Is the world better or worse today?

Do you think the world today is better or worse than it was 100 years ago?

And will it be better or worse 100 years from now?

  • garlic says:

    it is always the same

  • monim says:

    whe have a nice topic this topic talking about personal feeling ……i think to day is a good day fore me in my hometown it’s to quait there is no alot of noice vichele sounds …but the important thing that i had made peopel they are verey close to my hearts …friends..beloves this is my lacky day evene i made my nice girl friend it had been longe time see her this my lucky day ever …..

  • monim says:

    I can say the world has changed so match than the past ….but there are alot of thing d’not changed

  • lera school 75 says:

    I think the world is be better and will be better/ People create new technologies/ IT provides new opportunities to communicate, become more tolerant and close

  • PERUSE says:

    The world is going to be worst. It is true that the Bible prophecy happen in our days like what 2 Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 to 5. Many will do what they want in terms of crime, sexual immorality or even killing themselves. People from different countries suffer from poverty, sickness and loneliness from their love ones.

    But there is a good news!! Based on Revelation chapter 21 verse 4 that there is a best life that are waiting in Paradise on Earth. All we need to do is to have faith, trust, and loyal love in Him and to His Son.- John 17:3

    “Walk by Faith not by Sight”

  • Caleb Peter says:

    According to me it is hard to judge. 100 years ago people never minded of HIV transmission but nowadays people live with stress after unsafe sex with a partner whom you don’t know his/her HIV status.

    But at the same time, myself dont imagine living in those days without ease in communication, you know and even without laptops and such staffs.

    Finally, I find myself leaned more to the side of the present world. I find it a better place to be because of this advanced technology.

    And by the way am anxious to be there in the next coming 100 years. But its an impossibility now! Am anxious because I think at that time the world will be the best place to stay.

  • Ghulam says:

    The world is better today.

  • Cruz says:

    I think it will do worse for the present generation, no for future generations, they will great because they will not have comparative pattern due to the advance of technology, that is, people born today they are products of high technologies

  • Adaline Bala says:

    When I was little if any one ill they need to travel in a bullock cart vehicle for thirty miles. Most of the people can’t make it to hospital. They died half way. I am glad the world is better now, with good transports, Information technology, Education for all, food for hunger. The whole world is linked now. People spread their kind and care through social media.I feel safe and happy now. So I can say the world is better now.

  • Eduardo Araújo says:

    Is the World better or worst than 100 years ago?
    I really don’t know, but I agree with all comments on some points, but my opinion is, the technology comes to help us, but people just need to know how to use it. On respect of life style, I think today we don’t live better than 100 years old, because people are so much individualists, they don’t think about next and don’t have love to the next.
    One of many exemples is today we have the facility of communication like Whatsapp and many others application mobiles that peoples unless to say Hi, How are you or I’m logging to you, they send pornography or people dead pics, and this is a disrespect to others. Perharps 100 years ago had some hard times, but I think today with violence, misapplication of all technology that we have today and greed, the World today is not a good World to live, unfortunately.

    But we are here and we must live with happiness thanking God every single day, because we love to live and lean more and more every day.

  • Rizwan says:

    This is the world of today, we are discussing the matter of today life. In my prospective today life is more worse then past. We are seeing the advancement of the technology in all sectors of life. We can save our 70 % of our time to do any work with help of the advance technology. But the question is that, how, where we consume this 70% surplus time? After the advent of the technology, we are seeing problems are multiples then past. We control over one problem there is next on our table. Average living life of human in world is decline after every second ! Why.. Where the machine who save us from this dying……

  • Gingerxx says:

    I agree with Mishaikh’s opinions on this topic. The world is improving in some aspects while doesn’t necessarily mean it becomes better in all aspects and people feel much happier because of development of the world.

    The world 100 years ago was a past and I could only have a look at it from books and pictures or any other historical documents. To people who are dead and lived 100 years ago, they would find the world today was fantastic and magical because the most of things around them are totally beyond their imagination but it might be struggling for them to live since so many things are out of their capability. Similarly, to most of us who won’t probably live more than 100 years from now on, the world 100 years later must be highly developed, we may not have to suffer the traffic jam, we may not have to worry about the shortage of food, we may not struggle to capture information. However, it will be too developed that we can’t understand why people behave in those ways, we can’t understand why people feel so lonely or suffer much mentally.
    Therefore, I think the world I am living is the one that is suitable for me though it is not better to people who lived 100 years ago nor worse to people who live 100 years from now.

  • Mishaikh says:

    My comment would pertain my personal experience and vision. My past was not as happy as it might be for any other individual merely because of financial constraints. So as the past gradually moved away, I got strong footing and become satisfied against all the moments which I had, struggling for better life. So I find the world in better position today.

    Now come to the general perspective. Life(world) in the past was a bit calm and peaceful in general. There was no hullabaloo or cacophony in the past as we see in these days. Movement of life was rhythmic. No rush, no hypertension. The transportation was also peaceful. Not like the one we have these days.

    In the past, there were not enough medical facilities, but there were not many diseases either. Today though we have medical facilities in abundance, so as we have the new and horrible diseases.

    We have modern and advanced technology these days which is ever advancing, it is good, it is nice that I am sitting here and posting my views which will be in the air a few moments later and be in the access of the world. But this has lost the warmth of physical attachment, which we have in the past. I am not against this technology’s advancement. But I miss those moments of warmth and love.

    I conclude here that there were some better aspects in the past, so has we have some more betterment now. So in my view the world in the past was not worst, it was good, but it was according to that circumstances prevailing in that period. So as we have the world now, much advanced, though have some negative affects, but it is not worst either.

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