that won’t flinch in doing justice so that the human species won’t commit crimes again…my opinion

  • Invisible says:

    1st: I’ll ask God to help me, cuz I’ll be asked about every person in this universe.

    2nd: I’ll do more than what I can to spread peace and justice among ppl.

    3rd: I dnt want to rule this world, I want to live my life simply with the least amount of responsibilities ^^

  • Susi says:

    If I ruled the world for one week, I would allow the poor people to get education on free, brought the law at the top of life without any discrimination and ordered to people to respect and keep the nature.

  • elisa says:

    To be the overlord of the world don’t give you all the power you think.
    You can be the cowards’ master but you can’t really order to thinking people.

    If you are a good person you can try to do well but in this world there will always be angels and devils.

    Only of one thing I am sure: you would be unhappy.

  • Polly says:

    I would take away all cars, mobiles, elektronic things in the world, make peace, and alot more

  • Alina says:

    If I was the master of the Universe for one week I would give the mankind the gifts to be inocent and wise at the same time, to see the truth and to love every thing in the Universe. I would also arrange for permanent summer wherever I lived, because I love summer.

  • Mary Apple says:

    it’s cool that you are so worried by the Earth problems, guys, but one week is too little time to change the world. After that everything will be the same or even worse because of its instability. Remember Bruce Almighty and what the power do in the hands of man.

  • rasionalist says:

    If I ruled world one week, rehabilitation justice, liberate Karabakh from armenian invaders, improve social well-being of people, decrease poor and improve education and helth care.

  • Maya says:

    I’ll do anything to cut poverty. Who’s Rich, should have a company to create job for people and give the good pay to their employer. I’ll forbid anyone to use baby and child as a comodity to get a money.

  • Satish says:

    If i were master of a week,i would change the attitude of people. will try my best to educate them, because we can’t think of devlopment / progress unless we have proper knowledge. knowledge will help us to take decision in life.I know a week is not sufficient to educate the people , it is a continuous process but once they will understand the power of education, they will educating themself .

  • ASANA says:

    If I were a lord of the universe for one week i would change attitudes of humankind to their house – Earth. I would do something like be tolerant each others all over the world. Also I would force them to eliminate every weapon on Earth

  • AKE Maxime says:

    If I were the master of the world for one week,I’d do my utmost to introduce the following among peoples and people step by step:love,peace,joy,longsuffering,kindness,goodness,faithfulness,gentleness and self-control.I’d be realistic.Day1 in Africa;day2 Asia;day3 Americas;day4 Europe;day5 Oceania.The 6th day I’d make destroy any weapons of war.The 7th day I’d have a short rest.One never knows.

  • Elham says:

    if i were the master of world for 1 week i would eradicate unjustice.

  • Shikha says:

    If I were the master of the universe for one week, I would change the things to traditional ones. Because we were more environmentally protected at that time than we are today.

  • Cuneyt says:

    If I ruled the world for a week, I would do everything whatever I could; firstly about faith, education and economy.(Both in persons and nations)

  • Claudia Amigo says:

    I’d make sure that nobody on this planet would be discriminated against ever again. I’d accomplish this by deregulating prejudice laws that have been making countless peoples´lives a living nightmare and ensure that constitutions would be required to follow international equality laws that would obligate governments to respect people unconditionally. I’d also provide better education on all levels, especially grant those whom have excellent grades to full scholarships in order to have equal opportunity employment and condition those students to give back to society by completing volunteer work for a minimum of 2 years in different causes such as homeless rehabilitation and feeding the poor in different parts of the world, as well as providing education and health care to those countries where resources are scarce.
    In conclusion, I’d make this world a fair place to live in and I’d abolish all types of hate crimes with prevention through proper, free education, provide rehabilitation for those whom just can’t seem to get out of poverty, and retribution of the soul from those whom have access to education and equal opportunities to those who unfortunately aren’t as lucky. This would be what I’d do if I ruled the world for one week.

  • >